Martial Peak

Chapter 647, Is He Really so Strong?

Seeing this Demon Race cultivator undergo such dramatic changes, although Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent, in his heart he was actually quite surprised.

He had already noticed that many of these Demon Race people had such tattoos before but not all of them did. For example, he had never seen them on Li Rong and Guan’er’s skin. So what exactly were they?

But now it seemed like they weren’t simply a form of decoration but were rather some kind of special Martial Skill these Demon Race cultivators practiced and it was even possible for them to freely manipulate them!

More importantly though, once these tattoos appeared, the strength of the Demon Race cultivator would increase to a whole new level!

As Yang Kai’s opponent’s momentum shot up, Pan Lang and the rest of his followers let out a quite sigh of relief, sneers appearing on their faces as they prepared to watch Yang Kai eat a big loss, taking pleasure in his misfortune.

Yang Kai took a deep breath, but to everyone else’s surprise, did not evade and instead went for a head on collision.

Yang Kai did this deliberately to check just how much this Demon Race cultivator’s strength had increased.


With a loud bang, a pressure wave visible to the naked eye burst from the two fighter’s point of collision. Yang Kai was thrown back and up into the air. However, it only took him a few rolls in the air to stop the momentum and stabilizing himself in the air.

The Demon Race cultivator was also forced to retreat, and although he desperately tried to hold his ground, he did not succeed, backing up more than a dozen steps before falling flat on his back, breathing heavily.

Pan Lang and his lackeys eyes all went wide, some of them even turning astonished looks towards Yang Kai.

Although humans rarely appeared in this Mysterious Small World, they knew that Human Race cultivator’s physiques were far inferior to those of their Ancient Demon Clan; in fact, even amongst all members of the Demon Race, none were comparable to the Ancient Demon Clan in terms of raw strength.

But now, in a frontal confrontation, their companion was actually not able to suppress this Human Race kid.

Pan Lang suddenly felt very annoyed and angered, “What are you doing? Can you not even beat a lowly human?”

The Demon Race cultivator who had been knocked down climbed up again, shaking his head, not caring about his own injuries and broken bones, muttering aloud, “This little brat’s body is very strong.”

“Are you saying his physique is better than our Ancient Demon Clan’s?” Pan Lang scoffed, “I’ll give you one last chance to prove yourself, if you fail again, then you’re not qualified to associate with me. From then on your status will be reduced to that of an ordinary clansman.”

“Rest assured, I will deal with him this time!” The Demon Race cultivator’s eyes became focused, the tattoos on his face one again undergoing some unusual changes, seemingly melting and re-arranging until they covered his entire face, almost like he was wearing a mask, his expression cold and unfeeling but his red eyes exuding a thick murderous intent.

His first two failures had already caused him to become enraged.

Yang Kai stood midair, staring back at his opponent with cold eyes while secretly becoming more and more surprised.

It wasn’t until now that Yang Kai really realized just how outstanding the physical strength of the Demon Race who lived in this Mysterious Small World really was. His opponent was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator, the same as him, but his ability to continuously raise his strength and momentum was simply astonishing.

From someone with this level of cultivation, if it were a human cultivator, Yang Kai could have made him not get up after the first hit, but now after two head on confrontations his opponent was still as mighty as a dragon and fierce as a tiger.

The physiques of the Ancient Demon Clan seemed to contain terrifying potential!

From the attitude and rhetoric of Pan Lang and his followers, Yang Kai also realized that these Ancient Demon Clan cultivators all had bloodthirsty and violent tendencies. Their companion’s ribs had been broken yet they not only didn’t show any concern, they instead repeatedly stimulated him, forcing him back onto the field of battle.

[The Demon Race is vastly different from the Human Race,] Yang Kai secretly thought to himself.

Once more, Yang Kai’s opponent launched an attack, the ground beneath his feet cracking under the force of his forward leap, his burly body disappearing for an instant before re-appearing right in front of him.

The speed approached the limit of what could be perceived with the naked eye.

Pan Lang nodded slightly, “Demon Crests’ second transformation, this human brat is definitely going to suffer!”

Just as he spoke these words, a loud bang rang out.

At that moment, the swift Demon Race cultivator’s foot at made contact with Yang Kai’s shoulder, the former’s expression gloomy, his eyes filled with hatred and unwillingness as he exerted all of his strength into his kick.

The floor around him for several tens of meters instantly transformed into dust, but Yang Kai remained unmoved, staring back at the attacking Demon Race cultivator indifferently. Under the latter’s astonished gaze, his ankle was grabbed and he suddenly found himself whirling around before being viciously tossed out.

The Demon Race cultivator let out a great shout as his Demonic Qi spurted from his body in an attempt to stop his uncontrolled flight, but before he could stabilize himself, he felt a stream of heavy impacts on his chest.

Somehow managing to turn his head, he saw that the Human Race brat he had been fighting had chased after him and was now pummeling him with a series of punches.

The fists came at him from every angle, creating multiple afterimages, making it impossible for him to predict where he would be hit next.

Worse though was that each punch that landed on his body would carry with it a stream of extremely pure and hot True Qi which was greatly suppressing his Demonic Qi!

*Hong Hong Hong…*

As the sound of explosions rang out, Yang Kai continued his unrelenting assault, all while wearing the same indifferent expression on his face, though inside he was secretly quite impressed with this Demon Race cultivator.

His assault would be difficult for a Human Race’s Transcendent to stand, but this Demon Race cultivator was actually capable of bearing it.

Even after the pair landed again, the Demon Race cultivator managed to retain his consciousness and was glaring back at Yang Kai incredulously, still tightly gripping Yang Kai’s clothes, a look that screamed he would sooner die than submit on his face.

Seeing this, Yang Kai sent another heavy punch to his enemy’s face.

This punch seemed to be the final straw as after a few teeth flew out, the Demon Race cultivator’s momentum finally dissipated as he fell over limp, the Demon Crests on his face quickly receding.

Yang Kai slowly stood up and gloomily glanced over at Pan Lang and the others who were standing not far away.

Even though their companion had been beaten into such a state, none of them showed any signs of trying to rescue him, as if they were all just there to enjoy the show.

However, whether it was Pan Lang or the other Demon Race people, there was a clear look of surprise on their face. None of them had ever expected this Human Race cultivator’s combat strength to be so strong and for his fighting style to be so brutal and blood, quite in line with their own.

“Interesting, it seems we’ve all looked down on you!” Pan Lang gently clapped his hands, “But you’ve only managed to win against the weakest of us, you won’t be so lucky in your next match.”

Saying so, Pan Lang gestured to another Demon Race cultivator behind him who immediately stepped forward.

“No need to make things so troublesome, all of you come together!” Yang Kai cracked his knuckles and said. He had immersed himself in Alchemy for a few months now and had not had a good fight for quite some time. Now that a fight had found him, he was practically itching to make trouble.

In truth, he enjoyed fighting!

Especially against powerful opponents, this feeling made Yang Kai feel like he was alive.

Pan Lang laughed in response, “We won’t bully you like that, if this was a life or death battle then it would be different, but all of this is just a little lesson, there’s no need for all of us to deal with a lowly human like you.”

“Is that so?” Yang Kai took a deep breath and no longer retained his strength, his own aura bursting out as his figure flickered and rushed towards the group of Demon Race cultivators.

A burning hot True Qi burst from his pores and under his precise and subtle control, struck all six of his opponents simultaneously.

Pan Lang instantly became enraged, “You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

Now completely angered, Demon Crests appeared on the necks of all six Demon Race cultivators and quickly spread across their faces.

Despite their disdainful talk, Pan Lang and his followers knew by now that Yang Kai was not an easy opponent to deal with. Any bit of carelessness on their part would lead to their defeat, so all of them didn’t hold back.

What frustrated Pan Lang the most though was that the True Qi of this Human Race cultivator seemed to be able to restrain their Demonic Qi, allowing him to deal twice as much damage with half the effort whenever they clashed.

A great melee quickly unfolded and even though Yang Kai was surrounded and outnumbered, he showed no fear and was instead even more excited and aggressive.

Yang Kai had been suppressing his desire to battle for so long that if he didn’t find an opportunity to vent all the boredom and stress he had built up over the past few months, he was afraid he would suddenly one day lose control and pick an unnecessary fight.

As such, the provocation of Pan Lang and his lackeys was just what he needed right now.

All kinds of Martial Skills flew back and forth inside the stone room as Yang Kai thoroughly experienced just how strong the Ancient Demon Clan was. As time passed, the rumblings of battle slowly died down.


When Guan’er pushed open the stone room’s door, her pair of beautiful eyes shrank as she glanced around at the wreckage in front of her, temporarily losing her ability to speak.

Over the past few months, Yang Kai had always behaved calmly and temperately, never showing the slightest signs of trying to escape or cause trouble, so Guan’er had naturally not needed to monitor him all the time.

She hadn’t expected at all that while she was away dealing with other matters something big like this would happened.

Seven members of her clan all lay sprawled out on the ground, each one of them in a tragic state, the stone room a complete mess as signs of battle and patches of blood could be seen everywhere.

“What happened?” Guan’er cried out and rushed in to investigate the situation of her people. When she examined them, she found that each of them was heavily wounded; the most seriously injured having had more than half of his bones broken. Such injuries, even for the extremely resilient Ancient Demon Clan, would take at least half a year to heal. Even the least heavily injured person here had more than a dozen broken bones and innumerable scars and cuts that were even now slowly dripping blood.

“Pan Lang?” Inspecting the last person, Guan’er couldn’t help covering her mouth in shock.

Looking up, Guan’er suddenly found out that Yang Kai was quietly sitting on his bed in a meditative posture, some traces of battle apparent on his body.

Although Guan’er felt Pan Lang was annoying and disgusting, these people were still members of her clan and Yang Kai was clearly the one who had injured them, as such, she naturally wanted to question him about this scene.

But before she could open her mouth to ask, Senior Li’s voice suddenly reached her ear, “Don’t disturb him, he seems to be in the middle of a breakthrough. Find some people and quietly carry Pan Lang away.”

“Mistress, what about…”

“I understand what took place here, Pan Lang and his friends were the ones who provoked him, this isn’t his fault!”

“I understand,” Guan’er nodded lightly before turning an interested look towards Yang Kai, a touch of surprise flashing across her eyes. From Senior Li’s tone just now, it seemed like he was the one who had injured Pan Lang and the others here.

Was this Human Race brat really so strong?

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