Martial Peak

Chapter 636, Coffin Carrying Man

Inside the room, only the moon bore witness to what happened, but outside the house, Ruan Xin Yu’s face was bright red as she listened to the strange, bone-numbing voices that leaked out.

After a while, she realized that eavesdropping like this was somewhat inappropriate, shook her head, and muttered indignantly, “Young people really can’t resist temptation!”

Saying so, she hurried back to her own room, blocked her ears, and calmed her breathing.

Although the night passed quickly, for Ruan Xin Yu, whose room was next door to Yang Kai’s, it couldn’t have passed quick enough. All night long, the ground tremble lightly, greatly disturbing her peace of mind.

Just as dawn broke, the movement next door gradually subsided and Ruan Xin Yu couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. Calming herself, she was about to finally get some rest, when the ground suddenly began to shake again.

“Still not finished?” Ruan Xin Yu wanted to cry but had no tears. She really didn’t think that the pair next door had such incredible strength and endurance, but just as she thought so, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Because the shaking this time was very different from the previous one. It was of an earth-trembling level that would send soul goose bumps. Furthermore, it felt as though a dangerous presence was approaching.

Ruan Xin Yu’s complexion immediately changed as she hastily exited her room.

As Ruan Xin Yu stepped out into the hall, the door next to hers also opened and Yang Kai and Yun Xuan appeared as well. The former wearing a dignified expression, while the latter had a look of satisfaction on her face. Yun Xuan also had a certain glow about her, like a spring flower that had just blossomed and been moistened by the early morning dew, making her appeared more radiant and beautiful than before.

Seeing this, Ruan Xin Yu couldn’t help feeling some admiration and awkwardness, but she knew well enough to not say anything, instead turning her attention to the distant horizon.

Over there, the whole sky appeared crimson, as if someone had dyed the Heavens in fresh red blood, and what’s more, this stain was rapidly expanding in their direction.

All of Raging Flame City was abuzz with activity as countless cultivators noticed this set out to investigate this strange phenomenon, many of them quickly paling.

“What’s happening?” Ruan Xin Yu’s beautiful brow wrinkled.

“Something is rapidly approaching from that side!” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. Using his powerful Divine Sense, he noticed that a very dangerous and violent aura was moving towards Raging Flame city. This aura was so strong that he couldn’t help his heart from racing even though it was still so far away.

“Just what could possess such an imposing manner?” Yun Xuan muttered in shock.

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai shook his head.

Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, the sound of clothing flapped, obviously Ji Yan had called up all the masters in the house and was rushing over to investigate.

“I’ll go take a look, you stay here,” Yang Kai thought about it for a moment and then moved to catch up with Ji Yan, but Yun Xuan quickly caught his wrist and firmly said, “Let’s go together, it’ll be safer that way.”

Yang Kai frowned but didn’t argue back, allowing the two women to follow him.

The three youths quickly followed behind Ji Yan’s group and flew out.

A moment later, all of them arrived outside the city.

At this moment, many cultivators had gathered outside Raging Flame City, most of them in small groups of three to five people while a few larger groups had upwards of ten. Everyone stood mid-air, watching the horizon, waiting to see what exactly was happening.

Some of these cultivators were disciples of Bold Independent Union, but there were also many others from different Sects and forces who for a variety of reasons had been staying in Raging Flame City or had noticed the incoming anomaly and had caught up.

Everyone was whispering back and forth as they point towards the distant sky, guessing what this blood red vision was, but none of them really had any idea.

Amongst all those present, Ji Yan, who has a Transcendent, was undoubtedly the strongest, but even his brow was furrowed as his Divine Sense continuously scanned the area of in front of him, trying to glean some useful intelligence. After a while, his expression suddenly changed and became dignified.

“City Lord Ji, what is it that’s approaching,” Someone asked to Ji Yan.

Ji Yan shook his head and replied, “I don’t know, but everyone should raise their guard. If you cherish your life, your safest bet would be to leave this place immediately.”

Listening to the seriousness of his words, many people immediately used their Movement Skills to evacuate, but even more people chose to stay.

In many cases, danger represented opportunity. This time, although there were many unknowns, there was also a chance they could obtain some benefits and those who thought along those lines naturally wouldn’t be scared off by Ji Yan’s words.

What’s more, with so many people here, even if there was some danger, it wouldn’t necessarily be impossible to escape.

Seeing his persuasion not having much effect, Ji Yan didn’t say anything more and just waited quietly.

Glancing around, he suddenly noticed Yun Xuan’s group of three and quickly beckoned to them.

Yun Xuan smiled lightly and led Yang Kai and Ruan Xin Yu over to where Ji Yan and the city’s masters were.

“Yun girl, you’re still injured, you shouldn’t be out here,” Ji Yan said in a concerned tone.

“My wounds have basically healed, but thank you for your concern, Uncle Ji.” Yun Xuan smiled.

“Good, looking at your expression, you do seem to be much better than yesterday, your complexion is much more radiant,” Ji Yan smiled and nodded.

“Hehe…” Yun Xuan giggled somewhat awkwardly, “It’s all thanks to Xin Yu’s care.”

Ruan Xin Yu curled her lips playfully as she shot a glance towards Yang Kai.

“Is this a new member of your team?” Ji Yan looked over Yang Kai and nodded, “Not bad young man, follow Yun girl well and your path should be steady, just don’t disappoint her expectations for you.”

Yang Kai showed neither approval nor disapproval to this advice.

Yun Xuan, worried Yang Kai would say something that shouldn’t be said, quickly cut in and asked, “Uncle Ji, what exactly is going on?”

Ji Yan turned to look at her and lowered his voice, “I don’t know the exact situation, but whatever is approaching is no doubt dangerous, there’s also a number of masters that seem to be following whatever is giving off this evil aura.”

In fact, it was because he sensed the auras of these masters that Ji Yan was still able to remain calm.

If it was only the great evil aura that was approaching, Ji Yan would have already ordered the evacuation of Raging Flame City, because of the strength of this aura was far beyond his own.

“There are people following this person?” Yun Xuan was astonished.

Ji Yan gently nodded, “But what’s most surprising is that the two sides don’t seem to be fighting. The people behind seem to be waiting and observing while the owner of the evil aura in front isn’t showing any signs of aggression. I really can’t understand.”

Saying so, he couldn’t help shaking his head.

Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu both looked at each other and also felt the situation was a bit weird.

Yang Kai’s expression was calm and composed the whole time, a fact that surprised Ji Yan a little and secretly causing him to feel that this member of Yun Xuan’s team was a good seedling, at least his mental fortitude was excellent.

As time passed, the blood-stained covered Raging Flame City’s sky and the evil aura drew ever closer.

Soon, a small black dot was appeared in people’s view.

“What is that?” Someone exclaimed.

“It looks like, a person?”

Everyone stared at the black spot, but it was still too far away and the sky wasn’t very bright right now so no one could make out a clear picture of who or what was approaching.

Just behind the black dot, the auras of a few dozen masters could be felt, many of whom were at the Transcendent Realm.

Ji Yan’s expression only became more and more dignified.

A moment later, the black spot in the sky is finally became clear, and after seeing this figure’s true appearance, Ji Yan couldn’t help calling out in alarm, “The Coffin Carrying Man?”

When this name left Ji Yan’s lips, he suddenly realized that the situation was much worse than he expected.

Looking around, he saw many of the cultivators still gathered here show looks of excitement and leap into the sky to confront the Coffin Carrying Man.

Yun Xuan was also surprised and asked, “Uncle Ji, is that really the legendary Coffin Carrying Man?”

Even Ruan Xin Yu showed a look of shock, apparently not having expected she would suddenly meet a character that existed only in legend.

“It should be,” Ji Yan’s face was currently very unsightly, a stark contrast to the surrounding cultivators, “This aura, this strength, only he could possess them. Haa… I never thought the Coffin Carrying Man would suddenly appear here…”

After listening to the conversations of several people, and looking up at the Coffin Carrying Man in the sky, Yang Kai quickly realized why he had such a strange name.

Because on his back, he was actually carrying a coffin, a huge red coffin. A thick demonic aura that could only be given off by a powerful corpse pulsed from this Coffin Carrying Man.

The Coffin Carrying Man himself had a tall and burly build, his physique several times larger than that of an ordinary man. He didn’t seem to belong to the Human Race. He was more than three meters tall and his muscles were unusually thick; however, his body was covered in welts and sores while his facial features were all distorted, giving him a terrifying appearance. From the openings in his mouth, one could also see sharp, jagged fangs arranged in a crooked pattern.

His movements appeared very slow, and every step he took seemed to take an incredibly long time to complete, but each of his steps seemed to contain some kind of extremely profound law so despite his slow movements, his actual speed was extremely fast.

Yang Kai carefully observed the Coffin Carrying Man’s steps, but after only a few breaths, he became incredibly dizzy.

Ji Yan quickly shouted, “Don’t try to comprehend his Martial Dao, it’s not something you can understand.”

Yang Kai hurriedly took back his gaze, and nodded slightly.

Turning around, he quietly asked Yun Xuan, “Is this Coffin Carrying Man very famous?”

Yun Xuan glanced at him blankly and suddenly remembered that this Yang Kai seemed to have very little understanding of the world’s common sense and began explaining carefully, “He is a legendary existence and his name has spread across almost all of Tong Xuan. No one knows what his background is or why he carries that blood red coffin, it’s only because of his image that the common people began calling him Coffin Carrying Man. This is also my first time seeing him, but I heard that every ten years the Coffin Carrying Man would appear, and every time he appears he does so in a different place. He has left his mark on every corner of the Tong Xuan; however, since he is the one who has come, there’s no need to worry too much.”

“Why?” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

“Because even though the Coffin Carrying Man has tyrannical strength and a terrifying aura, he never attacks people on his own initiative.”

“He never attacks others?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“En, it’s very strange. I don’t know what kind of rules bind him, but no one has ever seen him attack others. Not only that, but whenever the Coffin Carrying Man appears, he brings those around him some unexpected benefits.”

“What kind of benefits?” Yang Kai suddenly became interested.

“The Coffin Carrying Man will choose to stop somewhere at will, and once he stops, if people compel him, he will throw out a lot of artifacts, Martial Skills, Secret Arts, and pills. All of the cultivators you see gathered around him are waiting to acquire those things.”

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