Martial Peak

Chapter 659, Inviolable

Since seeing the Solitary Golden Eye in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea that day and having been struck by its divine golden light, Li Rong had her suspicions.

She found, at the time, that the Solitary Golden Eye gave off an aura that was very similar to what was described in the ancient books left by her clan’s ancestors.

So after leaving Yang Kai’s stone room that day, Li Rong immediately consulted with those ancient books and discovered that just as she thought, records of the Solitary Golden Eye’s appearance and abilities existed.

Upon learning this, Li Rong sent the Third Order Transcendent Duan Ya to guard Yang Kai, and even this time, she had specifically requested Han Fei to personally escort him to the volcano to ensure his safety.

Before she was able to uncover the truth of this matter, she didn’t want to see any harm come to this human boy. As to the speculations she had, she didn’t dare to inform anyone, even Han Fei or Hua Mo who were also Great Commanders of her Ancient Demon Clan.

Because she wasn’t certain, she needed time to observe Yang Kai and verify that her guess is correct.

However, Chu Jian’s sudden interference had nearly shattered her hopes, deeply angering her.

But now sensing that Han Fei and Yang Kai were alive, Li Rong was overjoyed and immediately flew towards the other side of the volcano, taking advantage of her outstanding cultivation to break through the most dangerous region right above the volcano’s mouth just so she could arrive a moment sooner to assist them.

Hua Mo followed close behind her, a touch of fear and anxiety appearing on his face.

He clearly noticed now that normally calm and steady Senior Li would lose self-control when it came to that human boy, even not caring about her own safety.

On the other side of the volcano, Yang Kai fell from the sky and hit the ground, bouncing and rolling a few times before finally coming to a stop. Quickly leaping to his feet, he wiped the blood from the side of his mouth and vigilantly swept his surroundings.

The Ancient Demon Clan masters who were chasing Yang Kai couldn’t help staring at him in amazement, one of them nodding slightly, “The flesh of this outsider is no worse than that of my clan; he’s not even hurt after falling from such a height.”

“I heard that when he was in Demon God Citadel, he severely injured Pan Lang and several of his lackeys.”


“This is getting interesting.”

All of them were chatting amongst themselves, apparently not in a rush to pursue Yang Kai, openly expressing their admiration.

One of the figures that was floating up higher also stared down at Yang Kai oddly, a powerful and imposing aura pulsing around him.

Chu Jian!

Noticing this stare, Yang Kai’s expression grew heavy as he glanced over towards the distance and discovered that Han Fei, who had been blocking Chu Jian a moment ago, was actually lying in a pool of her own blood, her pair of cold, beautiful eyes slowly blinking, her face pale, her lips slowly mouthing something.

Although they were too far away for Yang Kai to hear what she was saying, from the movement of her lips he could tell that she was trying to tell him to escape on his own.

“Sir!” The surrounding Ancient Demon masters saluted.

Chu Jian gently nodded before turning his attention back to Yang Kai, letting out a burst of laughter filled with mockery, “Your Human Race has a saying, a wise man will submit to his circumstances, I hope you won’t resist any further, Han Fei can’t protect you, and neither can Li Rong!”

“Haha…” Facing this desperate situation, Yang Kai suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Chu Jian coldly snorted, seemingly disgruntled with Yang Kai’s attitude.

In response, Yang Kai slowly lifted his hand and pointed to the sky behind Chu Jian’s back, “Instead of telling me that, you should tell Li Rong, she seems to be coming.”

Chu Jian’s look changed abruptly as he turned his head and looked, soon spotting a pretty figure rapidly approaching their position. Li Rong’s face was filled with anxiety as she loudly cried out, “Chu Jian, stop right there. If you listen to me this time, I can forgive all the transgressions you’ve made, but if you harm a single hair on that boy’s head, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Senior Li!” Chu Jian coldly snorted, shouting back at her, “Since I, Chu Jian, have already gone this far, there is now no turning back! Today, it will either be your death, or mine!”

Saying so, he no longer paid any attention to the approaching Li Rong, but instead turned around and stared at Yang Kai with his cold eyes.

The words Li Rong just spoke made Chu Jian feel even more strongly that this human brat really had an unusual position in her mind.

He didn’t have to fight with Li Rong at all. As long as he could capture this human brat, he would have already won!

In that instant, Chu Jian seemed to have seen Li Rong bow down in front of him as he took control of Demon God Citadel and become to absolute ruler of this Mysterious Small World.

Such wondrous prospects made him feel incredibly excited. As long as the Mysterious Small World was unified under his command, he could restore his clansmen’s true nature and when they finally left here, they would once more shake the world.

At that moment, a seemingly ancient voice suddenly resounded throughout the Heavens and Earth.

“Devil Transformation!”

Yang Kai’s quietly whispered, swiping the index finger of his right hand across his forehead. His voice was as ice cold as if it had come from the ninth level of purgatory, sending chills down the spines of all who heard it.

The world trembled, and everyone present couldn’t help feeling unsteady.

In the chaotic sky high above, a great vortex began to form, filled with a powerful destructive aura.

The wind surged and brought with it a sense of intimidation even greater than the fearful volcanic explosion.

Yang Kai’s upper body suddenly let out a scarlet light before a multitude of black lines began appearing, climbing up his body like snakes, branded his skin.

At that moment, Yang Kai’s aura underwent an enormous change, becoming fierce and bloodthirsty.

He had no choice now but to show his trump card in the hopes that he could buy just a little more time to allow Li Rong to arrive.

As long as he could hold out until Li Rong reached him, he would no longer have to worry about being taken away by Chu Jian.

If possible, Yang Kai didn’t want to use his Devil Transformation in front of the Ancient Demon Clan because this technique was too similar to their Demon God Transformation. The origins of his technique were unknown to Yang Kai, but he instinctively felt that if he were to display his Devil Transformation, it would bring him a lot of trouble.

The last thing he wanted was for them to think he had stolen their Demon God Transformation.

That was an untouchable taboo for the Ancient Demon Clan.

But now, he couldn’t concern himself with such things.

However, Yang Kai soon discovered that there was something very different this time when he used his Devil Transformation.

A pulse of energy from all of the surrounding Ancient Demon Clan members flew towards Yang Kai and entered his body, the Second Order Saint Chu Jian was no exception.

Even the heavily injured Han Fei who was a few hundred meters away had her power extracted and, as a result, immediately passed out.

In an instant, the Ancient Demon Clan masters gathered around Yang Kai discovered that their strength had dropped significantly.

On the other hand, Yang Kai felt a tremendous power circulating through his body. He almost couldn’t help roaring in excitement, lifting his hands and gripping them slightly, feeling like he was able to crush the entire world if he wanted to

At that moment, Yang Kai felt invincible, that there was nothing he could not do!

“Demon God Transformation?” Chu Jian called out in alarm as he stared at Yang Ka in shock. Right now, the exposed skin of this human boy, with the exception of his face, was covered in Demon Crests, the most standard form of the Demon God Transformation.

Moreover, the number of Demon Crests Yang Kai had was significantly more than Chu Jian’s own.

“How is that possible?” Chu Jian was dumbfounded.

Demon God Transformation was a heritage Martial Skill that could only be performed by members of the Ancient Demon Clan, not even other members of the Demon Race could cultivate it. After all, Demon Crests were an inherent characteristic, other Demon Race people didn’t have Demon Crests so it was naturally impossible for them to display the Demon God Transformation.

So how could this human brat do it? And his Demon God Transformation… seemed to be stronger and more profound than any Chu Jain had ever seen.

Vaguely, there was even a kind of power radiating from this human that was suppressing him.

Chu Jian quickly noticed that the Demon Crests on his face were melting like spring snow under a hot sun and quickly disappeared. His Blood Force and Demonic Qi plummeted at that moment and his combat strength fell to a near non-existent level…

Both Chu Jian and Li Rong were equally shocking.

But the latter also showed a look of pleasant surprise.

The attractive eyes of the mature beauty who rapidly flew over flashed a strange light as she stared towards Yang Kai, trembling with excitement as if she had just witnessed something she had been greatly anticipating.

Hua Mo, who was behind her, also stared dumbfounded at this scene.

Li Rong and Hua Mo both called out in alarm and fell powerlessly to the ground as soon as they came with a thousand meters of Yang Kai.

As soon as they reached this point, a strong suppressive force came over them, one that made them subconsciously feel like any resistance was futile.

Every Ancient Demon Clan member present couldn’t stop themselves from trembling as they stared towards Yang Kai as if he was their natural enemy, fear filling their hearts.

“It’s real… it’s real… it’s really real, I wasn’t mistaken…” Li Rong murmured over and over to herself, tears slowly gathering at the corners of her eyes.

“Senior Li… What’s happening? Why can he display the Demon God Transformation and why does his Demon God Transformation give us such a massive suppression?” Hua Mo was terrified and hastily asked.

“This must be a gift from Sir Great Demon God to my Ancient Demon Clan! The prayers of our ancestors have finally been answered! Sir Great Demon God has certainly sent him here to save my clan!” Li Rong’s face was filled with reverence and respect.

“Sir Great Demon God?” Hearing these words, Hua Mo’s complexion changed.

In the hearts of the Ancient Demon Clan, the status of Sir Great Demon God was supreme!

“But Senior Li, I can’t summon any of my strength right now,” Hua Mo expression became solemn.

“It’s not just you, but all our Ancient Demon Clan cannot stand before him. The majesty of Sir Great Demon God is inviolable!” Li Rong tried to straighten herself up, standing in place, staring towards Yang Kai with a look of utmost respect.

“Then Chu Jian…” Hua Mo looked changed slightly.

“He is no exception,” Li Rong sneered, no longer saying anything, now just calmly watching this situation play out.

On the other side, Yang Kai suddenly let out a roar.

At this moment, he experienced a kind of happiness that he had never felt before. He didn’t know what had happened or why he felt this way but after displaying his Devil Transformation this time, his mood had become somewhat different.

He felt as if he was standing above the clouds, indifferently looking down on the people below.

The Ancient Demon Clan masters who had given him tremendous pressure, and even Chu Jian who’s strength brought him to despair, were now nothing but ants in his eyes, their lives his to take if he so chose to.

He didn’t understand why he had such a feeling. Just now he had only used his Devil Transformation in the hopes he could delay his death long enough for Li Rong to arrive and save him, yet now this kind of unexpected accident had occurred.

As all the Ancient Demon Clan around him shuddered and trembled, Yang Kai collected himself and glanced over at Li Rong and Hua Mo, who were staring towards him from a thousand meters away, and oddly noticed that they were standing still, not showing any intention of moving closer.

However, the way the mature beauty Li Rong was staring towards him had once again undergone a great change.

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