Martial Peak

Chapter 656, Are Your Injuries that Serious?

Seeing Yang Kai really intending to leave, Han Fei hastily grabbed his sleeve, bit her thin lips and stared at him sorrowfully, her face filled with a look of grievances, as if she had suffered from a terrible injustice, evoking a deep sense of pity.

It was basically impossible for a woman as cold as Han Fei to show such an expression unless she found herself in a truly helpless situation.

But now was exactly such a time.

If Yang Kai were to leave, she had no choice but to follow him, but to have such a massive mineral lode in front of her eyes yet be unable to touch it, the suffering in Han Fei’s heart could easily be imagined.

Her clansmen very much needed these Crystal Stones.

“What do you want to say?” Yang Kai turned his head to look at her, remaining calm and indifferent.

“We’ll do things your way, whoever picks it, keeps it,” Han Fei clenched her teeth as flames of anger nearly shot out from her eyes.

“Then let’s get to work,” Yang Kai smiled happily, rubbing his hands gleefully.

Han Fei said nothing, turned around and began bombarding the rock wall that contained Crystal Stones, sending massive chunks of gravel flying all over the place. Soon, she found some Crystal Stones within this debris and with a happy smile forced them into her Void Ring.

Looking at her as if she was impatient to seize every last Crystal Stone in this mineral lode, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing before he too walked over and began mining.

Crystal Stones were generally found amidst other minerals, so if a Crystal Stone mineral lode contained a ten percent concentration of Crystal Stone, it was already considered quite a high-grade deposit.

But the Crystal Stone mineral lode beneath this volcano was actually of even richer than that, with the total concentration of Crystal Stone here reaching as high as thirty percent.

Motivated by Yang Kai’s proposal of ‘whoever picks it, keeps it’, Han Fei was full of enthusiasm and no longer paid any attention to her injuries, violently bombarded the rock wall and sifting through the debris to find Crystal Stones, not even checking their size or shape before throwing them into her ring, as if she was afraid Yang Kai would rob them from her.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s movements were rather relaxed, calmly accompanying Han Fei as she worked, leaving most of the Crystal Stones to her and only picking up a few here and there.

While she was busy mining, Han Fei quietly glanced over at Yang Kai and couldn’t help feeling a bit smug, thinking about how silly this little human bastard was to try to compete with her even knowing the giant difference between their cultivations.

Although she felt so in her heart, she took care not to reveal her inner thoughts on her face so as to avoid him becoming angry and storming off again.

As time passed, the amount of Crystal Stones Han Fei gathered quickly grew to several times the amount Yang Kai collected. By now, she no longer worried about splitting these Crystal Stones with Yang Kai; after all, him trying to snatch things from here was really a bit unrealistic.

As the two tunnelled deeper and deeper, the concentration of Crystal Stones became higher and the stones themselves also became bigger.

Yang Kai even found a head sized piece of Crystal Stone which surprised even Han Fei.

She had never even heard of such a large piece of Crystal Stone.

The two of them, dazzled by the astounding wealth no in front of them, had completely forgotten their current predicament.

However, one thing that Han Fei felt was strange was not despite his harvest being many times smaller than her own, this human brat still had a leisurely look on his face, as if he wasn’t the slightest bit anxious.

Did he know he wasn’t able to grab as many Crystal Stones as her and was simple satisfied with the small part he was able to gather?

Han Fei secretly guessed.

This was actually not an unreasonable assumption; there were so many Crystal Stones here and while Han Fei was collecting them for her entire clan, Yang Kai was simply gathering them for himself, so even if he had a few times less than her, for his own use it would be more than enough.

After a long period of mining, even with her astounding strength, Han Fei finally began to feel a bit fatigued.

In this hostile environment, while having to keep one eye on Yang Kai in case he tried to pull some kind of malicious stunt, Han Fei’s mental and physical consumption were several times greater than his.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s actions stopped and a bitter look appeared on her face. She held a big piece of Crystal Stone she had just picked up and stood there staring at it, not moving.

“What happened?” Yang Kai asked with a playful smile.

“I’m a bit tired, just taking a break!” Han Fei said, taking the initiative to retreat a short distance and sitting down cross-legged, careful to not leave the range of Yang Kai’s True Qi protection, before quietly taking some unwanted items from her Void Ring and throwing them away.

A moment later, she began mining again.

But after less than an hour, Han Fei stopped again, a helpless look spreading across her pretty face as she shook her head.

“Your Void Ring’s full?” Yang Kai saw this and immediately pointed out the problem.

Han Fei glanced over at him faintly and asked, “Do you have any Universe Bags? Lend me a few.”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and indicated he didn’t have any.

“What are you using to store all those Crystal Stones then?” Han Fei swept her eyes up and down Yang Kai but she didn’t see any trace of a Universe Bag or Void Ring on him. The Crystal Stones he had gathered so far seemed to have simply disappeared. She had no idea where he was hiding them.

“That’s a secret, no comment.”

“Hmph, trying to act mysterious,” Han Fei snorted, her Void Ring was a high-end storage artifact, its internal space as large as a small room.

She didn’t believe that a youth like Yang Kai could possible possess a higher grade storage artifact than her Void Ring.

After thinking about it for a moment, Han Fei gritted her teeth and softly called out to Yang Kai, “I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel a little cold.”

“Are your injuries that serious?” Yang Kai asked in fright, he didn’t want Han Fei to die here. This woman was one of this Mysterious Small world’s four leaders. If she were to die here, he didn’t know how he would be able to explain to Li Rong. Such an event would inevitably turn the entire Ancient Demon Clan against him.

Before he found a way to leave this Mysterious Small World, Yang Kai didn’t want to make enemies of the Ancient Demon Clan.

“I don’t know,” saying so, Han Fei actually began to shiver slightly.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed greatly and he immediately stopped his mining work, taking off his shirt and tossing it to Han Fei.

Han Fei’s expression became a bit complicated as she quietly whispered, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Yang Kai smiled lightly, but in the next moment, his smile stiffened on his face.

Because Han Fei, who a moment ago was shivering and had appeared quite feeble, suddenly straightened herself up, tied his shirt into a simple package, and began stuffing Crystal Stones into it.

Yang Kai’s face went pitch black as he realized that this woman’s whole act just now was actually just for this.

“Are you really so greedy?” Yang Kai said disdainfully.

“What do you understand? My clansmen have all been desperate for Crystal Stones for many years now, naturally I have to collect as many as possible. Every single Crystal Stone I gather will have a great impact on my clans development,” Han Fei shot back without the slightest bit of guilt, never once stopping her hands as she shoved Crystal Stone’s into her new sac.

“Would you like me to take my pants off too? You’d be able to make another sac with them,” Yang Kai sneered.

“Yes please,” Han Fei nodded indifferently, a completely serious look upon her face.

Yang Kai trembled with anger and pointed his finger at her, “I’ll remember this, you deceitful woman! I’ll never believe a word you say in the future, don’t you have any sense of moral integrity?”

At this moment, he suddenly felt quite distorted, emotionally speaking.

“What’s moral integrity?” Han Fei looked at him suspiciously.

Although she understood honour and loyalty, as a member of the Demon Race, the concept of moral integrity really was foreign to her…

Yang Kai huffed a few times before taking a deep breath and turning away, focusing whole-heartedly on mining Crystal Stones.

Han Fei was also feeling somewhat helpless. Her Void Ring had been filled, and even she conned Yang Kai out of his shirt by pretending to have the chills, she had run out of places to store Crystal Stones, so she could only stand back and watch Yang Kai continue harvesting this wealth, her eyes going somewhat bloodshot in the process.

One day passed, two days, three days…

To her great surprise, Han Fei discovered that this human boy showed no signs of stopping, the Crystal Stones he extracted all seemed to simply vanishing into thin air.

Over these past few days, Han Fei roughly estimated that the number of Crystal Stones Yang Kai had extracted was twice as much as she had.

It was no wonder he was so calm at first and showed no intention of competing with her; apparently he had already anticipated she would run out of storage capacity.

But what about him? What kind of storage artifact was he using that had such a large amount of space? Han Fei had been quietly observing Yang Kai these past three days trying to unravel this mystery but had yet to learn anything.

What made her even more shocked was that in the days that followed, Yang Kai continued to reap huge gains. He seemed to have some kind of bottomless pit that no matter how many Crystal Stones were thrown into it, it would never be full.

“I’ll help you gather these Crystal Stones and when we leave her, you give me half of them. Deal?” Han Fei finally couldn’t sit still and reluctantly proposed.

In response, Yang Kai shot her a cold look before completely ignoring her.

“Forty percent then!” Han Fei grit her teeth and took a step back, “Thirty percent? If I help you, your progress will be much faster; you have nothing to lose by cooperating with me!”

“How about twenty percent? Fine, ten percent… teen percent is the lowest I’ll go!”

“Don’t talk to me; I won’t believe anything you say!” Yang Kai blew two hot streams of air from his nose at her.

“You stingy little bastard, what do you want so many Crystal Stones for anyways? The amount you’ve gathered is already enough for you to use freely for several dozen years!”

“Even if I don’t use them to cultivate I can use them for other things,” Yang Kai counted his fingers and said, “Buying herbs, buying artifacts, buying Martial Skills, buy Secret Arts, and buying women!”

Han Fei clenched her fist and ground her teeth as she yelled, “Shameless!”

“You’re in no position to talk!” Yang Kai sneered, “You’re only safe right now because I’m protecting you! Don’t talk to me anymore, or I’ll abandon you here.”

Han Fei had never felt so bitter in her entire life, but didn’t dare say anything more.

In fact, with her Saint Realm cultivation, it would be a simple task for her to suppress Yang Kai here and force him to obey her, but just like he had said, Han Fei had her own pride and really couldn’t bring herself to repaying the kindness of saving her life with such enmity. It was because Han Fei knew how to calculate gratitude and grudge that even though he found her somewhat annoying, Yang Kai’s overall impression of her wasn’t actually that bad.

“Hm?” Yang Kai suddenly paused in surprise, picking up an unusual Crystal Stone from the rubble in front of him. This Crystal Stone wasn’t very big, at least not compared to the ones he had previously collected, only about the size of his fingernail, but Yang Kai was keenly aware that the energy contained within it was many times purer and denser than any he had come across before. So much so that only a Crystal Stone the size of a washbasin would be equivalent.

Staring at it for a moment, Yang Kai’s expression slowly became solemn.

“Saint Crystal?” Han Fei also called out in alarm, her hands covering her mouth in shock as she stared at the Crystal Stone in Yang Kai’s hand.

“Saint Crystal?” Yang Kai’s brow also rose, “You mean the legendary higher grade version of Crystal Stone?”

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