Martial Peak

Chapter 717 - Narrow Escape

Chapter 717, Narrow Escape

If Yang Kai lost his way in the endless Starry Sky, he would definitely die.

Feeling that his harvest was big enough, Yang Kai turned around and returned the way he came. Although the Starry Sky was vast and empty, by using the Tong Xuan Realm as a point of reference he could still make his way back.

Moving forward day by day, although his speed was extremely fast, there was still a long way to go, but Yang Kai was not in a rush and instead was doing his best to relax both physically and mentally in order to obtain the maximum benefit he could from this trip to the Starry Sky.

At some point though, he suddenly paused and frowned.

The power of the Starry Sky flowing around him seemed to have suddenly undergone a strange mutation, something he had never experience before.

Yang Kai immediately became alert and quickly turned around, all the colour draining from his face in the next instant.

As far as Yang Kai could see, across the entire expanse of the Starry Sky, a churning storm like phenomenon had appeared and was approaching his position.

What’s more, its speed of approach was incredibly fast!

Yang Kai was terrified, although he had been searching for places where the ambient destructive energy of the Starry Sky was stronger in order to temper he physique, he had never anticipated such a massive, violent, storm front would instead find him.

Even though this storm was still quite far from him, from the vague energy fluctuations he could sense, Yang Kai felt that an aura of death was moving towards him.

[I can’t withstand it!] In an instant, Yang Kai understood this simple fact. With the current strength of his physique, once the storm caught up with him, it would only take a short time for even his bones to be smashed into dust!

The Starry Sky was filled with danger.

Di Yao and Old Man Li did not know much about the mysteries of the Starry Sky, and had never seen such a Starry Sky storm, so obviously, they had not provided Yang Kai with any information regarding this phenomenon.

Realizing all this, all the hair on Yang Kai’s body stood on end and without any hesitation, he removed the Primordial Shackles which were still on his ankles even now and fled as quickly as possible.

Since Fei Yu gave him the Primordial Shackles, Yang Kai had always been wearing them, but now, in order to increase his chances of surviving even a bit, he had decisively removed them.

Like a bolt of lightning, Yang Kai soared across the Starry Sky, covering great distance in the blink of an eye.

However, Yang Kai still felt his speed was inadequate. Opening his Wind and Thunder Wings behind him, Yang Kai once again rapidly accelerated, reaching his absolute maximum speed a moment later.

The wind was nimble and the thunder was swift. After being completely refined, the Wind and Thunder Wings and merged perfectly with Yang Kai’s Flaming Yang Wings and greatly boosted Yang Kai’s movement speed and agility.

Yang Kai had no idea how long he had been escaping, but he didn’t dare stop nor look back, because he knew that not only had he not opened up any distance between him and the Starry Sky storm, it was instead gaining on him rapidly.

The range of the storm was further than Yang Kai could see, so there was no way he could avoid it, if he couldn’t find some way to outpace it, then there was no way he could escape.

Maintaining his current speed consumed a massive amount of Yang Kai’s True Qi but with the Starry Sky storm behind him closing in, he had no time to care about such consumption. As the storm approached, Yang Kai felt like the sky itself was collapsing on him, leaving him nowhere to run.

As the pressure behind him increased, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn and he suddenly came to a stop. Retracting his Wind and Thunder Wings back into his body, he turned around and stared at the Starry Sky storm that was approaching.

[I can’t escape! It’s impossible to outrun it!]

[Since I can’t escape, I can only resist it directly!]

Yang Kai wasn’t confident he could face this storm head on, but right now he did not have any other choice.

As the Starry Sky storm got closer and closer, Yang Kai was surprised to find that instead of being nervous, he instead felt a sense of anticipation and a desire to compete with this storm made his blood boil. His eyes shining brightly, his spirit was roused and a fierce fighting spirit overwhelmed all of Yang Kai’s other thoughts.

The ambient power of the Starry Sky was filled with violence and destruction, but that was simply incomparable to this Starry Sky storm.

Not far in front of Yang Kai, there was a small Asteroid Sea, where hundreds of thousands of large and small asteroids were floating. Some of them were only the size of a fist while others were bigger than mountains.

Yang Kai had just passed through this Asteroid Sea.

Soon, the Starry Sky storm’s destructive aura reached this Asteroid Sea and, the instant any of the asteroids was touched, it would be ground into dust, regardless of its size.

Hundreds of thousands of asteroids that were spread out over tens of thousands of kilometres were vaporized within a short three breaths of time, leaving behind only a cloud of dust in the Starry Sky.

Seeing this, Yang Kai grinned fiercely.

In the next moment, the Starry Sky storm swallowed him too.

“Devil Transformation!” Whispering in a low voice, a dark Demonic Qi explodes out from Yang Kai’s body as black Demon Crests covered his entire form, disappearing in the next instant into his skin.

Yang Kai’s Blood Force rose madly and the strength of his physique increased rapidly.

Yang Kai next summoned out his Bone Shield and set it up in front of him.

However, this Mysterious Grade Top-Rank defensive artifact only lasted two breaths of time before it shattered in Yang Kai’s hand, unable to play the slightest role.

Devastating energy surrounded Yang Kai, tearing his clothes to shreds and ripping apart his flesh and blood. Yang Kai gritted his teeth and roar in alternation, pushing his True Qi to its limits to form a protective barrier around him.

The moment his True Qi appeared though, it melted away like snow in the early spring.

Yang Kai’s face sank upon realizing that his True Qi couldn’t provide him with any protection.

The only thing he could use to resist this wanton destructive energy was his body.

Understanding this, Yang Kai no longer wasted his True Qi and instead concentrated on the changes in his flesh while doing his best to move in the opposite direction of the storm!

He was like a lonely boat in a violent storm, the waves tossing him back and forth, constantly in danger of being torn apart.

What was truly astonishing though was despite having basically lost control of his own body, he was somehow still alive.

The omnipresent energy of the Starry Sky surged into Yang Kai’s bodies through his innumerable wounds, wreaking havoc both inside and outside his physique.

His five viscera and six organs all suffered grave injuries and every part of Yang Kai’s body was dyed gold as his blood flowed freely. If anyone were to see him right now, he would appear like a man stripped of all his skin, his torn muscles and tendons exposed, a truly terrifying sight to behold.

Even after using his Demon God Transformation, Yang Kai’s tough and powerful body was still incapable of resisting this Starry Sky storm. His body suffering near-fatal damage, his Soul also began to tremble and the Spiritual Energy that comprised his Knowledge Sea was on the verge of being blown apart.

Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai hastily took out some Myriad Drug Milk and smeared it over his body while swallowing down one Saint Grade herb after another.

The powerful medicinal properties in these raw herbs, combined with his own enhanced Blood Force after the Demon God Transformation allowed Yang Kai’s damaged body to rapidly be repaired, but as quickly as his flesh and blood were restored, they were again torn apart by the Starry Sky Storm.

As time passed, the destructive energy in Yang Kai’s surroundings became richer and more violent as he approached the centre of the Starry Sky storm.

Flesh and muscle were quickly ripped apart, exposing golden bones within.

Naturally, it was the Unyielding Golden Skeleton, the remains of the Great Demon God!

Even in the face of the devastating Starry Sky storm, these bones remained completely unscathed.

By now, Yang Kai had become completely numb to pain and the only thing driving him forward was his stubborn will to survive, he understood that if he were to admit defeat here, he would undoubtedly die.

Although he was still not sure whether he could survive this disaster, while there was still a glimmer of hope, he refused to give up.

Time had never passed so slowly for Yang Kai. Since he had been enveloped by the Starry Sky storm, only the time it would take for half of stick of incense to burn had elapsed, yet to Yang Kai it felt like years had gone by, every single moment was filled with suffering and torture the likes of which he had never even imagined possible before now.

Myriad Drug Milk was constantly being consumed and Yang Kai had no time to care about just how many Saint Grade herbs he had wasted by swallowing them raw.

The cycle of destruction and repair his physique was undergoing continued without end, becoming tougher, stronger, and more able to withstand damage from the Starry Sky storm each time.

After what seemed like an eternity to Yang Kai, the violent energy around him finally began to weaken.

Yang Kai’s very soul shook as he carefully examined his surroundings and discovered that he had already passed through the center of the storm and was now approaching its tail end.

Realizing the most difficult time had passed, Yang Kai was ecstatic, feeling that he really had hope of surviving this tragedy and sparing no effort towards that end.

The violent energy continued growing weaker and gradually, Yang Kai emerged from the Starry Sky storm.

Dizzy and disoriented, it took Yang Kai quite some time to stabilize himself; turning around to stare at the slowly disappearing Starry Sky storm, he couldn’t help letting out a laugh.

His voice was hoarse, but despite its weakness, it was filled with joy.

The next moment, Yang Kai trembled fiercely and weakness overcame him, his consciousness quickly swallowed by the darkness as he fainted on the spot.

Amidst the endless void, Yang Kai lay motionless, lacking the strength to even wiggle his fingers, his body and Soul relaxed to the extreme, completely unaware of the changes his physique was undergoing.

He didn’t know how long he had been in a coma, but the dull pain from radiating from his entire body eventually woke him up.

Although he couldn’t see what he looked like right now, Yang Kai knew his appearance must be miserable because he could tell that much of his flesh and blood was missing.

The blood of the Demon God, which radiated a pale golden light, was constantly being generated inside Yang Kai though, circulating through his veins, bringing magical energy and rich vitality to every corner of his body, repairing his damaged flesh.

His Unyielding Golden Skeleton was the source of Yang Kai’s Demon God Blood and after experiencing this disaster, the Unyielding Golden Skeleton seemed to have been stimulated and was now producing pure Demon God Blood slowly. Each drop it generated quickly transforming into Yang Kai’s vitality.

Inside Demon God Citadel, Yang Kai had witnessed the astonishing resilience of the Ancient Demon Clan, their physical prowess was several times stronger than that of Human cultivators.

And the primary reason for this was because they had an excellent bloodline, within their bodies flowed a trace of the Great Demon God’s blood.

But Yang Kai, as the legitimate successor to the Great Demon God, had an even more astounding resilience than the Ancient Demon Clan.

His tough veins and physique squirmed and under the influence of the Demon God’s blood, the damaged areas of his body emitted a faint golden radiance. Broken tendons connected together and become tougher and more flexible while his flesh and blood were slowly regenerated, stronger than ever before.

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