Martial Peak

Chapter 638, Stared A

After this group of Transcendent Realm masters began attacking, in less than three breaths, more than a dozen unlucky cultivators were killed, either by the green gas or fallout from the battle.

And as the attack intensity of everyone increased, the amount of green gas emitted from the Coffin Carrying Man’s body also grew, spreading faster and faster!

Blood-curdling screams rang out one after another and many cultivators began using their movement skills to retreat or dodge this poisonous cloud.

Ji Yan waved his hand and wrapped up Yang Kai’s trio with a True Qi barrier before quickly bringing them a thousand meters away and a few dozen meters up from the battlefield. Casting a cold gaze down at the battle below, Ji Yan snorted, “Idiots! Did they really think that just because the Coffin Carrying Man doesn’t fight back there wouldn’t be any danger? “

Obviously, Ji Yan had some knowledge about what happened when the Coffin Carrying Man appeared, but not everyone was so well informed.

Xu Qi, Zuo Xing, and Yao Di did not cease their attack just because of the death of those cultivators; after all, the lives and deaths of those people had nothing to do with them, so they simply continued their assault, causing the green gas to spread faster and faster.

Soon, with the Coffin Carrying Man at its centre, a several kilometer wide area had been blanketed in green eyes.

Yang Kai quickly realized the cruelty of the world. For these high-level masters, as long as they achieved their goal, the lives of others were inconsequential.

As more cultivators were swallowed up by the green gas and melted into puddles of flesh and blood, many chose to retreat and, like Ji Yan, flew up into the sky.

Seeing their competition scatter, the group of masters became even more violent in their assault against the Coffin Carrying Man.

“Almost there?” Zuo Xing stared at the Coffin Carrying Man down below while continuing his attack, muttering to himself in anticipation.

“It should be soon,” Yao Di also nodded, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Sure enough, the Coffin Carrying Man below seemed to have suffered too much damage and finally began moving. His two unusually large hands slowly lifted up, and a harsh grating voice slowly leaked from his mouth, causing everyone’s ears to ring, “Take it… take it…”

This voice was like a helpless roar, filled with a deep sense of grief that caused people’s hearts to tremble.

In the sky above him, a glowing Spirit Array comprised of complex runes suddenly appeared. These runes were profound and mysterious and no one here understood what they meant.

But as soon as these runes appeared, the eyes of all the Transcendent Realm masters present flashed as they focused hard, seemingly trying to ingrain the structure of these runes into their minds so they could study them later.

Then, the runes flashed, and a ripple of energy propagated through the air, quickly followed by the emergence of many strange artifacts, pills, Secret Arts, and Martial Skills.

These artifacts, pills, Secret Arts, and Martial Skills appeared from the location of the Spirit Array’s runes, which allowed the surrounding cultivators to approximate their trajectory.

As soon as they saw this, the cultivators who were busily trying to escape suddenly cried out happily and pushed their movement skills even harder, chasing after these glowing treasures.

These things were the Coffin Carrying Man’s compensation for bringing destruction to the place he stopped, and although no one knew where he summoned these treasures from, everyone knew there were many good things among them.

A few of these rays of light also flew towards Yang Kai’s position. The disciples of Bold Independent Union all glanced towards Ji Yan, who gently nodded without a word.

The disciples Bold Independent Union were immediately overjoyed and flew out to intercept these lights to see if they could get any benefits.

Yang Kai remained where he was and watched indifferently, not having any interest in snatching these things, but Ruan Xin Yu and Yun Xuan both showed looks of interest.

When faced with mysterious unknown treasures, few people could remain indifferent, the two young women having some ideas was not unreasonable.

Soon, the strange treasures summoned by the Coffin Carrying Man were all snatched up, but under the fierce bombardment of the Transcendent Realm masters, the former continued mumbling the same two words while constantly summoning more items.

Just like a moment ago, a bunch of shining rays of light shot out. This time, Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu did not hold back anymore, jumping out of Ji Yan’s protective range and rushing towards some of these flying treasures.

Yang Kai simply shook his head, releasing his Divine Sense and slightly constraining the treasures the two young women were after.

Soon, the two women caught the unknown treasures and flew back, looks of joy upon their faces.

“What did you get?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

“It seems to be some kind of Secret Art, but I don’t know if it’s useful to me or not,” Yun Xuan raised the thing in her hand, “The Coffin Carrying Man also tosses out many damaged and useless things.”

“That happens as well?” Yang Kai stunned.

“En, it seems that he has been hoarding these treasures for a long time, so some of them being damaged is reasonable,” Yun Xuan smiled lightly.

As the two were talking though, Yang Kai suddenly felt that something was wrong. Frowning, he turned his eyes down towards the battlefield but upon doing so his heart clenched up.

Yang Kai noticed through the thick green gas, the Coffin Carrying Man seemed to be staring straight at him, a look of excitement seemingly flashing across his dull eyes.

Everyone else also noticed the abnormality of the Coffin Carrying Man and even Xu Qi, Zuo Xing and Yao Di temporarily stopped their assault. Following the eyes of Coffin Carrying Man, everyone was suddenly staring towards Yang Kai suspiciously.

“Brother Zou, what’s going on?” Xu Qi asked with a frown, “What is he staring at that little brat from Bold Independent Union?”

“This old master isn’t clear. Is there something special about him?” Zuo Xing released his Divine Sense and swept Yang Kai quickly before shaking his head.

With this initial probe, he couldn’t discover anything special about Yang Kai.

In the air, all the bystanders who were hunting for treasures also realized something was wrong and turned to stare at Yang Kai.

Yun Xuan quietly asked, “Yang Kai, is he looking at you?”

“Probably!” Yang Kai nodded, a cold chill running up his spine as he answered.

All of a sudden being stared at by a mysterious Saint Realm master would unnerve anyone. Even Yang Kai was quite confused, he didn’t know what he possibly could have done to attracted the Coffin Carrying Man’s attention; from the very start of this event, all he had done was use a bit of his Spiritual Energy.

“Found… one…” The Coffin Carrying Man said in the same grating voice, his somewhat decayed mouth slowly curving into a terrifying grin, revealing his jagged and irregularly shaped teeth, seemingly laughing in a silent and horrifying manner.

In the next instant, the Coffin Carrying Man’s aura changed abruptly and his knees began to bend, seemingly accumulating power into his legs.

“What’s he doing?” Someone muttered.

In all the legends, the Coffin Carrying Man’s action had always followed a set routine, yet now he had suddenly began to make a series of inexplicable moves.

“Keep your distance from me!” Yang Kai hurriedly shouted. When the Coffin Carrying Man began to move, Yang Kai suddenly felt a tremendous sense of crisis, madly pushing his True Qi and activating his movement skill, attempting to flee.


The Coffin Carrying Man also shot out, like an arrow from a bow, so fast that Zuo Xing and the other Transcendents didn’t even see clearly how he moved.

In the blink of an eye, the Coffin Carrying Man caught up with the escaping Yang Kai, grinned fiercely towards him, and lifted the giant red coffin off his back and opening it.

From the blood red coffin, an incredibly powerful suction force appeared and began pulling Yang Kai towards it.

Yang Kai face was ashen. Even though he was exerting all of his strength, he was completely incapable of resisting.

Before he could even come up with another plan, Yang Kai felt the world go black and was sucked into the coffin.


The Coffin Carrying Man placed the coffin onto his back again, and before anyone could say another word, transformed into a green streak of light and soared towards the horizon.

From the time Yang Kai had shouted and tried to escape until he was captured and taken away, not even three breaths had passed, so when Zuo Xing and all the other masters finally came to their senses, the Coffin Carrying Man had already disappeared.

Everyone stood there, dumbfounded.

A moment later, Yun Xuan let out a scream and immediately tried to use her movement skill to chase after him.

Ruan Xin Yu grabbed her and shouted, “What are you doing?”

“Yang Kai, he…”

“I know he was caught! But think for a moment! Do you even think you can catch up?” Ruan Xin Yu shouted.

Hearing this, Yun Xuan became dazed before quickly turning to look at Ji Yan, “Uncle Ji…”

However, Ji Yan could only shake his head.

Nearby, the other Transcendents were equally stunned, and only after a long silence did Zuo Xing mumble, “Have any of you heard of a time when the Coffin Carrying Man captured someone?”

Most people around him shook their heads and said that they had never heard of such an event, but Yao Di slowly and thoughtfully said, “I heard that when the Coffin Carrying Man appeared ten years ago, he caught someone before vanishing.”

“Something like that happened?” Zuo Xing raised his brow, “What kind of person did he catch?”

“I’m don’t know, I only heard a rumor about it.”

“This is too strange…” Zuo Xing was confused and stared towards the horizon where the Coffin Carrying Man had disappeared, muttering under his breath, “What’s so special about that kid from Bold Independent Union?”

“We should just ask the people of Bold Independent Union,” Xu Qi glanced over Ji Yan.

After thinking about it, all of them rushed over to Ji Yan and began to ask about Yang Kai.

Unfortunately, Ji Yan knew nothing about Yang Kai, but although he was currently in a bad mood because Raging Flame City had just been destroyed, he didn’t dare offend this group of people and could only turn his eyes to Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu.

Yun Xuan currently looked like she had lost her soul and was incapable of responding at the time while Ruan Xin Yu didn’t have a deep understanding of Yang Kai, so naturally she couldn’t give them much information.

This only confused everyone further.

”Senior, the Coffin Carrying Man seizing him… what will happen to him?” Yun Xuan suddenly asked.

Zuo Xing slowly shook his head, “I don’t know, after all, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this happening.”

Xu Qi solemnly added, “However, even though the Coffin Carrying Man doesn’t attack others, it’s still very dangerous to be around him. The Death Qi and Corpse Qi he gives off can’t be resisted by ordinary Transcendents, let alone Immortal Ascension cultivators. There’s a good chance that kid is dead.”

Upon hearing these words, all the blood drained from Yun Xuan’s face.

“What’s your relationship with him?” Yao Di stared at Yun Xuan with an inquisitive gaze.

“He… we’re just friends,” Yun Xuan said forlornly. Thinking that Yang Kai was either dead or dying at this moment, she couldn’t help bursting into tears.

“Brothers, if it is convenient, why don’t you accompany me to Bold Independent City where all of us can sit down and carefully discuss what just happened?” Ji Yan thought about it and sent out an invitation.

Raging Flame City was ruined, so he had to go back to Bold Independent City to make a formal report, and these people were all masters from various nearby major forces, so using this occasion to forge some relationships with them would be good for the Union.

It also just so happened that everyone wanted to understand what was so special about Yang Kai, so they readily agreed to Ji Yan’s proposal. With those words, all of them travelled to Bold Independent City.

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