Martial Peak

Chapter 719 - Return

Chapter 719, Return

When Yang Kai appeared, he did not conceal his aura so naturally, he was noticed by this group.

Although they were in combat, the six people of this group did not forget to maintain vigilance during their battle. Obviously, they immediately realized Yang Kai’s approach and even though they did not feel any hostility from him, they still had one of their pairs break off from the fight and monitor his movements lest this newcomer makes any sudden moves against them.

Yang Kai smiled and didn’t mind their attitude, when one met strangers outside, especially when one was fighting, maintaining a healthy degree of suspicion was undoubtedly correct.

The Monster Beast they were dealing with wasn’t particularly strong, only around a mid-Sixth-Order level, so under the joined attack of the remaining four people, it was quickly killed.

After waiting for them to process the aftermath of their battle and restoring themselves, Yang Kai approached and greeted them in a friendly manner and asked them for directions.

“The way to Floating Clouds City?” One of the women wrinkled her brow and looked at Yang Kai suspiciously before pointing in a certain direction, “Floating Clouds City is that way, if you just travel in that direction you should arriving in three to five days.”

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He was really worried that the place he returned to would be a great distance from Floating Clouds City. Tong Xuan Realm was too big after all, if the Void Corridor in the Starry Sky had sent him to some far off place, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for him to need to fly for a year simply to get back.

“This friend, might I ask why you want to travel to Floating Clouds City now? The battle for the Thousand Year Demon Flower ended a year ago, did you not receive news about that yet?” One of the men asked.

“A year ago?” Yang Kai’s face went black, obviously, he had greatly underestimated the passage of time, he had thought he had spent at most half a year in the Starry Sky but apparently, it had been twice that long.

Seeing the look on Yang Kai’s face, the members of the group misunderstood him and thought he really intended to visit Floating Clouds City to compete for the Thousand Year Demon Flower but had made a grave miscalculation in timing.

The three women all stifled their laughter as they stared at Yang Kai like he was a fool.

“En, it ended a year ago. It was said that it the winners of the competition was actually a couple of young kids, but that they’ve now gone missing. Many people are now looking for them, hoping to buy the Thousand Year Demon Flower’s medicinal liquid from them,” One of the men with a burly build smiled and explained, “Friend, I’m afraid it’s a bit late for you to be rushing there.”

“Haa… I really had no idea,” Yang Kai said while immediately becoming vigilant in his heart, thinking he should quickly remove the disguising artifact on his face lest someone recognize him and try to ‘buy’ the medicinal liquid from him.

(Silavin: The artifact is Saint grade so, under that assumption, it is not destroyed.)

“Where is this friend from? How could you have not received news of such a big event after so long?” The big man asked lightly.

“I come from a remote countryside region, news is a bit slow to reach there,” Yang Kai casually answered, not waiting for them to speak again, cupping his fists and saying, “In any case, you have my thanks, goodbye!”

After saying so, he shot off in the direction the woman had pointed.

“That guy is really interesting, even knowing he’s a year late he’s still in such a rush,” The woman next to the big man smiled and commented.

“That’s his business, in any case, let’s first take a look at the quality of this Monster Beast’s core.”

The group of six suddenly wore excited looks after these words were spoken.

Yang Kai was as swift as wind and quick as lightly as he sped forward, removing the disguising artifact on his face and revealing his original appearance shortly after he parted with the former group of six.

This artifact that Old Man Du had given him was really useful. If he hadn’t had such an artifact at the time, Yang Kai estimated that he would now be facing the pursuit of Transcendents from across the continent.

When he thought about Di Yao and the difficulties the boy toy would encounter, Yang Kai couldn’t help grinning, taking some pleasure in his misfortune.

Of course, with the protection of Old Man Li, even if Di Yao was found, no one should be daring enough to provoke him.

Floating Clouds City, City Lord’s Mansion.

Old Man Li and Di Yao had already been here for a year now, making the Three Clans Saint Realm masters, the City Lord and the Vice City Lords, extremely happy.

Although these three masters didn’t know why Old Man Li had lingered here for so long, the latter’s mere presence was a kind of glory all on its own. Every day they would respectfully greet him, completely putting on the appearance of respectful juniors, while taking special care of Di Yao.

At this moment, Di Yao was listening to Old Man Li’s lecture on the Alchemic Way.

Nine months ago, Di Yao had returned after spending three whole months in the Starry Sky and obtaining unimaginable benefits. This had made Old Man Li very satisfied.

He had originally thought that Di Yao would only be able to stay in the Starry Sky for a month, so his Apprentice’s performance far exceeding his expectations had been a pleasant surprise.

As he was lecturing though, Old Man Li suddenly found that Di Yao was a little absent-minded, smiled lightly, and paused to ask, “Are you worried about the little boy surnamed Yang?”

“En,” Di Yao nodded, “At that time if I had only insisted on moving together with him… It’s been more than a year since then yet he’s still not back, Master, you don’t think…”

“If that truly is the case, that is his fate!” Old Man Li sat down and took a sip of tea, placing the cup down after a moment of reflection, “After a year in the Starry Sky, I can hardly imagine him surviving.”

If it weren’t for Di Yao insisting that Yang Kai would return, Old Man Li would have already taken him out from the City Lord’s Mansion to continue their journey around the world. Although Di Yao had an agreement with Yang Kai to meet here, considering the honourable status of Old Man Li, waiting for an entire year was showing more than enough respect.

“Brother Yang shouldn’t have died,” Di Yao’s brows wrinkled, and though his words were firm, his tone showed that even he was somewhat uncertain.

“It looks like you have quite a bit of confidence in him.” Old Man Li chuckled lightly.

“En, I witnessed firsthand the absurdity of his physical strength in the Starry Sky!” Di Yao’s eyes shimmered brilliantly, “Even after spending three months tempering myself in the Starry Sky, I still wouldn’t dare compare my current self with him from that time. I just can’t believe such a monster would die so easily.”

“A year of time is really too long though, it’s possible he lost his way or encountered some kind of unexpected accident,” Old Man Li sighed slightly, “I also don’t want to see a young man like him die, but if that is the case, there is nothing we can do to change it. Yao’er, we should leave here, staying in this place for too long is not good for your education.”

“Master… let’s wait another ten days. If he doesn’t come back after ten days, then let’s leave!” Di Yao asked on last time.

“Good, we’ll wait another ten days to see if he can create a miracle!” Old Man Li nodded lightly, but just as he spoke these words, his face suddenly cramped up and his expression became awkward.

“Master? What happened?” Di Yao asked curiously, he had rarely seen his Master show such an expression, it seemed something truly beyond the latter’s comprehension had happened.

“The miracle you’ve been waiting for seems to have really appeared,” Old Man Li quickly regained his composure and smiled towards his apprentice.

“You mean…” Di Yao suddenly understood and couldn’t help feeling pleasantly surprised.

“En,” Old Man Li nodded lightly.

“Hahaha, I knew that guy wouldn’t die so easily! Where is he now?” Di Yao laughed and asked.

“In that inn.”

“I’ll go find him then! I really want to see what kind of transformation he went through after all this time,” Di Yao said and flew out.

“Remember to bring him over, this old master has something to say to him,” The voice of Old Man Li came from behind to which Di Yao quickly responded.

After his apprentice left, Old Man Li couldn’t help showing some shock on his face as he muttered, “An entire year, did that boy really remain in the Starry Sky this whole time? How did he manage to survive?”

The dangers of the Starry Sky was something Old Man Li had also experienced firsthand, although it was a thousand years ago, even after so long, the Starry Sky was still the Starry Sky, not a place ordinary people could set foot into and return safely.

Half a year ago, Old Man Li determined that Yang Kai would probably never come back, but seeing Di Yao insistence, he had not said anything so as not to discourage his young apprentice.

In this world, it was quite rare to find a person of the same generation who could compete with Di Yao in Alchemy. His apprentice already saw that boy surnamed Yang his life’s greatest rival, regarding these thoughts, Old Man Li was very clear.

But now, Old Man Li found he himself was wrong, incredibly wrong at that!

An old master like him had his own unique vision that had been tempered by many, many years of experience, so there were very few places where his judgment would be so off the mark. Yang Kai’s miraculous return was once such instance though and it even Old Man Li the vague impression it was somehow fated so.

Slowly shaking his head, Old Man Li pondered over this for some time as he smiled temperately.

Inside the inn, the return of Yang Kai surprised Cang Yan and Fei Yu.

Over the past year, his Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt had been waiting in Floating Clouds City, and although Di Yao invited them to the City Lord’s Mansion, both of them had politely turned down his offer.

The entire reason Ao Gu was so open and welcoming to Old Man Li and Di Yao was because of Old Man Li’s status, Cang Yan and Fei Yu obviously couldn’t expect similar treatment.

If Cang Yan and Fei Yu really had gone, Ao Gu would most likely treat them no different to air.

“You little brat, you finally decided to come back!” Cang Yan laughed, putting down a big stone that had weighed on his heart.

Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes also shimmered and were slightly wet, her face dyed slightly red as she stared at Yang Kai, as if she couldn’t quite believe all of this was real.

“Martial Aunt, you’ve been drinking again,” Yang Kai obviously saw through her appearance and was speechless, of course, the strong fragrance of alcohol in the room was a dead giveaway as well so it wasn’t difficult for him to understand what was going on.

“So what if I drink a little wine? What’s it to you?” Fei Yu’s red lips pursed as she glared at Yang Kai for a moment before bursting out into a smile.

“Thank goodness you’re back! Fei Yu was worried to death about you and had constantly been drowning her sorrows in alcohol, it was really suffocating,” Cang Yan quickly complained.

“Martial Uncle Li Wan and Martial Uncle Fei Jian?” Yang Kai looked around and didn’t see the two of them, nor did he discover their auras anywhere inside the inn.

“They’ve already gone back,” Cang Yan explained, “Do you know how long you’ve been gone?”

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded.

“En, the Sect can’t be left empty for so long so they went back in advance while Fei Yu and I stayed behind. Old Man Du and Mi Na also returned to the Alchemist Guild branch in Grand Boulder City with those two. Now that you’re back though, we can also get going.”

“I’ve let Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt worry,” Yang Kai said somewhat guiltily. Even after disappearing for an entire year, there was no look of doubt or suspicion on the faces of Yang Kai’s two Seniors, only some worry about his safety and relaxation after knowing he was fine.

If it had been anyone else who was simply in a cooperative relationship with Yang Kai, they would likely have thought the latter had taken the medicinal liquid of the Thousand Year Demon Flower for himself and escaped.

But obviously, his Martial Uncle and Martial Aunt had no such thoughts.

“I was also very worried about you, Brother Yang, why are you not mentioning me as well?” Suddenly, a burst of loud laughter came from outside the room and before it had faded, Di Yao strode inside.

After looking around the room though, Di Yao scratched his head and asked, “Brother Yang? Didn’t I hear his voice a moment ago? Who is this guy?”

As he said so, he swept his eyes over Yang Kai with a puzzled look upon his face.

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