Martial Peak

Chapter 651, Volcano

It seemed that because Yang Kai asked too many questions she couldn’t answer, Guan’er no longer wanted to play with him and returned to the stone room instead, disappearing after she dropped him off.

Recalling what had just happened the moment he had seen the statue of Great Demon God, Yang Kai shook his head in confusion.

He didn’t know if that voice was real or simply an illusion but even if he wanted to get to the bottom of it he had no way to do so, so he could only ignore it for now.

Two days later, Yang Kai, who was meditating, noticed a subtle energy fluctuation nearby and quickly opened his eyes, discovering Li Rong and the cold Han Fei standing together in front of him.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, he didn’t understand why Han Fei had also appeared and asked, “What’s happening?”

In response, Li Rong shook her head lightly, “We don’t have what we need, but since you need it, you can take it for yourself.”

“Take it myself?” Yang Kai was slightly puzzled.

“Good, that’s why I had you wait for two days, Han Fei will escort you there.”

Han Fei’s territory was on the other side of Demon God Citadel, Li Rong had apparently sent a letter to let her telling her to come here which had caused the two day delay.

Yang Kai glanced at the icy woman and gently nodded, deciding to not ask anything.

“If you’re ready, then let’s go,” Han Fei didn’t speak any nonsense as she coldly glanced at Yang Kai.

“I have nothing to prepare.”

“Good,” Han Fei said, turned around, and walked out.

“Be careful out there,” Li Rong reminded.

Yang Kai gently waved his hand before following Han Fei outside.

As soon as Yang Kai exited his stone room, he saw Han Fei’s tender body transform into a stream of light and disappear, but he just stood there and watched.

Li Rong looked at him curiously, a trace of suspicion appearing on her pretty face.

After waiting for a while, Yang Kai still didn’t move, and Han Fei couldn’t help flying back, frowning at him with displeasure, “What are you doing? Why don’t you keep up?”

“I already said I don’t have much True Qi left and can’t afford to squander it; flying to wherever we’re going will be a big waste of True Qi, right?” Yang Kai said helplessly.

“What are you trying to say?” Han Fei frowned.

“You’ll have to carry me there,” Yang Kai said in a serious tone. Upon hearing this, Han Fei felt even more annoyed, “Hmph, you dare tell me to carry you?”

“I’m not trying to take advantage of you, nor am I trying to disdain your identity, this is simply the most appropriate choice,” Yang Kai replied sternly.

Li Rong knit her brows for a moment before nodding to Han Fei.

Han Fei grit her teeth but said nothing, flicked her hand, and wrapped Yang Kai in a wave of energy, lifting him up and once again shooting off into the sky.

Han Fei had a cold temperament and preferred silence to conversation, Yang Kai also understood that such a woman would not try to act friendly with strangers so he naturally didn’t take the initiative to speak, simply closing his eyes and allowing her to carry him to their destination.

However, just because she wasn’t speaking to him, Yang Kai was keenly aware that Han Fei seemed interested in him as she would stealthily use her Divine Sense to scan his body, repeatedly trying to uncover his secrets; of course, she never succeeded.

This Mysterious Small World was very different from the outside world. Here, there was no sun or moon, night or day, the sky was a chaotic mix of light and shadow and the land was vast and barren with few traces of grass or wildlife.

Only occasionally were there a few Monster Beasts.

Speeding along all the way, the pair remained silent, but after some time, the air temperature gradually began rise. Sensing this change, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling excited!

This kind of hot aura was exactly the kind of energy he needed.

As time passed, the concentration of Yang Yuan Qi in the air became higher and higher and it became obvious that a huge source of it was up ahead.

Yang Kai couldn’t help looking forward to this.

After two days of travel, Yang Kai finally saw it, on the distant horizon, the sky was dyed a dazzling golden red..

At this point, the air was flooded with Yang Yuan Qi and it was concentrated enough that when Yang Kai ran his True Yang Secret Art, his reserves of True Yang Yuan Qi were quickly being restored.

On the other hand, Han Fei had to circulate her Demonic Qi slightly in order to resist this Yang Qi.

Yang Yuan Qi had always been the nemesis of Demonic Qi, even the powerful Ancient Demon Clan cultivators couldn’t ignore its suppression, but powerful masters like Han Fei seemed to be able to ignore this ordinary Yang Attribute attacks.

After flying a while long, the density of Yang Yuan Qi became even greater and Han Fei finally stopped. Hovering mid-air along with Yang Kai, the pair shifted their gazes downwards.

Below, there was a winding mountain range with a particularly large one that had a great crater that was akin to the giant beast’s mouth. This crater was massive and Yang Kai could clearly see tumbling red hot magma bubbling within it.

The Yang Yuan Qi here was incredibly rich and could even melt rocks into magma.

From time to time, this boiling hot magma would well up and flood down the mountainside.

Moreover, the Yang Origin Seal in Yang Kai’s chest was violently throbbing, seemingly overjoyed with the massive concentration of Yang Yuan Qi down below.

The Yang Origin Seal, which only responded to in the presence of Yang Yuan Qi, had never pulsed so strongly before, so Yang Kai was fairly certain that there was an incredibly powerful source of Yang Attribute energy hidden beneath this volcano.

“This is our destination,” Han Fei finally spoke, “The rich Yang Attribute energy here should meet your needs. As far as I know, there is a large deposit of Yang Crystal Ore beneath the magma. If you have the ability, feel free to collect as much as you want, our Ancient Demon Clan have no need for such things.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly to express understanding.

“I’ll bring you down first and find a suitable place for you to cultivate,” Han Fei said, wrapped Yang Kai in her energy and rushing down.

Even facing this boiling magma that seemed capable of melting anything, the icy woman didn’t show the slightest fear, a terrifying force that shocked Yang Kai erupting from her seemingly tender body, pushing the magma aside, opening a channel for the pair.

Like it was pierce by a sharp sword, wherever Han Fei passed, the magma would split and give way.

There was no danger at all, and as soon as the pair passed through, the magma would converge again. Yang Kai glanced back but couldn’t see anything but an ocean of molten rock.

Yang Kai suddenly had a deeper understanding of just how immense this woman’s strength was.

Saints were all considered top masters in this world but Yang Kai didn’t know what order this woman was.

After descending an unknown distance, Han Fei eventually seemed like she had some difficulties coping. The Yang Yuan Qi here was too rich and even she could not ignore it.

Small beads of sweat began appearing on her delicate brow and an intoxicating fragrance began wafting towards the tip of Yang Kai’s nose, causing him to feel awkward.

Seemingly aware of the change in Yang Kai’s demeanor, Han Fei stared at him coldly and stopped moving forward, asking, “Is it alright here?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai quickly nodded.

“Then you stay here and cultivate,” Han Fei said, waving her hand, splitting apart the nearby magma, and opening a cave in the side of the volcano. This cave was just big enough to allow Yang Kai to sit cross-legged inside.

After setting up a few energy barriers to isolate this place, Han Fei tossed Yang Kai into the cave and coldly said, “Human, don’t play tricks, absorb the Yang Qi you need here quietly. I’ll come pick you up one month from now.”


Han Fei glanced at him once more before turning around and vanishing into the magma.

After she left, Yang Kai took a deep breath and explored his surroundings.

This cave was safe and sturdy; after all, it had been carved out by a Saint Realm master, the flowing magma outside had no way of seeping in. Although Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of this magma it would be troublesome if he was caught inside it and became lost.

Settling down, Yang Kai began circulating his True Yang Secret Art.

As soon as he began cultivating, it felt like all of the pores on his skin opened wide and began drinking in the vast amounts of Yang Yuan Qi in the surrounding, madly pulling it into his body.

Yang Kai’s face lit up, he had never experienced such a rich amount of Yang Attribute energy before and felt incredibly comfortable.


A light dripping sound rang out from within Yang Kai’s body and after only thirty breaths of time; a new drop of Yang Liquid was formed.

Now, Yang Kai’s cultivation realm was not the same as it once was, whether it was the purity or density of his True Qi, they were several times greater than when he had first begun cultivating the True Yang Secret Art.

This also meant that if he wanted to form a drop of Yang Liquid, he had to absorb dozens of times more Yang Yuan Qi than before.

Even so, it only took him thirty breaths of time to form one here.

This kind of speed was faster than Yang Kai had ever imagined.

The environment here was incredibly well suited to his cultivation.



The dripping sound continued constantly as Yang Kai cultivated single-mindedly, soon forgetting everything around him, even the passage of time.

Below the volcano, inside the rolling magma, Yang Kai entered an ethereal state and cultivated silently.


Great Commander Chu Jian’s territory, one of the four leaders of the Ancient Demon Clan, lay thousands of kilometers east of Demon God Citadel.

At this moment, Chu Jian was sitting in his castle’s hall, listening to one of his confidant’s reports. After a moment, Chu Jian’s eyes flashed and a hint of excitement appeared on his face, “You mean, that outsider left Demon God Citadel?”

“Yes Sir, he was taken away by Great Commander Han Fei,” The man replied quickly.

“Do you know where they went?”

“The seemed to be headed in the direction of the volcano.”

“The volcano…” Chu Jian frowned. Naturally he knew where this volcano was as it was one of the Ancient Demon Clan’s forbidden lands, even the four Great Commanders weren’t willing to go there if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

It was not that there was anything there that could threaten their lives, but that they instinctively wanted to avoid the rich Yang Qi the permeated the area.

“Why would they go to the volcano?” Chu Jian brow wrinkled, unable to understand what was happening.

If not for some special purpose, it was impossible for Han Fei to bring that human there.

“Sir, this is a rare opportunity, should we…” The man hesitantly asked.

Chu Jian’s eyes narrowed and a trace of coldness flashed across their depths, sneering as he said, “Naturally I know this is a rare opportunity. Come, let us go invite this outsider to visit my territory for a few days!”

Chu Jian had kept tabs on the various rumours surrounding Yang Kai and knew that his progress in Alchemy was quite impressive.

Chu Jian had always been looking for a way to suppress Li Rong. If this time, he could bring this human boy back to his territory, train him to refine Saint Grade pills, and free their clan from their imprisonment here, winning his clansmens’ support would become easy. At that time, Li Rong would have no choice but to abdicate her position to him.

Moreover, Chu Jian knew that the amount of herbs Li Rong had left was not much, while on the other hand he had many in store. If that human brat wanted to continue improving his Alchemy skills, only he could provide the necessary herbs.

As if he could already picture his glorious ascension, Chu Jian’s eyes filled with anticipation and excitement, so he quickly began deploying his subordinates.

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