Martial Peak

Chapter 690 - I Also Have A Share?

Chapter 690, I Also Have A Share?

Soul Devouring Insects fed on Spiritual Energy, and the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus was constantly emitting a gentle yet indescribably pure Spiritual Energy, nourishing Yang Kai’s Soul.

As soon as these Exotic Ancient Insects landed on the five coloured island, they immediately fell in love with this place and were longer willing to leave.

This result was not within Yang Kai’s calculations, but it was by no means a misdemeanour.

As long as he could carefully tame and control these Exotic Ancient Insects, not only would they not cause any damage to him, Yang Kai could even use his unlimited supply of Spiritual Energy to cultivate them, strengthen them, and use them to confront his enemies when need be.

Receiving the Soul Devouring Insects added another powerful card to Yang Kai’s hand.

Although his physical body and cultivation were still only at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary, not even having reached the Transcendent Realm, if it came down to a pure confrontation between Souls, Yang Kai now felt that he wouldn’t even fear Saint Realm masters.

His Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and the Soul Devouring Insects could be used to handle external threats, and although the Solitary Golden Eye could only display its might internally, any overconfident master that rashly rushed into Yang Kai Knowledge Sea would never return.

Having acquired this additional layer of protection, Yang Kai felt slightly more relieved.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai did not immediately sit down to cultivate but instead walked back along the path they had entered from.

He wanted to collect all of the Soul Devouring Insects still attacking the surviving Soaring Heaven Sect disciples’ Knowledge Seas.

Of the original dozen or so, only four or five were still alive, and if they were left as is, they would certainly die. Even Soaring Heaven Sect’s Marital Ancestor may not be able to do anything about their situation.

Although Yang Kai was essentially acting in his own self-interest, if he succeeded, he would still be saving their lives, which would no doubt earn him some favour with Soaring Heaven Sect’s masters. It was a win-win situation.

With nothing to worry about, either way, Yang Kai acted decisively.

Beyond the bronze door, after Cang Yan and Fei Yu rushed inside, they had searched the entire cave mansion for hidden treasures.

Both of them had some gains so they were obviously quite happy.

“Cang Yan, I suddenly thought of something. Marital Ancestor sending me to handle this task me just now and then my running into you and that little boy… is all of this really just a coincidence?” Fei Yu seemed to have noticed something and spoke her doubts as the pair continued searching for treasures.

“It really shouldn’t be a coincidence,” Cang Yan nodded, “Martial Ancestor probably wanted to use this opportunity to find out what that kid’s disposition was.”

“Did you know from the beginning?” Fei Yu looked at Cang Yan with a sweet smile.

“Naturally, as soon as I heard about the Soul Devouring Insects, I understood Martial Ancestor’s intentions. Soul Devouring Insects can only be dealt with by those with Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, so how could it be a coincidence that I just happened to be bringing back a person with such a rare Knowledge Sea mutation?” Cang Yan quickly said, “If it weren’t for me bringing him back, Martial Ancestor would never have sent you to deal with this situation.”

“If that’s so though, it would seem like Martial Ancestor isn’t that familiar with that little boy, but then why did Martial Ancestor ask you to find him?”

“That’s what I want to know. Two months ago, Martial Ancestor suddenly summoned me and told me to find him. After that, it took me quite a bit of effort to track him down,” Cang Yan’s brow knit slightly, “Moreover, I’m certain that kid doesn’t know Martial Ancestor.”

“Strange, but Martial Ancestor has always been unpredictable,” Fei Yu curled her lips meaningfully, “However, even though you already understood the idea of Martial Ancestor, you still dared to bargain with me for advantages. You’re too shameless! Don’t even dream of getting that bottle of Thousand Safflower Wine.”

Hearing this, Cang Yan’s expression turned bitter.

“A Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, interesting…” Fei Yu muttered with a smile.

“He’s also a Spirit Grade Alchemist,” Cang Yan suddenly added.

Fei Yu’s tender body trembled, “Really?”

“I think that may be the reason why Martial Ancestor asked me to find him. This kid’s future is boundless; I’m really looking forward to seeing if he can stir up a storm throughout all of Tong Xuan Realm, becoming an existence no less renowned than The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep.”

“If that’s the case, then I really should try to get closer to him. Such outstanding geniuses are incredibly rare,” Fei Yu said in a rare dignified tone, it was only now that she realized she had still been somewhat looking down on Yang Kai.

“Also… I have a feeling his potential is far from just that. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding that kid. Judging from his current performance, if he was to receive dedicated training, he would likely overwhelm all the young talents from the top forces across the realm and quickly become Tong Xuan’s most dazzling star.”

“Someone who could attract Martial Ancestor’s attention is certainly not ordinary,” Fei Yu agreed.

The two masters secretly decided that before Yang Kai fully revealed himself to the world, they would definitely establish a good relationship with him. When he was able to summon the wind and rain in the future, there would definitely be benefits for them.

Roughly one day later, Yang Kai saw Cang Yan and Fei Yu re-emerge from the bronze door.

Both of them wore big smiles on their faces; it seems their harvests weren’t small.

When they saw Yang Kai sitting cross-legged, quietly waiting for them with five Soaring Heaven Sect disciples lying down nearby, Cang Yan and Fei Yu couldn’t help showing amazed expressions.

“En, I was idle anyways so I tried to scatter the Soul Devouring Insects in their Knowledge Seas, I didn’t expect it to actually be so easy. They should be able to fully recover after a year or so of cultivation,” Yang Kai explained

“Impressive,” Cang Yan’s eyes flashed brightly as he complimented.

Earlier, he and Fei Yu could only give these disciples some pills to temporarily alleviate their conditions because they had no idea how to go about saving them. They had thought there was no hope for these disciples but now, unexpectedly, Yang Kai had given them a big surprise.

“Elder Sister is liking you more and more,” Fei Yu smiled warmly, “Good, you are these disciples’ saviour, in the future, you don’t have to worry. Elder Sister will not treat you unjustly.”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, indicating it was just a minor matter, “How did things go on your end?”

“Good,” Cang Yan showed a faint smile before suddenly pulling out a number of items and showing them to Yang Kai as he said firmly, “This is everything I and Fei Yu found inside; unfortunately, most of the treasures had already turned to dust after such a long time. In any case, take a look, if you want anything, feel free to take it.”

“I also have a share?” Yang Kai pointed at himself and asked in surprise.

“Of course you have a share. Do you think we would horde everything for ourselves?” Fei Yu giggled lightly, “If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have even been able to pass this door, let alone search for treasures. You also saved several of our disciples. For this trip, you definitely contributed the most.”

“Then I won’t hold back,” Yang Kai smiled faintly, turning his attention to the items laid out in front of him.

Cang Yan and Fei Yu glanced at each other and nodded secretly, both of them thinking this kid firm character while being neither servile nor arrogant.

If it was some other junior, in front of the two of them, they wouldn’t dare act so. Instead, they would certainly choose to give up these immediate interests in exchange for leaving a good impression on both of them.

When he needed to act, he acted decisively!

In front of Yang Kai were five things, three artifacts, a Secret Art, and a black fist-sized stone.

This was indeed everything that Cang Yan and Fei Yu had found inside, they hadn’t concealed anything.

Among the three artifacts, one of them was Spirit Grade Top-Rank while the other two were actually Saint Grade, their values immeasurable.

Even masters like Cang Yan and Fei Yu had never owned Saint Grade artifacts.

The Secret Art was also a rare treasure, actually reaching the Spirit Grade Top-Rank.

After examining these five items for a while, Yang Kai’s eyes finally fixed on the black stone. The stone was round and he couldn’t see what kind of material it was comprised of. Yang Kai poured his True Qi into it but there was no reaction, he also tried probing it with his Divine Sense but couldn’t glean anything from it once again.

“What is this?” Yang Kai asked the two masters.

Both Cang Yan and Fei Yu shook their heads, they also knew nothing about this stone, only that it had been placed in a very covert location, so they had conveniently brought it with them.

“Then I want this,” Yang Kai said with a smile.

Cang Yan frowned and said sternly said, “You should choose an artifact to defend yourself. Although you can’t use Saint Grade artifacts as your cultivation level is too low and may even harm yourself if you tried to, but this Spirit Grade Top-Rank artifact is still quite good.”

“That’s right, you don’t have to be so modest,” Fei Yu was also confused, wondering how this boy’s personality had changed so much after acting so decisive just a moment ago.

She was somewhat uncomfortable seeing this.

Choosing a stone that none of them knew how to use, it seemed like he was intentionally suffering a loss.

“I’m not trying to act modest!” Yang Kai laughed, “Since even you two can’t see what this thing is, it can only mean one of two things, either it’s worthless or it’s priceless, if I choose it, there’s a chance I’ll gain even more than you.”

“You want to gamble?” Cang Yan somewhat disapproved, “The benefits that one holds in their hands are the only real benefits.”

“True, but the very fact that it is here means you intentionally brought it out, which indicates there’s a great possibility of it being something valuable. The two of you aren’t blind after all,” Yang Kai smiled and grabbed the black stone, “I have no need for these artifacts and I can’t use this Secret Art, so I might as well take this.”

“Since you insist, we won’t say anymore, if some day you discover you’ve lost this bet, don’t come crying to us,” Fei Yu snorted and no longer tried to dissuade him, quickly carving up the other four items with Cang Yan.

Each of them took one of the Saint Grade artifacts and then divided up the remaining Spirit Grade Top-Rank artifact and Secret Art.

Having reaped a full harvest, Cang Yan and Fei Yu were both exceptionally happy.

“Let’s go, Martial Ancestor must be waiting for us,” Cang Yan said, grabbing two unconscious disciples and taking the lead.

Fei Yu also grabbed two, before turning to Yang Kai and grinning, “The last one is yours. I specially reserved a beauty for you. Don’t worry too much, she should be an unpicked flower. Feel free to take full advantage of this opportunity while she’s still unconscious.”

Saying so, she gave him a sly smile, silently egging him on.

Yang Kai laughed dumbly despite trying not to, carried the last female disciple of Soaring Heaven Sect on his back, and followed after Cang Yan and Fei Yu.

On their trip back, all three of them showed their movement skills and quickly returned to the outside world.

After taking a moment to find his bearings, Cang Yan simply flew off towards the direction of Soaring Heaven Sect without saying an extra word.

Yang Kai and Fei Yu hurriedly kept up.

After an hour or so, the three arrived above a huge mountain valley. Taking a look around, there were many scattered houses below as well as a good number of cultivators going about their business.

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