Martial Peak

Chapter 639, Together With Demons

After an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai finally woke up.

With the scene he had just encountered quickly resurfacing in his mind, Yang Kai’s expression sank and he quickly and quietly sent out his Divine Sense to explore his surroundings, trying to figure out what his current situation was.

However, after extending a few hundred meters away, Yang Kai found that his Divine Sense was blocked by some kind of invisible force.

Wherever he was right now, it seemed there was a barrier preventing him from snooping.

Reluctantly withdrawing his Divine Sense he slowly opened his eyes and an orange glow appeared before him. Yang Kai found that he was being held in a stone room, surrounded by cold stone walls, and above him, a number of egg sized stones had been installed to provide a soft illumination.

Sitting cross-legged, Yang Kai began running his healing art only to discover that he was unharmed. In fact, not only did he not have any injuries, even his True Qi did not show any signs of being sealed, providing him with a minute sense of relief.

He knew that he was captured by the Coffin Carrying Man, but as to why a legendary Saint Realm master had suddenly targeted him was still a mystery to Yang Kai, making it hard for him to understand his current predicament.

Out of so many people, why had the Coffin Carrying Man caught him? From beginning to end, Yang Kai had only used a bit of his Spiritual Energy to help Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu collect a pair of treasures.

Frowning in thought, Yang Kai came up with a couple of theories, but he couldn’t be sure if his guesses were correct.

Sitting on the ground, Yang Kai steadied himself while quietly waiting.

He knew that since the Coffin Carrying Man had not sealed his True Qi, he had no ill intentions towards him and had captured him for a specific purpose; thus, Yang Kai was certain he would sooner or later come to see him. As such, Yang Kai decided not to act rashly until he knew what was going on.

Time passed slowly, and after quite a while, Yang Kai finally heard a pair of approaching footsteps.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and glanced around calmly.

“Coffin Slave Senior seems to have sent another person in. Apparently, the newcomer is a skinny young man. Who knows if he has any useful skill?”

“There’s no use worrying about it, our job is just to bring him out. In any case, I don’t have any expectations, if he really is useless, when the ten-year deadline comes, he’ll die and that’ll be the end of it.”

“En, but Senior Li seems determined to fulfill our ancestors’ long-cherished wish. On the other hand, Sir Chu is actually more progressive; in fact, there’s nothing wrong with staying here.”

“Hey, don’t say too much, the ears have walls. You need to be careful, if someone hears you say such things they may tidy you up.”

The voices of the two men were clearly heard by Yang Kai, causing his face to become a little weird.

At first he thought one of them was the Coffin Carrying Man, but now it seems like things weren’t quite as he expected.

A moment later, there was a creaking sound as the door to the stone room opened. Standing in the entranceway were two men, one tall and one short, both of them staring coldly towards Yang Kai.

Taking note of their auras, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly.

Yang Kai found that the auras given off by these two were very different from any he had ever encountered before. They were slightly gloomy and cold and had an evil and violent air to them.

If he had to make a comparison, their auras were somewhat like Old Demon’s or his own after he used his Devil Transformation but significantly thinner.

[Demonic Qi?] Yang Kai thought to himself.

Looking at these two’s appearances, they did seem a bit different from ordinary people, their flat noses and narrow eyes gave them a sinister impression and there were a couple of strange lines seemingly tattooed onto their faces.

Seeing these lines, Yang Kai’s expression became even more confused.

Because when he activated his Devil Transformation, he too would be covered in such black tattoos and Yang Kai clearly knew that these tattoos contained enormous energy.

While such thoughts raced through his mind, Yang Kai maintained his composure and simply stared back at these two quietly.

“Woken up?” The taller man chuckled, “Good, since you’re awake, get up and come with us, our Lord wants to see you!”

Yang Kai frowned but did not object.

These two men were only at the Fourth Stage of the Immortal Ascension Boundary, so with Yang Kai’s current strength, if he wanted to kill them, it wouldn’t require any effort, but Yang Kai did not intend to do anything rash until he understood his current situation.

The two men performed their duties strictly, one of them leading the way while the other bringing up the rear to ensure that Yang Kai, who stood between them, did not try to pull any stunts.

As they walked, Yang Kai secretly investigated his surroundings.

Once he exited the stone room, after walking down a short hallway, Yang Kai and the two men climbed a long set of stairs; apparently he had been held underground until now.

After a long time, the trio exited the stairwell and set foot onto the surface.

When he finally came out, Yang Kai glanced around and couldn’t stop his eyes from narrowing slightly because he discovered that the scenery here was somewhat familiar to him.

Although it appeared to be night time, there were no stars or moon in the sky, only a dark swirling chaos…

Yang Kai stared blankly for a moment.

In his life, he seen such a place twice before.

Once was when he entered the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave near High Heaven Pavilion, and the second time was when Ling Tai Xu sent him into the Isolated World inside Nether Mountain.

Both times he had entered such isolated worlds; the scenery was too similar to the one in front of him now.

In that moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt like he had returned to the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave or the Isolated World in Nether Mountain, causing his expression to drop slightly.

“What are you stopping here for? Keep moving!” The man behind him shouted somewhat impatiently.

Yang Kai’s brow frowned as he regained his composure and glanced around, quickly discovering that not far away there were many men and women who were staring at him curiously, pointing at him and whispering amongst themselves.

These men and women, no matter who they were, all had similar dark tattoos on their exposed skin.

[Who are these people?] Yang Kai wondered to himself.

Not losing his temper, Yang Kai once again started walking, quietly examining the crowds around him just as they examined him.

Soon, escorted by the tall and short man, Yang Kai entered a spacious hall inside a grand building. Yang Kai noticed that the architectural style of this building, whether it was the interior or exterior, was somewhat different from what he was used to seemingly somewhat bolder and more aggressive.

Inside the hall, there were a number of huge columns with intricate fierce images carved on their surfaces.

Sitting on the highest seat in the middle of that hall was a beautiful woman wearing an elegant dress. Her style was excellent and her demeanor was dignified while her aura was temperate. Although her body seemed tender and delicate, Yang Kai instinctively felt it contained a terrifying power than made him feel quite nervous. To either side of this woman were a number of other people who were quietly standing at attention while silently examining him.

When Yang Kai walked in, the eyes of everyone in the hall lit up slightly, even the enchanting eyes of the beautiful woman at the head of the hall seemed to flash a trace of anticipation.

Yang Kai was secretly quite puzzled because in this hall, he didn’t see the Coffin Carrying Man, which was very different from what he had expected.

He had thought that the Lord the two men who brought him here were talking about was the Coffin Carrying Man, so when the one who appeared before him was a beautiful, mature, noble woman he couldn’t help feeling surprised.

Also, Yang Kai noticed that no one in this hall had the characteristic black tattoos all the other people he had seen in this place so far had.

Standing beside the beautiful mature woman was a young, delicate girl who wore a long yellow dress. This young girl had a simply beauty about her and upon seeing Yang Kai, her pair of sapphire-like eyes stared deeply at him as she whispered to the woman sitting beside her, “Mistress, this is the one Coffin Slave Senior brought in this time.”

The mature beauty gently nodded, her red lips moving slightly, “It’s been hard on him. Did Coffin Slave Senior receive any injuries this time?”

The tone of her voice, similar to how she appeared, was gentle yet dignified, it seemed like her personality was quite temperate.

The young girls shook her head in response, “It’s just some minor skin trauma. Those Human Race people are so hateful. Just because it’s inconvenient for Coffin Slave Senior to fight back they arrogantly attack him. If not, Coffin Slave Senior could easily kill all of them!”

“En, we’ve forced a great deal of hardship onto Coffin Slave Senior,” The Beautiful woman sighed slightly.

The people around her also shook their heads solemnly, seemingly quite distressed about this matter.

The mature beauty quickly composed herself and then turned her attention to Yang Kai, gently asking him, “Human, what is your name?”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, although he didn’t quite understand what was happening, through what he had just heard and observed, he quickly realized that the people gathered here weren’t members of the Human Race, his brow rising slightly as he hesitantly asked, “Demon Race?”

Only people from the Demon Race or Monster Race would call someone ‘Human’ when speaking to them! Moreover, from these people’s bodies, Yang Kai could feel traces of Demonic Qi which was quite different from human True Qi.

The mature beautiful woman’s face flashed a bit of surprise, seemingly not having anticipated that this young man in front of her had so quickly seen through their identity, and even after knowing who they were didn’t show any signs of panic.

In the past, when Coffin Slave Senior sent some people into this domain, all of them had either plead for mercy, cried miserably, or tried to fight back against them. There had never been a case where they had remained so calm and indifferent like this young boy.

“You really are from the Demon Race!” Seeing the reactions of these people, Yang Kai confirmed his hypothesis, “Is this place inside the Demon Land? For what reason did you capture me?”

“Impudence!” The young girl couldn’t help shouting as she glared angrily towards Yang Kai, “Respond to my Mistress’ question and don’t ask any unnecessary questions! If you dare speak any more nonsense, I’ll pull out your tongue!”

However, to this threat, Yang Kai just chuckled.

“What are you laughing at!?” The young girl shouted even more angrily, “You think I’m just trying to frighten you?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded gently.


“Good,” The mature beauty raised her hand and stopped the young girl from shouting any further, turning an interested look towards Yang Kai as she asked, “You’re not afraid at all?”

Yang Kai just shrugged his shoulders.

“Why did you think Guan’er was just trying to scare you?”

“It was obvious,” Yang Kai snickered, “You caught me but didn’t injure me or seal my True Qi or Divine Sense, and when I arrived here, many of you showed expectant looks. I don’t know what it is you all want from me, but I do know you need me for something. Therefore, since you want my help, you definitely won’t hurt me before even asking.”

Inside the hall, many people suddenly laughed.

The young girl named Guan’er also couldn’t help staring at Yang Kai somewhat dumbfounded.

Showing an elegant smile, the beautiful woman at the head of the hall nodded, “The Human Race’s reputation for cunning is really well deserved.”

Not knowing if this comment was meant as praise or disdain, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling slightly uncomfortable.

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