Martial Peak

Chapter 655, Whoever Picks It, Keeps I

After fighting a great battle and then fleeing from Chu Jian for so long, although the two still had an abundance of True Qi, their physical and mental strength had been greatly drained.

Soon after sitting down, both of them entered into a kind of meditative state.

The spiritual and physical strength rapidly recovering.

After two hours, a bright light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he slowly opened them; he had recovered to his peak state.

Han Fei was still sitting beside him and, although she had yet to wake up, her aura was a lot steadier now.

Her tender body now gently pressed against him, Yang Kai felt an indescribable softness and smelled a wondrous fragrance that seemed to naturally waft from this icy woman, rousing his spirits in many different ways.

A short while later, Han Fei gradually woke up, and upon noticing her current embarrassing state, took the initiative to open a small distance between her and Yang Kai before coldly asking, “What should we do now?”

“Explore the surrounding environment first,” Yang Kai said, standing up, pushing his True Qi slightly to emit a soft glow all around his body.

Han Fei couldn’t help but frown. She didn’t like the hot aura radiating from Yang Kai but there was no helping that, it was simply an instinctual reaction of her Demonic Qi towards his Yang Qi.

“I have some light crystals on me,” Han Fei said, pulling out two glowing stones from somewhere. Yang Kai smiled slightly accepted one before leading Han Fei around to explore the cavern.

Just as Yang Kai had suspected, this place was indeed a grand and expansive cavern.

More than three hundred meters tall and able to fit more than a dozen palaces inside it, this place also contained an astonishingly rich World Energy, not Yang Yuan Qi, but pure World Energy that any cultivator could absorb.

The two explored the cave for a while but found nothing until they came across a path that led deeper into the ground.

“Do you want to go in and explore or wait here for Li Rong to come to save us?” Yang Kai held up the light crystal and asked Han Fei.

A hint of curiosity flashed across Han Fei’s pair of beautiful eyes and after only a brief moment of hesitation, she replied, “Even if Senior Li receives word of this, she won’t necessarily know we’re down here. This is a rare chance, we might as well go in and see.”

“Alright,” Yang Kai smiled.

This place was a famous forbidden zone to the Ancient Demon Clan. Even the four Great Commanders would not be able to access this region easily. In fact, without Yang Kai’s asylum this time, on her own, Han Fei would not have been able to arrive at this cave safely and would have already been melted by the surrounding magma.

She was naturally very curious about what kind of secrets this place held.

Even though the Ancient Demon Clan had lived here for countless years, this was a completely unexplored area, so Han Fei’s inborn curiosity eventually won out.

Descending through the dark tunnel, the pair noticed that the surrounding rock walls were unusually sturdy.

After walking for what seemed like forever though, the two still had nothing to show for their efforts.

Han Fei, who was following behind Yang Kai, was now having some difficulty breathing steadily.

Her lower abdomen had been pierced through, and although this injury was not a threat to her life, it still greatly affected her strength and mobility.

“Let’s rest here for a while,” Yang Kai proposed.

Han Fei nodded indifferent, knowing that he was being considerate.

Upon sitting down, Yang Kai took out a healing pill and handed it to Han Fei, the latter simply glancing at him for a moment before calmly accepting it.

“You don’t have healing pills on you?” Yang Kai asked, frowning.

“We can’t practice Alchemy, how could we have healing pills?” Han Fei replied faintly.

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier…” Yang Kai was speechless. This woman was so proud that she had chosen to use only her natural healing abilities to deal with such a grave injury rather than asking him for a pill.

On the other hand, Yang Kai had thought that Han Fei, as one of the four Great Commanders, would at least have some common healing pills on her.

“Well excuse me,” Han Fei snorted, thinking about something for a moment before suddenly taking out a flask and handing it to Yang Kai, “Want some water?”

Yang Kai was surprised and almost unconsciously accepted the flask from her hand and drank a few mouthfuls.

Han Fei asked again, “Want something to eat?”

This time, she handed over a few pieces of fruit before Yang Kai could even answer. These fruits contained quite a lot of energy and were obviously high-quality items.

This woman… was she doing this in order to express her thanks? Yang Kai looked at her slightly awkward expression and suddenly understood what was going through her head.

Yang Kai secretly shook his head and accepted the fruits, eating them without any hesitation.

“You seem to have brought a lot of things with you,” Yang Kai looked at her up and down, wondering where she was keeping all these things.

Yang Kai knew that Universe Bags were artifacts that could be used to store items and since coming to Tong Xuan Realm, he had seen a number of people with them.

The several team captains from Bold Independent Union and the Charm Monster that he had killed were examples.

However, Han Fei didn’t seem to have one on her, so Yang Kai was very confused about what she was using to keep her possessions.

“En, I usually collect various things and store them in my Void Ring for when I need them later,” Han Fei explained casually, taking out another piece of fruit and eating it.

“Void Ring?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, his eyes instantly fixing on a small ring on Han Fei’s right index finger.

This ring was dark in colour, and at first glance was obviously something quite old.

“A higher-end storage artifact compared to Universe Bags, you probably haven’t seen them in the outside world before only some extremely old forces with rich heritages have such thing,” Han Fei faintly explained.

Staring at the Void Ring on her finger, a flash went off in Yang Kai’s mind suddenly as he asked, “Is this thing made of Soulstone?”

“You know about Soulstone?” This time Han Fei was the one who was surprised.

Yang Kai nodded gently, why wouldn’t he know about it? His Wordless Black Book was a gigantic piece of Soulstone.

“En, this Void Ring is forged from a small piece of Soulstone. It’s said that Sir Great Demon God obtained a large piece of Soulstone in the past. No one knows what he did with it, but after he was done there were apparently some scraps left over which, with a number of auxiliary materials, were forged into a few Void Rings by a famous Artifact Refiner. These four rings are currently kept by us, the Great Commanders.”

Listening to her, Yang Kai thought about it for a moment and indeed recalled seeing such rings on Li Rong and Hua Mo’s hands.

It turns out these rings were storage artifacts that were superior to Universe Bags!

“Good, enough about that. This time I really owe you a big favour, so I won’t advocate killing you after our agreement is completed anymore, but I can’t guarantee that Hua Mo will agree as well. However, you can rest assured that with Senior Li’s asylum, Hua Mo won’t easily take action against you,” Han Fei suddenly said.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, knowing that her saying this was her way of indicating her stance.

“I don’t understand why Senior Li is so optimistic about you and is so attention towards you.”

“I don’t understand either!” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “If you have a chance, please help me ask Li Rong what all this is about.”

After half an hour, the pair resumed their exploration. It seemed that Han Fei’s state was much better than before because of the healing pill.

As they descended further into the tunnel, Yang Kai realized that the surrounding World Energy was becoming even denser, as if it was gathering together somewhere below them.

Recalling his experience beneath the Central Capital, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked and ventured a bold guess, “There couldn’t be an Earth Vein below us, could there?”

Hearing this, Han Fei thought about it for a while before nodding solemnly, “It’s possible.”

Suddenly excited about such a fortunate prospect, the two couldn’t help greatly increasing their forward pace.

After a mild sprint, Yang Kai suddenly came to a dead end with no obvious way to proceed.

But on the rock wall in front of him, there were some shimmering lights.

“What are these?” Yang Kai muttered suspiciously, stepping forward to investigate.

Han Fei also hurried walked over after seeing the situation in front of them, unable to hold back her curiosity.

At the same time, the two reached out and gently pushed their True Qi to break the rock wall in front of them. Yang Kai quickly sifted through the debris and soon found a fist sized gem that gave off a pure and flawless aura.

Feeling the energy contained within this gem and carefully examining it, Yang Kai quickly shouted, “Han Fei, Han Fei, look at this, isn’t this Crystal Stone?”

Han Fei’s expression became a bit sour, not having expected this little human brat to suddenly start calling her name, but her attention was quickly attracted to the gem in his hand and no longer cared about Yang Kai’s rudeness. After examining the gem herself for a moment, she nodded, “It really is Crystal Stone”

“This is Crystal Stone?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Such a big piece?”

Yang Kai had seen Crystal Stones before, but whether it was the ones he had received from Bold Independent Union’s Yun Xuan or the ones given to him by Li Rong, they all had a very regular shape and size, roughly equivalent to his thumb, so he was surprised to find a fist sized chunk of Crystal Stone at the bottom of this volcano.

“Could this place be a Crystal Stone mineral lode?” Han Fei’s expression became excited as she leapt forward and sifted through the rock wall debris. A moment later, she too found a chunk of Crystal Stone amidst the gravel, but even though it was smaller than the one Yang Kai was holding, it was still several times larger than a common Crystal Stone.

“This really is a Crystal Stone mineral lode!” Han Fei declared confidently.

“Didn’t you say that it was a Yang Crystal Ore mineral lode beneath this volcano?” Yang Kai was also shocked.

“I just read so in the records of our ancient book, it might have been a mistake,” Han Fei explained, “But Crystal Stones are much more valuable than Yang Crystal, especially for our Ancient Demon Clan…”

Yang Crystal Ore was basically useless to her and her clansmen, only Yang Kai would want them, but Crystal Stones were different, Crystal Stones were extremely valuable to all cultivators.

After being trapped in this Mysterious Small World for countless years, almost all the Crystal Stones in Demon God Citadel had been consumed, many of her clansmen had never even seen Crystal Stone before.

This was also the reason why Pan Lang was so stunned when he learned that Yang Kai had obtained fifty or so Crystal Stones.

Crystal Stones were rare treasures inside this Mysterious Small World.

“About these…” Han Fei’s pair of beautiful eyes flashed a radiant light as she began to ask.

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Whoever picks it, keeps it.”

“Don’t be so shameless. This place belongs to my Ancient Demon Clan, obviously the things here should be belong to my clan!” Han Fei shouted in annoyance.

“You’re the one who’s being unreasonable,” Yang Kai expression remained unchanged as he shook his head, “Although this place is a Crystal Stone mineral lode and contains who knows how many Crystal Stones, if it weren’t for me, could you even move about here freely? If I stopped sheltering you and tossed you away, I wonder how many Crystal Stones you’d be able to mine.”

“You…you… shameless!” Han Fei became indignant. Right now she was being protected by Yang Kai’s True Qi, and without him she would have trouble even moving about freely, never mind trying to mine these Crystal Stone.

“Then this is where we part ways, I’m leaving. You can stay here and keep these Crystal Stones company. Once you die, I’ll just come back and collect them myself,” Yang Kai said, turning around, preparing to leave.

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