Martial Peak

Chapter 643, Is He Courting Death?

Hua Mo obviously didn’t like how Yang Kai still dared to bargain with them even though he was essentially their captive.

Yang Kai just smiled lightly though and replied, “Then maybe, when I become a Saint Grade Alchemist, when I’m helping you refine the pill you need, I can ‘accidentally’ make some mistakes.”

Hearing this thinly veiled threat, the expressions of everyone else in the room became bad, with Han Fei even sending a murderous gaze towards Yang Kai

“You dare?!” Hua Mo angrily roared.

However, Li Rong reached out and stopped Hua Mo, calmly turning her attention to Yang Kai, “Such matters are things to be considered far from now, and I believe that as long as we meet your requirements, there will be no need for you to do such things, yes?”

“Depends on my mood,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and assumed an indifferent posture.

“Name your requests then. I just mentioned to Guan’er that as long as your requests are not excessive, we will satisfy them unconditionally, and now, in front of you, I will make the same commitment,” Li Rong smiled slightly, not showing the slightest bit of anger.

Yang Kai glanced over at her and found that this dignified beautiful woman really had a quiet and gentle temperament. Her benevolence seemed to come straight from her soul. Moreover, she was a natural born leader, far more mature than Yun Xuan. Her eyes contained a wise and calm light that made those around her involuntarily feel a sense of comfort and intimacy.

When she spoke these words, the slight resistance and hostility in Yang Kai’s heart disappeared.

Smiling lightly, Yang Kai quickly spoke, “I want Conflagrated Knowledge Seas!”

Li Rong, Han Fei and Hua Mo’s look changed slightly but Li Rong quickly laughed to conceal this gaff, “Aren’t you already in possession of a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea? You suddenly asking us for Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, are you perhaps trying to be difficult?”

Yang Kai remained calm and stared towards Li Rong meaningfully, “Let’s not waste each other’s time, you know what I mean.”

The three Seniors suddenly went silent.

Seeing their silence, Yang Kai knew that there was a chance so he quickly struck while the iron was hot, “What use are the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas you have stored up? Do you want to cultivate your own Alchemist with a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea? Heh, I advise you to give up now, if I didn’t guess wrong, you should have already tried this and know what the consequences are. To put it simply, your Demon Race people’s physique is not suitable for Alchemy!”

“You seem to know a great deal,” Hua Mo was a little surprised. The things Yang Kai had just said were basically true, which meant he knew some of their most hidden secrets, a fact that nearly made him speechless.

“Thanks to the ancient book that were left here, there were quite a few hidden records included.”

“Hateful Humans!” Hua Mo gnashed his teeth, the ancient books that were left here had been checked by them extremely carefully to ensure that no information detrimental to Demon God Citadel was recorded in them, otherwise they wouldn’t have let Yang Kai so casually read them.

But apparently, some information that could only be understood by Alchemists was still left behind!

Li Rong eventually nodded, “Indeed, we do have a dozen sealed Conflagrated Knowledge Seas on hand. These Conflagrated Knowledge Seas are the legacy of the Human Race cultivators who were sent here by Coffin Slave Senior over our many years of captivity. Through some special methods we have preserved them in almost perfect condition.”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed brilliantly when he heard this and unconsciously licked his lips, “I want all of them, if you give them to me, I will certainly fulfill your wishes!”

“It’s not impossible to give them to you,” Li Rong frowned slightly, “As you said, we have really had thought about trying to cultivate our own Alchemist with a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, but our Demon Race people’s physique, even if it is incredibly strong, for some unknown reason, is really not suited to Alchemy, so whenever one of our clansmen tried to refine one of those Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, their Knowledge Sea would quickly be incinerated and they would die.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly and knew that his guess was right.

Being locked up in this Mysterious Small World for so many years, Yang Kai would never believe that these Demon Race people solely relied on capturing cultivator from the outside world that had Conflagrated Knowledge Sea to free themselves from their imprisonment. Obviously they had attempted to find alternative solutions but hadn’t made significant progress.

“Your Demon Race is interesting, your physical strength is much stronger than any other race, but why can’t you study Alchemy?” Yang Kai smiled, taking some pleasure in others’ misfortune.

“It’s only natural, because our physiques are too strong, if we could also become skilled in Alchemy, would there be any space for other races in this world?”

“Of course that doesn’t mean that no one from the Demon Race can be proficient in Alchemy. The most outstanding Alchemist in Tong Xuan Realm’s history comes from our Demon Race, even the Alchemy Grandmasters of your Human Race could only admit defeat before him!” Han Fei shot back.

“Oh? Was there such a character? Who was he?”

Li Rong slowly shook her head, apparently reluctant to say any more, bringing the conversation back to its original topic, “The Conflagrated Knowledge Seas we have left really don’t have much use to us, so if you want them we can give them to you, but can you guarantee that you can safely refine them and not die? If you die, we will be very troubled; after all, it is very difficult to find someone like you, on average Coffin Slave Senior takes a decade or so to find one.”

“Do you think I’m someone who acts recklessly with his life?” Yang Kai grinned.

Li Rong stared at him deeply and after a long time, nodded, “Then I will meet your requirements. I hope you don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch again.”

“Happy doing business with you!”

Li Rong smiled, turned, and walked away, her soft voice gently drifting over as she left, “I will send the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas to you tomorrow.”


Han Fei stared at Yang Kai coldly and warned, “You only have ten years, if you can’t satisfy our request within ten years, I will let you experience what it means to live a life worse than death!”

This icy woman seemed to be holding a grudge for Yang Kai’s comments about her appearing cold on the outside but warm inside. Now being target by her, Yang Kai felt slightly helpless.

The three Saint Realm masters left, and even Guan’er quickly disappeared.

The next day, Guan’er brought a dozen or so containers made of fine white jade, each of them about the size of a fist, all of them wrapped in dense Spirit Arrays that formed some kind of elaborate seals.

Placing these dozen containers in front of Yang Kai, Guan’er coldly snorted, “These are the things you asked for.”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he quickly picked up one of them, but just as he was about to use his True Qi to break its seal, Guan’er expression changed dramatically as she called out, “What are you doing?”

“Breaking the seal and absorbing it,” Yang Kai smiled brightly.

“Are you insane?” Guan’er shouted anxiously, “The owners of each of these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas were all Transcendents, their Knowledge Seas were all far stronger than yours, if you rashly try to absorb them, you’ll be burned to death just like the members of my clan that tried to refine them! Please tell me you’re joking!”

“I’m not joking!” Yang Kai shook his head casually.

“Isn’t there a safer way?” Guan’er asked urgently, “When you said you wanted these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas yesterday, Senior Li thought that you had a safe way to absorb them, otherwise she wouldn’t have given them to you so easily, if this was your plan all along, then…”

“This is what I was planning to do from the start. Now, if you don’t want to die, move farther away.”

“Wait, I’ll go get Senior Li, wait for her to arrive.” Guan’er hurriedly said, rushing out of the stone room, apparently wanting to report the situation to Senior Li so she could make a decision.

“Before Senior Li arrives, don’t act rashly!”

As soon as she spat out these words though, Guan’er noticed a blistering aura that unconsciously made her feel uneasy.

This heat was not something physical, rather, it felt more like her very soul was burning. This burning heat greatly affected Guan’er’s Soul, the pain was difficult to describe.

Her beautiful eyes going wide, Guan’er rushed out in a flurry, afraid that her Soul really would be turned to ash if she remained.

Looking back, she saw that the entire stone room had become a sea of red and the space seemed to warp from the intense heat. A cluster of visible flames quickly formed. This cloud of flame not only contained the remnants of a powerful cultivator’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, but also the residual thoughts and consciousness that cultivator left behind when they died.

However, this blistering heat that made Guan’er so fearful seemed to have no affect on the Human Race brat.

He simply sat in the same place, a look of excitement on his face.

Suddenly, a terrifying suction force seemed to emerge from his forehead and in the blink of an eye, all the power of the Conflagrated Knowledge Sea was swallowed up by him and disappeared.

Guan’er was dumbstruck as she stared at this incredible scene, almost forgetting to breathe.

The stone room was once again calm, but Yang Kai was seemingly not satisfied and quickly began unsealing all of the other jade containers.

Guan’er’s face went pale as she shouted out in alarm, “Lunatic!”

Guan’er hurriedly escaped from this place without looking back.

A single unsealed Conflagrated Knowledge Sea had already given her an extremely dangerous feeling. If several of them were to suddenly appear at once she definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

A blast of heat erupted from the stone room a moment later and Guan’er, who was rapidly fleeing, was struck hard and nearly tumbled to the ground. By the time she had regained her balance, several people from Demon God Citadel, who had been alerted by this disturbance, had arrived.

Li Rong also appeared in a flash and asked solemnly, “What happened? Didn’t you just send him the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas we had in storage? Why did all of their seals suddenly fail?”

“The seals didn’t fail, he undid them himself…” Guan’er desperately wanted to cry but was unable to shed any tears, quickly explaining what had happened, “I tried to stop him but…”

“Is he courting death?” Even the normally calm Li Rong couldn’t help calling out anxiously before she charged into the stone room. Although she had agreed to give Yang Kai these Conflagrated Knowledge Seas, she hadn’t expected Yang Kai who always seemed to composed to suddenly act so recklessly.

How could he possibly survive if he was to suddenly undo all of those seals?

But after rushing into the stone room, Li Rong couldn’t help staring in shock.

Because she found that the blazing heat she had felt a moment ago had suddenly completely disappeared and the human kid in front of her not only didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries , but was actually sitting there with a look of joy upon his face.

Obviously, in that instant, he had absorbed all of the Conflagrated Knowledge Seas she had given him.

Li Rong’s expression cramped as her brow furrowed, suddenly discovering that she couldn’t completely understand this Human Race boy.

More than a dozen Transcendent Realm masters’ Conflagrated Knowledge Seas was something even she didn’t dare contact easily, but this Human Race kid had actually drawn all of them into his own Knowledge Sea without any hesitation.

What exactly gave him the confidence to act so daringly?

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