Martial Peak

Chapter 730 - Who is the Master Around Here

Chapter 730, Who is the Master Around Here

Outside the ice mountain range, Yang Kai’s face was also quite gloomy, his eyes closed as he silently continued to examine Su Yan’s condition. Although he was certain her life wasn’t in any danger, he could not understand what had happened to her that would cause her to not respond to his call. It was like she was in some kind of coma and completely unaware of his presence.

A moment later, several not weak auras suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s perception range and rapidly flew over towards him.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and a cold light flashed across them as he stared in the direction the Ice Sect disciples were approaching from.

Not long after, this group arrived in front of Yang Kai.

“Brat, sure enough, it’s you!” Ni Ren snorted as he stared at the slightly familiar youth in front of him. Just staring at the cold, murderous look on the opposite party’s face, Ni Ren knew this brat wasn’t anything good.

Regarding this person, Ni Ren didn’t have the slightest good impression.

“You dare follow me? Your courage really isn’t small,” Ni Ren coldly snorted, saying in a disgruntled tone, “It seems I’ll have to have a talk with Water Spirit Temple, how could they have raised such an insidious villain?”

When he met Yang Kai before, the latter had been moving together with the disciples of Water Spirit Temple, so naturally he thought Yang Kai was also member of Water Spirit Temple.

“Water Spirit Temple has no relationship with me!” Yang Kai snorted.

Ni Ren frowned as he stared at Yang Kai, calmly saying, “I don’t care what Sect you belong to, this is my Ice Sect’s territory. Go back to wherever you came from, otherwise don’t blame us for being unkind.”

“Before I see the person I have to see, I’m not going anywhere,” Yang Kai glared at Ni Ren, flames of anger rising in his heart. This guy clearly knew Su Yan, but when he had asked about her before, the latter had simply cut him off before Yang Kai could finish his question. And now that Yang Kai had arrived here and confirmed Su Yan’s presence, this guy wanted to force him to leave without so much as a word of explanation.

This attitude was simply arrogant to the extreme!

Yang Kai was furious, but still didn’t act immediately. Ice Sect’s Sect Master had some kind of relationship with Meng Wu Ya. Meng Wu Ya entrusting Su Yan to this place obviously stemmed from the former’s good intentions, so if Ice Sect could give him a reasonable explanation he could accept, Yang Kai didn’t want to make a big deal out of things.

Right now, he just wanted to know what had happened to Su Yan and how she was.

However, even if Yang Kai didn’t let his anger erupt, Ni Ren did, roaring loudly, “Little brat, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, speaking such bold words to me in my Ice Sect’s territory, you are the first! If you utter any more nonsense, I’ll teach you a harsh lesson!”

“You can try!” Yang Kai sneered.

Ni Ren’s expression became indifferent as he nodded lightly, “Very well, I didn’t want to hurt you, but you’ve brought this upon yourself. A mere junior daring to act so arrogantly in front of me, your ignorance knows no bounds! Today, I’ll let you know who the master is around here!”

Saying so, Ni Ren’s eyes flashed and a burst of white light shot out from them. In this white world, it was extremely difficult to detect this light.

The light seemed to be composed of the coldest ice and cut through the air like a sword, slicing into Yang Kai’s head and ripping through his Knowledge Sea’s defence, trying to defeat him in one fell swoop.

“A Divine Sense attack…”

Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a cold sneer and slowly shook his head, “I thought your Ice Sect cultivators were supposed to be strong, but it turns out you’re nothing much. If that was all you’ve got, then I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.”

Although Ni Ren’s Divine Sense attack had easily penetrated into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, it was quickly incinerated, causing no damage at all.

Ni Ren’s face changed dramatically upon realizing this and all the other Ice Sect disciples around also stared at Yang Kai in amazement.

Ni Ren was a First Order Transcendent master, and though he did not major in cultivating Spiritual Energy, his Divine Sense was still quite powerful. To deal with such a junior should have been a simple task, so the other party not taking with any damage and even leisurely being able to taunt them really was difficult for the Ice Sect disciples to accept.

“Junior Brother, this little brat is a little strange!” Another Transcendent beside Ni Ren quickly said.

Ni Ren nodded heavily; just now, when Elder Qian Yue told him to bring others to drive this little brat away, he had felt she was making too much of a fuss, but now he knew otherwise. Fortunately he had brought some of his fellow brothers to help or else, if he had come all alone, facing this strange kid in battle likely would have result in him suffering an embarrassing loss.

As he thought so, Ni Ren stared at Yang Kai fixedly, his expression a lot more solemn then it was before, a moment later saying, “Little brat, I see you have some skill. I won’t embarrass you any further, so leave now.”

“I said, before I see the one I need to see, I’m not leaving,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, his attitude firm, his expression sinking as he coldly stated, “If you don’t let me see her, I’ll flatten every one of your ice mountains!”

“Bold! You think we’ll allow you to act as you please in our Ice Sect?” Ni Ren shouted furiously.

“It seems it’s useless for me to speak with someone of your status in Ice Sect. Since that’s the case, I’ll have to find someone with some real authority!” Just as Yang Kai’s voice fell, his figure flickered and he shot towards a certain ice mountain in the distance. From that mountain, he could feel a powerful Divine Sense monitoring the situation over here.

“Don’t even think about it!” Ni Ren shouted, his True Qi bursting forth, “Frozen World!”

The bone chilling wind suddenly became even colder and in a flash, Yang Kai’s body was surrounded by a mysterious energy. This energy quickly solidified into innumerable icy blades that shot towards him from every possible direction, each of these blades giving off an imposing and dangerous aura.

In an instant, Yang Kai’s figure was lost in this torrent of blades.

However, Ni Ren’s expression did not relax and instead became even more solemn.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The ice blades continued to fly towards Yang Kai from all around, but at the centre of this barrage a blazing inferno had erupted and was spreading outwards at incredible speed. Soon, a red hot ball of flames as dazzling as the sun formed, blinding those who tried to stare at it.


When Ni Ren’s Frozen World exploded, Yang Kai stood mid-air, surrounded by his flames, radiating a scalding hot aura as he stared down at Ni Ren indifferently.

“Transcendent Realm!” Ni Ren complexion changed greatly as his eyes bulged in disbelief.

Feeling Yang Kai’s True Qi fluctuations, he finally understood what his opponent’s cultivation was.

This young man, like him, was a First Order Transcendent master! And his opponent’s True Qi was actually several times purer and denser than his own. What made Ni Ren truly unease though was that this youth’s True Qi had a potent Yang Attribute, the nemesis of his Ice Attribute Qi!

“Junior Brother, watch out!” In the instant that Ni Ren lost his composure, his Senior Brother nearby suddenly called out and hurriedly pulled him away.


A fiery red spear scratched Ni Ren’s body and sank into the ground, instantly melting the ten thousand year old ice and opening a hole dozens of meters across and at least a thousand meters deep.

Feeling the power of that spear which was purely condense of this strange youth’s True Qi caused all the Ice Sect disciples present to go pale.

All of them had broken through to the Transcendent Realm, but none of them was confident they could have withstood such an attack. If they had been hit directly with that flame spear, they would likely have vaporized as easily as the ice around them had.

*Hu hu…*

An unbearably hot True Qi aura spread out and instantly covered a several thousand meter radius. Within this scalding domain, anyone who cultivated Ice Attribute Secret Arts was suppressed to some degrees and their True Qi seemed to circulate more slowly.

Yang Kai stood mid-air, a cold chill flashing across his eyes as he stared down below and solemnly said, “I’ll ask you one last time, what happened to Su Yan?”

“Boy, we don’t know anyone named Su Yan, so how are we supposed to know what happened to her? If you want to fight, stop trying to find excuses and just fight!” Ni Ren stubbornly declared.

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded and no longer wasted his breath. Condensing a drop of Yang Liquid at his fingertips before flicking his wrist and shooting it out.

The drop of Yang Liquid exploded and transformed into thousands of tiny droplets that flew towards the Ice Sect disciples below.

“Ice Curtain!”

“Ice Lock!”

“Ice Crystal Beasts!”

Ni Ren and the others Transcendents all immediately responded to Yang Kai’s attack, each of them using their own Ice Attribute Martial Skills.

A shield of ice filled with profound chill rose up in front of the Ice Sect disciples while chains comprised of Ice Attribute Qi shot towards Yang Kai. At the same time, a series of roars rang out and a number of giant Monster Beasts appeared above the glacier, fierce looks upon their faces.

These Monster Beasts were composed entirely of Ice Attribute True Qi and had the appearance of elaborate ice sculptures; however, each of them behaved incredibly lifelike, running atop the ground and soaring through the sky as they struck towards Yang Kai.

*Chi chi chi…*

The drop of Yang Liquid which had transformed into countless tiny droplets effortlessly penetrated the Ice Curtain, causing Ni Ren and his fellow brothers’ faces to pale, all of them quickly summoning their own defensive artifacts in the next instant to protect themselves.

Simultaneously, the Ice Lock’s chains wrapped up Yang Kai, but before their summoner could celebrate, to his horror, his Martial Skill which should have been able to tie down a Second Order Transcendent was actually instantly melted by Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi, not even slowing the latter down for a single breath.

Yang Kai stepped forward leisurely and confronted the ice crystal beasts next.

After not having used this particular Martial Skill for so long, Yang Kai once again pushed forward his palms and with a great tiger roar and ox bellow, the Heaven Shaking White Tiger and Earth Splitting Divine Ox appeared, their bodies radiating a burning hot golden aura as they charged forward.

*Pa pa pa…*

All of the ice crystal beasts that charged towards Yang Kai were no match for the White Tiger and Divine Ox phantoms and were easily crushed and evaporate by the latter, disappearing in a puff of steam.

In less than three breaths, Yang Kai had crushed the Ice Sect disciple’s techniques and arrived in front of them. The True Qi fiercely overflowing from Yang Kai’s body made each of these disciples tremble unconsciously. They had never thought that a cultivator in the same realm as them could so completely overwhelm them in combat. Even though it was three against one, not only was this strange youth not showing any signs of defeat, he even appeared calm and relaxed, as if he hadn’t even used half his full strength yet.

Feeling the power surging through his body, Yang Kai truly felt carefree.

Certainly, the cultivators of Ice Sect had much higher combat power than average, the two First Order Transcendents of the Cheng Family which Yang Kai had cleaned up previously in Blue Water City weren’t even in the same league.

Even if two people had the same cultivation, depending on their comprehension of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, their combat power could be vastly different.

Regarding this point, Yang Kai had achieved something of a pinnacle amongst the same realm, although these Ice Sect disciples were all rare talents in this field, their achievements were still incomparable to Yang Kai’s.

After making a move, Yang Kai’s anger seemed to have been released somewhat and his emotions gradually calmed down.

He came to Ice Sect not to fight or kill, but to see Su Yan.

Thinking so, his murderous intent converged significantly but his momentum did not. Ni Ren and the other Ice Sect disciples did their best to stop Yang Kai, but not only could they not block him, they were actually teetering on the brink of total defeat.

This whole scenario made them feel quite fearful and their attitudes towards Yang Kai changed dramatically as a result.

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