Martial Peak

Chapter 687 - Numerous Doubts

Chapter 687, Numerous Doubts

The violent energy contained within the Thunder Eye was stronger than that which was inside the Wind Eye. Cang Yan had dared to release his Divine Sense to spy on the Wind Eye, but he did not dare do so with the Thunder Eye.

Comparing the two, the Thunder Eye was definitely more dangerous.

“Bright Thunder’s Religion Master is pursuing us, please let me go in, Senior,” Yang Kai glanced back and saw Xia Cheng Yin rushing towards them, the latter’s face filled with a mix of anxiety and rage, howling towards them to stop.

Cang Yan obviously didn’t put Xia Cheng Yin in his eyes as he grinned and casually said, “You’re a strange one kid. Good, I’ll help you; however, don’t you dare die, or I’ll have no way to explain things to my Marital Ancestor!”

Having said what he needed to say, Cang Yang tossed Yang Kai towards the Thunder Eye.

Cries of shock rang out from all the surrounding Bright Thunder Spirit Religion disciples who saw Yang Kai disappear into the Thunder Eye, all of them wondering how this brat had offended Cang Yan, causing the latter to throw him to his death.

Xia Cheng Yin arrived a moment later, but was helpless to do anything but watch.

Inside the Thunder Eye, when Yang Kai first came in, he felt tremendous pressure, many times stronger than what he had felt inside the Wind Eye.

The power of lightning instantly surged through his entire body, causing all of his hair to stand on end and his Soul to tremble fiercely, his skin soon giving off a scorched smell.

Taking another drop of Myriad Drug Milk, Yang Kai quickly sat down inside the Thunder Eye and while ignoring his own injuries, allowed the Wind and Thunder Wings to extract the Thunder Qi around him.

After his previous experience, Yang Kai was much more relaxed, understanding exactly what it was the Wind and Thunder Wings were craving.

From Yang Kai’s back, at the position of his right shoulder blade, as expected, a huge suction force erupted, rapidly pulling the surrounding Thunder Attribute energy into his body.


As Yang Kai’s wings opened once more. Wind danced freely to his left, while lightning arced back and forth on his right.

Yang Kai soon entered into a meditative state as he comprehended the mysteries of thunder and lightning.

Outside the Thunder Eye, the Bright Thunder Spirit Religion disciples had all scattered as Cang Yan and Xia Cheng Yin engaged in an earth shaking battle. It wasn’t until Old Man Du caught up and came forward to mediate that their fight ceased.

It was not easy to decide a victor in a contest between two Third Order Transcendent masters, but just from observing the two of them, Xia Cheng Yin was obviously in worse shape than Cang Yan.

If the battle had continued, undoubtedly Xia Cheng Yin would have eventually lost.

After realizing this, Bright Thunder’s Religion Master decisively took advantage of Old Man Du’s intercession to draw back.

As time went by, the small group of people outside the Thunder Eye noticed that the Thunder and Lightning Attribute energy in the surrounding atmosphere was gradually weakening. Even the most intuitive manifestation of this, the amount of lightning strikes falling from the Thunder Eye, had become noticeably sparser.

Xia Cheng Yin’s expression turned incredibly ugly.

Today, two Elders had died, the Wind Eye had been destroyed, and the power of the Thunder Eye was severely weakened. The only question now was whether it would disappear entirely like the Wind Eye.

The loss to Bright Thunder Spirit Religion was simply incalculable!

One day later, the intensity of the Thunder Eye was less than half what it originally was. By now, Xia Cheng Yin’s eyes were completely bloodshot as he stared at the Thunder Eye like a crazed beast, his resentment nearly palpable.

Although Old Man Du felt like destroying the foundation of a Sect was somewhat immoral, thinking about how Duan Hai had tried to kill a young genius he had recommended to him, he still chose to say nothing.

Inside the Thunder Eye, Yang Kai took a deep breath and suddenly opened his eyes as sparks of lightning flashed across them.

After one day of absorption, he realized that the Wind and Thunder Wings had perfectly integrated into his body.

From this moment on, this pair of wings had truly been refined by him and become a part of his strength.

The wings behind him were still filled with blazing hot Yang Attribute energy, but the left half now also contained sharp Wind Attribute energy while the right half contained wild Thunder and Lightning Attribute energy.

Wind, Thunder, and Yang Qi all came together to form a strange kind of balance while undergoing some subtle changes. These three different attribute energies were no longer in their most elementary forms; they combined into something new. The power of wind and thunder now containing a burning heat, creating a kind of Flame Wind and Flame Lightning, multiplying their lethality compared to ordinary wind and thunder.

His Flaming Yang Wings had not been completely replaced by the Wind and Thunder Wings.

The only thing that Yang Kai had difficulty with was determining what exactly this pair of wings was; it was somewhat like an artifact, but also somewhat like a Martial Skill.

However, what was undeniable was that Han Fei had sent him a big gift!

The reason why Han Fei and Li Rong failed to refine the Wind and Thunder Wings was likely because they had not had an opportunity like the one Yang Kai experienced.

Everything was a coincidence, but it still subtly felt like an inevitable result.

Withdrawing his Wind and Thunder Wings, Yang Kai stepped out from the greatly weakened Thunder Eye.

The group who had been waiting outside for a long time now saw Yang Kai coming out and couldn’t help smiling. Xia Cheng Yin also breathing a sigh of relief.

In the end, the Thunder Eye did not disappear, and although it was not as powerful as it used to be, it was at least intact.

Staring at Yang Kai, Xia Cheng Yin felt extremely complicated, annoyance, hatred, and doubt all swirling about his thoughts.

“Kid, you sure surprised us!” When Yang Kai appeared, Cang Yan immediately laughed, “Kid, your aura has changed a lot, did you reap a big harvest?”

“En, something like that,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Although my cultivation hasn’t increased, sensing the mysteries of thunder took some time. Sorry for making you wait.”

“Little friend Yang is too polite,” Du Wan smiled and shook his head.

“Since you’re done here, let’s go,” Cang Yan waved.

Yang Kai shot a glance over at Xia Cheng Yin, who although still looked sullen, eventually didn’t say a word or try to stop them from leaving.

With Cang Yan here, even if Xia Cheng Yin wanted to stop them he couldn’t. The losses suffered by Bright Thunder Spirit Religion over these past two days was already big enough, if he were to now completely offend Cang Yan and end up in a conflict with Soaring Heaven Sect, Bright Thunder Spirit Religion really wouldn’t be able to afford the consequences.

Soaring Heaven Sect’s four madmen were each no worse than him. Once a fight started, Bright Thunder Spirit Religion would definitely be destroyed.

Xia Cheng Yin had no choice but to swallow this insult.

“Religion Master Xia, many thanks for your hospitality this time,” Old Man Du nodded to Xia Cheng Yin.

“Leave, I won’t see you off!” Xia Cheng Yin took a deep breath and closed his eyes, unwilling to watch anymore.

Cang Yan just coldly snorted and wrapped Yang Kai, Du Wan, and Mi Na in his True Qi before soaring off into the sky.

After they left, Xia Cheng Yin’s face twisted as he stared at their fading backs for a moment before suddenly activating his movement skill and flying towards where the Wind Eye was formerly situated.

He still had numerous doubts about Yang Kai’s story. At that time, Du Wan was watching closely so he had not pressed the issue, but now that he had a chance, he naturally planned to investigate further.

Although Xu Qi and Duan Hai had been dead for a day, Xia Cheng Yin still had confidence he could gather some of their scattered Souls together and spy on their memories to unravel exactly what kind of grudges they had with Yang Kai.

Arriving at the spot where the two Elders died, Xia Cheng Yin quickly chanted some profound words while circulating a mysterious energy.

A moment later, a barrier encompassing the surrounding thirty kilometer radius formed. Xia Cheng Yin had to blockade this area in order to collect the broken fragments of Xu Qi and Duan Hai’s Souls.

He believed that given the strong cultivation of these two, even though their bodies had died, their Souls would not have been completely dispersed so quickly.

However, what made Xia Cheng Yin depressed and even more doubtful was that no matter how he tried, he couldn’t gather the slightest bit of residual Spiritual Energy. It was as if the two Elder’s Souls had been completely erased, surprising him greatly.


Above Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, a group of four people flew forward.

When they passed by a certain mountain peak, Yang Kai inadvertently glanced down and saw a tall, beautiful woman standing there.

The other party seemed to also notice him, her beautiful eyes flashing with a guilty light as traces of amazement and sadness flickered past her face.

Suddenly, she leapt up and used her full strength to try to chase after them, her pretty face filled with anxiety.

But how could her speed compare with Cang Yan? After a few breaths, she had fallen out of sight.

“Hey, you big bastard, there was a young miss chasing after you just now,” Mi Na suddenly shot Yang Kai an accusatory look.

“Oh, where?” Yang Kai feigned ignorance.

“Trying to play dumb?” Mi Na snorted, “She called your name, I’m sure you heard. Did you thoughtlessly have your way with her only to abandon her after? Hmph, I didn’t think you were such a beast, but now it seems I should keep my distance from you in the future.”

“Can you not make wild accusations? I’m nothing if not a gentleman, I wouldn’t do something like that,” Yang Kai replied seriously.

Mi Na spat disdainfully, obviously not convinced.

She had stayed inside the Alchemist Guild for a long time so her desire for gossip was stronger than most. Not having caught wind of Yang Kai’s salacious scandal, obviously she was not about to let the subject drop so easily.

Yang Kai ignored her though and instead turned a puzzled look towards Cang Yan.

Even until now, he didn’t understand why this person had helped him for no reason, not even hesitating to offend Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master in the process!

After hesitating for a long time, Yang Kai finally asked, “Senior, can you tell me why you helped me? What advantage does any of this bring you?”

Cang Yan glanced at him as they continued to fly forward, a smile slowly appearing on his cold face, “You’re quite vigilant.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded forthrightly.

Old Man Du chuckled, “Little friend Yang doesn’t need to be suspicious of Cang Yan. Although I admit recommending you go to Bright Thunder Spirit Religion was wrong, this time I can guarantee that he will not act disadvantageously towards you.”

“I naturally believe Old Man Du’s words,” Yang Kai gently nodded, “But that still doesn’t clear up my confusion, since Senior does not have any malicious intentions towards me, can you tell me what reason you have for assisting me?”

“There’s really nothing for me to tell you, I’m just completing the task assigned to me.”

“Task?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“En, I can’t tell you anything else, you’ll have to figure that out when we reach our destination; after all, I don’t know much either.”

“Who gave you this task?”

“My Martial Ancestor.”

“Soaring Heaven Sect’s Sect Master?” Yang Kai was dumbstruck.

Cang Yan didn’t answer, only continuing to fly forward. Yang Kai asked him a few more times but never received any response so he could only give up, turning to Old Man Du instead and asking, “What kind of person is Soaring Heaven Sect’s Sect Master?”

“A Saint Realm powerhouse,” Du Wan replied, “As to which Order he is, I’m not certain. When you meet you might as well ask him yourself.”

Cang Yan suddenly came to a stop at that moment and said, “Old Man Du, let’s separate here, I need to bring him back to the Sect as soon as possible!”

“Good,” Du Wan gently nodded, turning to look at Yang Kai and saying, “Little friend Yang, this time I have caused you to endure some unpleasantness, this old man is truly sorry, just know that the Alchemist Guild’s doors are always open to you, if you are free, please do stop by to say hello.”

The kindness and sincerity in Old Man Du’s voice gave Yang Kai a warm feeling in his heart and he nodded, “This was not Old Man Du’s mistake, Old Man Du doesn’t need to take it to heart. En, I will definitely visit the Alchemist Guild in the future.”

Old Man Du showed a faint smile before saying to Cang Yan, “Give my regards to your Martial Ancestor, this old man is getting on in years so I won’t be visiting him this time.”

“I will certainly deliver Old Man Du’s sentiments,” Cang Yan replied firmly, “We’ll be taking our leave then.”

Saying so, he took Yang Kai and shot off in a different direction.

“Yang Kai, remember to come back soon!” Mi Na called out to Yang Kai as she waved goodbye.

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