Martial Peak

Chapter 688 - Fei Yu

Martial Peak – Chapter 688, Fei Yu

Soaring Heaven Sect was one of the four major forces in the vicinity of Grand Boulder City.

However, although they were called the ‘four forces’, in reality, the other three Sects were not comparable to Soaring Heaven Sect. Whether it was in terms of heritage or the level of masters, Soaring Heaven Sect was far ahead of the other local Sects.

There were no Saint Realm masters in Ancient Moon Cave Heaven, Luo Sheng Sect, or Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, but it was rumored that there were at least two such powerhouses in Soaring Heaven Sect.

Beneath the Saint Realm though, Soaring Heaven Sect had four famous Third Order Transcendents.

These four all had tyrannical strength, and Cang Yan was one of them.

But in the eyes of the uninformed, Soaring Heaven Sect was on the same level as the other three forces because it had very few disciples, inferior to forces such as Bright Thunder Spirit Religion by several fold.

Yang Kai was carried the whole time by Cang Yan and was constantly asking questions about Soaring Heaven Sect as they traveled.

Cang Yan seemed to be a person who cherished words like gold, but to Yang Kai’s inquiries he still responded patiently.

At the same time, Cang Yan was also observing Yang Kai.

Why his Martial Ancestor had asked him to find this boy, Cang Yan was also confused.

Half a day later, when they were approaching Soaring Heaven Sect’s borders, Cang Yan suddenly paused and stared forward with a suspicious look, seemingly having discovered something.

Soon, Yang Kai also noticed that a powerful aura was rapidly approaching them. This aura was no weaker than Cang Yan’s, but unlike Cang Yan’s imposing pressure, this new aura felt softer, like the slowly flowing water in a vast river.

Yang Kai couldn’t help showing a curious expression and didn’t ask much, simply deciding to wait quietly and observe.

A moment later, a blue light appeared over the horizon and quickly flew over, stopping just in front of Cang Yan. When the blue light faded, a beautiful woman dressed in an unusually bold fashion appeared in front of Cang Yan.

This beautiful woman’s skin was snow white and her eyes were pure and watery, seemingly containing ten thousand kinds of charm. There was a tiny black mole at the corner of her mouth which only added to her appeal.

On her face was a lazy smile, and her upper body’s robes were quite messy and exposing, revealing her pair of round, white half-moons and the deep valley between them that seemed to unconsciously draw people’s eyes. As for her lower half, her skit had an extremely long slit which reached almost all the way up to her hips, allowing one to see the whole length of her slender legs, including her tender white thighs.

Yang Kai was dumbstruck and couldn’t help staring for a moment.

The beautiful woman didn’t evade his gaze, nor show the slightest bit of shyness, instead turning a glamorous smile towards Yang Kai as she too began evaluating him with an interested look.

Cang Ya’s brow wrinkled, “Fei Yu, how did you come out, didn’t Martial Ancestor punish you with half a year of confinement? Don’t tell me you snuck out.”

“I didn’t sneak out,” Fei Yu replied curtly as she lightly bit her lip. In the next instant, without even seeing how she moved, she suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai and extended a jade hand, gently lifting Yang Kai’s Chin, “Where did you find this little brother? Why does he look somewhat familiar?”

Yang Kai didn’t quite know why but he felt his hair stand slightly on end at that moment.

Cang Yan quickly pulled Yang Kai behind him, like a mother hen guarding its newborn chick, blocking him from Fei Yu as he frowned, “Don’t make trouble, this is the person Martial Ancestor is looking for.”

“Martial Ancestor?” Hearing this, Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes flashed brilliantly as she pondered, “Why does Martial Ancestor want to see him?”

“I don’t know,” Cang Yan shook his head, “But he’s not your toy.”

“Fine,” Fei Yu frowned slightly and muttered impatiently.

“Enough about that. Why aren’t you staying quietly in the Sect and have instead run out here?”

“Martial Ancestor sent me out,” Fei Yu giggled, “If I didn’t receive an order from the old man, how could I dare to go out?”

Suddenly, her beautiful eyes flickered as she said, “En, Martial Ancestor told me to redeem myself with good works, saying that if I can resolve this problem he will cancel my half-year confinement.”

“What matter do you need to solve?” Cang Yan asked curiously, but the moment these words left his mouth he felt the impulse to slap his own face, raising his hands and waving them, “Forget I asked, I’ll be returning to the Sect first. You carry on.”

“Don’t go!” Fei Yu swiftly grabbed Cang Yan’s arm, smiled warmly and said, “Since you asked, naturally I should tell you.”

Saying so, she didn’t dare give Cang Yan an opportunity to refuse, happily explaining her assigned duty.

Roughly a hundred kilometers outside Soaring Heaven Sect, it seemed a disciple had found a hidden cave. There was a barrier set up around this cave to conceal it so it should have been a blessed land that some powerful master had left behind many years ago. The disciple couldn’t break open this barrier so he had quickly returned to the Sect and gathered together a group of Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers, a dozen people in total, to open up and explore the blessed land, hoping they could find some opportunities. But unexpectedly, there was a hidden trap in the blessed land, and before any of them noticed, they had all been incapacitated.

All the disciples who had entered were attacked by a swarm of Exotic Ancient Insects called Soul Devouring Insects. When this news was sent back to Soaring Heaven Sect, the Sect Master had dispatched Fei Yu to handle it.

“Soul Devouring Insects?” Cang Yan’s expression changed greatly, “Wasn’t that Exotic Ancient Insect supposed to be extinct?”

“Who knows,” Fei Yu shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know which despicable bastard left these troublesome bugs near our Soaring Heaven Sect, but if I find his bone, I’ll definitely trample them into dust!”

“Martial Ancestor sent you to handle this matter, but what are you planning on doing? This isn’t something that ordinary cultivators can deal with, even if it’s you, if you’re not careful, your life might be endangered.”

“En,” Fei Yu wore a pitiful expression that could make anyone who saw it sympathise with her as she whispered, “Therefore, Cang Yan, you have to help me.”

“How am I supposed to help you? I don’t have any method to handle this kind of Exotic Ancient Insect.”

“You cultivate Fire Attribute Secret Arts, you should be able to incinerate them.”

“Do you think flames created from True Qi can burn them? You must be dreaming,” Cang Yan coldly snorted, but as he said these words, he suddenly glanced over at Yang Kai, a thoughtful expression appearing on his face.

“But no one other than you can help me! Those two bastards Li Wan and Fei Jian went into hiding the moment they learned I had accepted this task! Hateful!” Fei Yu gnashed her teeth.

“I also should have hidden from you,” Cang Yan muttered, feeling a big headache. Had he only known in advance he would not have spoken to her in the first place. After spending so many years together with this woman, Cang Yan couldn’t even remember how many times he had been deceived by her appearance and roped into dangerous situations like this.

“It’s too late,” Fei Yu glared at Cang Yan coldly and declared, “If you want to help me, then just help me already, but even if you don’t want to help me, you still have to help me!”

(Silavin: I see. They are all the same XD. This is where Cang Yan learnt his manner of speaking from.)

Cang Yan sighed, “It’s really not a convenient time for this, I have to bring this kid back to see Martial Ancestor as quickly as possible.”

“You’ve been searching for him for two months already, who cares if you wait another day or two. Just come with me to take a look, if we really can’t handle the situation, I won’t make things difficult for you,” Fei Yu continued.

Cang Yan’s brow wrinkled, seemingly weighing this decision carefully. Seeing that there might be hope, Fei Yu quickly struck while the iron was hot, continuing her attempts to persuade him.

After a long time, Cang Yan nodded slightly, “Good, I’ll help you out this time, but… whether we can ultimately succeed, I can’t guarantee.”

Fei Yu was overjoyed and nodded repeatedly, “I knew you wouldn’t abandon me! You’re the best! Li Wan and Fei Jian, the two bastards, they should just go die in a ditch somewhere.”

“However, can I make a request?”

“What request?”

Cang Yan coughed lightly, “I remember fifty years ago, you brewed a batch of Thousand Safflower Wine, right?”

Fei Yu elegant face sank, gritting her teeth as she muttered, “Do you make a habit of remembering things from fifty years ago?”

“I always keep good things in mind,” Cang Yan nodded slightly, replying in a natural tone, “En, if we succeed, give me half of them.”

“No! I crossed the whole continent in order to collect the thousand different rare flowers to brew that Thousand Safflower Wine before waiting fifty years for it to ferment! Even I haven’t had a sip of it myself, yet now you open your mouth and demand half of it from me? I take back my words, you’re no better than Li Wan and Fei Jian! No, you’re even worse! If that’s your price, I’d rather not have your help at all!”

Yang Kai stared blankly at this beautiful woman, faintly thinking that this so-called Thousand Safflower Wine seemed to be more important to her than her own life.

“You brewed twenty bottles at that time, even if you give me half, you’ll still have ten jars left!”

“At most I can give you one bottle, don’t even dream you can get half a jar more.”

“Eight bottles!”




After an intense round of bargaining, Cang Yan finally could only pinch his nose and accept, “Fine, one bottle, one bottle.”

“That’ll depend on your performance!” Fei Yu spat disdainfully, curling her lips into a grin, “If you can’t help, I won’t give you a single drop.”

Saying so, she suddenly turned her gaze towards Yang Kai, “Smelly brat, what are you smiling about, you think this is funny?”

“No, but it is interesting,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, seeing these two Third Order Transcendents quarreling like this, the obvious friendship between them, it unconsciously gave him a warm feeling.

It had been quite some time since Yang Kai had experienced such a feeling, ever since he came to Tong Xuan Realm, he had always felt somewhat isolated and alone.

“Let’s go, where is that blessed land?” Having reached an agreement on price, Cang Yan was not willing to waste any more time.

“Follow me,” Fei Yu said, leading the way.

As this beautiful woman flew forward, her perfectly rounded hips swayed back and forth in a kind of hypnotising rhythm, enchanting one’s heart as her exquisite jet black hair danced lightly in the wind, revealing her slender white neck that seemed to be crafted from the finest porcelain.

“Don’t stare at her, if you’re not careful, she’ll dig out your eyes,” Cang Yan whispered into Yang Kai’s ear.

“For just that?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“Not long ago, because an Elder from Luo Sheng Sect had an obscene glint in his eyes as he stared at her, she…” Cang Yan didn’t say anymore but instead made a chopping motion with his hand as he glanced towards Yang Kai’s lower half.

Yang Kai’s face instantly went black.

“That’s why Martial Ancestor gave her half a year of solitary confinement,” Cang Yan nodded, “Actually, despite the flirtatious way she dresses and acts, she’s actually still…”

Before he could finish his words though, a delicate jade white fist landed on his face, sending Cang Yan flying over a thousand meters.

The air around Fei Yu seemed to freeze as an ice cold light flashed across her face as she stared towards the miserable Cang Yan, snorting as she scolded, “Do you think I’m deaf?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help gulping while secretly worrying about Cang Yan.

“Little brother, come here, you can travel together with Elder Sister.” Fei Yu suddenly smiled and rushed over to Yang Kai and waved her hand, not waiting for him to answer before directly wrapping him in her True Qi and flying off.

Being pulled close and involuntarily sniffing the enchanting fragrance that lightly wafted from this beautiful woman, Yang Kai’s face became slightly unnatural, but he wisely kept a serious expression on his face, not daring to show the slightest signs of impropriety.

“Don’t listen to that bastard’s nonsense, he’s just slandering me,” Fei Yu whispered as she exhaled a warm breath laced with a unique scent of flowers, tickling one’s heartstrings, “It doesn’t matter if you take a look, Elder Sister won’t punish you for just that, I’m quite gentle.”

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