Martial Peak

Chapter 642, Calmly Studying Alchemy

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Inside the huge stone room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in front of a water tank-sized pill furnace, slowly injecting his True Qi into it while concentrating on forming a simple Spirit Array.

After a while, the Spirit Array was successfully formed, and Yang Kai orderly put a series of herbs into the furnace while refining their medicinal essences with his True Qi.

Soon, these herbs were all refined into medicinal liquids and were gathered together into a single mass. Under the dual action of the Spirit Array and Yang Kai’s True Qi, this ball of liquid slowly underwent some subtle changes.

A faint medicinal fragrance began leaking from the furnace and Yang Kai become more and more focused.

A short time later, Yang Kai’s eyes shot open and his hands formed a series of seals while he rapidly injected his True Qi into the furnace. In the next instant, a round yellow-colored pill shot out of the pill furnace and was swiftly caught by Yang Kai.

The pill was still warm and after giving it a quick sniff and inspecting it’s quality, Yang Kai gently nodded.

Earth Grade Top-Rank!

With his current skill and experience, he could now easily refine Earth Grade Top-Rank pills.

Placing the finished pill into a nearby jade bottle, Yang Kai closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing for a moment before beginning this process all over again.

Inside the stone room where he lived, there was a big pile of herbs that had been provided to him by the Demon Race people here. With materials being provided to him freely, Yang Kai only needed to concentrate on improving his Alchemy skill.

Yang Kai didn’t show any signs of impatience or unease; even though he was sent here by the Coffin Carrying Man and although the task the beautiful woman needed him to complete wasn’t simple, Yang Kai still found this place somewhat comfortable.

Up until now, although he had wanted to study the Alchemic Way, Yang Kai had always been short on funds and was unable to buy the necessary herbs; his only real practical experience was the ten day period he had spent experimenting in Bold Independent City.

Now suddenly presented with such good conditions, being whole heartedly trained by these Demon Race people, Yang Kai was naturally not in a hurry to leave, not to mention even if he wanted to go he couldn’t.

He now knew that the mature beauty who had first greeted him who was called Senior Li, the beautiful woman with an icy temperament, the old man, and the annoying Chu Jian, were all Saints.

Faced with such powerful masters, Yang Kai wasn’t interested in disgracing himself by trying something stupid.

Now what he had to do was improve his Alchemy skills. Yang Kai not only found he enjoyed Alchemy, but by repeatedly using his True Qi to delicately portray Spirit Arrays and manipulate medicinal essences, his own strength and state of mind also improved as well, a very gratifying result.

The young girl Guan’er was responsible for monitoring Yang Kai’s movements so she would often sit in the same spot a few hundred meters from him and observe his progress.

Seeing Yang Kai successfully refine another pill, Guan’er couldn’t help smiling happily and clenching her fist, almost as if she was the one who had been the one to accomplish this.

When the air beside her began to warp, Guan’er was surprised for a moment before quickly composing herself.

A moment later, the beautiful Senior Li appeared, and this time she was accompanied by the icy woman and the old man as well.

“Greetings, three Lords!” Guan’er quickly greeted.

The three people gently nodded before turning their attention towards Yang Kai, the beautiful Senior Li asking, “How is his progress?”

“Very good,” Guan’er replied seriously, “It’s really quite surprising but he seems to be very talented in Alchemy. I can tell that before now he hadn’t had much experience performing Alchemy but in less than one month his skill has risen to the point where he can easily refine Earth Grade Top-Rank pills and in a few days, I believe he should be able to refine Heaven Grade pills.”

“Is he really so talented?” Senior Li’s beautiful eyes lit up, a look of expectation appearing on her face.

The last time she had come here and had a long talk with Yang Kai, although she was satisfied with his attitude, when she heard that he had only just begun experimenting with Alchemy, she couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

Among the dozens of people who had come before Yang Kai who possessed Conflagrated Knowledge Seas there were a number who had never been exposed to Alchemy before. Those people, with no exception, after ten years, all had terrible achievements in the Alchemic Way.

As such, Senior Li didn’t expect much from Yang Kai at the time, thinking he would be like those people.

But now, after listening to Guan’er’s comments, Senior Li found herself pleasantly surprised.

This young boy seemed to be very different from his predecessors.

“Senior Li, if this boy continues to progress at this speed, within ten years, he may really be able to refine Saint Grade pills!” The old man caressed his white beard and gently nodded, his wrinkled face filled with a look of expectation.

“His performance is really reassuring, but right now, there’s still a big problem in front of us…” The icy woman cut in.

Listening to her words, both Senior Li and the old man’s expressions couldn’t help sinking.

“What problem?” Guan’er asked in confusion, glancing at the faces of the three seniors and realizing that there was some kind of difficult issue.

Senior Li smiled softly and replied, “It’s a matter of materials. The Mysterious Small World we live in is quite vast, but the materials produced are still limited, and after so many years of collection, the output is no longer as good as it once was. I don’t know if the materials we have on hand are enough to train him to become a Saint Grade Alchemist. If there aren’t enough…”

Guan’er suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem.

If this outsider wanted to continue raising his skills, he would need to use an incredibly large number of spirit herbs to practice. Only by accumulating vast amounts of practical experience would his Alchemy techniques reach the level they required of him.

The Demon Race believed in their physical strength, and because of the nature of the Demonic Qi within their bodies, they were basically unsuited to practicing Alchemy, so although they would occasionally collect herbs, they would normally just consume them raw and the benefits they obtained would be minimal.

Regarding this, many amongst the Demon Race were quite envious of the Human Race’s Alchemist, and they would also spend great sums of money to buy pills from the Human Race.

And so for countless years, the Demon Race people who lived here had collected and eaten a large number of herbs and although Senior Li had purposefully cultivated some herb gardens, the herbs they produced would still not be enough to fully cultivate Yang Kai.

“What should we do?” Guan’er was a little bit flustered. Now that they had finally seen a glimmer of hope, if all of their plans were to fail because they lacked enough raw materials, it would really be a pity.

“Can we let Coffin Slave Senior gather some herbs from the outside world?” Guan’er made a suggestion.

To her suggestion, Senior Li shook her head lightly, “Coffin Slave Senior has already passed on and only his remaining obsession to find those with Conflagrate Knowledge Seas allows his body to temporarily take action. We have no way of communicating other requests to him.”

The old man paused for a moment before angrily muttering, “Over the past hundred years, Chu Jian has never offered any herbs to Demon God Citadel, he should have a great many in storage!”

“You want him to ask him?” The icy woman’s eyes narrowed, “He won’t listen to you.”

“Senior Li is the Lord of Demon God Citadel, every member of our clan must heed her orders. If Chu Jian dares to ignore then he is guilty of rebellion!”

The icy woman just sneered, “He’s been rebelling for more than a few days now.”

Senior Li took a deep breath, her full chest undulating intoxicatingly for a moment before she let out a sigh, “Let’s set aside Chu Jian’s position for now, the herbs we have are still enough to support him for some time, we can discuss this issue again when it becomes a real problem.”

The icy woman and the old man both exchanged a glance and slowly shook their heads, thinking that Senior Li was being too lenient once again.

Her benevolence was quite a rare trait amongst those of the Demon Race.

“Guan’er, you continue taking care of him, if he has any requirements, as long as it is not too much, do your best to satisfy them,” Senior Li gave a command.

“En, understood,” Guan’er quickly responded.

The mature beauty glanced over at Yang Kai again but just as she and the two other Seniors were about to leave, Yang Kai seemingly sensed their gazes and turned his eyes towards them, grinning as he called out in a loud voice, “Perfect timing, I have something I’d like to ask you.”

Senior Li smiled lightly and together with the icy woman and the old man flickered and appeared in front of Yang Kai, softly asking, “What’s the matter?”

Yang Kai didn’t reply immediately, his eyes shifting back and forth.

The old man saw this and was quite dissatisfied, coldly shouting, “Human brat, take back your filthy eyes, otherwise this old master will teach you how to show proper etiquette.”

Yang Kai smiled awkwardly to this and replied, “I was just wondering what I should call you.”

Senior Li was stunned for a moment before she smiled gently, “My name is Li Rong.” Saying so, she lightly pointed to the icy woman and the old man and introduced them, “These two are Han Fei and Hua Mo, and of course you already know Guan’er, you can address us as Senior or by our names directly; after all, we are now a cooperative relationship.”

“Han Fei …” Yang Kai took a look at the icy woman and nodded gently, “Sure enough, a pretty name.”

Hua Mo’s expression couldn’t help becoming a little weird while Han Fei herself stared at Yang Kai coldly, “You’re not afraid of me? If those words were spoken by someone else with your pitiful strength, he’d be dead by now.”

No one had ever dared speak so flippantly towards her.

Yang Kai however just shook his head, “I just felt somewhat familiar with you.”

This time, the jaws of all the Demon Race people dropped.

“Don’t misunderstand, it’s just that I know another woman whose temperament is very much like yours, moreover, people like you generally appear cold on the outside, but inside… hehe,” As Yang Kai spoke, he couldn’t help thinking about Su Yan.

This bold evaluation seemed to greatly disturb Han Fei, her face flashing an unnatural look, but just as she was about to get angry, Yang Kai quickly changed the subject, “But I digress, let’s talk about business.”

“What do you want to say?” Li Rong asked.

“Since, as you say, we are now in a cooperative relationship, then I’ll get straight to the point. To be honest, I know that you’re still hiding some things from me, but here, I can study Alchemy without any worries, so I won’t ask you anything regarding what it is you’re concealing, everyone has their own secrets.”

Li Rong gently nodded, not denying Yang Kai’s assertions.

As the Lord of Demon God Citadel, she naturally wouldn’t explain everything to Yang Kai, an outsider. Concealing some things was only natural.

“However, if you want me to advance quickly, you’ll have to pay me a bit more; after all, no matter how comfortable you make things for me, I am still your captive. If I don’t take some more benefits, I’d feel somewhat uncomfortable,” Yang Kai grinned.

“You still want to snatch more benefits?” Hua Mo coldly snorted, “Human brat, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch. Us not limiting your freedom is already showing you a great deal of respect.”

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