Martial Peak

Chapter 652, Focus Of The Battle

Time hurried by and, in the blink of an eye, a whole month had passed.

Yang Kai knew this was a rare opportunity, so for the entire month, he had spared no effort circulating his True Yang Secret Art, madly absorbing the surrounding Yang Attribute energy.

After one month, there was finally a feeling of saturation in his dantian.

There were now countless drops of Yang Liquid stored in his dantian. When he arrived here, Yang Kai was quite concerned about how much Yang Liquid he could collect, but now, he had already lost track of how much he had.

He was brimming with strength.

With so much Yang Liquid, Yang Kai figured he could spend it freely for several years without worrying about it.

As Yang Kai wantonly consumed the surrounding Yang Yuan Qi, the nearby magma was also affected a bit and was no longer as hot as it first was, even showing some signs of solidification.

In the surrounding kilometer radius, the concentration of ambient Yang Yuan Qi had been greatly reduced.

Now that he was sated, Yang Kai wanted to dive down further and explore the volcano’s depths to see if there were other opportunities to be had, but with the deadline he had agreed upon with Han Fei approaching, he could only sit and wait.

He was not willing to provoke this icy woman and give her an excuse to question him.

Time passed by as he waited, but Han Fei never appeared.

Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai finally made up his mind and exited his cave and dove into the magma.

After wrapping himself in a protective layer of True Qi, although the temperature of the magma was still stifling, it didn’t cause any harm to Yang Kai.

There seems to be no bottom to this place and the further Yang Kai descended, the richer the surrounding energy became. The environment here was perfectly suited to him and his cultivation, but for the Ancient Demon Clan, it was nothing short of a forbidden hell.

Of course, Yang Kai had no intention of trying to escape; sealed in this Mysterious Small World, he knew that there was nowhere he could hide unless he wanted to spend the rest of his life in this volcano for the rest of his life.

He just wanted to see what kind of mysteries this place hid.

After diving for about an hour, there was no end in sight, and the surrounding temperature and pressure were reaching a level that even he couldn’t stand.

Cursing silently to himself, Yang Kai eventually just shook his head in annoyance.

Although he really wanted to fully explore this place, it seemed if he continued to press forward, he would be putting his life at risk, and with no guarantee of any benefits, there was no way he would act so rashly.

Thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai reluctantly gave up, turned around, and headed back up.

After another hour, he finally returned to his former position.

Waiting there for him, with an even colder than normal expression on her face, was Han Fei; apparently she had thought Yang Kai had run away and was grinding her teeth in anger.

After seeing Yang Kai re-appear, she quickly yelled, “Where have you been?”

“Exploring down below,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“Down below?” Han Fei’s slender brow wrinkled slightly, “You can still dive further?”

Even she couldn’t dive much further into this volcano, their current position was basically her limit, so this human boy still being able to descend was somewhat surprising to her.

“I cultivate a Yang Attribute Secret Art, I’m like a duck in water here,” Yang Kai chuckled.

However, this explanation didn’t quite satisfy Han Fei, because even if he cultivated a profound Yang Attribute Secret Art, if he didn’t have enough personal skill, there was no way he could freely explore this place with his weak cultivation.

But such things didn’t concern her so she just brushed it aside and asked, “Did you get what you wanted?”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Then let’s get going, Senior Li should be waiting anxiously,” Han Fei said, not waiting for Yang Kai to answer before wrapping him in her True Qi and flying upwards.

Soon, the two flew out of the volcano’s caldera.

But at that moment, Yang Kai suddenly grabbed Han Fei’s arm and whispered, “Wait!”

Han Fei tender body went stiff as she turned an icy glare towards Yang Kai, “What is it?”

She seemed to be unaccustomed to being touched, especially by men, so this small movement had caused her to react quite fiercely.

“See for yourself!” Yang Kai’s face became serious and he replied faintly.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly as she released her Divine Sense, her pretty face soon became gloomy.

Even Yang Kai was able to detect the anomalies around the volcano, so how could Han Fei not notice? It was simply that, at first, she hadn’t been vigilant of her surroundings.

“It seems we’re in a bit of trouble,” Yang Kai sneered as his pair of sharp eyes stared at the surrounding sky.

“Don’t say anything, I’ll handle this!” Han Fei snorted, her beautiful eyes suddenly fixing on a certain position as she coldly shouted, “Chu Jian, come out!”

A hearty laugh rang out as Chu Jian stepped out from his hiding place and boldly showed himself, his eyes staring towards Han Fei with a look of ridicule and a glimmer of lust, sneering as he said, “Commander Han Fei, what a coincidence meeting you here.”

Saying so, his eyes narrowed as his sullen gaze shifted towards Yang Kai for a moment before once again focusing on Han Fei, apparently not placing Yang Kai in his eyes at all.

“Chu Jian, what are you doing here?” Han Fei’s voice was ice cold as she glared back at him.

The area surrounding this volcano was a forbidden zone to the Ancient Demon Clan, no one would come here unless absolutely necessary so obviously she didn’t believe Chu Jian appearing here was just coincidence.

Also, when Chu Jian spoke, a number of figures appeared one after another, each of them a powerful master from Chu Jian’s territory, all of them wearing grim smirks as they surrounded the volcano.

The other party was well prepared; obviously they had received news about them being here and had set up this ambush.

“Oh nothing much, I just wanted to ask Commander Han Fei to do me a favour and allow this human brat to accompany me to my territory for a while!” Chu Jian replied slyly.

“You have guts, I’ll give you that!” Han Fei’s cold stare began mixing with traces of anger, “This human is a guest of Senior Li and is also the hope of our Ancient Demon Clan. Do you plan on stifling our clan’s best chance at obtaining freedom? Chu Jian, you best stop trying to stir up trouble like this, even if Senior Li has shown you great benevolence doesn’t mean she will allow you to act without any restraint!”

“Senior Li?” Chu Jian coldly snorted, “I will replace her one day, and become the real master of Demon God Citadel! My Ancient Demon Clan is a bold and warlike clan, even if we are currently trapped in this forsaken place, we should not forget that. All these years of peace have dulled our fangs and Senior Li’s ‘benevolence’ has only worsened the situation. She is not suitable to be the Lord of Demon God Citadel. Only I, Chu Jian, am worthy of such a role!”

Upon hearing these impassioned words, Chu Jian’s henchmen’s auras all suddenly became dangerous. It was as he said, even if they had been detained here for countless years, the masters gathered under Chu Jian still maintained their militant hearts.

“You’re insane,” Han Fei said as she shook her head disappointedly, “Although we knew you had wild ambitions and were conspiring against us, never had we thought that you were so far gone. Chu Jian, if you don’t cease this madness, only death awaits you!”

“Death?” Chu Jian burst into laughter, “I wonder if I’ll be the one to die, or if you will?”

When she noticed Chu Jian’s murderous intent, Han Fei couldn’t help feeling a chill shoot up her spine, realizing that he had already made his resolve. Chu Jian was apparently committed to usurping Demon God Citadel, and his first would be to eliminate any dissidents, so she and Hua Mo had become his primary targets.

After countless years being trapped in this Mysterious Small World, Han Fei had actually forgotten how the plots and intrigue the Human Race was so fond of worked.

“Han Fei, I can give you a chance!” Chu Jian stretched out his hand and pointed towards her arrogantly, “Submit to me and I will make you my wife, and together we can rule Demon God Citadel. Then as long as this human brat can refine the necessary Saint Grade pill, we can escape from this infernal prison. Compared to blindly following Senior Li, joining me has far greater advantages to you!”

In response, Han Fei just stared back at Chu Jian with a sarcastic grin filled with disgust, “You want me to marry you? Are you out of your mind? I’d rather marry this human than marry you!”

“Hey, why are you trying to pull me into this?” Yang Kai grumbled unhappily.

He didn’t care about the internal struggles of Demon God Citadel, who won or who lost was of no consequence to him, but now he had suddenly become the focus of this battle, Yang Kai was unable to stay out of it.

No matter who wins or loses, his existence had become a key component as the winning side would definitely need him.

“You shut up, there’s no place for you to speak here!” Han Fei’s pretty face showed a slightly flustered look as she glanced over at Yang Kai, her cold expression quickly returning to normal.

Chu Jian shook his head in disappointment and sighed, “You’ve made a grave mistake. Senior Li is too kind-hearted, so I need to take charge of Demon God Citadel! If we leave this world and finally escape to the outside, with her weak personality, what foothold will my Ancient Demon Clan possibly be able to establish? If she had at least fought with me, I may not have been so disappointed, but look, even though she knows I’m plotting against her, Senior Li has never once even condemned me. That woman… should never have been born in my Ancient Demon Clan!”

“Don’t use Senior Li’s benevolence as an excuse for your arrogance!” Han Fei shouted, “If Demon God Citadel were to be ruled by you, it would be my clan’s greatest misfortune!”

“You disappoint me,” Chu Jian kept shaking his head. “Han Fei, I’ll ask you one last time: Join me in my great crusade and forge a bright new future for our clan! Refuse me again and I will show you no mercy. Beautiful women are easy to come by, what I care about is only your Saint Realm strength!”

“Keep dreaming!” Han Fei’s aura burst erupted as she tightly wrapped Yang Kai in her True qi and rushed out, trying to smash through Chu Jian’s encirclement.

As long as she could break through this blockade, Han Fei was confident she could make it back to Demon God Citadel with Yang Kai.

However, since Chu Jian had long been preparing this move, he naturally wouldn’t give her this opportunity.

The moment Han Fei moved, he also took action.

Before she could figure out how he had moved, Chu Jian had blocked Han Fei’s path and sent out a powerful palm strike filled with vicious intent, like a roaring beast baring its fangs, ready to take a bite out of Han Fei and Yang Kai.

Han Fei expression changed dramatically as she pulled Yang Kai back, shielding him while she sent out a palm of her own.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

A violent blast resounded and a brilliant glow spread around as Chu Jian and Han Fei’s strikes met mid-air.

“So many years have passed since we last fought, it seems Commander Han Fei’s strength has grown quite nicely,” Chu Jian said calmly, letting out a chuckle before his body flickered and several mirror images of himself were created; each one carrying the same tyrannical aura as the original.

In the next moment, these countless figures all waved their fists and sent a terrifying blow towards Han Fei’s delicate body.

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