Martial Peak

Chapter 660, A Sain

If Yang Kai wasn’t mistaken, the look this beautiful woman was now sending him was one filled with respect.

This discovery stunned him.

“Are you a human or a demon?” Chu Jian’s eyes trembled violently, his face pale as he asked angrily.

“Who knows,” Yang Kai let out a light breath and grinned towards Chu Jian.

“Why do you know my clan’s Demon God Transformation? Where did your Demon Crests come from? Why is your Demonic Qi stronger and purer than mine!?” Chu Jian couldn’t understand what was happening, his expression filled with grief and indignation, harshly interrogating the human boy in front of him.

“No comment,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and walked over to him step by step, sneering as he said, “There was no hatred or grievances between us, but since you maliciously targeted and even tried to kill me, you must pay an appropriate price.”

“You dare!” Chu Jian cried out in rage, his eyes going completely bloodshot.

Staring at the human brat who was slowly approaching him and feeling the thick murderous intent he was giving off, Chu Jian naturally knew what he was planning to do.

All of his bones creaked as he desperately tried to summon the Demon Crests on his face, but no matter how hard Chu Jian tried, he simply couldn’t gather the slightest bit of strength.

It seemed that under the influence of this human boy’s aura, his own strength had been completely sealed and was no longer his to control.

This discovery enraged Chu Jian as he glared hatefully towards Yang Kai and shouted, “You despicable human, what do you do to me? Why can’t I use any of my strength?”

“You really can’t gather your strength? I thought it was just my imagination, but it turns out to be real,” Yang Kai gently nodded, his expression completely relaxing.

The reason why he had been slowly walking over was to create a sense of pressure on Chu Jian in order to test his reaction and see if his strange feeling was real.

Now it seemed his intuition was correct and there was no need to fear the current Chu Jian at all.

“Kill him!” Chu Jian shouted coldly, quickly ordering his subordinates. He felt that if he didn’t kill this human right now, he would be suppressed by him forever.

Chu Jian still hadn’t figured out what kind of method this human brat had used to seal his strength.

“Sir, we’re also…” What made Chu Jian fall into desperation was that apparently all of his subordinates, whether they were Peak Immortal Ascension or Transcendent Realm masters, were all rooted in place like wooden stakes, unable to move, only capable of helplessly staring at Yang Kai, powerless to stop him.

“No one can save you!” Yang Kai shouted, his speed greatly increasing, arriving in front of the Chu Jian in the blink of an eye and callously declaring, “Today is the day you die!”

Saying so, without the slightest hesitation, Yang Kai gathered all of his Demonic Qi summoned a massive Black Dragon behind him. Letting out a terrifying roar, the huge dragon gently hovered above Yang Kai’s head and glared down at Chu Jian.

“You can’t kill me, I’m a Saint! My flesh is dozens of times stronger than profound steel, with your pitiful strength…”


The beam of dark energy struck out as fast as a snake towards Chu Jian and easily pierced a hole in his shoulder.

Chu Jian’s voice caught in his throat as he felt this sharp pain in his shoulder, his eyes going wide with shock as he stared blankly towards Yang Kai, his mouth moving but no sounding coming out of it.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

One after another, black energy beams bombarded Chu Jian and soon, his strong body was riddled with holes, blood flowing freely from each one, slowly forming a crimson puddle at his feet.

However, the strong vitality of the Ancient Demon Clan allowed Chu Jian to remain standing even though he had suffered such serious injuries.

“Saint Realm indeed!” Yang Kai’s moth curled into a sarcastic grin as he stared towards Chu Jian, “Come to think of it, I have yet to swallow the Soul of a Saint Realm master, I wonder what it tastes like. It seems you’ll have the good fortune to be the first. Don’t worry, I’ll make good use of your sentiments regarding the Martial Dao and Heavenly Law.”

“What do you want to do?” Chu Jian complexion finally changed. With his strength, even if his body were to be destroyed, so long as his Soul survived, he could take over another body, just like what Old Demon had once tried with Yang Kai. Chu Jian had been secretly planning on using this method to survive this ordeal.

All of his clansmen around him were possible candidates. As long as he quietly concealed himself, he would still have an opportunity to stage a comeback. As long as he figured out how Yang Kai was suppressing him and how to resist it, killing an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage human brat would be a breeze.

But Yang Kai’s words just now made him realize that something was wrong.

Apparently, Yang Kai had no intention of letting his Soul go!

At this moment, Chu Jian really began to feel desperate.

“You’ll understand soon enough,” Yang Kai grinned. In the next instant, the Black Dragon that had quietly been hovering above his head let out a fierce roar, opened its mouth, and swallowed Chu Jian into its stomach.

It was obvious that Chu Jian was struggling inside the Black Dragon but with his strength completely sealed, there was obviously no way he could escape.

Gradually, Chu Jian’s movements became slowed to the point they came to a stop. At that moment, the Black Dragon collapsed and disappeared, leaving behind a bloody corpse that fell to the ground.

“Sir!” Chu Jian’s subordinates called out in alarm as they witnessed this unbelievable scene.

A Second Order Saint, without even being able to resist, had been ruthlessly killed.

Yang Kai’s tyrannical and merciless methods caused all of them to tremble in fear.

From the corpse, a huge mass of Spiritual Energy emerged and tried to conceal itself. It was Chu Jian’s Soul, he had wanted to use the moment Yang Kai dropped his guard after killing him to secretly take over one of his men’s bodies.

But just as Chu Jian’s Soul left his Knowledge Sea, he suddenly felt an incredible force latch on to him. Facing this suction, Chu Jian was unable to resist, similar to what had just happened a moment ago when he was facing Yang Kai’s strange aura.

Everyone around faintly heard Chu Jian’s screams.

Yang Kai felt a massive Spiritual Energy mass enter his Knowledge Sea.

Inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, Chu Jian’s Soul avatar vigilantly glanced around.

Everywhere he looked there were raging flames. This human’s Knowledge Sea contained a terrifying Flame Attribute which slowly roasted Jian’s Soul, making him feel incredibly uncomfortable.

In the center of this sea of ​​flames was an incredibly beautiful five coloured island.

While floating high in the sky was a giant closed eye.

The moment he saw this eye, Chu Jian instinctively felt an urge to kneel down and prostrate himself, and before he could regain his composure, the closed eye slowly began to open.

Upon fully opening, the golden eye radiated an awe-inspiring sense of majesty.

A beam of golden light shot out from this solitary eye and struck Chu Jian’s Soul avatar.

An indescribable pain washed over him as his Soul was quickly being purified, causing Chu Jian to scream miserably. As his consciousness was fading, he suddenly recalled some old records he had seen many years ago, causing him to freeze up and his pupils to go wide, staring towards the golden eye in panic as he muttered, “Demon Eye of Annihilation?”

So that’s how it is!

At that moment, he finally understood why this human boy was able to use the Demon God Transformation, and why he was able to suppress all the members of his Ancient Demon Clan.

It turns out he possessed the Demon Eye of Annihilation!

The majesty of Sir Great Demon God… was inviolable.

Before his consciousness disappeared completely, Chu Jian understood everything and realized the stupidity of his actions, but everything was too late.

Outside, after watching Yang Kai kill Chu Jian, all the members of the Ancient Demon Clan couldn’t help shuddering.

All of them were bloodthirsty and militant by nature, unafraid of death, but seeing their leader, a powerful Second Order Saint, die so inexplicably caused them a great deal of fear, all of them directing panic stricken looks towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stood motionless, observing the situation inside his Knowledge Sea. After Chu Jian’s consciousness was completely purified, he opened his eyes, nodded with satisfaction, and began glancing around at his surroundings.

His gaze was like a butcher staring at a flock of sheep, and no member of the Ancient Demon Clan could muster the courage to meet eyes with him.

Right now, Yang Kai was considering whether or not to kill all of Chu Jian’s henchmen.

In truth, he wasn’t worried about them retaliating against him. Although these people had followed Chu Jian and opposed Li Rong, in the world of the Ancient Demon Clan, the strong were revered. These cultivators had always been free to choose who they followed.

If Li Rong’s methods were strong enough, it would not be impossible for her to conquer them and let them obey her.

Moreover, after witnessing what happened here today, it was unlikely any of these people would dare try to find trouble with Yang Kai again.

So even if he didn’t kill them, the likelihood they would seek revenge against him was miniscule. Yang Kai had been learning the habits and characteristics of the Ancient Demon Clan from Guan’er over the last year so he understood this point fairly well.

[Might as well ask Li Rong.]

Yang Kai thought about it and decided to put the issue aside for now, ignoring these people and walking over to Li Rong, his pace slow and steady.

“He’s coming!” Hua Mo said, a tinge of fear in his voice. As Yang Kai approached, he could feel the power suppressing him increase. Just now, he could still use some of his strength, but when Yang Kai approached to within two hundred meters, Hua Mo found himself struggling to even move his fingers.

“I’ll talk to him, you just keep quiet,” Li Rong hurriedly urged, turning back to the clansmen who had accompanied her here and ordering, “Don’t show any hostility towards him!”

Even she didn’t know what Yang Kai was going to do now, so naturally she didn’t dare anger him.

All of these Ancient Demon Clan masters nodded solemnly.

“Senior Li!” To Li Rong’s relief, when Yang Kai stood ten feet in front of her and greeted her, his expression was still the same friendly one she was used to.

“Please don’t address me as Senior, just call me Li Rong,” Li Rong managed to squeeze out a smile, carefully observing all of Yang Kai’s reactions.

Yang Kai was a bit startled but soon nodded, “I accidentally killed one of your Saint Realm masters, what do you have to say about this?”

“His death is not worth pitying!” Li Rong rapidly replied.

Yang Kai’s face showed a satisfied expression. He could feel that Li Rong’s words were not just some perfunctory response but her true feelings; however, this answer still caused him to be slightly confused. Smilingly lightly, he followed up, “So, you don’t intend on blaming me?”

“Why would I blame you?”

Yang Kai chuckled and narrowed his eyes slightly, “The struggle between you and Chu Jian is an internal matter of your clan while I am just an outsider. Now that I’ve killed Chu Jian, I think it will be difficult to guarantee that none of your clansmen will want to avenge him. I’m a person who prefers to pull out roots when weeding out trouble.”

Li Rong expression quickly became solemn as she replied, “I can guarantee you that no one will find trouble with you over this.”

Yang Kai’s words were obviously hinting that even she was not free from his suspicion.

“Oh?” Yang Kai’s brow rose.

“Before today, you were still an outsider to my clan, but from now on, you are no longer an outsider.”

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