Martial Peak

Chapter 720, Meeting Old Man Li Again

Chapter 720, Meeting Old Man Li Again

Di Yao had never seen Yang Kai’s real face before, so him being confused at this moment wasn’t unwarranted.

Yang Kai smiled at this and said hello.

Hearing the sound of his voice, Di Yao immediately understood, shaking his head wryly as he commented, “It turns out that you were in disguise the whole time, you’re certainly quite vigilant.”

After saying this, Di Yao stared at Yang Kai for a moment before light flashed across his eyes and a look of shock appeared on his face, quickly asking, “Brother Yang seems somewhat different from before, did you break through to the Transcendent Realm?”

Di Yao’s eyes were quite sinister and he quickly noticed what was off.

“I was lucky,” Yang Kai smiled modestly, not bothering to conceal his breakthrough.

Both Cang Yan and Fei Yu were also shocked, it was only after Di Yao mentioned this that they too noticed Yang Kai had reached the Transcendent Realm. Just now, as they were celebrating Yang Kai’s safe return, neither of them had realized this.

This was a big pleasant surprise for them.

“You little brat, in another ten or twenty years, I’m afraid you’ll catch up with your Martial Uncle,” Cang Yan laughed, patting Yang Kai’s shoulder, a look saying Soaring Heaven Sect wasn’t lacking successors plastered on his face.

“Brother Yang, did you really stay an entire year in the Starry Sky?” Di Yao asked curiously, even though he had witnessed the strength of Yang Kai’s physique, he still found it difficult to believe Yang Kai could safely spend such a long time in the Starry Sky.

However, if this wasn’t the case, how could Yang Kai’s cultivation have broken through to the next Great Realm in such a short period of time?

“En, I ran into some trouble up there and only found my way back a few days ago,” Yang Kai admitted.

Di Yao’s face twitched as he was struck speechless.

He had persisted for three months in the Starry Sky but ultimately could not endure any longer and returned to Tong Xuan Realm through the Void Corridor, but even that had earned him great praise from his Master.

Di Yao also felt quite proud of his achievement at the time.

But now, compared with Yang Kai, the difference was simply too great!

“The Starry Sky?” Cang Yan and Fei Yu both heard what the two youths were talking about and couldn’t help showing looks of amazement and disbelief, “Did you just say Starry Sky? Did you really travel to that place?”

“Everyone sit down, I’ll explain everything,” Yang Kai smiled.

Everyone wanted to know about the mysteries of the Starry Sky, and Cang Yan and Fei Yu were no exception.

After the four of them took a seat, Yang Kai began narrating his adventures in the Starry Sky. Not only were Cang Yan and Fei Yu fascinated by this tale, even Di Yao, who had also been to the Starry Sky, was captivated.

Yang Kai had encountered far more wondrous and shocking things than he had after all.

During the three months, he had stayed in the Starry Sky, Di Yao spent most of his time beside the Void Corridor, tempering his body while constantly being ready to evacuate. Yang Kai, on the other hand, had roamed around a great distance and even encountered a devastating Starry Sky storm.

When they heard about how the Starry Sky storm had shattered hundreds of thousands of meteorites, some of which were even larger than a mountain, in a matter of breaths, all of their faces went pale.

They couldn’t even imagine how Yang Kai managed to survive that kind that kind of disaster. From what he told them, they estimated that such a Starry Sky storm would be fatal even for Saint Realm masters.

However, not only did Yang Kai survive, he even became stronger afterwards.

As for how he survived the Starry Sky storm, Yang Kai did not elaborate, only saying he had just brushed the edge of the storm and suffered some lighter injuries as a result. After all, the truth was related to the body of the Great Demon God and the Demon God’s Blood. Yang Kai did not dare disclose too much.

Next, Yang Kai took out a jade bottle containing four drops of medicinal liquid from the Thousand Year Demon Flower and handed it to Cang Yan.

Even the calm and steady Cang Yan, when accepting these four drops of medicinal liquid, could not stop his hands from trembling slightly, a look of excitement appearing on his face.

With these four drops of medicinal liquid, their four Protectors of Soaring Heaven Sect all had a great chance of breaking through to the Saint Realm!

The Saint Realm and Transcendent Realm only differed by one layer but the gap between them was much, much wider than the one between the Transcendent Realm and Immortal Ascension Boundary.

On Tong Xuan Realm, there was no shortage of Transcendents, but Saints were few and far between. Every Saint Realm master was a pillar of their Sect, a rare treasure.

Even the mighty Soaring Heaven Sect only had two Saint Realm masters. In addition to the Martial Ancestor, Chu Ling Xiao, there was another Ancestral Martial Uncle who was currently in a long term secluded retreat. Forces like Bright Thunder Spirit Religion did not have a single Saint Realm master.

“Since Little Martial Nephew is back and we’ve obtained the medicinal liquid of the Thousand Year Demon Flower, we should head back,” Fei Yu suggested. She too could not wait to return to Serene Resplendent Peak, enter retreat, and attempt the greatest breakthrough of her life.

“Indeed,” Cang Yan obviously agreed, “But before that, Little Martial Nephew, you have to go see Old Man Li. This time, if not for Old Man Li’s assistance, things would not have gone so smoothly.”

“I was thinking so too,” Yang Kai nodded. Cang Yan didn’t have to remind him to go see Old Man Li; after all, the two of them were probably the only Alchemists with Conflagrated Knowledge Seas in Tong Xuan Realm. Yang Kai felt he could learn a lot of useful knowledge from Old Man Li and wasn’t about to pass up such an opportunity.

“Master also asked me to bring you over,” Di Yao smiled, “Let’s go, we shouldn’t keep Master waiting. Do two Seniors want to come as well?”

“There’s no need,” Cang Yan shook his head, “Please give your honoured Master our sincere thanks.”

“En!” Di Yao nodded before taking Yang Kai and leaving the inn, heading off towards the City Lord’s Mansion.

A short time later, the two youths arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion, and under the leadership of Di Yao, casually strolled inside.

In front of a small house in the back courtyard of the City Lord’s Mansion, Di Yao stopped and called out respectfully, “Master, I’ve brought Brother Yang to see you.”

“Come in,” The voice of Old Man Li drifted over.

Yang Kai adjusted his expression and smoothed his robes before quickly following behind Di Yao.

After seeing the true face of Yang Kai, Old Man Li did not show much surprise, obviously, he had been aware of certain things from the start, simply smiling as he said, “Sit.”

“Many thanks for Old Man Li’s hospitality!” Yang Kai cupped his hands and bowed before taking a seat.

Di Yao personally poured tea for the two before also sitting down next to Yang Kai.

The scented tea filled the house with a calming, fragrant aroma; Old Man Li didn’t talk, and neither did Yang Kai, in front of him was an almost sage-like existence, after all, a man admired and respected by all sentient beings in the world.

Only after a long silence did Old Man Li wave his hand suddenly. Yang Kai immediately noticed that an invisible force had wrapped up the whole room and although he could still see the outside world, anyone trying to peek in from beyond this barrier would be unable to notice anything.

Seeing this, Yang Kai suddenly realized that this white-haired old man in front of him was not just a top-ranked Alchemist, but also an incredibly powerful master.

“I heard from Yao’er that little brother is a disciple of Soaring Heaven Sect, correct?” Old Man Li asked.

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Then this old master must take the liberty to ask, has little friend been a disciple of Soaring Heaven Sect from birth or did you only join the Sect within the last few years?” Old Man Li suddenly asked a seemingly random question.

Yang Kai stared blankly at Old Man Li before replying somewhat in shock, “How did Senior know? I really only pledged allegiance to Soaring Heaven Sect recently, probably about a year and a half ago.”

“Sure enough!” Old Man Li nodded lightly, “Good, as for the specific reason I asked you this, I will explain shortly. First of all though, this old master must ask little brother something again; do you really have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?”

As soon as this statement came out, Di Yao’s expression was filled with shock as he turned to stare at Yang Kai in horror.

(Silavin: Note. He does not know because Yang Kai actually just used Yang True Qi against him during the contest.)

Yang Kai let out a laugh, “Senior’s vision is indeed sharp when Senior first saw this Junior, Senior had already noticed, right?”

“En, those with Conflagrated Knowledge Seas are more sensitive to others who are the same. The higher one’s strength, the stronger this induction is, so this old master was able to notice, but little brother does not need to be worried, as long as you don’t use your Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, it won’t be easy even for top-ranked Saint Realm masters to notice it.”

“Do you really have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?” Di Yao’s eyes bulged wide.

Yang Kai nodded.

“Why you… your luck is really quite enviable,” Di Yao said with a bitter smile. A Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was something he dreamed of possessing, because he has seen the profound mysteries of a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea from his Master. For an Alchemist, a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and Conflagrated Divine Sense could provide significant assistance; as an Alchemist with exceptional aptitude, how could Di Yao not want one?

But this was not something one could acquire simply by desiring it. A Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was a type of rare mutation that could not be cultivated; it was basically only through luck and coincidence that one could acquire one.

Over the years, Old Man Li had done much research and put in significant effort to help Di Yao regarding this, but the latter’s Knowledge Sea had never undergone any change.

“What is little brother capable of doing with your Conflagrated Knowledge Sea now?” Old Man Li asked again.

Yang Kai scratched his cheeks awkwardly and replied in a somewhat embarrassed tone, “Sneak attacking others who are off guard.”

Old Man Li simply laughed and nodded happily to this though and said, “En, not bad, this is really one of the wondrous uses of a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea. The attack from a mutated Divine Sense is far more lethal than one from an ordinary Divine Sense, even if your opponent is stronger than you, if they don’t have a strong defense around their Knowledge Sea, you can cause them a significant loss, even possibly incinerating their Soul, something fatal to anyone. However… this is just one of its uses, do you know that a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea’s most profound use is in Alchemy or Artifact Refining?”

“Junior has speculated as such but has no idea how to go about using it so,” Yang Kai said with a sigh, adjusting his expression and respectfully asking, “Junior hopes Senior will offer him some guidance!”

Old Man Li smiled and nodded, apparently Yang Kai’s eagerness to learn made him very satisfied.

“This time, I asked you to come so I could pass on to you my experiences regarding this, let loose your Knowledge Sea’s defense,” Old Man Li said lightly.

Yang Kai eyes brightened, quickly calming his breath and lowering his Knowledge Sea’s defences.

Old Man Li’s expression also became serious as he slowly extended his finger, a burst of mystical energy gathering at its tip.

The moment Old Man Li’s finger gently touched Yang Kai’s forehead, a pure and intense Spiritual Energy filled with a massive amount of information poured into his mind.

Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai hastily began studying this information.

This was the knowledge and experiences Old Man Li had accumulated over many years regarding his own Conflagrated Knowledge Sea including how to use it for Alchemy and other aspects.

All of these experiences and pieces of information were incomparably precious.

Yang Kai soon became completely immersed in his studies as his understanding of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and how to use it to perform Alchemy rapidly grew.

Wanting to sort through such a vast amount of information in a short time was impossible; after all, this was the sum total of Old Man Li’s experience for the past few hundred years. The latter had imparted all of it to Yang Kai without reservation.

The house was silent as time passed by, neither Old Man Li nor Di Yao spoke to disturb Yang Kai, both of them simply waiting quietly.

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