Martial Peak

Chapter 635, Raging Flame City

After three days of traveling, the group of three arrived at Raging Flame City.

Even before arriving at the city, Yang Kai felt a hot wind blowing towards him and even the ground beneath his feet seemed warm to the touch, The horses that drew the cart all shed sweat as they trotted by.

This kind of heat made Yang Kai feel very comfortable and he couldn’t help breathing in the local atmosphere.

The special environment of Rag7ing Flame City also attracted a large number of masters who cultivated Fire Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills. No one knew why Raging Flame City was like this, but those who cultivated Fire Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skills all clearly felt that cultivating here was much more efficient than in other places.

It seemed like even the air here was infused with Fire Attribute Yuan Qi far denser than ordinary.

It was rumored that a huge magma river ran deep beneath Raging Flame City which had led to the creation of this unique environment, but rumors were only rumors and no one had yet been able to confirm this one.

Standing here, Yang Kai fully released his Divine Sense and could indeed detect a rich Flame Attribute Yuan Qi deep underground.

His original intention was to escort Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu to Raging Flame City and then leave; after all, there was a branch of Bold Independent Union in this city, so arriving here would mean they had essentially returned to Bold Independent Union.

But the two women insisted that he stay to rest before setting out again.

Yang Kai thought about it and eventually agreed. After all, his injuries had yet to fully heal.

Once their identities were confirmed and they entered Raging Flame City, Raging Flame City’s City Lord Ji Yan quickly came out to greet them.

Ji Yan was a First Order Transcendent, the same level cultivator as Sun Ying. Because he cultivated a Fire Attribute Secret Art, and his strength was quite good, he had been chosen as Raging Flame City’s City Lord and charged with protecting this place.

His presence here was a big boost to Bold Independent Union’s control in the region.

Ji Yan was a tall and burly man, and perhaps because of his Fire Attribute Secret Art, his skin was a bit dark with a hint of red. He had a bold and unrestrained appearance and laughed heartily as he personally brought Yun Xuan to the City Lord’s Mansion and arranged for a few maids to help them get cleaned up.

Ji Yan was shocked to learn about the terrible tragedy that had befallen the three Bold Independent Union teams and quickly inquired about the situation’s details.

Ruan Xin Yu and Yun Xuan seemed to have reached a consensus on the road and did not expose Yang Kai’s unusual strength, instead saying that a powerful master who had passed by had helped kill the Charm Monster and saved their lives.

This kind of consideration made Yang Kai very satisfied as he shot a grateful looked towards the two women.

He was quite worried that Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu would report everything that had happened, including his involvement. If they did, whether Ji Yan believed them or not, he would likely be forever tied to Bold Independent Union.

Fortunately, Yun Xuan and Ruan Xin Yu didn’t sell him out.

Their explanations were also reasonable, and when Ji Yan inquired about the passing master’s appearance, Yun Xuan gave him a brief yet fluent description. Nodding lightly, Ji Yan declared that this unknown master would be listed as a benefactor of Bold Independent Union.

“I have to report all this to the Union’s leadership. Yun girl, you haven’t had time to recover from this shock so you should rest here in Raging Flame City for a while. When your injuries have fully recovered, I will personally send you back to the Union’s headquarters,” Ji Yan said before getting up and leaving.

Nearly twenty Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and a First Order Transcendent had been killed; naturally Ji Yan had to quickly report such a major event to the Union’s leaders.

“Are you satisfied with this?” Ruan Xin Yu snorted, glancing over at Yang Kai somewhat uncomfortably.

“En, very satisfied,” Yang Kai scratched his nose, “I’ll leave here as soon as my injuries are fully healed.”

“Go, go. The further the better,” Ruan Xin Yu thoroughly disliked Yang Kai by now.

Yun Xuan just shook her head and returned to her room, immediately lying down on her bed without saying a word.

Excusing himself, Yang Kai also returned to his room, sat down, and began circulating his Secret Art while examining the benefits he obtained from the Charm Monster.

The Charm Monster’s residual Spiritual Energy still contained a fair amount of her special toxin, but this was easily purified by Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea and Solitary Golden Eye, leaving behind only a large amount of pure Spiritual Energy and the Charm Monster’s insights into the Heavenly Law.

Incorporating these moods and sentiments, Yang Kai began to comprehend some of the changes that had occurred to his Knowledge Sea and Divine Sense.

Until now his Knowledge Sea did not possess any attribute.

Once a cultivator broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, they would open their Knowledge Sea inside their mind and condense their Divine Sense. Most Knowledge Seas were roughly the same and did not possess a specific attribute; however, there were some people whose Knowledge Seas could mutate due to various opportunities and acquire an attribute.

For example, after Yang Kai absorbed the energy contained in the Jade True Spirit, his Knowledge Sea had acquired a flame attribute and become blisteringly hot.

Others could possess Ice Knowledge Seas, Lightning Knowledge Seas, or even Wind Knowledge Seas.

Such attribute type Knowledge Seas each had different strengths and weaknesses, but all of them were significantly more power and destructive than ordinary non-attribute Knowledge Seas.

Yang Kai even wondered if he would receive some kind of unexpected boost if he used his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea while performing Alchemy.

He had studied the many insights and experiences of various Alchemy Grandmasters recorded in the True Alchemic Way, but none of these Alchemists had possessed a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea so he currently had no reference to follow.

However, Yang Kai instinctually thought that using his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea for Alchemy would be more efficient and convenient than using his True Qi.

Mulling over this though for a while, Yang Kai eventually set it aside; after all, he was just getting started regarding Alchemy so now was not the time to perform wild experiments.

Only after he had enough experience in Alchemy could he begin to consider such matters.

While he studied these various insights, time passed by quickly and the wound on his lower abdomen began healing at a rapid rate.

The healing efficiency of the Myriad Drug Milk was simply extraordinary!

Three days later, when the moon was full, Yun Xuan hesitantly stood outside Yang Kai’s room, her jade hand reaching out half-way, unable to work up the courage to knock on the door.

As she was waffling back and forth, Ruan Xin Yu suddenly appeared beside her and smiled wryly, startling Yun Xuan.

“You scared me! Why are you acting so sneaky?” Yun Xuan’s face blushed as she held her well-endowed chest and shot Ruan Xin Yu a menacing look.

“I think the real question is what are you doing?” Ruan Xin Yu’s whispered ambiguously, “You planning a night assault?”

“Don’t say it!” Yun Xuan’s face became even redder, unconsciously remembering the spring scenery she had experience a few days ago, trembling lightly as she did.

Ruan Xin Yu spat disdainfully and snorted, “After so many years of holding on to your purity, now that you’ve finally lost it, you can’t help wanting to experience it again?”

“What are you saying?” Yun Xuan’s eyes spun as she tried to argue, “He’ll probably leave tomorrow, I… I just wanted to…”

“Now that you’ve crossed the threshold, what reason do you have to hold yourself back? In any case, you already let him get away with it once, one more time won’t make any difference, and who knows, maybe if you do this you can win his heart and make him stay here in the Union,” Ruan Xin Yu whispered sweet poison into Yun Xuan’s ear.

In fact, Yun Xuan really had such thoughts. Although she didn’t plan on stopping Yang Kai from leaving, but she naturally wanted the man who had won her innocence to stay by her side.

After so many years of hard work, sacrifice, and resentment, Yun Xuan was quite tired, and she had begun thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find someone who she could rely on, but until now no one had been able to enter her eyes.

Coming here tonight was supposed to be her last attempt, but she hadn’t expected to suddenly run into Ruan Xin Yu and couldn’t help instinctually trying to cover her motives up.

Ruan Xin Yu quickly inspected the other side of the door and discovered that Yang Kai’s aura was calm and stable and was probably in meditation. Signaling with her eyes to Yun Xuan, Ruan Xin Yu silently encouraged her to seize the initiative and go on the offensive.

But by now, Yun Xuan was like a frightened rabbit, constantly shaking her head in panic.

She couldn’t understand what her heart wanted. Obviously she had been defiled against her will; however, she couldn’t bring herself to hate the young man who had attacked her, and even found herself desiring some kind of attachment to him.

These conflicting emotions made Yun Xuan feel both ashamed and embarrassed.

“If you don’t try tonight, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life,” Ruan Xin Yu sighed lightly, “If not for your own future, do it for the Union. This man’s potential is enormous and he will definitely become a strong pillar of our Union when he fully matures.”

Saying so, Ruan Xin Yu’s voice became a little excited as she grit her teeth and said, “If you don’t go, then I will.”

“You? Why?” Yun Xuan stared at her, dumbfounded.

“Hmph!” Ruan Xin Yu straightened herself up and brushed her hair back behind her ear, putting on a look of a determined young maiden who inspired tenderness from those around her, “Don’t think I’m just spouting nonsense; such a good helper, even if you don’t want him, I do. For my future, at worst I just have to make a little sacrifice. In any case, I also need to find a man to marry, he’s a good choice, although he’s a bit young, he’s also quite mature.”

Yun Xuan couldn’t help muttering under her breath in disbelief, “Were you always so debased?”

Ruan Xin Yu’s face went bright red as she shot back, “What of it? Are you going in or not?”

Yun Xuan bit her thin lip and hesitated, the combination of Ruan Xin Yu’s hard and soft sell tactics caused her to waver.

After thinking it over for a long time, Yun Xuan finally nodded, shyly pushed the door open, and went in.

“Hmph, if I didn’t force you so hard, you’d never have made up your mind,” Ruan Xin Yu snorted, quickly concealing her aura and perking up her ears to listen to the movements coming from inside the room.

Inside his room, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly shot open and his arm shot out, grabbing hold of the person who had entered and threw them onto the bed, holding a knife hand to their chest as he glared coldly at this intruder’s face.

He thought someone had snuck into his room to attack him but upon seeing the face of his would-be assassin, Yang Kai couldn’t help looking stunned, “what are you doing?”

Yun Xuan did her best to act calm, her neck and face blushing a faint shade of red, not daring to look Yang Kai straight in the eye as she bit her lip and didn’t say a word. Only her eyes filled with a look of affection, giving away her inner thoughts.

Yang Kai was stunned, but as his thoughts quickly spun, he couldn’t help muttering in shock, “Don’t tell me you’re…”

Yun Xuan not offering the slightest resistance despite their awkward position made Yang Kai quickly realize the seriousness of the situation.

“So what if I am?” Yun Xuan suddenly became emboldened, reaching up and turning the pair over, exchanging places with Yang Kai. Pressing her hands lightly against Yang Kai’s firm chest as her well rounded bottom sat lightly upon his waist, Yun Xuan’s beautiful eyes gazed down into his, her face now bright red and her breathing somewhat disordered, “Last time, I was under the influence of the Charm Monster’s poison and didn’t get to feel anything, this time… this time…”

Halfway through, she exhausted her newfound courage and couldn’t say anymore, quickly taking back her hands and covering her face in embarrassment.

Yang Kai stared up at her, hot breath leaking from his lips as he couldn’t help swallowing hard, his breath also gradually becoming heavy.

“But, your injury…”

“It’s not an issue, I don’t know why, but this time I healed remarkably quickly,” Yun Xuan interrupted, slowly undoing her robes as she charmingly whispered, “If you don’t believe me, see for yourself…”

As she whispered so, a soul-stealing picture appeared in front of Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Since you’ve decided to deliver yourself, it would be rude to refuse,” Yang Kai said firmly, reaching up and tossing Yun Xuan over, pressing himself against her with great fervor.

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