Martial Peak

Chapter 689 - Soul Devouring Insects

Chapter 689, Soul Devouring Insects

Cang Yan, Fei Yu, and Yang Kai landed halfway up a lonely mountain peak and after spending a moment carefully examining the surroundings, the two Third Order Transcendents honed in on their target.

Yang Kai also faintly noticed that there was some kind of subtle energy overflow at the position Cang Yan and Fei Yu indicated.

However, even up close, Yang Kai couldn’t see any difference between it and the surrounding area. If he didn’t know any better he would swear it was just an ordinary piece of land.

“It should be some kind of camouflage, and it’s quite ingenious at that, no wonder so many people hadn’t discovered this place even after so many years,” Cang Yan revealed a solemn expression as he looked around.

“The Spirit Array probably degraded after such a long time which allowed the Sect’s disciples to inadvertently discover it,” Fei Yu also agreed, “Let’s go, we shouldn’t waste any more time.”

Cang Yan stamped his foot on the ground and spread out a scalding hot aura, after which Yang Kai quickly noticed some mysterious glowing runes on the ground.

These runes seemed to be floating within the earth like tadpoles in a pond, struggling for a moment before being burned to ashes under Cang Yan’s technique.

Cang Yan cultivated a Fire Attribute Secret Art, so his True Qi flames were extremely potent, and with his Third Order Transcendent cultivation, it was naturally easy for him to crack this old, damaged, concealing Spirit Array.

A dark hole appeared on the ground, only big enough for one person to enter or exit at a time.

Fei Yu didn’t say anything and jumped straight in, disappearing in the next instant.

Cang Yan waved, “Go in.”

“I’m going in as well?” Yang Kai was surprised. He had thought he would be waiting outside for Cang Yan and Fei Yu to finish; after all, with over a dozen Soaring Heaven Sect disciples having met tragedy inside, this was definitely a crisis ridden place, if he were to recklessly follow these two masters, the only thing he would accomplish would be to slow them down.

“Of course you’re going in,” Cang Yan smiled meaningfully, “This time I’m afraid we’ll have to rely on you.”

“Rely on me?” Yang Kai became even more confused, “Senior must be joking.”

“I’m not joking at all. If it was just me here, I would never have agreed to Fei Yu’s request, but with you here, things are different. Good, once you enter you’ll understand.” Saying so, Cang Yan directly threw Yang Kai into the hole.

With that said, Yang Kai was helpless and could only quietly circulate his True Qi and gather his strength while increasing his vigilance.

This hole seems to be quite deep, and Yang Kai fell for almost as long as it would take for a stick of incense to burn before finally touching solid ground again. Standing firm, he quickly sidestepped and Cang Yan soon landed as well.

“So slow!” Fei Yu pouted, somewhat dissatisfied.

Cang Yan said nothing, summoning a bright fireball above his head, illuminating their surroundings.

“It really is a blessed land. I wonder which Senior’s secluded Cave Mansion this was!” Feeling the rich World Energy inside this place, Cang Yan’s eyes shined.

Fei Yu also seemed somewhat encouraged, “Since it’s a blessed land, there must be treasures as well.”

“Most likely!” Cang Yan nodded, “Let’s go.”

Saying so, he took the lead, with Fei Yu and Yang Kai following closely behind, all three of them on high alert.

As they walked forward, Fei Yu suddenly approached Yang Kai and whispered quietly into his ear, “Don’t use your Divine Sense to investigate, the favourite food of the Soul Devouring Insects in this place is Spiritual Energy, once your Soul and Knowledge Sea become infested with them, you’ll die just like the dozen disciples who first came here.”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he quickly nodded, suddenly thinking of something, “Since all the disciples who came to search this place suffered misfortune, how did you receive news of them, did one of them manage to send a message before falling?”

“No,” Fei Yu shook her head, “It was my Martial Ancestor that discovered their situation. With Martial Ancestor’s supreme strength, he can monitor everything within a five hundred kilometer radius.”

Yang Kai was shocked.

Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor was truly awe-inspiring. Yang Kai’s current Divine Sense was also quite powerful and allowed him to perceive things within a hundred kilometers of himself, but the further away he tried to investigate something, the more Spiritual Energy he would consume and the less clear his perception would be. On the other hand, Soaring Heaven Sect’s Marital Ancestor was able to clearly sense and investigate anything within five hundred kilometers of his position, the gap between them was as far apart as Heaven and Earth.

Cang Yan suddenly stopped, because in front of him there was a cultivator dressed in Soaring Heaven Sect’s robes lying face up on the ground, his eyes dull and unmoving. Sweeping his eyes over this disciple, Cang Yan slowly shook his head.

This person was obviously dead.

Fei Yu no longer whispered to Yang Kai, her pretty face also becoming dignified as she summoned a bell-shaped artifact and poured her True Qi into it, forming an invisible protective barrier around the two of them before immediately following behind Cang Yan.

This bell-shaped artifact was clearly a Soul type artifact and was at least Spirit Grade. As soon as this artifact was activated, Yang Kai felt like he was being soaked in a warm pool of water, his whole body relaxing somewhat.

“Be careful not to stray too far from me. With your limited cultivation, once those Soul Devouring Insects target you, you’ll die,” Fei Yu warned solemnly.

Yang Kai nodded sternly, not daring to show the slightest bit of carelessness.

Because Cang Yan was confident in his strength, he took on the role of leading the group. From time to time, they would meet one or two Soaring Heaven Sect disciples, most of them already dead; however, there were still a few who were simply unconscious, their faces showing signs of struggle.

These comatose disciples were all fed some pills by Cang Yan as the trio passed through.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, the group of three suddenly came across a large bronze cast door.

The moment the trio arrived in front of this bronze door though, a black fog suddenly burst forth from it. This black fog, which was composed of countless tiny objects that could not be clearly seen by the naked eye, immediately rushed towards the three people.

Cang Yan’s complexion changed dramatically, hastily retreating as he sent out a blast of scorching hot True Qi. Unfortunately, this blast of True Qi unable to incinerate the black fog it and was only capable of slightly impeding its momentum.

“Soul Devouring Insects!” Fei Yu cried out, her beautiful face also paling slightly, hurriedly pushing her True Qi, sending out a barrage of water arrows into the black fog.

“How can there be so many of them?” Fei Yu’s voice was slightly unsteady, continuing to attack as she called out, “Cang Yan, we need to retreat!”

Although she and Cang Yan were both Third Order Transcendents and could be considered powerful masters, facing this swarm of Exotic Ancient Insects, their abilities were still somewhat insufficient.

In this situation, all they could do was escape from here and report back to their Martial Ancestor.

Cang Yan however didn’t panic, falling back to Fei Yu and Yang Kai’s side as he stared at the rapidly approaching black fog, shouting out to Yang Kai, “Burn them with your Divine Sense!”

Yang Kai was momentarily stunned but quickly collected himself and sent out a burst of Spiritual Energy towards the swarm.


A blistering hot aura filled the air as a burst of flames exploded in midair, easily incinerating the black fog that had left both Cang Yan and Fei Yu incapable of resisting.

“A Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?” Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes flashed brilliantly as she turned a surprised look towards Yang Kai.

She had not expected this young man to actually be the possessor of a rare Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

“Without a card to play, do you think I would have accompanied you here just to die?” Cang Yan snorted, a gloating look appearing on his face.

Yang Kai on the other hand was completely focused. After seeing that his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was actually the nemesis of these Exotic Ancient Insects, his anxiety faded completely, stepping forward towards the sealed bronze door.

He could sense that hidden inside this door there were still countless tiny lives.

They were obviously more Soul Devouring Insects.

This bronze door was no doubt the source of the dozen Soaring Heaven Sect disciples’ misfortune.

Under the continuous assault of Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Divine Sense, these Soul Devouring Insects didn’t have any chance to escape back into the bronze door and were all burned to death.

Seeing this, Cang Yan and Fei Yu both wore joyful expressions.

Sometime later, Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense and nodded to the two, “They should all be dead now.”

“Good job, little brother!” Fei Yu swayed her hips mesmerizingly as she walked over and patted Yang Kai’s shoulder intimately, “Elder Sister especially likes young promising kids like you. In the future, we must get better acquainted.”

“Haha…” Yang Kai let out a hollow laugh.

Cang Yan also came over and stared at the closed bronze door, an adventurous light flashing across his eyes.

Since this was likely and ancient cave mansion of some great expert, there was bound to be some treasures beyond this bronze gate.

“Do you want to go in and take a look?” Cang Yan turned to ask Fei Yu.

“After coming all this way, we can’t just turn back without investigating, right?” Fei Yu grinned.

Yang Kai’s eyes flickered before decisively saying, “I’ll wait for you here.”

Cang Yan and Fei Yu both turned to stare at him curiously, but Yang Kai quickly explained, “There may be other traps inside; me coming with you will only slow you down.”

“Fair enough,” Cang Yan nodded, “Then you wait here, we’ll be back soon.”

“Be careful, don’t let your guard down,” Fei Yu sincerely urged.

Yang Kai nodded, after which Cang Yan and Fei Yu pushed open the bronze door and rushed inside, soon disappearing.

After they left, Yang Kai slowly stepped in front of the bronze door and stared at it, his mouth slowly curling into a grin.

Releasing his Spiritual Energy in a clever manner, a moment later a black flog once more emerged from the bronze door.

The Soul Devouring Insects weren’t all dead!

Yang Kai was well aware that Cang Yan and Fei Yu did not dare to release their Divine Senses in this environment so he took advantage of this to successfully deceive them.

He didn’t know why Soaring Heaven Sect’s Martial Ancestor wanted to see him, or what the latter had planned for him, but Yang Kai realized clearly that in the Tong Xuan Realm, his own strength was currently too weak. However, these Soul Devouring Insects which could even force Third Order Transcendents back could act as a powerful trump card for him.

Perhaps he was acting somewhat overly suspicious, but Yang Kai still had to make some plans for his future regardless.

This was also why, even though he knew perfectly well that there would be treasures hidden behind this bronze door, Yang Kai had not gone to seek them and instead had elected to collect these Soul Devouring Insects. On top of that, he was not willing to provoke any kind of dispute between himself, Cang Yan and Fei Yu.

If they obtained any treasures and didn’t apportion him anything, Yang Kai would definitely feel somewhat uncomfortable. At least this way, what he didn’t see or know about, he wouldn’t be upset over not obtaining.

Continuing to emit Spiritual Energy, Yang Kai carefully guided the Soul Devouring Insects into his Knowledge Sea.

Soul Devouring Insects were living creatures, but unlike the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng, they couldn’t be stored inside the Black Book space.

Under the influence of Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy, these Soul Devouring Insects seemed to have become incredibly obedient, all of them orderly flying into his Knowledge Sea as he wished.

Yang Kai expertly controlled the Spiritual Energy contained in his Knowledge Sea, preventing his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea from injuring his new ‘guests’ before placing them all on island formed by his Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus.

Inside Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, this was the only place where there was no burning flames, and it was also the most suitable place to house the Soul Devouring Insects.

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