Martial Peak

Chapter 650, Running Out Of True Qi

Moreover, after activating her Demon Crests, many delicate deep green traces appeared on Guan’er’s pretty face, adding a completely different kind of beauty to her usual temperament.

As for masters like Li Rong, Han Fei, and Hua Mo, their Demon Crests were even more developed, as was the enhancement to their strength.

However, inside this Mysterious Small World, there were no enemies, so Guan’er had never seen any of the Great Commanders take action and had only heard rumors about their strength.

Inside Demon God Citadel, there were even special Martial Skills and Secret Arts developed specifically to compliment and cultivate one’s Demon Crests, a legacy passed down from the Great Demon God himself.

After hearing about this, Yang Kai expressed interest in borrowing these Martial Skills and Secret Arts, but Guan’er told him that these things were only available to members of her clan with extraordinary aptitude, even she had never seen them, so Yang Kai could only temporarily give up this idea.

Although Li Rong truly favoured him, Yang Kai knew not to push his luck too far. Right now, wanting to borrow the legacy Martial Skills and Secret Arts left behind by the Great Demon God was not realistic.

Shelving these thoughts for now, Yang Kai’s days continued on in an unremarkable fashion. Every day was spent either immersed in Alchemy, cultivating, or telling Guan’er stories about the outside world.

Time flew by and before he knew it, Yang Kai had spent almost an entire year inside this Mysterious Small World.

During this year, Yang Kai’s Alchemy technique had improved dramatically, and today, with the help of supplementary Spirit Arrays, he was able to refine Spirit Grade pills.

Medicine King’s Valley’s Xiao Fu Sheng’s lifelong wish that until now he had yet to achieve was actually accomplished by Yang Kai in less than a year of effort.

Yang Kai could only sigh helplessly at this fact, the world he was in was simply too different, so the ability he could display was also not the same. The attainments Grandmaster Xiao had in the Alchemic Way were definitely more profound than Yang Kai’s, but simply because of the limitations of the world he lived in, wanting to refine a Spirit Grade pill was nothing more than fantasy.

One day, after Yang Kai finished refining a Spirit Grade pill, he took a deep breath and meditated for a moment before suddenly opening his eyes, and staring towards an empty spot in the stone room and calling out, “Senior, can you I trouble you to call Senior Li? I have something I need to discuss with her.”

Duan Ya, who was hidden nearby, couldn’t help staring blankly when he found that this Human Race brat was staring right at his hidden place, the latter’s eyes not showing the least bit of doubt.

Duan Ya was dumbfounded.

Since the last incident between Yang Kai and Pan Lang, Duan Ya had followed Li Rong’s instructions and secretly protected him from the shadows, but now it seems that this boy was aware of his presence and could even accurately locate his position.

Yang Kai was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage kid while Duan Ya was a powerful Third Order Transcendent; the difference in strength between the two of them was immense, so how and when did he find him?

Many doubts swirled through Duan Ya’s thoughts but he somehow managed to keep his composure, quickly appearing from his hiding place and gently nodding towards Yang Kai before his body faded again and disappeared.

A short time later, the air beside Yang Kai distorted and a layer of ripples appeared. Soon after, the void itself seemed to warp slightly and Li Rong appeared.

Yang Kai revealed a look of interest. He noticed that every time this mature beauty appeared, she would do so in this fashion. It seemed like she had the power to step through the void and suddenly appear wherever she wanted to.

“I heard that you were looking for me?” Li Rong walked over and got straight to the point.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded.

“What’s the matter?”

“I need to supplement my True Qi.”

“Supplement your True Qi?” Li Rong’s brow furrowed slightly as she released her Divine Sense, but after quickly sweeping Yang Kai with it she couldn’t help asking in a confused tone, “Isn’t your True Qi quite abundant?”

With her strong cultivation, she was naturally able to perceive the thick and pure True Qi within Yang Kai’s meridians, as well as the destructive power it contained.

Moreover, this extremely pure Yang Attribute True Qi gave even her Demonic Qi a sense of oppression.

“No, no…” Yang Kai shook his head lightly, “The True Qi in my meridians is indeed abundant, but the True Qi in my dantian is running low, without True Qi, I can’t continue practicing Alchemy.”

“What do you mean?” Li Rong was even more puzzled, “If you need to supplement your True Qi, can’t you just cultivate? Why do you need my help with something so simple?”

Yang Kai smiled helplessly and replied, “My Secret Art is somewhat special, or rather my physique is somewhat special, I can’t supplement my True Qi by cultivating.”

The True Yang Yuan Qi in his body had always been obtained by absorbing naturally occurring Yang Qi or by refining some kind of Yang Attribute Precious Treasure and then condensing it into Yang Liquid which could be stored in his Dantian.

If he was to simply meditate and run his Secret Art, if he wasn’t in a suitable environment, all the World Energy he extracted from the air would simply be stored in his Unyielding Golden Skeleton, Yang Liquid would not be formed unless he cultivated in an environment with abundant Yang Qi.

Yang Kai couldn’t even remember the last time he had added more Yang Liquid to his Dantian and after such a long time, he only had a few drops left. If he couldn’t find a way to replenish his stock, he would sooner or later run out completely.

Without Yang Liquid to suppress the evil energy inside his Unyielding Golden Skeleton, Yang Kai estimated it wouldn’t take long for him to fall to the Devil’s Practices.

“What do you need me to do?” Li Rong still didn’t quite understand, but she had no interest in asking any more.

“Do you have any Yang Attribute Precious Treasures? I need something like that.”

“Things that have a strong Yang Attribute are incompatible with people of my Demon Race, do you think we’d keep such materials on hand?” Li Rong expression flashed a touch of disgruntledness, before immediately becoming somewhat suspicious, staring at Yang Kai with a distrustful look, “Are you trying to deceive me?”

“I have no reason to lie to you,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “You really have nothing Yang Attribute related?”

“En, nothing.”

Yang Kai’s face went black as his brow wrinkled, “This is a big problem, if I can’t absorb Yang Qi to supplement my True Qi, I can’t practice Alchemy… You should have seen that I need my True Yang Yuan Qi in order to perform Alchemy.”

“Then what should we do?” Li Rong asked somewhat anxiously.

This Human Race boy was very talented in Alchemy, it had only taken him one year to reach the point where he could refine Spirit Grade pills. At this rate of growth, there is no need to wait ten years before he became capable of refining Saint Grade pills, but now, for this seemingly ridiculous reason, he was unable to continue studying Alchemy.

Li Rong didn’t know what kind of special Secret Art Yang Kai cultivated, nor what was so special about his physique, but seeing him speak so seriously she understood that he wasn’t just making things up.

Staring at Yang Kai, Li Rong couldn’t help feeling a bit bitter and helpless.

Her clan had been trapped here for countless years, and for that entire time, there one greatest wish had been to leave here and see the outside world, but now that they had finally seen hope of achieving this wish, it had seemingly been ruthlessly cut off.

Li Rong could almost imagine how disappointed the expressions of her clansmen would be when they heard this news.

After wracking her brains for a solution, Li Rong’s beautiful face suddenly lit up as she murmured, “We don’t have any Yang Attribute Precious Treasures in storage, but there is a place in this Mysterious Small World that might work…”

“Where?” Yang Kai asked excitedly. Without Yang Liquid, he would also be in a very difficult position, if he could no longer enhance his Alchemy skill, he would lose all value to the Ancient Demon Clan, at that point, no how much Li Rong favoured him, the only end he would have would be death.

Li Rong didn’t answer his question but instead frowned and thought about it for a moment before saying, “You rest for now, two days later, I will give you an answer.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Li Rong quickly left.

With his Yang Liquid running out, Yang Kai didn’t dare practice Alchemy anymore. Now bored, he decided to let Guan’er take him out to play in Demon God Citadel for the next two days.

Now that he thought about it, since he had first arrived in this Mysterious Small World, he had barely left this stone room, partly because he was not willing to show his face and draw the attention of the surrounding Demon Race people but mainly because he had been obsessed with the promoting his Alchemy skill, even frequently forgetting to sleep and eat.

Now that he suddenly had free time on his hands though, naturally he wanted to go out and stretch his legs.

Walking around Demon God Citadel, Yang Kai fully experienced the tendencies and tenacity of these Demon Race people. When they practiced their Martial Skills, these Demon Race people tended to do so by engaging in real combat, completely different from the way humans cultivated, this was a real life or death struggle.

Often both sides would end up bloody and beaten when members of the Demon Race cultivated.

However, because the Ancient Demon Clan’s physiques were strong and robust, even if they suffered from heavy injuries, after a short break, they would be able to continue fighting.

Yang Kai expressed both amazement and admiration to this.

In a huge square in Demon God Citadel, Yang Kai saw a tall and majestic statue.

This statue was of a grand figure, and although it had obviously been carved many years ago, it still retained a vivid and majestic aura. Every Demon Race person who passed by it would show a very respectful look towards it.

Looking at this statue, Yang Kai felt like there was some kind of mysterious hidden energy within it that resonated with his Unyielding Golden Skeleton, causing the evil energy inside his Unyielding Golden Skeleton to nearly erupt.

Yang Kai expression changed greatly as he quickly suppressed this, his face becoming pale and sweaty.

At that moment, there seemed to be a strange voice echoing in his mind, but when carefully tried to listen to, the voice suddenly disappeared, and I couldn’t tell it had been real or an illusion.

“What’s wrong?” Guan’er asked, she didn’t know what had happened to Yang Kai who had gone from acting light and carefully to nervous and exhausted in the blink of an eye.

“It’s nothing, it’s just been too long time since I last came out,” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed.

“You humans, your bodies are really too weak…” Guan’er laughed.

“Whose statue is this?” Yang Kai asked casually.

“This is our ancestor’s master, a statue of The Great Demon God!” Guan’er quickly became respectful as she paid tribute to this statue.

“The Great Demon God?” Yang Kai was shocked.

“Yes, isn’t it majestic? It’s said that when The Great Demon God was alive, my Demon Race dominated the world while your Human Race and the Monster Race were all just vassals of my Demon Race.”

“So fierce?”

“The Great Demon God was certainly fierce. His strength was unprecedented, no one was his equal.”

“Such a powerful character, where is he now?”

“I don’t know.” Guan’er shook her head.

“Then why did he seal your ancestors here? What kind of mistake did they make to warrant such treatment?”

“I don’t know…” Guan’er suddenly became a little bit angry out a shame and shot back, “Why are you asking all of this all of a sudden, so annoying!”

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