Martial Peak

Chapter 658, Desperate Figh

The volcano that had been silent for so many years suddenly erupted, red hot magma spewing thousands of meters into the air from its gigantic mouth. In the sky above, a thick plume of ash began to spread out as flashes of lightning shot back and forth within it.

All the members of the Ancient Demon Clan scrambled to avoid the magma. Some of them who responded too late had been hit by the lightning and exploded into a cloud of blood, not even leaving behind any bones, a truly miserable death.

The surviving Ancient Demon Clan members all wore blank stares, their eyes filled with fear as they all pushed their strength and fled as fast as they could.


The magma and the lightning flew about randomly and the entire region above the volcano became a land of death.

The power of Heaven and Earth were unmatched!

The three Great Commanders, Li Rong, Hua Mo and Chu Jian, all wore extremely dignified expressions, none of them daring to stop as they brought their subordinates and fled from the danger zone. They didn’t understand what was happening here, but when confronted by the forces of nature, even they dared not act reckless.

Amidst the clouds of ash, thunder boomed and lightning streaked while down below, magma continued to spew out from the volcano’s mouth.

Such Heavenly wrath stunned the Ancient Demon masters and caused many of them to shudder.

Inside this Mysterious Small World, there were very few dangers capable of harming them, much less killing them, but today they had witnessed one.

A moment later, Chu Jian, and Li Rong and Hua Mo’s groups arrived a few dozen kilometers away from the volcano’s mouth, a relatively safe position, both sides staring back in awe of the sea of fire and lightning still erupting from the volcano’s mouth.

Li Rong face was ashen. She had still had a glimmer of hope that Yang Kai and Han Fei had somehow survived, but now this hope had been thoroughly extinguished.

Facing such a calamity, Li Rong felt that it was impossible for Yang Kai and Han Fei to have survived.

At that moment, from the center of the volcano’s mouth, two figures suddenly leapt out.

Submerged amongst the magma and lightning, no one managed to discover the existence of these two figures as everyone’s attention had been attracted by the vast Heavenly wrath.

The moment they left the volcano’s mouth, Yang Kai and Han Fei also wore shocked expressions.

Neither of them had expected that as soon as they escaped from the sea of magma, they would find themselves surrounded by this apocalyptic scene, the rampaging power that carried with it a scent of death caused both of them to tremble involuntarily in fear.

“Keep moving!” Han Fei shouted. Now that they had left the volcano, she no longer needed Yang Kai’s protection, instead pushing her own Demonic Qi and wrapping him up, flying out in a random direction.

Yang Kai didn’t resist, quickly summoning out his Bone Shield and pouring his True Qi into it. The Bone Shield’s mouth opened in response and created a barrier around the pair, helping block a number of deadly attacks for them.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

Great bolts of lightning crashed against the barrier and were quickly absorbed by the Bone Shield, but after only five such strikes, Yang Kai found that this defensive artifact which had been further upgraded to Mysterious Grade Top-Rank, began to show signs of collapsing.

Fortunately, Han Fei’s speed and agility were both outstanding and she managed to bring Yang Kai through the field of magma and lightning while avoiding the most dangerous regions.

A moment later, the two were finally escaped from the core of the calamity.

“There’s someone in front!” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he called out, his face paling in the next instant, “It’s Chu Jian!”

“Damn!” Han Fei’s expression also became solemn, she had not anticipated that Chu Jian would still be waiting here for them.

She and Yang Kai had stayed in the depths of the volcano for half a month now; Chu Jian being so patient was completely beyond her expectations.

“We need to run,” Yang Kai’s face became gloomy as he whispered into Han Fei’s ear.

Han Fei nodded in agreement.

Just as the two discovered Chu Jian, the other side also noticed them. After seeing Yang Kai and Han Fei’s figures, Chu Jian couldn’t help grinning ferociously, “You’re still alive. Hahaha, the Heavens themselves are helping me!”

Saying so, he cast a glance towards the far side of the volcano but couldn’t see Li Rong and Hua Mo’s situation.

Chu Jian’s nerves immediately relaxed. Since he couldn’t see their situation, then they too wouldn’t be able to see his, which meant he had a chance to capture Yang Kai and Han Fei before Li Rong could react.

As long as he managed to hold these two, Chu Jian would have a strong bargaining chip to use against Li Rong!

Li Rong seemed to care a great deal about this human brat, even more so than Han Fei. Chu Jian was quite eager to understand why!

Coming face to face with their enemy after just escaping the magma and lightning, Yang Kai and Han Fei immediately turned in a different direction and fled, trying to escape from Chu Jian’s vision.

In response, Chu Jin just sneered and without hesitation directly displayed his Demon God Transformation.

Like pitch black snakes, complicated Demon Crests spread across Chu Jian’s face, giving him an even more menacing appearance. His Second Order Saint strength rapidly increased as his Blood Force and Demonic Qi surged.

His figure flickering, Chu Jian shot out and arriving in front of Han Fei and Yang Kai in an instant, mockingly calling out, “Seems your luck is quite good, but it’s just run out! Han Fei, hand him over.”

Saying so, he stretched his hand out to grab Han Fei.

Han Fei coldly snorted and gently threw Yang Kai out, quickly using her Demon God Transformation as well to block Chu Jian’s offensive.

Although their strength differed by a Minor Realm, if Han Fei went all out she could still delay Chu Jian for a short time.

Last time, Chu Jian had only managed to land a heavy blow and disable her because he had suddenly exposed his hidden strength and caught Han Fei by surprise.

Yang Kai understood Han Fei’s intentions and rode the strength of her toss to escape the immediate battlefield, but in the next moment he found himself surrounded by a dozen Ancient Demon Clan masters.

These people were all Chu Jian’s subordinates, the weakest of which were still Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators while three of them were Transcendent Realm masters.

Yang Kai stood mid-air, frowning at the enemies around him, his heart heavy. He felt tremendous pressure from these people.

“Human, surrender. Sir Chu Jian has something he needs you to do!” A powerful Third Order Transcendent looked down at Yang Kai coldly.

“And if I refuse?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, a stubborn light flashing across them.

“Then we will convince you through pain,” The brawny sneered, stepping towards Yang Kai and reaching out to grab him.

As this big hand came towards him, multiple phantom images of it appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes, making it impossible for him to see which one was real, bringing him a great sense of crisis.

Tightly gripping the Bone Shield in his hands, Yang Kai placed it in front of himself and furiously injected his True Qi, sending out the several terrifying bolts of lightning it had just swallowed.


A burst of lightning shot from the mouth of the Bone Shield and easily shattered the palm images approaching Yang Kai before smashing towards the man behind them.

The brawny Third Order Transcendent hastily retreated a few steps and pushed all of his strength into his hand in an attempt to resist this unexpected counterattack.

With a loud bang, two streams of energy collided with one another before disappearing.

Now in for a penny, in for a pound, Yang Kai gathered all of his Spiritual Energy into the small sword Soul type artifact in his Knowledge Sea, transforming it into a fiery red ray of light that shot towards the man’s forehead.

“Such a loathsome aura!” Realizing that Yang Kai’s Divine Sense attack carried with it a strong Flame Attribute, the Ancient Demon Clan master’s expression became ugly as he too pushed his Spiritual Energy to block this attack head on.

This invisible confrontation was over in a flash, resulting in Yang Kai coughing up a mouthful of blood, his face draining of all colour, and his body doubling over.

Although Yang Kai’s Soul and Spiritual Energy was comparable in strength to an ordinary Transcendent, it was still weaker than a Third Order Transcendent powerhouse’s. If it wasn’t for Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy having special attribute, this confrontation would have resulting in serious injuries to his Knowledge Sea, possibly even leading to its collapse.

However, the brawny master suffered a small loss in this exchange.

He had looked down too much on Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and after the collision, he couldn’t help holding his head tightly and roaring in pain.

A Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, cultivated to the extreme, was capable of burning away all creation, and although Yang Kai had only just began cultivating his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea a year prior to now, after swallowing the dozen Conflagrated Knowledge Seas Demon God Citadel had in storage, the strength of his Divine Sense attack could not be so easily ignored.

“Seize him! I want to crush every bone in his body, one by one!” The Third Order Transcendent angrily shouted, ordering his fellow clansmen to attack.

Yang Kai waved both his hands and instantly sent out several dozen drops of Yang Liquid, shaping them into sharp spears with his Divine Sense and sending them flying in all directions towards the surrounding Demon Race cultivators.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The Yang Liquid spears shot out light streaks of lightning.

Too late to dodge, the Ancient Demon cultivators all hastily attempted to block these spears but the pure Yang Yuan Qi harshly restrained their Demonic Qi and some of them were inevitably hit.

The strong physiques the Ancient Demon Clan cultivators were so proud of were pierced by Yang Kai’s Yang Liquid spears as easily as paper.

A sizzling sound burst out as the Demonic Qi and Yang Qi violently collided and tried to destroy one another and in an instant, three of the Ancient Demon Clan masters had taken serious damage.

If these injuries had been caused by some other kind of attack, they would have been able to basically ignore them and with the help of their bodies’ strong vitality restore themselves within a few days.

But the blazing hot Yang Qi contained in these Yang Liquid spears was the ultimate nemesis to their Demonic Qi and the wounds created by them could not be sealed unless they first dissolved the rampaging Yang Yuan Qi that had penetrated into their bodies.

Fresh blood spurting out like fountains from every wound that was created.

The remaining Ancient Demon cultivators became even more fierce and brutal with their attack, not paying any attention to whether their companions were dead or alive. All of them closed in on Yang Kai and sent a barrage punches and kicks towards him.

Yang Kai only had time to condense a two layer Yang Liquid shield to block this offensive.

The two layer Yang Liquid shield collapsed in an instant under the combined attacks of two Transcendents and eight Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters while Yang Kai himself only persisted for a single breathe after that.

Blood spraying from his mouth, Yang Kai’s body flew out like a kite, tumbling through the air dozens of meters before finally coming to a stop.

“We need him alive!” The Third Order Transcendent who had suffered a small wound to his Soul cried out, quickly turning to pursue Yang Kai.

At the same time, on the other side of the volcano, Li Rong and Hua Mo finally noticed something was wrong.

“Senior Li, someone seems to be fighting over there!” Hua Mo said with a puzzled look on his face, not quite certain what was happening.

“This aura…” Li Rong knit her brow as, with great difficulty, she extended her Divine Sense through the swirling magma and lighting in order to probe what was happening on the other side of the volcano. Soon recognizing a familiar energy fluctuation, her pretty face lit up, “It’s Han Fei!”

“Commander Han Fei didn’t die!” Hua Mo also cheered up.

“If she’s alright then that human boy is definitely fine as well!” Saying so, Li Rong’s tender body transformed into a streak of light as she shot off towards the opposite side of the volcano.

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