Martial Peak

Chapter 686 - Compensation

Chapter 686, Compensation

Looking at confidence and indifference Yang Kai spoke with, Cang Yan smiled even wider.

[This little brat really fits well with my own temper! Ha Ha!] Cang Yan chuckled in his heart.

After killing a Great Elder, he was able to face Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Religion Master without the slightest trace of fear.

[Having such courage even in this situation, what exactly was this little brat’s background?] Cang Yan thought as he sized up Yang Kai thoughtfully.

His Martial Ancestor had asked him to find this person and he had spent two months doing so, causing Cang Yan to feel somewhat depressed and annoyed, but at this moment, he suddenly felt that these two months were worth it.

“Little brat, if you don’t give me an explanation today, don’t dream of leaving here in one piece!” Xia Cheng Yin’s complexion change from red to blue as he grit his teeth and angrily shouted.

“What more do you want me to explain?” Yang Kai smiled, “I think I made things clear already.”

“That’s just your side of the story, do you think this Religion Master will just smile and believe you?”

Du Wan knit his brow but still kindly asked, “Little friend, is what you said really the truth?”

Yang Kai nodded sternly.

“Then why? What advantage would they gain by throwing you into the Wind Eye to wash away your Soul?” Du Wan asked carefully, knowing that this time, if he couldn’t give Xia Cheng Yin a reason he could accept, it would be impossible for the latter to let things go.

Yang Kai hesitated, as if he was unwilling to answer.

If anything related to the Coffin Carrying Man was revealed, it would be extremely detrimental to him.

“Little friend can rest assured, if what you said is the truth and you weren’t in the wrong, this old master can guarantee that you will leave here unharmed. Cang Yan will also lend his assistance,” Du Wan said, glancing over at Cang Yan.

Cang Yan was even more straightforward, “Even if you are in the wrong, no one can hurt you in front of me.”

Yang Kai looked at him curiously, really unable to understand why this stranger was so adamant about trying to protect him.

After a long silence, Yang Kai turned to Xia Cheng Yin with a cold look and muttered, “Bright Thunder’s Religion Master, is it? If I can prove that Duan Hai and Xu Qi acted with intent to harm me, how do you plan on compensating me?”

“Compensate you?” Xia Cheng Yin eyes went red, “You killed my Great Elder and then expect me to compensate you? Are you not mistaken, little brat? Now we should be discussing how to make up for my Spirit Religion’s losses!”

“He only has himself to blame, this time, if it weren’t for my luck, I would have died inside the Wind Eye. Me killing him is only natural.”

Du Wan nodded, “If it is true that Duan Hai and Xu Qi conspired to kill little friend Yang, their deaths aren’t worth pitying. Religion Master Xia, what do you think? It was this old master who recommended little friend Yang enter your Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, this old master naturally has a responsibility to maintain his interests and security.”

Du Wan’s tone was calm, but anyone could hear that he was not happy.

As a Saint Grade Alchemist, it was a rare occurrence for him to recommend a rising star to Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, but now Yang Kai had actually encountered such misfortune. This incident would bring great damage to Old Man Du’s prestige and face.

Although Xia Cheng Yin was angry, he didn’t dare vent his frustrations in front of Old Man Du, nodding as he said, “What Old Man Du said is fair, if this is really the truth of the matter… there’s no need for outsiders to intervene, this Religion Master will clean up his Sect personally and give Old Man Du a proper account!”

Du Wan nodded with satisfaction and turned back towards Yang Kai, “Now little friend, can you explain everything?”

“I still insist on compensation!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “This matter can’t be settled so casually.”

“This Religion Master has given Old Man Du face, but what do you count for? Don’t overestimate your own worth!” Xia Cheng Yin glared at Yang Kai resentfully, wishing he could immediately pound this insolent brat into meat paste.

“I agree with you!” Cang Yan nodded repeatedly to Yang Kai, “If Religion Master Xia doesn’t compensate you appropriately, within one month I will let his Bright Thunder Spirit Religion disappear from this world permanently.”

“Uncle, really knows how to talk!” Mi Na said to Cang Yan with a look of excitement and respect on her face.

[Uncle…] Cang Yan’s mouth twitched slightly, his expression sinking somewhat, unable to completely maintain his cold indifferent demeanor after suffering such an unexpected attack.

Yang Kai on the other hand only became more doubtful as he stared towards Cang Yan, really unable to understand what this master’s intentions were, but now was not the time to get to the bottom of things, for the moment Yang Kai could feel that this person was truly well-meant towards him, allowing him to feel relieved.

“Cang Yan!” Xia Cheng Yin clenched his fists, his True Qi surging up as he glared at Cang Yan coldly.

“You wanna fight? I’m more than happy to accompany you,” Cang Yan sneered dismissively.

“Please have some patience you two,” Old Man Du said helplessly, having no choice but to play peacemaker in this situation, “Religion Master Xia, this old master also hopes that if what little friend Yang said is true, you can offer him some compensation.”

“Old Man Du also has this intention?” The hatred in Xia Cheng Yin’s eyes increased once again, hesitating for a moment before somehow managing to mutter, “Good, this Religion Master can accept his impolite request, but Old Man Du, if we find out that things are not as he said, then don’t blame me for not giving you face.”

“As you like,” Du Wan nodded lightly, turning back to Yang Kai once more, “You can speak freely.”

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before wearing a helpless expression and replying, “The two of them wanted to collect my Knowledge Sea!”

Saying so, Yang Kai released his Spiritual Energy slightly and followed up, “Because I have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea!”

Everyone else became dumbstruck, almost unable to believe what they had just heard.

However, feeling the blazing hot aura in Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy, they had no choice but to believe him.

Old Man Du’s eyes gradually brightened, even becoming somewhat excited as he stared towards Yang Kai as if he had just discovered an incredible treasure.

Cang Yan was also showing signs of excitement. For a master at his level, there were very few things that could disturb his mood, but when he learned about Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, he nearly lost his self-control.

Laughing wildly in his heart, he now understood why his Martial Ancestor had let him search for this little brat, it turns out he was an Alchemist with a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea!

Didn’t that mean he was at the same starting line as the famous The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep? That also meant he might one day reach the same height as The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep? A man widely admired by Human, Demon, and Monster Races alike!

Conflagrated Knowledge Seas were rare existences, and even if one or two cultivators who had Conflagrated Knowledge Sea appeared now and then, it was not guaranteed they would also be proficient in Alchemy as these two traits weren’t necessarily mutually associated.

Xia Cheng Yin was also dumbfounded as he stared towards Yang Kai, his face filled with annoyance and remorse.

“I told Duan Hai that it was impossible for me to remain in Bright Thunder Spirit Religion so he and Xu Qi plotted to use the power of the Wind Eye to extract my Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, that’s the truth,” Yang Kai faintly explained.

Although this was not the most fundamental reason, it was also part of reason Duan Hai and Xu Qi acted against Yang Kai this way, so technically he wasn’t lying.

As he couldn’t disclose information about the Coffin Carrying Man, Yang Kai could only expose his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

“So that’s how it is,” Old Man Du nodded slightly, after feeling Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, naturally believed his words. Taking a deep breath, Du Wan turned to look at Xia Cheng Yin and said, “Religion Master Xia, what else do you want to say? Or could it be that you still don’t believe what little friend Yang said?”

“I have nothing to ask,” Xia Cheng Yin slowly shook his head as he stared at Yang Kai in a complicated manner. If he continued to make things difficult here, he would only end up offending both Old Man Du and Cang Yan, that was something he couldn’t afford.

Moreover, this Yang Kai was very likely to become an exceedingly influential character in the future, if he were to thoroughly offend him now, Bright Thunder Spirit Religions future days may not be peaceful.

“En, very good,” Old Man Du nodded with satisfaction, his expression quickly becoming solemn, “Today’s events should only be known to those present here, if anyone dares to leak any news of it, don’t blame this old master for being rude to him.”

“Agreed,” Cang Yan and Xia Cheng Yin both nodded firmly.

A Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was a rare treasure that would draw covetous eyes from all over the world, once word of its existence leaked out, it would only lead to countless troubles.


Together with a swift breeze, Xu Qi’s vitality disappeared, causing Xia Cheng Yin’s eyes to flash, never having expected Yang Kai to act so decisively. Unfortunately for him, even if he was angry, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Good, now we can talk about my compensation,” Yang Kai grinned.

Xia Cheng Yin’s face twitched slightly, but despite feeling extremely unwilling inside, he had no choice but to ask, “What compensation do you want? As long as it is something my Spirit Religion has, I can comply, but don’t try to force my to offer something I am not capable of, you must ask for something I can achieve.”

“Naturally,” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “I want to go to the Thunder Eye to cultivate, so I must ask Religion Master Xia to open the way.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone once again stared at him in astonishment.

“Go to the Thunder Eye?” Xia Cheng Yin was somewhat stunned, “You also cultivate a Thunder Attribute Secret Art?”

“That’s my business, does Religion Master Xia want to pry into my private affairs?” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Is the disappearance of the Wind Eye related to you?” Xia Cheng Yin watched Yang Kai vigilantly.

“Possibly, possibly not, I’m not entirely sure.”

“Does that mean, if you go to the Thunder Eye, will it also disappear?”

“It shouldn’t, please rest assured, Religion Master Xia.”

Inside the Wind Eye, Yang Kai had intentionally stimulated it, breaking it from the inside which had led to its ultimate destruction. At the time, Yang Kai had just wanted to seek revenge, if he hadn’t done this, the Wind Eye wouldn’t have disappeared; of course, the Wind Eye would definitely be much weaker than before.

“Does Religion Master Xia want to go back on his word? If so, you’ll have to ask if I agree,” Cang Yan looked at Xia Cheng Yin aggressively.

“The Wind Eye and Thunder Eye are the foundations of my Spirit Religion. Now that one of them has disappeared, very likely because of him, how can I so easily allow him to visit the other? Do you take this Religion Master as a fool?”

“If you intend to comply, then comply, but even if you don’t intend to comply, you must comply!” Cang Yan sneered, grabbed Yang Kai, and flew off.

(Silavin: WTF? I’m dying XD)

“Cang Yan, don’t go too far!” Xia Cheng Yin shouted furiously and quickly pursued.

“Haa…” Du Wan sighed deeply, looking helpless, hesitating for a while before also following after them with Mi Na in tow.

Cang Yan’s speed was so incredible that Yang Kai could barely open his eyes, only able to vaguely see the surrounding scenery retreating backwards. After less than the time it would take to burn half a stick of incense, the pair arrived at the location of the Thunder Eye.

Here, there was still a large number of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion disciples gathered, cultivating quietly while feeling the ambient Lightning Qi in the air.

The stronger the disciple was, the closer they were to the Thunder Eye, and while the weaker one was the further away they sat.

Floating in the sky was a huge vortex of lightning that was constantly shooting off and drawing in sparks. The sound of thunder continuously burst out as the surrounding atmosphere was filled with violent Thunder Attribute energy.

When Cang Yan arrived here with Yang Kai, the Spirit Religion disciples who were in meditative cultivation all woke up and showed expressions of surprise and amazement as they looked up at them.

“Kid, are you sure you want to go in? This place is no joke, one misstep and your entire Soul will be blown away,” Cang Yan warned as he stared at the raging Thunder Eye with a dignified expression.

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