Martial Peak

Chapter 645, Enviable Treatmen

Li Rong’s words and expression were completely serious.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know what it meant to swear an oath in name of the Great Demon God, he could feel Li Rong’s sincerity from her tone and demeanour.

[Was she scared by the Solitary Golden Eye? What other reason could the Lord of Demon God Citadel have for suddenly changing her attitude towards me by so much?] Yang Kai frowned and couldn’t understand.

However, this guess was also somewhat unbelievable, Li Rong was a Saint Realm master so her courage couldn’t possibly be so small.

Gently nodding, Yang Kai smiled, “Don’t be so nervous, I believe you.”

Li Rong couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, seemingly having a great weight lifted from her shoulders. After a brief moment, the dignified air about her returned and she continued, “I am well aware of your means now. Good. From now on, Demon God Citadel will provide your with all the support you need, you can be at ease while you continue to study Alchemy here, I will see to everything else.”

Saying so, Li Rong waved and dismissed the barrier around the stone room before turning around and walking out.

Just as she was about to leave, she glanced back and said, “Right, if you feel bored here and need a change of scenery, you can let Guan’er take you out, Demon God Citadel will place no limits on your freedom.”

“En, thanks,” Yang Kai’s eyes flickered.

After Li Rong left, Yang Kai shook his head. He was keenly aware that this mature beauty’s attitude towards him had undergone a dramatic change, and although she tried to hide it, this change directly manifested itself in her very demeanor.

Unable to understand no matter how he thought about it, Yang Kai simply didn’t bother trying anymore and decided to focus on his alchemic studies again.

Outside the stone room, as Li Rong strolled out, she couldn’t help stealthily glancing back a few times, a hint of excitement flashing across her eyes. Guan’er soon rushed up and worriedly asked, “Mistress, is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine,” Li Rong shook his head slightly before seriously saying, “Continue to take care of him.”

“Oh, en.”

Finished what she had to say, Li Rong’s tender body flickered and disappeared.

After the time it would take to drink a cup of tea, outside the deepest room of Demon God Citadel, Li Rong reappeared, quickly opening a heavy stone door before rushing inside.

This secret room was protected behind multiple barriers and contained the most valuable treasures in all of Demon God Citadel and only the Lord of Demon God Citadel was eligible to enter.

After Li Rong stepped inside, she walked over to a corner and took out a thick ancient book from one of the shelves. This ancient book had been left unattended for a long time and was covered in a thick layer of dust; however, Li Rong seemed to be in a great hurry and didn’t pay any attention to this, quickly brushing off this dust and then flipping the book open.

A moment later, Li Rong’s beautiful eyes fixed on a certain page inside the ancient book, attentively staring at its content, her breathing gradually becoming rapid as a look of excitement appeared on her face.

Only after a long silence did Li Rong put down the ancient book and close her eyes. Taking a deep breath to calm her racing heart, she sunk into a deep state of contemplation.

Upon opening her eyes again, Li Rong had regained her composure and a determined light appeared in the depths of her eyes, seemingly having made some kind of important decision. Placing the ancient book back onto the shelf, she swiftly left.

The next day.

As Yang Kai was once again immersed in Alchemy, the door to the stone room was suddenly opened and, under the leadership of Guan’er, a large group of Demon Race people came in.

Yang Kai was startled by this sudden visit and couldn’t help feeling a bit confused. In that moment, his True Qi became unstable and soon, black smoke appeared from inside the Pill Furnace in front of him. The herbs he had been refining had been reduced to ashes.

Guan’er ignored him and instead directed these Demon Race people about the stone room.

Yang Kai stared at this scene for a while trying to figure out what was going on but as time passed his expression only became more confused.

He quickly noticed that these people hadn’t come here to make trouble; rather, they seemed to be here to tidy up and decorate his stone room.

A large comfortable looking bed was carried in by them and placed in the corner of the stone room while new tables and chairs were also brought in, still others put together an elegant incense burner nearby before finally, a group of pretty maidservants placed a number of delicious looking dishes and fine wines onto the table.

Soon, a delicate fragrance quite unlike the burnt smell of ash filled the stone room.

After this team of people finished furnishing and decorating, the originally cold and dreary stone room had undergone earth-shaking changes and now had a warm, welcoming feeling to it.

Yang Kai brow furrowed and his heart was filled with doubts.

When everything was done, Yang Kai beckoned to Guan’er, “Come over.”

Guan’er shot him a glance that seemed to be filled with unwillingness and narrowed her eyes slightly before asking, “What’s the matter?”

“What is all of this?” Yang Kai asked directly, motioning towards the various changes in the stone room.

“Senior Li ordered us to take good care of you.”

“Even if that’s the case, isn’t this a bit much? What reason do you have for doing all this?” Yang Kai asked warily. Demon God Citadel not limiting his freedom and providing him with Alchemy materials was already better treatment than Yang Kai had expected, yet now Li Rong was suddenly treating him like an important guest, naturally he was somewhat suspicious.

“That’s what I want to know,” Guan’er grumbled, looking Yang Kai over, “You mean despicable human, did you say something sly to Senior Li in order to trick her into treating you so well?”

“Do you think she’s someone who could be so easily swindled?” Yang Kai sneered.

“You don’t have the skill!” Guan’er yelled, “Anyways, don’t ask me, right now I’m just following Mistress’ orders and am just as confused as you are. In any case, the things here are yours to do with as you please.”

Saying so, Guan’er waved her hand and led this large group of people out.

After they left, Yang Kai began to inspect everything that had been delivered.

There were no problems with the food or wine; on the contrary, everything seemed to have been carefully prepared. Although Yang Kai didn’t recognize many of the ingredients used, he could feel the subtle energy fluctuations from these dishes. This food seemed to be able to quickly supplement both his physical and spiritual strength.

The large bed was also a high quality item. Once again, Yang Kai didn’t know what materials it had been crafted from, but he did notice a number of Spirit Arrays were engraved on it. If he were to meditate on it, the rate at which he could restore himself would increase dramatically. Last but not least, among some other miscellaneous items Guan’er had brought him, there was a number of Crystal Stones.

Were they really regarding him as an important guest? Yang Kai wondered as he held swept his eyes over the dozens of Crystal Stones in front of him.

Demon God Citadel’s people had been sealed in this Mysterious Small World for centuries so Crystal Stones should be a rarity for them, yet all of sudden Li Rong had actually given him a few dozen of them, this was clearly a massive loss.

[What the hell is going on?]

Thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai soon gave up and turned his attention to the food in front of him. After filling his belly, he sat on the bed for a while to restore himself before continuing with his Alchemy studies.

From then on, every day, Guan’er would bring him some carefully prepared food and drink, Yang Kai would indulge in these delicacies, meditate for some time, and then return to refining pills. Following such a routine, his proficiency in Alchemy rapidly increased.

After just two months, Yang Kai could now easily refine Heaven Grade Top-Rank pills even without relying on the assistance of a Spirit Array.

Li Rong would also appear from time to time to observe Yang Kai’s growth.

Yang Kai’s stunning rate of improvement greatly satisfied her, a warm smile becoming more and more commonly seen upon her beautiful face while a kind of radiant glow seemed to linger about her.

As long as Yang Kai maintained this rate of progress, provided with sufficient materials, it would only be a few years before he would be capable of refining Saint Grade pills.

This kind of growth far exceeded her expectations, so Li Rong was naturally happy.

However, Yang Kai was keenly aware that this beautiful woman seemed be somewhat fearful of talking to him face-to-face now. Every time she came to observe him, she would do so stealthily and always from a distance, normally choosing to consult with Guan’er rather than see him in person.

During these few months, Yang Kai also learned a lot about this Mysterious Small World while chatting with Guan’er.

This Mysterious Small World wasn’t small at all. Although the Demon Race people who are locked up here all technically belonged to Demon God Citadel, they were actually divided into four branches, each of which had their own leader.

Yang Kai had already met all four of these leaders; Li Rong, Han Fei, Hua Mo, and Chu Jian. All four of these individuals were powerful Saint Realm masters. Each of their territories was quite vast, so if one of them wanted to meet another, they would need to fly for at least half a day.

Among these four, Chu Jian had ambitions of replacing Li Rong and becoming the true master of Demon God Citadel. On the other hand, Han Fei and Hua Mo strongly supported Li Rong, forming a three-to-one advantage, so even if Chu Jian possessed great strength, his ambitions were basically impossible to fulfill.

Because the relationship between the leaders wasn’t harmonious, even the people of the four territories don’t see eye to eye. The citizens of Chu Jian’s territory were more militant but without any real enemies inside this Mysterious Small World, they had no choice but to suppress their violent impulses and cooperate, often leading to the citizens of the other three territories becoming victims of misdirected anger.

Although Li Rong and the other two leaders had repeatedly tried to control this situation, they could not contain it entirely.

The Demon Race had never been known for their calm or restraint.

Early one morning, after the people of Demon God Citadel woke up from a night of cultivation.

Outside Yang Kai’s stone room, Guan’er led a group of pretty maidservants who were carrying some delicious food, but before she reached the door, a young man suddenly blocked her path. This youth had a sharp nose and his eyes were somewhat narrow and sinister, letting out a great laugh he greeted her, “Ms. Gu Guan’er, good morning.”

Guan’er pretty face sank as she snorted back, “What do you want?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to say hello to you,” The young man laughed, “After not seeing you for a few months, Ms Guan’er has become even more radiant, have you perhaps made some progress in your cultivation recently?”

“None of your damn business.” Guan’er seemingly had great disdain for this young man, an obvious look of disgust apparent on her face.

“Now now, don’t speak such cold words; after all, we’ll be family one day,” The youth didn’t seem to care and continued laughing haughtily.

Guan’er face instantly became cold as she shot back in an icy tone, “Who’s going to become family with you? Can you at least try to hold back your shamelessness?”

“My father said that once I break through to the Transcendent Realm, he will ask Senior Li to give you to me, which means you’ll definitely be mine sooner or later, so what’s wrong with saying we’ll be family?”

Guan’er just sneered, “Senior Li will definitely not agree, so keep your fantasies to yourself.”

The youth curled his lips smugly and didn’t bother arguing with her anymore, instead staring at her and asking curiously, “What are you doing here?”

“That’s also none of your business, now get out of my way!” Guan’er pushed him aside and led the others into the stone room.

The young man frowned as he stared at the door to Yang Kai’s stone room for a moment before beckoning to someone nearby. Immediately after, a Demon Race man rushed over and asked politely, “What orders does Young Master have?”

“During my closed cultivation these past few months, what happened? How come there’s suddenly another human here?”

The man quickly explained about Yang Kai’s arrival, and even told the young man about the enviable treatment the former was currently receiving.

Listening to this, the youth’s eyes narrowed and flashed a wicked light, “You mean, Senior Li gave him several dozen pieces of Crystal Stone?”

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