Martial Peak

Chapter 732 - Take A Look Around Yourselves

Chapter 732, Take A Look Around Yourselves

Seeing that Yang Kai hit the ground, Qian Yue’s face could help relaxing somewhat.

This time she knew she was in the wrong. Denying the existence of Su Yan and refusing to let Yang Kai see her all stemmed from her own selfishness, so even if Yang Kai had ruined more than a dozen of Ice Sect’s ice peaks, she had never had any murderous intent towards him.

All she wanted was to cause enough difficulty for Yang Kai so that he would willingly retreat.

She could not hand over Su Yan so easily; after all, it was too rare to meet such an outstanding seedling. Qian Yue still had not given up on recruiting Su Yan as her disciple.

Moreover, Su Yan’s state at the moment was not good and she truly could not meet with anyone.

After injuring Yang Kai just enough, she could easily drive him away, or so Qian Yue thought, but before she could even fly over to investigate his situation, her expression changed dramatically.

Down below, Yang Kai, who should have hit the ground and been knocked unconscious, once again rushed out, his golden True Qi aura completely restored.

“Impossible!” Qian Yue’s beautiful eyes quivered fiercely. She was perfectly clear how much strength she had just used; it should have been more than enough to knock out a mere First Order Transcendent.

But at this moment, not only did the other side not seem to have taken any damage, his momentum had instead increased and his demeanor had become more violent, as if silently declaring he would not rest until he had flattened all of Ice Sect.

Just how strong was his body that he could withstand such a blow without falling unconscious?

*Hong Hong Hong…*

One ice mountain after another collapsed, causing Qian Yue to become somewhat hysterical as she cried out, “Boy, you’re seek death! If you don’t stop this instant don’t blame me for not showing any mercy!”

Yang Kai just laughed wildly in response, “If you want to kill me, you’re free to try! Let’s see what comes first, my death or your Ice Sect’s destruction! Since you refuse to let me see Su Yan, I will let all of us be buried alive here!”

“Impudence!” Qian Yue shouted, watching almost one tenth of Ice Sect’s foundation be destroyed, a sliver of killing intent finally crept into her aura.

If she couldn’t subdue this little brat, within less than an hour, Ice Sect really would have to find a place to relocate to.

Such wanton destruction had naturally alerted everyone else in Ice Sect.

One by one, masters emerged from different ice mountains and gathered together.

“Qian Yue, what happened? Where did this barbaric boy come from?” A middle-aged with a dim expression coldly shouted out.

“Big Brother, capture this little brat for me first. I’ll explain what happened later!” Qian Yue who was still pursing Yang Kai hurriedly called out.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man wrinkled his brow; although he was somewhat unwilling to personally deal with a Junior, seeing the violent destruction of Ice Sect, he also felt a deep sense of indignation and immediately complied, “Good!”

As he spoke, his figure flickered and appeared in front of Yang Kai, snorting loudly, “Boy, stop this instant or…”

Before he could finish what he was going to say though, Yang Kai shot past him wrapped in a great gust of wind.

A loud rumbling noise rang out and the ice mountain behind the middle-aged man shattered.

“Such insolence!” The middle-aged man coldly snorted, and in the blink of an eye, somehow appeared right beside Yang Kai, his palm pushing forward and landing on the opposite party’s chest.

Yang Kai’s face went white and his speed his speed and momentum noticeably dropped. At the same time, a frigid energy spread from the place he had been struck, impeding the flow of his True Qi. From an outsider’s perspective, it was like he had been caught in a mire and was having difficulty moving.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, a thin layer of frost spread across the surface of Yang Kai’s body and threatened to completely freeze him in the next instant.

A Second Order Saint!

Yang Kai’s heart clenched up as he desperately twisted his body and quickly withdrew from the middle-aged man’s reach.

At the same time, Yang Kai pushed his burning hot True Qi as hard as he could and with some effort managed to dispel the chill in his body, restoring his freedom after a brief moment.

Seeing this, a look of surprise filled the middle-aged man’s face as he couldn’t help muttering, “Such a fierce brat!”

With his Second Order Saint cultivation, even after directly injecting his own freezing energy into this boy, not only had he failed to incapacitate the latter, he had barely even slowed him down.

Given his strength and status, taking action against Yang Kai was already a great stain upon the middle-aged man’s honour, if he were to act again, he really wouldn’t have any face left.

A master like him had his own pride, and generally disdained to perform actions that could be interpreted as bullying the weak.

“Big brother, why did you stop?” Seeing the middle-aged man standing mid-air, his arms crossed behind his back, exhibiting the style of a powerful aloof master, Qian Yue couldn’t help complaining.

The middle-aged man frowned and said solemnly, “Things have already become like this. Boy, enough, as long as you stop I will not act against you again, but don’t push your luck. If you have something to discuss we can all sit down and talk about it.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, two more Saint Realm masters from Ice Sect appeared and blocked Yang Kai’s retreat. The two did not move against Yang Kai immediately but instead just stared towards him with great interest, their eyes filled with curiosity.

Four Saints!

The immensity of Ice Sect’s heritage was obvious at a glance.

Yang Kai was caught in the middle of this encirclement and he knew that against such a lineup, he could no longer act recklessly, and since he perceived that the middle-aged man was being sincere, he also came to a halt and stood calmly mid-air.

“Why should I listen to anything you have to say?” Yang Kai stared back at the middle-aged man and asked indifferently.

The middle-aged man showed a faint smile and nodded, “I am Ice Sect’s Elder, Qian Hao!”

Yang Kai turned his eyes to the middle-aged beauty and sneered, “She is also an Ice Sect Elder, how do I know you two aren’t wearing the same pair of pants?”

Qian Yue pretty face became cold and she wanted to retort, but Qian Hao cut her off and said, “The two of us are real blood brother and sister, how can we not be on the same side?”

“Big Brother!” Qian Yue glared at him bitterly.

“However, you have no choice,” Qian Hao’s expression became cold, “You’ve ruined so much of my Ice Sect’s foundation, if you don’t give me a proper explanation, do you think I will just let you go? You best have a reason I can accept for your reckless behaviour otherwise I will let you taste the world’s most painful torture from now until the day you die.”

Yang Kai sneered and took back his Wind and Thunder Wings before glancing over at Qian Yue, “I came here to find someone, but she insisted on stopping me from seeing her.”

“Find someone? Who are you looking for?” Qian Hao frowned.

“Su Yan.”

Hearing this, Qian Hao and the other two Saint Realm masters brows furrowed.

“Big Brother, this person should be the one that the old fogy mentioned before he left,” Qian Yue whispered into Qian Hao’s ear, the latter nodding slightly before wearing a disgruntled look, “Since that’s the case, why didn’t you just let him see her? Was it necessary to make such a big fuss over something so small?”

“Su Yan… had an accident,” Qian Yue replied somewhat awkwardly.

“An accident?” Qian Hao was genuinely surprised, “What happened?”

Although Qian Hao was also an Elder of Ice Sect, he had been in secluded retreat for the past few years and was thus not too familiar with the everyday occurrences in the Sect. If it weren’t for the ruckus Yang Kai had stirred up today being so earth-shaking, he wouldn’t have even appeared here.

“Haa… let’s not talk about this now, I’ll explain everything to you later. Right now, Su Yan really can’t see anyone; moreover, just look at this little brat, at first glance it’s obvious he’s cruel and vicious. How could I allow such a bad influence to get close to Su Yan?”

“The two of them already know each other,” Qian Hao sighed heavily.

“All I see is a toad lusting after swan meat,” Qian Yue coldly snorted, glaring hatefully at Yang Kai, the latter appearing more and more unpleasant with each passing moment.

Seeing his little sister’s bad impression of this kid being so entrenched, Qian Hao knew well enough not to say any more, no matter what, this time, although it was his originally his sister who was in the wrong, it was true that this little brat didn’t put Ice Sect in his eyes. Having destroyed so many ice mountains, if Qian Hao really tried to make big things small, and small things nothing, it would be difficult for him to explain to the Sect’s disciples.

Considering all this, Qian Hao coldly said, “Just because of that, you dared act so aggressively and wantonly destroyed my Ice Sect’s foundations?”

“Since I’m not happy, no one else will be either!”

“Boy, you’re certainly crazy enough, I just don’t know if you can afford the consequences! I won’t kill you, but you only have two choices, either enter my Ice Sect as a slave and work until you repay the damage you have caused this time, or cut off both of your hands, choose yourself.”

Finished speaking, he stared at Yang Kai coldly, wondering what choice this kid would make.

“I choose neither.”

Qian Hao smiled and shook his head, “That’s not something you can control. Good, since your aptitude is good, we’ll just go with the first option. Although your Secret Art is at odds with my Ice Sect, you are still a rare talent, it would be a pity to destroy you just like that.”

Saying so, an invisible energy suddenly burst forth and directly imprisoned Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t make any attempt to dodge and simply allowed himself to be bound; however, he didn’t show any signs of panic either, instead a look of victory appeared on his face accompanied by a dismissive sneer.

“What are you laughing at?” Qian Hao frowned, “From now on, you will follow beside me and serve me. Don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly. Since you’ll be entering Ice Sect as a slave, there will always be an opportunity for you to see the one you want to see, of course, that is so long as you behave honestly, if not, you’ll have to suffer some pain.”

“You want me to serve you?” Yang Kai laughed loudly, “I’m afraid you won’t have the opportunity to receive such a blessing!”

Qian Hao coldly snorted, “Allowing you to serve me is because I favour your talent, but you best not test my patience.”

Another of the Saint Realm masters also shouted, “En, little brat, Qian Hao accepting you is already showing you great honour, don’t fail to appreciate his kindness.”

The last person Saint followed up, “Kid, angering Qian Hao now won’t do you any good.”

A slightly smug look crept onto Qian Hao’s face as he looked at Yang Kai with great interest, “No matter what reason you had for coming to Ice Sect, no matter what kind of grievances you have suffered, it is still a fact that you cannot act unruly here. Me not killing you immediately is already a great benevolence, as for the nonsense you spouted a moment ago, what capital do you believe you have to bargain with? Do you think that with your paltry strength, you can escape from me?”

“Take a look around you!” Yang Kai snickered as he gestured towards the ground below, a mocking smile appearing on his face.

Hearing this, the four Saint Realm masters all wore confused expression before quickly examining the situation around them.

The next moment, the calm expressions on all four of the Saints changed drastically.

From a while ago, all of them had felt that something about this situation was off, but with all of their attention focused on Yang Kai, they had failed to carefully monitor their surroundings.

But after Yang Kai’s reminder, the four of them noticed that it was far too quiet. Almost all of Ice Sect’s disciples had been forced out of the ice mountains by Yang Kai’s rampage yet none of them were making the slightest sound.

Moreover, when the four Saints looked around, they discovered that their disciples were all passed out on the ground with looks of pain and anguish upon their faces.

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