Martial Peak

Chapter 637, Saint Realm Master

Outside Raging Flame City, the Coffin Carrying Man quickly approached, followed soon after by several dozen powerful masters.

All of Raging Flame City’s cultivators were now outside the city’s walls waiting to see this legendary existence.

When Yang Kai heard Yun Xuan’s remarks about the Coffin Carrying Man, he couldn’t help feeling puzzled, “Why would he do something like that?”

“Probably as compensation!” Ji Yan said in a forlorn tone.

“Compensation? Compensation for what?” Yang Kai raised his eyes.

“Compensation for the devastation he brings to the place he stops at!” Ji Yan took a deep breath, a deep look of anxiety and worry on his face, “The place where the Coffin Carrying Man finally chooses to stop always becomes a wasteland with a radius of over a hundred kilometers and for the next ten years, nothing will grow there.”

Yang Kai was shocked.

Ji Yan rubbed his forehead, “I hope he just passes by and doesn’t decide to stop near Raging Flame City.”

If the Coffin Carrying Man were to stop so close to Raging Flame City, then everything around here would be destroyed.

Yang Kai finally understood why only Ji Yan was gloomy while all the other cultivators nearby had excited looks. Because he was the City Lord of Raging Flame City, naturally he didn’t want to see the region he was charged with protecting get destroyed.

As the two of them were talking, someone suddenly called out, “He stopped, he stopped!”

Ji Yan noticeably trembled and his expression became ashen.

The matter Ji Yan was most worried about had actually come true. No one knew what remote place the Coffin Carrying Man had come from or where he was going, but for now, he had decided to stop near Raging Flame City.

The disciples of Bold Independent Union next to Ji Yan also had ugly expressions.

“Uncle Ji…” Yun Xuan called out gently.

Ji Yan stared at the Coffin Carrying Man in front of him and didn’t immediately respond, a look of struggle and hesitation filling his face for a while before he finally let out a long sigh and muttered, “Go back to the city and inform all the citizens to immediately evacuate, taking only their most valuable possessions. Quickly!”

“City Lord…”

“Go now before it’s too late, I’ll try to delay things here for a while!” Saying so, Ji Yan flew out towards the group of masters gathered behind the Coffin Carrying Man.

Yun Xuan also had a bitter and helpless expression. Since the Coffin Carrying Man has stopped here, it meant that very soon, Raging Flame City would become a dead zone, which was a huge loss to Bold Independent Union.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai was still carefully observing this Coffin Carrying Man and the blood red coffin on his back. Though his Divine Sense’s probing, he quickly noticed a large amount of Death Qi and Corpse Qi emanating from this person, and the numerous wounds he had suffered appeared to be quite old. Most noticeable of all was he had no aura of life.

In other words, he should have died long ago.

However, the tremendous power hidden within him was enough to make anyone fearful.

As Ji Yan flew toward the few dozen masters, the Coffin Carrying Man slowly surveyed his surroundings with a dull expression, then, seemingly satisfied with the location he had chosen, suddenly fell straight down.


The earth trembled violently and spider-web like cracks spread out from the point of impact. The Coffin Carrying Man quietly squatted for a moment, motionless, his eyes closed shut.

Many cultivators were stunned while others wore greedy looks on their faces, secretly circulating their True Qi, but deterred by strength of the masters who had followed the Coffin Carrying Man here, no one dared to rush in.

Ji Yan had already met these several tens of people and seemed to know quite a few of them, quickly exchanging greetings with them.

“Who are those people?” Yang Kai asked.

“They are masters from some of the nearby forces, Xu Qi of Bright Thunder Spirit Religion, Second Order Transcendent, Zuo Xing of Profound Heaven Alliance, Third Order Transcendent, Yao Di of War Spirit Temple, Third Order Transcendent…” Yun Xuan used her eyes to point out several of the most powerful people from this group.

“I don’t know who the others are, but since they can appear together with these people they’re definitely not nameless individuals,” Yun Xuan gently inhaled, “They should all have gotten word about the Coffin Carrying Man appearing here and quickly came to investigate.”

“Are they also interested in the ‘compensation’ given out by the Coffin Carrying Man?” Yang Kai was amazed, there were several Third Order Transcendent masters amongst this group of people, Yang Kai couldn’t imagine why they would care about such small profits.

“They aren’t interested in the compensation the Coffin Carrying Man hands out, but the Coffin Carrying Man himself is a huge mystery. There are many people who want to uncover the mysteries of the Coffin Carrying Man.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, somewhat understanding.

Ji Yan was still respectfully discussing things with this group of masters; although he was the City Lord of Raging Flame City which was under Bold Independent Union’s protection, he was still just a First Order Transcendent. In front of these masters, he still needed to act slightly cautious.

After talking for a long time, Zuo Xing of Profound Heaven Alliance finally nodded, “Since that’s the case, we will wait for an hour. I trust City Lord Ji will also hurry.”

Yao Di of War Spirit Temple also nodded, “The Heavens are just, naturally we won’t act too unscrupulously, City Lord Ji can rest assured.”

“Many thanks!” Ji Yan gratefully cupped his fists, quickly turning around and flying back to the city to make the appropriate arrangements.

Many cultivators lived or resided in Raging Flame City, and most of them did not have very high strength. Once things got started here, none of these weaker cultivators would be able to escape.

For the ones who said they were willing to leave, there was nothing more to be said. As for those who refused, there was nothing Ji Yan could do. Although he was a City Lord, he couldn’t order around the cultivators that didn’t belong to Bold Independent Union.

An hour soon passed.

With the Coffin Carrying Man at its centre, a multi-layer encirclement had formed, everyone staring greedily towards the tall absentminded figure as if he was some rare and valuable treasure.

Ji Yan returned from the city with a heavy heart and upon seeing this situation, he couldn’t help sighing helplessly and shaking his head.

He had done everything he could do. The people who were still here would definitely not leave, so Ji Yan no longer tried to convince them.

“Yun girl, don’t stray too far from me, although the Coffin Carrying Man will not take the initiative to attack people, that doesn’t mean there won’t be danger,” Ji Yan sternly warned Yun Xuan.

From amongst the surrounding masters, Zuo Xing suddenly stepped forward, glanced around at the people eyeing the Coffin Carrying Man, and called out, “All of you have heard the legend of Coffin Carrying Man, right? Haha, today a rare opportunity has appeared, if you all don’t seize the chance in front of you, then we old masters will take the lead!”

Zuo Xing of the Profound Heaven Alliance’s called out to goad the other cultivators into action. Although most of them knew he didn’t have any good intentions, when they thought about the legends regarding the Coffin Carrying Man, many of them still couldn’t restrain themselves and began using their Martial Skills and artifacts to attack.

More than a dozen brilliant rays of light shot out towards the dull faced Coffin Carrying Man. Each of these attacks was a full force blow from an Immortal Ascension Boundary master, but when they reached their target, they were like stones being tossed into the sea. Only some slight ripples appeared in the air around the Coffin Carrying Man before stillness returned.

The Coffin Carrying Man also showed absolutely no reaction. His body didn’t have a single new wound and his eyes were still closed.

The dozen or so people who participated in this first wave of attacks hurriedly took a few steps back, but after waiting for a long time and still not seeing any reaction from the Coffin Carrying Man, they all became overjoyed and realized that the rumors they had heard were true. No matter how others attacked, the Coffin Carrying Man would not fight back.

Another series of attacks were launched and they quickly enveloped the unusually strong Coffin Carrying Man.

*Hong hong hong…*

With a series of fierce explosions, the earth was torn apart and the region around the Coffin Carrying Man was instantly fragmented. Chaotic energy that contained an unimaginable destructive power swirled about randomly.

Yet through everything, the Coffin Carrying Man still showed no signs of movement.

Soon, all the cultivators who had gathered round were attacking.

Finally, the Coffin Carrying Man slowly opened his eyes, a visible stream of steam spewing out of his nostrils as he appeared to gasp heavily. As he gasped, it seemed as though the entire world around him pulsed.

Everyone who was attacking couldn’t help slowing down their offensive, fearing that the Coffin Carrying Man would suddenly begin to fight back. Fortunately, even after receiving so many attacks, the Coffin Carrying Man still showed no signs of fight back, just standing there, a dazed look upon his face as he blankly scanned the crowd around him, seemingly unable to understand the situation he was in.

It wasn’t until now that Yang Kai realized just how terrifying the Coffin Carrying Man was.

“He’s a Saint Realm master?” Yang Kai turned to look at Yun Xuan.

“Yes!” Yun Xuan nodded.

Yang Kai’s eyes shrank.

[A Saint Realm master had actually fallen into such a pitiful state, just what had happened to him? Life really is filled with unexpected events.]

“Why are those people still not acting?” Ruan Xin Yu asked, turning her eyes to the people from Bright Thunder Spirit Religion and Profound Heaven Alliance.

“They’re waiting!” Ji Yan sighed, “Breaking through the defense of a Saint requires a lot of effort, now that they had so many free helpers, obviously they are more than happy to sit back and watch; however, they should begin soon.”

As Ji Yan said this, the several dozen masters who had followed the Coffin Carrying Man here finally took action.

Yao Di of War Spirit Temple, who had been watching for a while, muttered, “En, we should also contribute, or else when others who heard about his appearance show up we won’t be able to control the situation anymore.”

“Agreed,” Xu Qi nodded lightly, “The sooner we start, the sooner we can finish and head home, we’ve been following him for almost a month now and my old bones starting to get a bit tired.”

“Good! Let’s begin!” Zuo Xing nodded.

The three powerhouses quickly reached an agreement so naturally the others around them didn’t raise any objections, each of them quickly summoning their artifacts and pushing their True Qi.

An overwhelming aura welled up from this group as many powerful artifacts and Martial Skills fell like meteors onto the Coffin Carrying Man. This storm of attacks was far more devastating compared to the hodgepodge offensive that had been occurring up till now.

*Hong long long…*

The earth cracked open and everything within a several kilometer radius trembled violently.

This kind of offensive finally caused some changes to the Coffin Carrying Man. A number of fresh wounds appeared and the old sores and welts on his skin began to pop and split, releasing a green gas from his body.

When these gasses appeared, everyone in the surrounding suddenly smelled the scent of death.


Wherever this green gas passed, the earth became lifeless and was instantly dyed a putrid shade of green.

Moreover, this gas spread at an extremely fast rate, almost like an explosion.

Some of the relatively close cultivators did not have time to dodge and were directly swallowed by this cloud of gas and before they could even scream, they were reduced to pools of mush; even their bones dissolving into liquid.

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