Martial Peak

Chapter 718 - After the Disaster

Chapter 718, After the Disaster

In this disaster, with the exception of his bones, every inch of Yang Kai’s body had suffered varying degrees of damage.

The bones of the Great Demon God were unscathed by the ravages of the Starry Sky storm because they were tougher than a Saint Grade Top-Rank defensive artifact.

This made Yang Kai pleasantly surprised.

Right now, Yang Kai’s entire physique was no covered in a faint golden aura, even his damaged five viscera and six organs were giving off a golden glow as a staggering vitality gradually rebuilding his flesh and blood.

The Myriad Drug Milk’s medicinal efficacies were still playing their role and complimented Yang Kai’s newly formed Demon God Blood.

Floating in the void, Yang Kai let go of all his thoughts and completely relaxed his mind and body while silently allowing the Demon God Blood to transform his physique and mend his body.

If an outsider were to come across him now, all they would be able to see would be a human-shaped figure shrouded in golden light. This golden light gave off a pure and vigorous vitality that was slowly blending into the hidden figure.

All of Yang Kai’s fatigue and pain gradually disappeared under the influence of the Demon God Blood while his strength also began recovering.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Yang Kai’s eyes began to brighten. At that moment, he felt a few strange energies well up inside his body.

Naturally, these were the energies that had poured into his body while he was enveloped by the Starry Sky storm.

From the various broken parts of his physique, the inexhaustible Starry Sky energy flooded out and after their initial rampage, they gradually settled down, as if they were very satisfied with Yang Kai’s current body and decided to take up residence, becoming a part of his strength.

These Starry Sky energies contained all kinds of profound and mysterious elements and in the blink of an eye, they circulated throughout Yang Kai’s entire body and were quickly absorbed into his physique.

However, all this meant was that Yang Kai had taken in this Starry Sky energy, he still needed to slowly comprehend its mysteries before it could truly be considered his own strength.

Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai immediately calmed himself and immersed his consciousness inside his body.

An invisible door seemed to be slowly opening in front of him, allowing Yang Kai to catch a glimpse of a whole new world he had never seen before.

Faintly, Yang Kai felt as though he was standing atop the clouds, overlooking the mortal beings below.

At that instant, he felt as if he had broken free from the bonds of mortality and arrived at a higher realm of existence.

As his flesh and blood squirmed and regenerated, impurities Yang Kai never knew existed slowly began discharging from his body, purifying his physique while increasing its formidability. At the same time, these impurities were being expunged, an invisible layer of shackles that had been binding Yang Kai was slowly broken and he took a great step forward on his path to the peak of the Martial Dao!

This feeling became clearer and clearer as time passed and gradually Yang Kai’s entire consciousness became immersed in it, his mood becoming calm and steady.

Amongst the endless Starry Sky, Yang Kai lay quietly, his mind lost in this ethereal state, feeling the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way, his Soul undergoing a profound sublimation.

Although his body’s restoration was somewhat slow, not only was it regenerating, it was also undergoing a transformational quenching.

Both Yang Kai’s body and Soul were experiencing rapid improvements; surviving the Starry Sky storm disaster had brought him unimaginably huge benefits.

As his physique was restored and his Soul became stable, Yang Kai soon forgot about the passage of time.

At this moment, he even forgot he was adrift in the Starry Sky as no one was there to bother him.

It wasn’t until after a great amount of time passed that Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly shot opened and flashed brilliantly. Cracking his bones as he inspected himself, Yang Kai quickly noticed the various changes his flesh and blood had undergone.

The mysterious energies in the surrounding Starry Sky were seemingly being drawn into his physique by some kind of invisible force.

After the baptism of the Starry Sky storm, these Starry Sky energies could no longer damage Yang Kai and instead, after pouring into his body, were assimilated and became part of his strength.

An invisible momentum spread out and became stronger and stronger, creating a kind of small storm with Yang Kai at its centre.

His body and soul reached a kind of critical point as every inch of his physique gave off a joyful aura, causing Yang Kai to throw back his head and roar towards the Heavens.

Halos of light suddenly burst from his body and spread out rapidly towards the surrounding Starry Sky.

Then, all of sudden, everything became incomparably calm.

Yang Kai quietly stood in place and felt enormous power course through his body. Gently gripping his fist, he felt like he could reach out and pluck the stars from the sky and move the moon with his hands, the strength he possessed at this moment was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

[Transcendent Realm!]

The moment his body was fully restored, Yang Kai successfully broke through to the Transcendent Realm. From now on, he had truly left behind the mortal plane.

Yang Kai quickly realized the difference between his current realm and the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Whether it was his physical strength or Spiritual Energy, both had achieved astonishing growth and his combat power had improved dramatically.

If he were to fight with Xu Qi and Duan Hai of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Yang Kai was confident he could thrash both of them so hard they wouldn’t be able to tell what direction up. It was unlike last time where he had to rely on the power of the Wind Eye to kill them.

Breaking through to a new Great Realm was very difficult, but once one succeeded, they would undergo fundamental changes, which was why all cultivators pursued higher realms with a burning desire that could never be satisfied.

After calming down, Yang Kai began inspecting his body.

What he was most surprised to find though, was that there were no scars left on his body and all the broken parts of his physique had perfectly healed and were even much stronger than before.

Not only that, Yang Kai could feel that the blood flowing through his veins was very different from before. Approximately one-third of his blood no contained devastating power.

This was definitely the Demon God’s Blood.

Moreover, the Unyielding Golden Skeleton had also experienced some kind of awakening; from now on, his bones would continue to produce Demon God’s Blood, slowly replacing Yang Kai’s original blood. It probably would not be long before all the blood in his body completely held a golden hue.

When that time came, his strength would probably experience another dramatic growth.

Closing his eyes and silently contemplating his current circumstances, a grin slowly formed on Yang Kai’s lips and he began to laugh. At first, it was just a small, quiet chuckle, but soon it grew louder until finally it was a riotous uproar that could be heard far off into the Starry Sky.

His journey through the Starry Sky had, for the most part, been arid and boring, but Yang Kai felt it was truly worthwhile.

The benefits he gained from the Starry Sky were unfathomable.

Unfortunately, that kind of Starry Sky storm was probably a very rare phenomenon, so it was unrealistic to want to use it to quench his flesh again. Thus, it was time to go back!

With that idea in mind, Yang Kai took a deep breath before sweeping his gaze around to gain his bearings. Suddenly though, he caught sight of some faint glowing objects in the distance.

He quickly flew over to investigate.

These glowing objects were actually some small pieces of precious ore.

Yang Kai’s expression became puzzled, wondering how these ores would suddenly appear here but after giving it some thought, he realized that there must be leftovers from the Asteroid Sea that was destroyed by the Starry Sky storm.

That Asteroid Sea was composed of hundreds of thousands of large and small rocks so it was not odd there would be some precious minerals in them. After the outer rocks were crushed, the precious ores inside were all that remained as they were the only materials tough enough to withstand the force of the Starry Sky.

This meant, at the very least, these ores were Saint Grade Mid-Rank materials!

If he collected these ores and used them to refine artifacts, Yang Kai should be able to obtain a number of Saint Grade artifacts, provided he could find an Artifact Refiner capable of crafting such artifacts of course.

Yang Kai quickly collected these ores. His Bone Shield had been ground into dust earlier so collecting these materials was quite important to him. If he ever got the chance, he could ask an Artifact Refiner to help him refine a new, better artifact.

Yang Kai’s harvest was quite rich as he managed to obtain hundreds of large and small chunks of ore in the end, most of which, to his embarrassment, Yang Kai could not identify.

However, since all of these were products of the Starry Sky, not being able to recognize them was actually a given.

After stuffing all of these ores into his Black Book space, the feeling of regret Yang Kai had over his lost Bone Shield dissipated.

Taking a moment to find the right direction, Yang Kai embarked on the journey back home.

He didn’t know how long he had spent in the Starry Sky, only that it was definitely not short as it had been at least two or three months alone for his wounds to heal from the Starry Sky storm.

In other words, it had taken him two or three months of uninterrupted meditation and to break through to the Transcendent Realm, the hardship of reaching this realm could easily be imagined.

Him not returning for so long would definitely cause his Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt to grow somewhat anxious.

Time flew by and just when Yang Kai thought he had become completely lost, he finally spotted a green flower bud emitting a faint, pleasant fragrance.

The Thousand Year Demon Flower!

It wasn’t in bloom at the moment but had instead restored its original flower bud form as it gently floated in the voice.

Upon finding this place, a great weight was lifted from Yang Kai’s heart. Many days ago, he and Di Yao appeared near this place and according to Old Man Li, the Void Corridor leading back to Tong Xuan Realm would certainly not be far away.

Circling around the Thousand Year Demon Flower’s location, Yang Kai shuttled back and forth several times until he finally found the Void Corridor.

There was no trace of Di Yao nearby so it was likely he had already gone back.

Both of them had agreed before that they need not worry about the other. If either of them found the Void Corridor and needed to return ahead of the other, they should simply do so. Yang Kai felt that after such a long time had passed, Di Yao should have left the Starry Sky.

Not hesitating for an instant, Yang Kai plunged into the dark corridor and disappeared.

After experiencing familiar dizziness, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and found himself surrounded by a beautiful and refreshing mountain forest on a warm spring day.

Gazing around, Yang Kai couldn’t help scratching his head as he didn’t recognize where he was.

Releasing his Divine Sense and sweeping the area though, he soon smiled.

In a place a few dozen kilometres away, there were some life auras that should be cultivators.

Using his movement skill, Yang Kai rapidly flew towards this group, arriving nearby a short time later.

After a glance though, Yang Kai’s look became somewhat strange as he found these people to be somewhat interesting.

They were all members of the Human Race, but they were actually grouped in male, female pairs. There were three pairs in total and every one of them was an Immortal Ascension cultivator, their strength neither high nor low.

At the moment, they were fighting a fierce Monster Beast.

From the way they fought, and the way their True Qi was flowing, these men and women pairs seemed to be of one mind and body, in other words, they have all practised some kind of dual cultivation Secret Art.

(Silavin: Glorious)

When two of them acted together, they could bring out strength beyond the sum of their individual cultivations.

Actual Title- Transcendent Realm

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