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Chapter 685 - Something To Ask Of Me?

Chapter 685, Something To Ask Of Me?

Inside the restricted area of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, where the Wind Eye was located, a loud bang suddenly rang out and immediately, the surrounding World Energy became chaotic. Almost all the Spirit Religion disciples heard this disturbance and couldn’t help turning to stare in its direction, wondering what exactly had happened.

Soon, a violent wind blew outwards from the direction of the restricted area, uprooting trees and collapsing buildings. Everything within a radius of fifty kilometers of the explosion became a complete mess.

Many Bright Thunder Spirit Religion masters wore shocked expressions, an icy chill shoot up their spines.

As for those who were inside the restricted area, they were even more stunned when they felt the destructive power that was bursting forth from this natural formation.

The power that erupted from the Wind Eye not only contained blades of sharp Qi but also an invisible energy which sheared away at one’s Soul.

All of the energy which was normally contained inside the Wind Eye was exploding outwards at that moment.

None of the masters closest to the Wind Eye had expected that this disaster would suddenly befall them.

Duan Hai and Xu Qi both let out pitiful cries as the Soul destroying winds impacted them, causing their Knowledge Seas to become turbulent and their consciousnesses to become unstable and hazy.

Xia Cheng Yin didn’t dare show any neglect, immediately displaying his own means to guard his Soul.

Cang Yan first thought was to protect Old Man Du and Mi Na and give them a chance to retreat, but when he glanced over, he saw Old Man Du not show any signs of panic as he quickly took out a cyan stone and pour his True Qi into, producing a cyan coloured light barrier.

“Cang Yan, come inside!” Old Man Du waved to him.

Cang Yan quickly rushed into the light barrier and as soon as he did, the pressure on his Soul disappeared.

“Refined Bluestone?” Cang Yan’s eyes lit up as he uttered the name of this cyan stone, “Old Man Du’s heritage is impressive!”

“Now is not the time to say this,” Old Man Du smiled bitterly, “The wind blades are coming.”

Cang Yan nodded lightly and didn’t dare lower his guard, quickly gathering his strength and intercepting the wind blades that were approaching.

He knew that this cyan light barrier created by the Refined Bluestone could only resist attacks against one’s Soul and had no defensive effect on physical and Qi based attacks.

Cang Yan had also heard some rumors about Refined Bluestone and knew that it was incredibly expensive as it was a product from the Starry Sky that could defend against Divine Sense attacks of Saint Realm masters. It could be said that as long as one possessed a piece of Refined Bluestone, they wouldn’t need to worry about ever receiving injuries to their Soul.

Unfortunately, this treasure had a low resilience, meaning it could only be used a few times before it would crumble into dust.

Old Man Du taking it out at this time was also because he had no other option. He was a Saint Grade Alchemist, but not a Saint Realm master; in fact he was just a First Order Transcendent. On top of that, Du Wan was immersed in the study of the Alchemic Way all year round so his actual combat strength was basically equivalent to a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.

“Old Man Du!” Xia Cheng Yin cried out urgently, as he struggled to make his way towards them.

Old Man Du frowned for a moment but eventually nodded lightly, increasing his True Qi output and expanding the light barrier allowing Xia Cheng Yin to squeeze inside.

With two Third Order Transcendents working together, the managed to completely shield Old Man Du and Mi Na behind them from all the incoming wind blades.

Duan Hai and Xu Qi were now both completely dazed by the Soul damaging winds, stumbling around like headless flies trapped in the violent storm and both of them were soon covered with bloody scars. Seeing this, Xia Cheng Yin anxious called out, “Old Man Du, can you let them in too?”

“This old man is also helpless, if I increase the output of power any further, I’m afraid this small stone will break,” Old Man Du slowly shook his head.

Knowing that Du Wan is not lying, Xia Cheng Yin could only sigh dejectedly.

Duan Hai and Xu Qi were both Elders of his Spirit Religion, he naturally couldn’t bear to see them buried in this place while he hid safely behind this light barrier. Unfortunately, all Xia Cheng Yin could do for them was try to offset as many wind blades that were approaching them as possible while constantly calling out to them in an attempt to stimulate their consciousnesses.

However, his efforts were futile, when the power that should have been contained within the Wind Eye suddenly erupted, Duan Hai and Xu Qi, two Second Order Transcendent masters, were completely incapable of resisting and both collapsed in pools of blood only a moment later. Although they were still alive, if they were exposed to this strange wind for too long, their Souls would sooner or later be sheared off completely.

Xia Cheng Yin was anxious but there was nothing he could do to help them now.

Suddenly, after a violent pulse of energy, everything suddenly calmed down, as if that final explosion contained all the remaining power of Wind Eye.

The cyan stone in Old Man Du’s hand also seemed to sense its mission was complete at that moment and shattered into dust that fell through his fingers.

“Yang Kai!” Mi Na suddenly shouted in surprise, pointing her jade finger towards the front.

Everyone couldn’t help feeling shocked when they heard Mi Na’s cry, all of them turning their eyes in the direction she was pointing only to see a scarlet Yang Kai. Although his body had innumerable wounds, his expression was still light and carefree. Another strange point was that his fresh blood seemed to radiate a terrifying destructive energy.

Cang Yan’s eyes narrowed, grinning slightly as he silently smiled.

The appearance of Yang Kai was quite consistent with the vague image in his mind, which means that the person his Martial Ancestor was looking for was him!

“The Wind Eye?” Xia Cheng Yin was dumbfounded, he discovered quickly that the Wind Eye which had existed since before the founding of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion had now disappeared.

There was not even a trace of Wind Attribute energy here anymore.

This realization turned Xia Cheng Yin’s face ashen.

The Wind Eye was essential to the prosperity of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, without it, all the future disciples who cultivated Wind Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills would no longer be able to take advantage of it to comprehend the mysteries of the wind.

“Can’t you put on some clothes you bastard!?” Mi Na cupped her hands over her mouth and called out, her face blushing bright red as she swept her eyes over Yang Kai’s impressive figure.

Seemingly awakened by Mi Na’s shout, Yang Kai slowly blinked and turned his head towards her.

Immediately, his brow furrowed slightly, as he discovered four people standing there, the familiar Old Man Du and Mi Na, and two others he didn’t recognize.

However, these two strangers undeniably gave him greater pressure than Duan Hai and Xu Qi, meaning they were definitely stronger.

Out of the corner of his eye, Yang Kai suddenly spotted Duan Hai and Xu Qi lying in a pool of their own blood and sneered menacingly.

His figure flickering, Yang Kai suddenly arrived in front of Duan Hai and Xu Qi at a speed several times faster than he was previously capable of.

“So fast!” Cang Yan and Xia Cheng Yin couldn’t help but exclaim. At that moment, the two of them seemed to have faintly felt a burst of swift Wind Qi. What’s more, despite their extremely high strength, both of them almost lost track of Yang Kai’s figure when he moved.

Before the two masters had even finished calling out, Yang Kai had already unleashed a decisive strike to Duan Hai’s neck.

With a snapping sound and a splash of blood, Duan Hai’s head flew out.

Seeing this, Xia Cheng Yin nearly went crazy.

Looking at the head that still had a pained expression on its face fly through the air, Xia Cheng Yin couldn’t turn his eyes away for a while, never had he imagined that a person his Spirit Religion had hired to be an Honoured Guest would actually kill his Sect’s Grand Elder.

Moreover, he had acted without the slightest hesitation.

“Hm?” Cang Yan secretly smiled a little as he stared at Yang Kai appreciatively, snickering under his breath. He found that this brat, whom his Martial Ancestor had tasked him to find, matched his temperament.

Seeing Yang Kai’s murderous intent not decrease at all as he turned to start at Xu Qi, who was currently unable to put up the slightest resistance, Xia Cheng Yin roared, “Boy, you dare!”

As he shouted, he shot out like lightning towards Yang Kai.

No matter what, he couldn’t let Yang Kai kill two of his Sect’s Elders right before his eyes.

Cang Yan grinned meaningfully and also shot out, arriving in front of Xia Cheng Yin in a flash.

“Cang Yan, what do you mean by this?” Xia Cheng Yin glared at Cang Yan as he coldly questioned; although both of them were Third Order Transcendents, facing Cang Yan, he wasn’t confident he could prevail in a direct conflict.

“I have no other meaning, but if you want to hurt him, you have to go through me first,” Cang Yan replied faintly.

“He has nothing to do with your Soaring Heaven Sect, Cang Yan, don’t go too far!” Xia Cheng Yin’s face twisted, shouting out somewhat hysterically.

“Little friend Yang, please show some mercy!” Du Wan also hurriedly shouted, bringing Mi Na with him as he rushed towards Yang Kai.

Upon hearing Old Man Du’s shout, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, quickly examining Xu Qi’s current state, his determination not wavering but still reluctantly standing down for the moment.

Soon, Old Man Du and Mi Na arrived beside Yang Kai, Old Man Du sighing softly as he direct a complex stare towards Yang Kai.

During the time he had spent at the Alchemist Guild, Yang Kai had given Old Man Du a very good impression, not like an ordinary reckless youth who flaunted their strength and status, but now he couldn’t understand why this mild mannered boy had suddenly decisively tried to kill two Elders of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion.

“Old Man Du,” Yang Kai greeted indifferently before nodding lightly to Mi Na.

Mi Na’s neck was dark red, shooting a glance towards Yang Kai before pursing her lips and quickly averting her eyes again.

Yang Kai thought nothing of her reaction and instead turned to stare at Cang Yan. He didn’t know why this person would suddenly help him as he had no memory of ever meeting him before. Naturally the two of them had no prior friendship.

While observing the situation, Yang Kai also took out a set of clothes and put them on, his movements calm and collected.

Xia Cheng Yin was also no longer arguing with Cang Yan and instead just glaring at Yang Kai with hatred. Although this youth may be a rare talent in Alchemy, it was also an indisputable fact that he had just killed Bright Thunder Spirit Religion’s Great Elder; no matter what the circumstances were, Xia Cheng Yin had to seek justice for Duan Hai.

“Little friend, what is this all about, if it’s convenient, can you tell me?” Old Man Du inquired in a dignified tone.

“These two wanted to harm me and threw me into the Wind Eye in an attempt to wash away my Soul,” Yang Kai explained it faintly.

“Bullshit, as far as I know, you are an Honoured Guest Duan Hai personally invited to my Spirit Religion, why would he and Xu Qi suddenly want to kill you?” Xia Cheng Yin obviously couldn’t accept such an explanation.

For no reason at all, how could two Second Order Transcendent masters have ill intentions towards a little brat?

“Who are you?” Yang Kai turned to look at this person indifferently, feeling a palpable hostility and resentment from his stare.

Old Man Du coughed, “This is the Religion Master of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Xia Cheng Yin!”

Yang Kai gently nodded, his doubts abating somewhat before turning to look at Cang Yan, “And this is?”

“Soaring Heaven Sect, Cang Yan!” Cang Yan took a step forward and introduced himself.

“Do we know each other?” Yang Kai smiled at him temperately, his attitude neither warm nor cold.

“No,” Cang Yan smiled, “However, I have something to ask of you.”

“Something to ask of me?” Yang Kai’s asked curiously, shooting a glance towards Du Wan who quickly said, “Cang Yan has no malicious intentions towards you, I can guarantee this!”

“Alright. We can discuss about your matter later,” Yang Kai nodded to Cang Yan.

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