Martial Peak

Chapter 644, Unexpected Developmen

Li Rong’s face kept changing, her brow wrinkling and relaxing, a look of puzzlement the only thing consistent.

This Human Race boy had dared to absorb more than a dozen Conflagrated Knowledge Seas into his Knowledge Sea and outwardly showed no signs of distress. The only reasonable conclusion was there was some secret hidden in his Knowledge Sea that could contain the damage these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas should have on him.

The mature, dignified beauty couldn’t help feeling somewhat curious.

Making a decision, with a wave of her hand, she erected a barrier around the stone room and then sat down opposite Yang Kai, stretched out her jade like hand, and delicately placed her finger onto his forehead.

In the next moment, a strand of Divine Sense was sent out from Li Rong’s Knowledge Sea and rushed into Yang Kai’s.

She wanted to see for herself what this boy was hiding.

Inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, a blazing hot aura lingered and even the water down below seemed to be boiling as wisps of burning flame leapt about.

As Li Rong quietly glanced around at this Knowledge Sea, a great storm welled up in her heart.

She clearly felt just how tyrannical this boy’s Knowledge Sea was. Even though he was only a Human Race brat at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, his Spiritual Energy was no worse than a peak Transcendent.

Although Yang Kai had previously demonstrated his Spiritual Energy in front of her, Li Rong now realized that at the time he had still been holding back.

The Human Race really was too deceitful!

Somewhere in the sky over the sea, a Soul avatar quietly floated, which was quickly identified by Li Rong as Yang Kai’s avatar.

Right now, in front of his Soul avatar, were a dozen or so flames which were no doubt the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas he had just absorbed. These Conflagrated Knowledge Seas each radiated a devastating power that warped the space around them, causing Yang Kai’s entire Knowledge Sea to look a turbulent, as if it was in danger of collapsing at any time.

Seeing this, Li Rong couldn’t help worrying.

“Senior Li, don’t you think it’s a bit inappropriate to spy on someone else’s inner secrets?” Suddenly, the Human Race’s Soul avatar turned its eyes towards where she was hiding.

Li Rong was stunned but quickly wore a helpless smile. She had thought that she could sneak into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea without being noticed because of the vast difference in their strength, but she hadn’t expected his Spiritual Energy to be so strong or for him to be so vigilant of his surroundings.

Since she had already been discovered, Li Rong didn’t bother hiding anymore and instead directly showed herself and lightly flew towards Yang Kai, waving her hand and saying sincerely, “Sorry, I couldn’t suppress my curiosity and wanted to see what method you had to safely devour these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas; after all, this is our Demon God Citadel’s investment in you, as the Lord of Demon God Citadel. So, do I not have some right to monitor how they are used?”

“Does Senior Li not trust me?” Yang Kai grinned.

“Somewhat. We have not yet reached a point where we can truly trust one another, and taking lessons from the past, acting prudently is reasonable,” Li Rong smiled back.

Yang Kai nodded in agreement.

“So, can you let me see your means? Rest assured, I will only observe quietly and will not bother you,” Li Rong proposed, obviously she was worried that when Yang Kai tried to refine these Conflagrated The Knowledge Seas something might go wrong. If that really happened, if she was nearby, she might be able to help him.

Although he was aware of her good intentions, Yang Kai still shook his head slowly, “Everyone has their own secrets. I believe Senior Li had no intention of spying on my secrets when you snuck into my Knowledge Sea so I didn’t immediately drive you out because Senior Li is a woman worthy of trusting. Now that we have reached this point though, please don’t force me to do something that would damage this fragile trust.”

To assimilate these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, he had to use the power of the Solitary Golden Eye.

The moment when Li Rong snuck into his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai had quickly concealed the Solitary Golden Eye and Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus.

These things were secrets he didn’t want anyone to know about, and as long as Li Rong didn’t deliberately pry into his secrets, she shouldn’t be able to find them.

Hearing Yang Kai give her such a high appraisal caused an unnatural look to appear on Li Rong’s face; after all, regardless of her intentions, she had still secretly intruded into his Knowledge Sea. Yang Kai’s praise made her feel awkward.

“Do you really insist?” Li Rong bit her red lips and asked, not willing to give up so easily.

Yang Kai nodded firmly.

Li Rong sighed and finally relented, “Good, then I won’t insist. Please be careful though.”

Saying so, a potent Spiritual Energy emerged from her Soul avatar and wrapped around the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas.

There was no hostile intent behind this move; she just wanted to help Yang Kai as much as possible before leaving.

Yang Kai also knew this and naturally made no attempt to stop her.

However, something shocking happened the moment she acted. All of a sudden, Li Rong’s Soul avatar trembled and the Solitary Golden Eye, which had been hidden by Yang Kai, actually took the initiative to show itself.

The Solitary Golden Eye then slowly opened, completely ignoring Yang Kai’s attempts to control it.

Faced with its endless majesty, even the incredibly powerful Li Rong couldn’t help trembling violently, as if her Soul avatar would collapse in the next instant.

When the Solitary Golden Eye appeared, it gave off a pressure that made any who saw it feel like kneeling down and worshiping it.

The dozen or so unstable Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, as if they were being stared at by a hungry predatory, all became quiet and clustered together, as if trying to find some sense of security in each other.

Li Rong stared blankly, as if the only thing reflected in her eyes was this golden eyeball.

Yang Kai’s expression also changed drastically as he desperately tried to communicate with the Solitary Golden Eye; however, he received no response at all.

A beam of golden light suddenly shot from the Solitary Golden Eye and engulfed all of the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, purifying all of their remaining impurities in an instant. But the golden light’s power didn’t decrease at all and continued forward, striking Li Rong’s Soul avatar in the next moment.

Yang Kai stared dumbfounded at this scene!

Li Rong’s Soul avatar was also motionless and very quickly faded and disappeared.

When Li Rong’s Soul avatar disappeared, the Solitary Golden Eye slowly closed. Yang Kai glanced over at it with an ugly expression.

After a brief moment, Yang Kai grumbled in discontent and ignoring the purified Conflagrated Knowledge Seas in front of him, quickly pulled his consciousness out of his Knowledge Sea.

Hurriedly opening his eyes, Yang Kai saw Li Rong sitting in front of him. At this moment, her eyes were wide open and her entire body was stiff, her jade white finger still gently poking his forehead. Sweat was dripping down her brow as if she had just awoken from a terrifying nightmare, her beautiful face now completely pale.

Sweeping his surroundings with his Divine Sense and noticing that the stone room was sealed off from the outside world, Yang Kai relaxed slightly.

The destructive power of the Solitary Golden Eye was abundantly clear to him so he knew that Li Rong’s Soul avatar had likely been instantly wiped out.

This woman was the Lord of Demon God Citadel, if she were to die right before his eyes, he wouldn’t have any way to explain it. Forget about studying Alchemy anymore or searching for Su Yan and Little Senior Sister. Han Fei and Hua Mo would likely chop his corpse into ten thousand pieces and avenge Li Rong.

Desperately trying to calm his nerves, Yang Kai carefully swept Li Rong with his Divine Sense but to his surprise she seemed to be unharmed!

Despite the frightened expression on her face, neither her Divine Sense nor her body appeared to have suffered any harm, it was just that right now for some reason her thoughts seemed to be in chaotic state.

[What happened?] Yang Kai felt confused.

Every time the Solitary Golden Eye exerted its power, it would easily purify any foreign Divine Sense that entered Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, leaving behind only the original owner’s sentiments and Spiritual Energy, but this was not the case with Li Rong.

Was her cultivation too strong compared to his own? Was there some other unknown reason?

Regardless, Li Rong was safe and sound, allowing Yang Kai’s mood to improve greatly.

Staring at the nearly unconscious beauty in front of him, Yang Kai’s aura slowly became dangerous.

Just now, Li Rong had definitely seen his Solitary Golden Eye, so the thought of killing her couldn’t help coming to Yang Kai’s mind.

But after a brief moment of hesitation, he slowly shook his head and gave up this idea.

Killing Li Rong would bring him more trouble than it was worth.

Sitting back again, Yang Kai let out a long sigh. There seemed to be a great deal of noise outside his stone room, the people from Demon God Citadel had probably noticed something was wrong and had begun to gather here. Yang Kai could also hear Guan’er’s voice from time to time, seemingly trying to call out to him.

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to her calls.

Even after waiting for a while, Li Rong still didn’t react, so Yang Kai also ignored her and once again immersed his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea and began absorbing the purified Conflagrated Knowledge Seas.

Yang Kai had asked Li Rong for these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas because he saw some records in the ancient books that cultivators with Conflagrated Knowledge Seas could enhance themselves by devouring the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas of others.

Yang Kai had acquired his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea when he had refined the Jade True Spirit, so although its temperature was blisteringly hot, relatively speaking, it wasn’t too strong. If he could refine more Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, his own would undoubtedly become more powerful.

This would yield great benefits to Yang Kai with regards to his future Soul strength as well as his study of Alchemy.

So when he learned that Li Rong had more than a dozen Conflagrated Knowledge Seas in storage, Yang Kai was inevitably tempted.

The process of absorbing these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas was relatively simple and easy, and the effects on his Knowledge Sea were immediately apparent.

The patches of burning flame-like seawater became larger and denser, the power contained within them increasing several fold. Yang Kai’s current Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was now incomparable to the one he originally had.

This was a huge harvest and Yang Kai was quite satisfied.

When he pulled his consciousness from his Knowledge Sea once more, Yang Kai realized that Li Rong had already extracted herself from her abnormal state. Now, this mature beauty who always seemed so calm and wise was staring at him with a look of confusion on her pretty face.

When their four eyes suddenly met, Li Rong seemed somewhat frightened and hurriedly shifted her gaze.

“Are you alright?” Yang Kai asked.

Li Rong slowly nodded.

“Do you remember what you saw a moment ago?” Yang Kai solemnly asked.

Li Rong hesitated for a moment before nodding once more, but she immediately followed up, “You don’t have to worry, I won’t say anything regarding this matter.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai’s said with a curious expression.

Li Rong so anxiously saying this was almost as if she was eager to show good will towards him, which from Yang Kai’s perspective was quite odd, so he was somewhat at a loss as to what to say now.

“You don’t trust me?” Li Rong knit her brow, “I can swear an oath in the name of The Great Demon God that without your explicit permission I will not tell the second person about anything I just witnessed!”

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