Martial Peak

Chapter 648, Li Rong’s Asylum

Inside the main hall of Demon God Citadel, the noble and graceful Li Rong sat upon her throne and stared down at a number of high-level figures of the Ancient Demon Clan.

This group was composed of many of the strongest and most powerful people below the four Demon Commanders.

An old man with a Third Order Transcendent cultivation had a face filled with anger as he loudly shouted, “Senior Li, that Human Race brat dared to attack members of our Demon God Citadel and heavily wounded all seven of them. He must pay an appropriate price for this!”

“Agreed!” Another Second Order Transcendent old man stepped forward and indignantly added, “A trivial human dares act so arrogantly, even after receiving so much of Senior Li’s kindness and obtaining many benefits from our clan he still isn’t satisfied and even viciously attacks members of our clan, we must teach him a harsh lesson so he knows his place!”

The rest of the crowd all nodded and spoke out in agreement.

The Ancient Demon Clan was a proud race and was also quite short tempered. The seven children of their families had been seriously injured by Yang Kai, the most badly wounded of them having nearly died on the spot and would require more than half a year to fully recover. Such an incident was incredibly shameful to them, and naturally they wanted to seek compensation from Yang Kai.

However, everyone knew just how attentive Senior Li was to this Human Race brat, so before they acted against him, they naturally had to seek her opinion; after all, she was the Lord of Demon God Citadel.

“Do all of you have such thoughts?” Li Rong swept her eyes over the crowd and asked softly.

“Yes!” The Third Order Transcendent old man at the head of the group nodded repeatedly.

“Why?” Li Rong sat up, her crystal clear eyes flashing a hint of coldness as she stared towards him, “Because the one who was injured was Pan Lang, your son?”

The old man was slightly taken aback by Senior Li’s tone but still nodded calmly, “That is one of the reasons, but more importantly this is necessary to preserve the honour of our clan!”

“Senior Li!” Another person interjected, “The impact of this incident is bad, many of our clansmen have already gathered outside that Human Race brat’s stone room, hoping to teach him a lesson. We know that he has excellent aptitude in Alchemy and provides a glimmer of hope for our clan, but many amongst our citizens don’t know that. If we don’t give him an appropriate punishment to preserve Pan Lang and the others faces, our clansmen won’t be satisfied!”

Li Rong smiled lightly in response, “My Ancient Demon Clan believes in strength above all else, if one of us loses in a contest and needs his Elders to take revenge, wouldn’t that really be a loss of face? If Pan Lang has the skill, he can take it back himself.”

“Though that should be the case, the people are quite agitated right now and many of them are displeased with that human brat…” The old man, who was Pan Lang’s father, suddenly said solemnly, “The mood of our clansmen needs to be considered.”

Li Rong took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment before asking, “What do you propose we do to punish him?”

“That’s simple,” Pan Bo said coldly, “Since he broke the bones of so many of our clansmen, we should crush his bones as well, blood and blood, and a tooth for a tooth!”

“Do you want his life?” Li Rong expression became cold.

Pan Bo simply smiled, “Senior Li can rest assured that I will not let him die so easily; after all, he still has great use for our clan. In any case, as long as his ability to perform Alchemy is not affected it shouldn’t matter.”

Li Rong slowly shook her head.

Pan Bo was startled and shouted, “Senior Li, our clan has been imprisoned here for countless years. You understand what kind of state we’re in. We have been shackled for far too long and now that some friction has appeared, it has ignited everyone’s desire to fight, if this is not handled properly, it is very likely to have adverse consequences.”

“For example?”

“For example, if someone is dissatisfied, they might choose to serve Chu Jian instead!” Pan Bo said as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Li Rong maintained her gentle smile but her aura suddenly underwent a massive change, her former tranquility transforming into a majestic pressure.

All of the Transcendent Realm masters in the hall felt their hearts clench as they hurriedly lowered their eyes. Only at that moment did they suddenly remember that Senior Li was able to become the Lord of Demon God Citadel not just because of her wisdom and benevolence.

Hidden deep beneath her kindness, Senior Li also had great strength and dignity.

Li Rong exposed her immense aura for just a moment before quickly taking it back, silently staring at the people before her for a moment before seemingly coming to some kind of decision and speaking, “I will handle this incident personally while all of you will be responsible for retraining your retainers. Additionally, from today onwards, if anyone dares to find the trouble that Human Race boy, I will personally send him to meet Sir Demon God!”

Pan Bo and others expression all changed drastically as they stared towards Li Rong in shock, “Senior…”

“Were my words not clear?” Li Rong coldly snapped.

“We will obey Senior Li’s orders!” Pan Bo quickly lowered his head.

“Good, you may go,” Li Rong waved and added, “Duan Ya, you stay!”

A Demon Race master who had been silent the whole time nodded and remained where he was standing while everyone else left the hall.

After they left, Li Rong smiled helplessly and muttered to herself, “That human brat…”

“Senior, what instructions do you have?” Duan Ya asked.

“From today on, you are to stand guard outside that stone room. If you discover anyone trying to act against him, kill them without mercy!” Li Rong firmly declared.

Duan Ya’s eyes flashed a hint of a surprise, seemingly not having expected Senior Li to actually value that Human Race kid so much, hesitating for a moment before asking, “What if Pan Bo and they…?”

“They won’t lower themselves to deal with a junior personally, but on the off chance they do… I’ll handle them myself.”

Duan Ya nodded slightly and respectfully withdrew.

Outside the hall, Pan Bo’s expression was bitter. He, like Duan Ya, couldn’t understand why Senior Li valued Yang Kai so much.

Even if he had excellent aptitude in Alchemy, it didn’t make sense for her to shelter him so strongly.

His son, Pan Lang, was a leader of the younger generation of Demon God Citadel and, in the future, was very likely to become one of its strongest pillars. This time, he was beaten so badly that seeking justice was only natural, so Li Rong’s decision had greatly disappointed Pan Bo.

“What’s going on? Senior Li seems to care a great deal about that boy,” One of them whispered what everyone was thinking.

“It couldn’t be that Senior Li, towards him…”

“Stop! Just how noble is Senior Li? How could she possible… towards a lowly human…”

“This matter isn’t that simple, Senior Li wouldn’t act like this for no reason. There must be more to this situation that we are unaware of.”

“But in any case, Senior Li’s handling of this matter is truly unfair.”

Pan Bo’s expression remained sullen as he sneered, “If Senior Li continues to act so, she will lose the support of the clan sooner or later!”

Everyone glanced around at each other, and although they were unwilling to accept this result, they didn’t immediately say anything.

Inside the stone room, an invisible aura spread out around Yang Kai as he slowly opened his eyes.

His True Qi and Blood Force both pulsed excitedly.

Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage!

While he was immersed in Alchemy these past few months, Yang Kai didn’t even notice that his cultivation had reached the critical point before breaking through.

Over the past half a year or so his Solitary Golden Eye had absorbed the sentiments and insights left over from a great many masters. It could be said that before Yang Kai broke through to the Saint Realm, he should have no bottlenecks, as long as his accumulation of strength could keep up, he should be able to smoothly break through again and again.

However, without the last battle, Yang Kai guess he would have needed another month or so before breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage.

But a fierce and bloody battle had allowed him to break through a month in advance.

Fighting was really the best way to enhance one’s strength.

Investigating his surroundings with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai noticed that a great deal of Ancient Demon Clan people had gathered outside his tone room, each of the aura’s carrying a thick sense of danger as they eyed his house.

Inside the room, not far away from him, Guan’er was staring at him curiously, seemingly re-examining him, her beautiful lashes fluttering slightly as a light interest flickered across her eyes.

“You…” After seeing Yang Kai successfully break through, Guan’er ran over and smiled at Yang Kai, asking in a somewhat excited tone, “How did you beat Pan Lang and his lackeys into that state?”

Yang Kai laughed but didn’t answer.

“Was it really just you against all of them?” Guan’er showed a look of shock.

“Who else could there have been?” Yang Kai replied dismissively.

“Are you really so fierce?”

“What? Did you think I was weak?”

“I didn’t think you were weak, I just didn’t expect you to be so strong. How could a human… how could your body be so much stronger than our clan’s?” Saying so, her small hand reached out, seemingly wanting to feel Yang Kai’s muscles only to suddenly realize how embarrassing that act would be and quickly taking her hand back.

“You seem to be taking great pleasure in their misfortune, aren’t you?” Yang Kai looked at her with great interest, “Is there some kind of grievance between you and that Pan Lang?”

“It’s not that we have grievances, I just think he’s too annoying, always trying to get close to me. Now that you’ve beaten him so badly, I can finally relax for a while, so for that, I thank you very much, but… as an outsider, you’ve created some trouble for yourself now!”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled and thoughtfully glanced outside the stone room, “You mean them?”

“En,” Guan’er gently nodded, “Everyone gathered outside right now wants to drag you out and teach you a good lesson. No matter how strong you are, I don’t think you can confront so many of my clansmen at once.”

“I’d have to try before I knew.”

“Hmph, you’re certainly crazy enough, you humans… all of you can’t help bragging so arrogantly,” Guan’er sneered disdainfully but still reminded him carefully, “You should prepare yourself, right now Senior Li is meeting with the other Elders of the Citadel to discuss how to deal with this matter, if Senior Li doesn’t side with you, you’ll definitely be in for some pain.”

Staring at Yang Kai with a cunning look, Guan’er continued, “Because you helped me get rid of Pan Lang for a while, even if you end up injured, I’ll still take care of you.”

“Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed!” Yang Kai grinned, “Because Senior Li seems to be on my side, isn’t that so, Senior Li?”

As he said so, he turned his head to look at a certain spot.

There, the air twisted and a moment later, Li Rong arrived. Having heard his words, her pretty face couldn’t help showing a trace of surprise before she shook her head wryly and walked over.

“You’re really quite laid back aren’t you,” Li Rong sighed.

Yang Kai just shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t blame my clansmen for being so excited, they’ve been repressing themselves for too long. There’s only one person here who isn’t a member of our clan and now you’ve badly beaten Pan Lang and his followers, obviously, those outside aren’t willing to let things slide so easily,” Li Rong explained softly.

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