Martial Peak

Chapter 646, Provocation

Just as Yang Kai had speculated, because the people of Demon God Citadel had been sealed inside a Mysterious Small World for so many years, Crystal Stones were already a rarity for them.

Although World Energy here was not thin, only with the assistance of Crystal Stones during cultivation could the strength of the Demon Race people here rapidly improve. Over the countless years, Demon God Citadel had fewer and fewer Crystal Stones and now there were barely any left.

The several dozen Crystal Stones Li Rong made Guan’er give Yang Kai were the ones she had carefully preserved all these years.

So when he heard that Yang Kai had obtained so many Crystal Stones, Pan Lang was inevitably tempted.

“A trivial Human Race cultivator, what right does he have to possess so many Crystal Stones?”

“What does Young Master want to do?” The Demon Race man suddenly realized that the situation was taking a turn for the worse, “Young Master Pan Lang, you mustn’t have any improper ideas, Senior Li is very attentive towards this Human Race cultivator and has explicitly ordered that no one is to act against him.”

“Who said that I wanted to bully him?” Pan Lang coldly snorted, “Who here saw me bullying him?”

The Demon Race cultivator nervously scratched his head and thought about it, seemingly still quite hesitant.

Pan Lang once again glanced coldly towards the stone room as a wicked grin crept onto his face.

Inside the stone room, Yang Kai waited for Guan’er to direct the maids to put down the food before he unhesitantly sat down and began eating.

Guan’er spat disdainfully as she stared at him with a look of indignation.

She simply couldn’t understand why, since two months ago, Senior Li had seemingly become so attentive towards this Human Race cultivator. The treatment he now received was enough to make others mad with jealousy.

However, whenever she asked Senior Li, the latter would only shake her head and smile.

“You should just choke and die!” Guan’er licked her red lips and spat enviously.

Yang Kai in response just waved to her, “You should come eat together with me, there’s so much here I can’t finish it all.”

“Who would eat with you?” Guan’er mumbled bitterly before turning around and resolutely walking towards the door; however, although she tried to hide it, Yang Kai still heard the sound of her swallowing and couldn’t help but laugh.

Judging from Guan’er’s attitude towards him these days, he could tell that the food she had sent him were all good things.

Yang Kai also clearly felt that after eating these dishes his physique had undergone some subtle changes and was slowly growing stronger.

Soon, Yang Kai had wolfed down everything that was sent to him and the maids who had accompanied Guan’er cleaned everything up and left.

Yang Kai stretched lazily and rested for a while before, full of energy, plunging back into the world of Alchemy.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, while Yang Kai was still immersed in Alchemy, his expression suddenly changed and his ears perked up.

He heard some light footsteps outside as well as the sound of a few people breathing as the quietly approached his room.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly turned pensive.

It had been a few months since he came here and although many of the Demon Race’s cultivators seemed to look down on him, no one had ever dared to make any trouble, so why was someone suddenly trying to stir something up now?

And there were a lot of them at that, seven in total, all of them Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators while the one who seemed to be their leader was actually a Peak Immortal Ascension master.

Perceiving all this, Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged and didn’t show any signs of panic, continuing to steadily inject his True Qi into the Pill Furnace in front of him to refine the spirits herbs inside.

With a bang, the stone door was suddenly kicked open and seven people immediately burst in.

After they came in, they quickly closed the stone door.

Yang Kai looked up and glanced over at a young man with a sharp nose who stood at the front of the group and was snickering towards him.

His expression was scornful and contemptuous, and like most Demon God Citadel people, was clearly despising him. Yang Kai of course didn’t pay any attention to his attitude and just shook his head lightly.

“Hey, Pan Lang, this human kid is quite interesting, he doesn’t seem to be afraid of us at all,” One of the Demon Race cultivators snorted, somewhat surprised.

“Heh heh, he thinks that Senior Li will protect him, so naturally there’s no need to be afraid of us,” Pan Lang sneered and said, while striding towards Yang Kai.

When he arrived in front of Yang Kai, Pan Lang leaned over slightly and sneered right at his face.

Yang Kai however remained unmoved, still concentrating on injecting his True Qi into the Pill Furnace in front of him.

This blatant disregarded made Pan Lang somewhat annoyed so he extended his hand and slapped it onto the Pill Furnace, wantonly pouring his True Qi into it, instantly turning the herbs inside into coke.

“Human, you’ve got some nerve I’ll give you that,” Pan Lang’s mouth curled into a provocative grin.

“If you have something to say, say it, but don’t go wasting my herbs!” Yang Kai sighed lightly before turning an indifferent look towards him.

“The herbs here belong to my Demon God Citadel, they’re not yours,” Pan Lang shot back.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, a hint of annoyance flashing across his eyes. This demon youth had obviously come here to deliberately make trouble so Yang Kai didn’t have any patience to deal with him, muttering in a low voice, “What the hell do you want?”

“Nothing. I just heard that you’re an Alchemist, right?” Pan Lang stood up and looked around. After seeing a couple of jade bottles nearby, he couldn’t help but smiling, “Are these the pills you refined?”

All of the pills Yang Kai had refined had been placed into these jade bottles. He didn’t take any for himself; after all, the materials were all provided by Demon God Citadel so he could improve his Alchemy technique which was enough compensation for him already.

Yang Kai didn’t mind handing over all of these pills to Li Rong if she needed them.

Moreover, all of these were Earth Grade or Heaven Grade pills so they weren’t particularly valuable.

But unexpectedly, Pan Lang seemed quite interested in them.

One of the Demon Race people behind him rushed over, opened one of the jade bottles, and sniffed it, a look of joy soon appearing on his face, “Not bad, these Heaven Grade pills are still of some use to us.”

Pan Lang nodded arrogantly and waved his hand, “Take them all.”

His followers were all overjoyed when they heard this and they quickly began collecting the jade bottles.

“These things are for Senior Li, if you take them now, how am I supposed to explain?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Why should I care how you explain? Whether you say you took them yourself of failed to refine anything useful and threw them away, just make up an excuse,” Pan Lang sneered, “Oh, not only do I want these pills, but I’ll also be taking half of everything you refine. You better comply or else… heh…”

A strong threatening tone was apparent in his tone.

“If this kind of thing came to Senior Li’s attention, wouldn’t you be in a lot of trouble?” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

“If you dare speak a word about this, I’ll teach you the meaning of dying without a burial,” Pan Lang coldly snorted. Seeing Yang Kai remain silent, he thought he was afraid of him and shook his head disdainfully, “Human, I also heard that Senior Li gave you a lot of Crystal Stones, hand them over now if you don’t want to suffer.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand towards Yang Kai as if it was only natural.

Yang Kai gently nodded, slowly stood up, and said, “I understand, you’re really just here to cause trouble.”

“What about it?” Pan Lang sneered, “As a lowly human, what qualifications do you have to enjoy this treatment? I am Pan Lang, the future pillar of Demon God Citadel, only I should be able to enjoy such luxuries!”

“With just your pitiful strength?” Yang Kai shook his head before cracking his neck, “Alright, I haven’t gotten much exercise these past few months and it’s rare for someone to outright offer themselves up. I can’t very well disappoint your good intentions now can I?”

Pan Lang stared at Yang Kai with a stunned look and took a while to react, “Do you want to fight with us?”

Yang Kai nodded.

All of the Demon Race people seemed to have heard a hilarious joke and burst into laughter, Pan Lang even double over and pointed at Yang Kai’s while calling out to his followers, “Did you guys hear that? He actually wants to fight with us! A lowly human actually wants to fight against our noble Ancient Demon Clan, I really don’t know how someone so stupid managed to live until now!”

“Let me teach him lessons,” Behind Pan Lang, a burly Demon Race cultivator walked out and grinned fiercely, “Those from the Human Race have always been crazy and unable to recognize their own situation.”

“En, good, make sure it’s a lesson he never forgets!” Pan Lang sneered, his voice ice cold.

Although Senior Li’s attitude towards Yang Kai was quite generous, he was still nothing but a lowly human. Many of the Human Race Alchemists who had been here before had been taught harsh lessons by them and Senior Li had never spoken a word about it, as long as they weren’t killed it would be like nothing ever happened.

So, this time, these seven Demon Race cultivators were fearless, thinking that Yang Kai was the same as all the previous Human Race Alchemists.

The burly Demon Race cultivator pointed to Yang Kai before beckoning him with his finger and sneering, “I’ll let you make the first move!”

“Then you won’t be able to make one at all!” Yang Kai sneered.

As soon as his words fell, the stone room shook violently and before anyone could see what happened, the burly Demon Race cultivator was sent flying, quickly slamming into the stone wall several dozen meters away, creating a crater in it from which a number of large cracks extended as cracks appeared. The force of the rebound caused when this Demon Race cultivator hit the wall caused him to bounce off hard and hit the ground, rolling several times before finally coming to a stop.

The eyes of Pan Lang and the other Demon Race people shrank, their smiles all going stiff.

Turning back, they all began staring at Yang Kai with slightly solemn expressions.

The blow just how was not only fast but also powerful, almost on par with what their Demon Race cultivators could do.

“Seems you have a bit of skill,” Pan Lang muttered, somewhat shocked, looking over Yang Kai, not the slightest bit worried about his fallen companion, “No wonder you dare act so crazy.”

“En, good!” The others also nodded.

Yang Kai frowned as he stared towards the Demon Race cultivator who he had just sent flying.

He was quite clear about how much strength he had just used and had thought that this Demon Race cultivator would be instantly knocked unconscious, but Yang Kai found that this was not the case. The Demon Race cultivator that he had just beaten coughed a few times before staggering to his feet and although it was obvious he was in some pain, his predominant emotion right now seemed to be anger.

“How are you feeling?” Pan Lang asked.

The Demon Race cultivator traced the area he was struck a few times and quickly said, “A few broken ribs, but nothing serious!”

“If it’s nothing serious than continue, give him a bloody lesson, don’t let him look down on us!” Pan Lang snorted.

“That was my plan!” The Demon Race cultivator replied as his burly figure suddenly shot forward with incredible speed, instantly closing the distance between him and Yang Kai.

As his opponent approached, Yang Kai clearly saw that a number of dark lines suddenly appeared on his face, making him appear even more fierce and violent.

These lines were quite strange and appeared like snakes, climbing up his face. With the appearance of these black tattoos, the momentum of this Demon Race cultivator changed dramatically and his strength suddenly shot up.

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