Martial Peak

Chapter 640, Accepting Reality

The beautiful woman’s words sounded like appreciation but were in fact meant as a form of irony, so Yang Kai responded in kind, “The Human Race’s deceitfulness is only as well deserved as the Demon Race’s brutal fierceness.

“It seems your courage is not small,” The beautiful woman smiled helplessly, “Forget it, there’s no need to haggle of such trivial things. It’s easier to deal with smart people rather than idiots anyways. Good, since you’re so smart, do you have any guesses as to what we need your help with?”

“That’s the part I’ve been trying to figure out,” Yang Kai shook his head and replied honestly, “I don’t know what it is about me you that you took so much liking to that you actually let a Saint Realm master bring me here. If it’s convenient, could you explain it to me?”

Seeing Yang Kai speak in such a confident and relaxed manner, the beautiful woman’s interested in him became even stronger.

Deeply staring at Yang Kai for a while, the beautiful woman sat back in her seat and nodded gently.

Beside her, another beautiful woman with an icy temperament began explaining, “Your Spiritual Energy is different from ordinary people’s; that’s what drew our attention!”

“Sure enough…” Yang Kai smiled bitterly.

Yang Kai already had some guesses about this, because only after he used his Spiritual Energy did the Coffin Carrying Man begin paying attention to him.

“Do you have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?” Another old man which a long white beard asked, “If you don’t have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, Coffin Slave Senior would never have sent you into this place.”

At this point, denial was useless, so Yang Kai just nodded calmly, “Yes, I have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.”

Seeing him openly admit this, everyone in the hall showed some surprise, the mature beatify even staring towards Yang Kai with a look of anticipation as she asked, “Could you display your complete Spiritual Energy strength so we can see how much potential you have?”

Yang Kai frowned and thought for a moment before nodding, “Fine, but I still have some questions…”

“I can answer them for you!” The mature beauty readily nodded.

“Deal!” Yang Kai grinned and immediately released his Spiritual Energy.

In an instant, the entire blisteringly hot, as if it had been transformed into the inside of an active volcano.

Feeling this, the mature beauty showed a look of shock. She hadn’t thought that Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy would be so powerful and quickly had to use her own Spiritual Energy to protect the young girl beside her to prevent her from being affected. The icy woman and the old man also quickly reacted, using various means to protect the hall and the other people inside it.

After unleashing his full power for just a moment, Yang Kai quickly took back his Divine Sense.

The mature beauty, the cold woman, and the old man looked stared at him excitedly, like they had just seen a wondrous treasure.

“How unexpected, your Divine Sense is far more powerful than your cultivation would suggest, did you encounter some rare opportunity?” The beautiful woman speculated.

It was impossible under normal circumstances for a youth at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage to possess such potent Spiritual Energy, only a rare fortuitous encounter could explain this.

“That’s my business,” Yang Kai smiled faintly, “Can you answer my questions now?”

The mature beauty smiled slyly, “I can only tell you that we have no malicious intentions towards you. Not only that, but we assist you in your cultivation!”

Yang Ka’s eyes narrowed as he angrily asked, “You lied to me?”

The beautiful woman pursed her lips and giggled, “Deceiving others is a trick we learned from you humans.”

“I’ll remember you,” Yang Kai no longer said anything and just stared back at the mature beauty coldly.

As he said these words though, a very violent and cruel aura suddenly appeared and rapidly approached the hall.

Everyone inside the hall frowned, and even the mature beauty couldn’t help showing a helpless expression, as if she was not looking forward to seeing this newcomer.

Soon, a burly man with a thick chest, wearing only a pair of leather pants on his lower body, arrogantly strolled into the hall. He had a prideful look upon his face and his body exuded a thick malevolent aura. The first thing this newcomer did upon entering the hall was glance coldly towards Yang Kai before letting out a sneer and asking, “This is the human that Coffin Slave Senior sent in this time? He looks weaker than the last one. What use is such a waste?”

“Chu Jian, show some respect,” The old man shouted angrily.

The man named Chu Jian shot the old man a gloomy look before half-heartedly cupping his fist and bowing towards the beautiful woman at the head of the hall, “Greetings, Senior Li.”

The mature beauty nodded lightly, her expression indifferent as she responded in a composed tone, “Get up and take your seat!”

“There’s no need,” Chu Jian waved his hand, “I just heard that Coffin Slave Senior sent in another person so I decided to make a trip here to evaluate his worth, but now that I’ve seen him, I must say I am greatly disappointed. Senior Li, such a little brat, it’s better if we just kill him directly. Death ends all troubles, that way we can avoid giving our people false hope for the next ten years and wasting so many precious resources, sometimes, the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment. Don’t tell me, after failing so many times, Senior Li still hasn’t learned such a simple truth?”

“Chu Jian, lately you’ve been acting more and more rude. Have you forgotten the rules set down by our ancestors?” The old man roared furiously as he openly began gathering his strength.

Chu Jian’s aura also became dangerous as he snorted and shot back, “I’m just telling the truth! Our clan’s fate should not be handed over to an unknown Human Race brat. Even without borrowing some outsider’s help, I will lead our clan and break free from this cage, Senior Li, what do you say?”

The beautiful woman’s brow twitched imperceptibly, but still barely managed to maintain her calm smile, “It heartens me to hear that Sir Chu Jian has such strong feelings towards our clan, it is truly a blessing for our people. Then I look forward to the day when Sir Chu Jian can achieve such a result and fulfil our ancestor’s long-cherished wish.”

Chu Jian grinned meaningfully, shot a dismissive glance towards Yang Kai, and muttered, “Human Race brat, you best be careful, you’re not in the outside world anymore, in this place, who knows when your life might be in danger.”

Saying so, Chu Jian turned around and left.

The faces of everyone in the hall were quite ugly.

Yang Kai’s thoughts turned quickly and sorted through the information this situation had provided him.

It seemed like because of Chu Jian’s rude visit, the people in the hall no longer had any interest in continuing the current conversation. The mature beauty waving her hand somewhat helplessly, “Guan’er, take him to rest.”

“Yes,” The young girl made a polite gesture before leaving the beautiful woman’s side and motioning to Yang Kai, “Come with me.”

Yang Kai said nothing and calmly followed her.

After Yang Kai left, the old man let out a deep sigh, “Senior Li, Chu Jian’s attitude is becoming more and more rampant. We should act now to solve this problem. Allowing him to continue like this will inevitably lead to trouble.”

The mature beauty showed a look of hesitation but eventually did not answer.

Seeing this, the icy woman also added, “Mistress, the more benevolent you are to him, the more arrogant Chu Jian will become, we should teach him a lesson now so he knows his place.”

“I’ll take your advice under consideration,” The mature beauty smiled bitterly, “There aren’t many of our clan left, if we really start something with Chu Jian, I’m afraid… Both of you go back for now, after I’ve thought things through I’ll send someone to notify you.”

“En,” The icy woman and the old man gently nodded; both of them knew that this beautiful woman hated the idea of causing civil unrest which could lead to the loss of their clansmen’s lives, causing both of them to feel even more resentful towards Chu Jian.

Over the years, as Chu Jian’s strength and influence had grown and he had started to have some improper ambitions.

Accompanied by the pretty young Guan’er, Yang Kai strolled through the stone city, occasionally bumping into one or two demons along the way. As they walked though, Guan’er kept muttering to herself, seemingly cursing under her breath.

Seeing this, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “That Chu Jian doesn’t seem to put your Mistress in his eyes, does he?”

“That bastard!” Guan’er angrily cursed, “He thinks he’s so great, all he is, is a greedy wolf who wants to snatch power. If it weren’t for Mistress’ tolerant heart I don’t know how many times he would have died by now.”

“En, a woman’s benevolence can sometimes lead to trouble,” Yang Kai agreed.

“You’re not allow to speak ill of Mistress, Mistress is the world’s gentlest woman!” Guan’er turned back and glared at Yang Kai.

“Good, I won’t say any more,” Yang Kai raised his hands, “But can you tell me now, where is this place? Your all capturing me, what exactly do you want me to do?”

Guan’er smiled brightly and giggled, “Before Mistress allows me to, I won’t tell you anything. Although your Human Race is sinister and conniving, I’m not a three-year-old child; do you think I don’t know your trying to casually pry information from me?”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly.

“However, you can rest assured that we really will not harm you. On the contrary, as Mistress aid, we will help train you, and if you can accomplish the task Mistress has for you, you will gain a lot of benefits.”

“You mentioned you’d train me before, but in what?” Yang Kai asked, “What matter do you need me to do that requires my Conflagrated Knowledge Sea?”

However, to Yang Kai’s questions, Guan’er didn’t say any more, firmly sealing her lips.

Not long after, upon bringing Yang Kai to a stone chamber, Guan’er said, “Go inside, from now on, this place will be your residence. You don’t need to worry about anything for now, we’ll prepare everything you require. En, although no one will be monitoring your movements, don’t even think about trying to escape, there’s nowhere you can run. This place is a sealed space, there’s no way out.”

Yang Kai stared at her indignantly.

Guan’er grinned back, “It’s useless to glare at me, I’m just carrying out Mistress’ commands. Good, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

In this way, Yang Kai was pushed into the stone room, and after she closed the door, Guan’er simply walked away.

After she left, Yang Kai reached out and tried opening the stone door and found that he really could open it and that there truly was no one was around watching him.

However, in this kind of sealed world, where he was completely unfamiliar with the terrain, Yang Kai knew there was basically no hope for him to escape.

He also determined that no matter where he fled, the beautiful woman he had just met with could easily capture him and bring him back.

Accepting his current reality, Yang Kai’s state of mind quickly became tranquil; closing the stone door, her turned around and started exploring his new home.

From a quickly glance around, Yang Kai discovered that this place was actually quite spacious and was even larger than grand hall he had just been in, there was also a distinct medicinal fragrance that lingered inside the room.

In one corner of the room, there were several large and small medicinal cauldrons.

The biggest of these was as large as a water tank while the smallest was only slightly bigger than his palm.

On the ground nearby, there was a large pile of burnt materials that were the result of failed pills.

Yang Kai frowned.

This room seemed to be an Alchemist’s residence.

Examining the cauldrons, Yang Kai discovered that each of them was actually a pill furnace used to perform Alchemy.

In another corner, Yang Kai found a long table piled high with what seemed to be a mix of ancient books and handwritten notes.

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