Martial Peak

Chapter 654, Cave

Being chased by the Second Order Saint Chu Jian, Yang Kai didn’t panic at all; instead, he even began bargaining with Han Fei in a clear-cut manner, trying to use the favour of saving her life to diminish the hostility she had towards him.

Beneath the magma, Chu Jian took the lead, a powerful and chilling force pulsing from his strong body pushing aside the molten rock. Although the speed at which he dove was extremely fast, Yang Kai and Han Fei were still beyond the range of his sight, so he could only use his Divine Sense to determine their location.

“Human, you can’t escape. Surrender without a fight and I’ll spare you! Refuse, and when I catch you, I’ll peel the flesh from your bones!” Chu Jian roared while chasing after the pair.

Yang Kai ignored these threats and continued diving. The moment he stopped, everything really would be over.

No matter what, he couldn’t allow himself to fall into Chu Jian’s hands.

Soon, he and Han Fei reached the depth where he had been in secluded cultivation for the past month.

Upon arriving here, Han Fei’s condition rapidly began deteriorating. Although she was still wrapped in Yang Kai’s True Qi, her Demonic Qi was still fluctuating somewhat erratically, instinctively rejecting the surrounding Yang Qi, her pretty face going even more pale as a hint of panic flashed across her eyes.

Han Fei had already said that this was basically the maximum depths she could reach. If she were to continue down again, her Demonic Qi would be completely suppressed.

That is to say, upon reaching this depth, her life was basically completely in Yang Kai’s hands. If Yang Kai wanted to kill her, all he had to do was discard her here, and even if Chu Jian bypassed her, in her heavily wounded state, the surrounding Yang Qi would be enough to eventually kill her.

How could she not feel nervous?

Yang Kai glanced over at her and flashed a grin before increasing the output of his True Qi, wrapping her up even tighter, silently indicating that he would not abandon her.

Perceiving this, Han Fei couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, her cold eyes glancing back at him, her mood somewhat complicated.

“Human, you’ve successfully angered me. I’ve decided, when I get my hands on you, I’ll make your life so painful you’ll beg for death!” Chu Jian’s angrily shouted from above. By now he knew that Yang Kai would never compromise, and was unable to hold back his rage. He no longer cared about anything else, all he wanted to do right now was capture Yang Kai and torture him to sooth the hatred in his heart.

As he shouted, Chu Jian’s speed increased again, fully displaying his determination to capture them.

Yang Kai’s face changed slightly, and he too began to dive quicker, but his cultivation was nowhere near as high as Chu Jian’s, so although this environment was incredibly favourable to him, the distance between the two sides was slowly being shortened.

Also, seemingly in response to Chu Jian and the other masters wantonly releasing their Demonic Qi, the magma within the depths of the volcano began churning rapidly, hindering the speed at which Yang Kai could penetrate it.

Twenty meters, thirty meters, fifty meters…

As the depth increased, the surrounding Yang Qi and the burning heat became more and more intense. This kind of heat even made Yang Kai sweat while Han Fei, who was nestled under his arm, was now dripping wet, beads of sweat pouring down her face, along her slender neck, and soaking her rich chest.

“Are you at your limit?” Han Fei asked, naturally she could see how much Yang Kai was struggling now.

However, Yang Kai remained silent.

“Such misfortune, having to die together with a human like you!” Han Fei sighed helplessly, a look of regret filling her face.

“You shut up!” Yang Kai shouted angrily, he hadn’t expected that even now this woman was still discriminating against him.

At Demon God Citadel, he felt that many of the Ancient Demon Clan looked down on him. Only Guan’er was easy-going around him, but at the beginning she too despised him.

It seemed like in the eyes of the Ancient Demon Clan, the Human Race was nothing but a third-class existence, only their Ancient Demon Clan bloodline was noble and worthy of respect. Everyone stared at him with clear contempt.

These kinds of gazes made Yang Kai feel very uncomfortable.

Han Fei’s attitude was even more obvious. From the very first time she laid eyes on him and even until now, she had always maintained a superior attitude and spoke down to him.

Yang Kai couldn’t understand what she was so proud of.

As he spoke, with a great burst of sound, a pair of wings suddenly unfolded behind Yang Kai.

When these wings unfolded, Yang Kai’s speed once again increased dramatically, and under his control, the pair of large, gorgeous wings curled into a protective shield that wrapped around Yang Kai and Han Fei.

The outside heat eased greatly when this was done.

“Heavenly Dao Law?” Han Fei shuddered as she stared blankly at the Flaming Yang Wings.

From this pair of fiery wings, she felt an esoteric and incomprehensible strength and mystery.

Such a profound manifestation of the Heavenly Laws was not something Yang Kai could cultivate, but must have been something he obtained through some special opportunity.

“You actually…” Han Fei couldn’t help but covering her mouth as she gazed at this sight in shock, nearly losing her ability to speak.

“Seems at least your vision’s not bad,” Yang Kai snorted, “Correct, this is indeed a Heavenly Dao Law.”

“Your good fortune really is enviable,” Han Fei said faintly, extending her hand gently to touch his wings, but before she could even make contact, her fingers were repulsed.

The rich Yang Qi contained in Yang Kai’s wings was completely incompatible with her Demonic Qi. Although she wasn’t injured by this small clash, a good portion of the Demonic Qi protecting her hand was purified.

Retracting her hand, Han Fei bit her lip but suddenly sensing something, she smiled happily and said, “Chu Jian’s speed has dropped.”

“He should be reaching his limit,” Yang Kai laughed.

“But as long as he continues guarding this place, we can’t get escape and will sooner or later be caught by him,” Han Fei said helplessly.

“Do you think that Senior Li won’t notice this?” Yang Kai sneered, “You’ve been together with Senior Li for so many years yet it seems you really don’t know much about her. While it’s true she is kind and benevolent, that doesn’t mean she’s ignorant. It’s impossible for Li Rong to not know about Chu Jian suddenly mobilizing so many people, and even if she didn’t receive word about his actions immediately, at most it will be a few days before she comes to rescue us. We just need to lay low for a while.”

Han Fei’s pretty face suddenly blushed bright red as she kept silent.

As one of the four Great Commanders, usually such a simple truth would have been obvious to her, but after all the sudden and unexpected events of today, her thoughts had become somewhat scattered.

“Human, you’ll regret this!” Chu Jian’s unwilling roars arrived from above, “Han Fei, if you don’t want to die, bring that human brat to me and I swear I’ll spare your life!”

Neither of them responded to him because both Yang Kai and Han Fei had noticed that he had stopped chasing them.

Even with his Second Order Saint Realm cultivation, Chu Jian was completely restrained by this environment and could no longer pursue them.

As if she had suddenly found hope amidst despair, Han Fei’s complexion became more radiant.

“Let me down,” She suddenly called out, now that there was a moment to catch her breath, she finally turned her attention to the embarrassing position she was currently being held in.

“But your injuries…” Yang Kai shot her a hesitant look.

“Don’t compare my Ancient Demon Clan’s physiques to your fragile human body…”

Before she could finish, Yang Kai let go of her. Seemingly noticing the displeasure in Yang Kai’s mood, Han Fei didn’t continue talking about it but instead followed behind Yang Kai under the dual protection of his True Qi and Flaming Yang Wings.

The roars of Chu Jian continued to resound up above causing the magma to become more and more unstable while Yang Kai and Han Fei nervously examined their surroundings with their Divine Senses, trying to find some kind of refuge.

Suddenly, Han Fei smiled happily and pointed in a certain direction, “Over there!”

Yang Kai glanced in the direction she pointed and after sweeping the area with his Divine Sense couldn’t help smiling and swimming forward.

A moment later, the magma that had been wrapped around them this whole time suddenly disappeared, and the two broke into a natural cave.

This cave was somewhat dark, but the ambient heat was at least less unbearable than within the magma.

Surprisingly, in the depths of this volcano, a place like this actually existed; this discovery caused Yang Kai to feel delighted.

Sitting on the ground, panting heavily, whether it was Yang Kai or Han Fei, suddenly surviving such a deadly crisis made them feel a sense of joy and relief.

Gradually adapting to the surrounding darkness, Yang Kai looked around and found that to his left, hot magma still slowly flowed past, while to his right, there seemed to be a deep, bottomless tunnel.

“Let’s move further in, if the magma was the suddenly rush inside…” Yang Kai didn’t feel at ease. The magma here was being kept out by some kind of natural barrier, but if this barrier were to suddenly disappear, the entire tunnel would quickly become flooded.

Han Fei thought for a moment but didn’t have any reason to refuse, quietly standing up and following behind Yang Kai.

In the pitch-black darkness which made it hard for him to even see his own fingers, Yang Kai fumbled his way forward while Han Fei didn’t dare to move too far from him; after all, the Yang Qi in this place was still too rich and she needed to rely on his True Qi to safely resist it.

A dripping sound echoed through the cave as blood flowed from Han Fei’s wound and splashed onto the ground, hissing as it hit the blisteringly hot rocks.

Yang Kai did not express too much concern. Judging from Han Fei’s earlier condition and the strong physical resilience of the Ancient Demon Clan, even such a heavy blow wasn’t enough to kill her.

After walking for who knows how long, through many confusing twists and turns, Yang Kai and Han Fei arrived at a large cavern with a particularly high World Energy concentration.

This caver was extremely spacious and so high that it was impossible to see the ceiling with only the weak ambient light. Although Yang Kai couldn’t see what kind of environment this was, but after releasing his Divine Sense he at least knew there was nothing else living here.

This alone gave him some peace of mind.

He knew that in such a special environment, there was a high likelihood that some strange and powerful creatures would exist. If they were to encounter such a beast right now, neither he nor Han Fei would be able to resist.

“Let’s rest here for now,” Yang Kai calmly suggested.

Han Fei nodded lightly, following Yang Kai to one of the cavern’s walls and sitting down cross-legged.

When she sat, she made sure to leave space for Yang Kai to sit down beside her.

Perceiving her intentions, Yang Kai couldn’t help chuckling.

This woman clearly couldn’t separate from the protective range of his True Qi, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to apologize for her earlier words either, so she had to express herself with these kinds of actions.

[So hypocritical.] Yang Kai thought to himself.

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