Martial Peak

Chapter 609 – To Tian Lang Dynasty

As time passed, the three coloured cloud inside the Heavenly Palace began to visibly change.

The black Demonic Qi became more and more prevalent as the red and white fire and ice light gradually disappeared.

After nearly a month, a loud bang resounded, and the entire Heavenly Palace became completely filled with black light, all traces of red and white thoroughly annihilated.

Immediately, the black Demonic Qi began rushing towards a single point, as if a great whirlpool had appeared and was vigorously swallowing it up.

Soon after, Yang Kai’s figure appeared in the eyes of the crowd, the dense ruinous aura that had covered the Central Capital finally fading as he came into view.

*Xiu…* The Heavenly Palace which was surrounding Yang Kai also apparently exhausted its energy supply and collapsed.

Yang Kai didn’t know what grade of artifact the Heavenly Palace was, but seeing how Meng Wu Ya had left long ago yet it was still able to guard Yang Kai’s mansion until now, its power was obvious to all.

A little palace shaped object gently floated through the air and arrived in front of Yang Kai who casually reached out and received it.

This artifact belonged to Meng Wu Ya, so when Yang Kai tried to communicate with it using his Divine Sense it did not respond at all. Having expected this though, Yang Kai simply gave up trying and stored it into the Black Book space.

Quietly standing in the same place and feeling the changes he had undergone, Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a smile.

The people surrounding the mansion also stepped forward at this time, each of them wearing a joyful face as they swarmed around Yang Kai.

“Young Lord Kai, it looks like your harvest this time isn’t small,” Huo Xing Chen laughed.

Yang Kai gently nodded, “Not too bad.”

The thirteen Blood Warriors on the other hand were slightly puzzled because after absorbing the power of the Jade True Spirit for an entire month, Yang Kai’s cultivation hadn’t changed at all, he was still at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage.

This discovery made them somewhat confused.

If there was no change in his cultivation, where had all the power Yang Kai absorbed from the Jade True Spirit go?

That overwhelming destructive energy was clearly contained a large amount of extremely pure True Yang Yuan Qi and should have been enough for Yang Kai to advance at least two or three Minor Realms.

However, since Yang Kai didn’t open his mouth to explain, none of them asked. Sometimes, an increase in strength didn’t always necessitate an increase in realm. Vaguely, the thirteenth Blood Warriors now felt a sense of pressure when facing Yang Kai which they had not felt previously.

It seemed like, if Yang Kai wanted to, he would be capable of taking any of their lives in an instant.

Unable to understand and unwilling to ask, they simply shook their heads and smiled.

Having absorbed the power of the Jade True Spirit and receiving the Heavenly Palace, Yang Kai had now completed all of his remaining business in the Central Capital and it was time for him to depart.

The only thing he felt regretful about was that Su Yan’s Ice Cyrstal Bed had completely melted in his fight with the Jade True Spirit.

In the end, the grade of the Ice Crystal Bed was unfortunately inferior to the Jade True Spirit.

After spending another three days in the Central Capital making some travel arrangements and saying goodbye to his friends and family, Yang Kai embarked on his next journey.

Shui Ling was the only one to follow him and was clearly quite excited to finally be leaving.

Outside the Central Capital’s gate, a large group of people came to see Yang Kai off, many of them with wet, puffy eyes, quite reluctant to see him go.

“With Young Lord Kai traveling there, it seems that other world won’t be as peaceful from now on,” Huo Xing Chen muttered under his breath, seemingly prophesying the future.

(Silavin: We will miss you Huo Xing Chen.)

All the way, Shui Ling’s demeanor was particularly upbeat. Since she had accidentally fell into this world, she had been unable to find a way back and two years had passed by. Now that she had hope of returning home, naturally she was quite happy. As they traveled together, she would often tell Yang Kai various things about the other world.

Yang Kai didn’t respond much to her and simply listened in order to learn as much information as he could.

Shui Ling wasn’t annoyed by his silence though and also didn’t try to hurry their pace, welcoming opportunities to stop and rest along the way.

The speed of these two was neither fast, nor slow, flying the whole way under their own power while enjoying the different local customs and sceneries, allowing them to relax even though Yang Kai’s heart was still full of expectation and enthusiasm for the future.

Ten days after their journey began, Shui Ling still didn’t see anything that resembled a way home and finally couldn’t contain her curiosity anymore, asking, “Where are we now?”

“Tian Lang Dynasty!”

“Tian Lang Dynasty?” Shui Ling was slightly surprised. She had already been in this world for two years so she had obviously heard about the Great Han Dynasty’s neighbouring country, how the latter’s social customs were quite different, and how the land there was quite barren in comparison to the Great Han Dynasty.

“No wonder these women dress so shamelessly,” Shui Ling muttered under her breath as she stared towards a pair of young beautiful women a slight distance ahead of them. These two women wore colourful sleeveless robes that showed a great deal of their skin, even exposing their smooth flat midriffs and the deep valley between their proud peaks.

As for their lower bodies, they only had short skirts from which their long slender legs extended.

These two women, as they walked in front of them, even shot flirtatious glances towards Yang Kai as the smiled charmingly.

“What are we doing here? Is there a way to get to the Tong Xuan Realm from here?” Shui Ling is puzzled.

Tong Xuan Realm was the higher world’s formal name. Over there, the World Energy was abundant and powerful Sects and masters were everywhere.

“I’m came here to find someone,” Yang Kai explained casually before raising his hand and calling out, “Young ladies, please wait a moment.”

The pair of young women were slightly surprised to be solicited so boldly and immediately halted their footsteps, the older of the two smiling warmly towards Yang Kai and asking, “Is there something we can help little brother with?”

Her face wore an interested expression as she seemed to be carefully checking Yang Kai out.

Yang Kai paid no mind to this; he already understood the boldness of the girls from Tian Lang Dynasty and knew that such behaviour was just how they normally acted.

“I just wanted to ask for directions, do you know how I can get to Sen Luo Temple?” Yang Kai asked casually, not bothering to conceal his goal.

However, as soon as he spoke these words, the looks on the two women’s faces changed sharply, the older girl’s expression became cautions as she quickly asked, “You want to go to Sen Luo Temple?”

Pausing for a moment before further interrogating, “Why do you want to go to the Sen Luo Temple?”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly, faintly realizing that something wasn’t quite right but still calmly replying, “I’m looking for someone, I left something with her some time ago and need to retrieve it.”

“Who are you looking for? What did you leave with her?” The girl continued to ask.

Yang Kai smiled wryly, he had just arrived in Tian Lang Dynasty and was unfamiliar with its landmarks, so upon finally encountering these two young women he had naturally wanted to ask them for direction, but he had never expected them to react so vigilantly towards him, apparently when he said he was looking for Sen Luo Temple he had caused some kind of misunderstanding.

He didn’t know anything about the internal affairs of Tian Lang Dynasty and didn’t want to get involved in any matters regarding Sen Luo Temple, all he wanted to do was look for Zi Mo and retrieve the thread of Divine Sense he had planted in her mind all those years ago.

Having been reminded by Old Demon, Yang Kai knew that leaving that thread of Divine Sense in the mind of another posed a danger to himself. Once the other party died, Yang Kai would suffer a blow to his Soul as well.

Of course that was not his only purpose in coming here. After retrieving his thread of Divine Sense, Yang Kai also wanted Zi Mo to lead him to Tian Lang Dynasty’s most famous Forbidden Zone.

These two girl’s intense reaction and wariness towards him had slightly irked Yang Kai though.

His expression suddenly becoming somewhat cold, he let out a sneer and grinned fiercely, bluntly replying, “There’s no need for you to ask so many questions, just tell me what I want to know.”

Seeing the gentle young man in front of them suddenly undergo such a dramatic change in personality caused the two young women to retreat a few steps and begin circulating their True Qi, preparing to hit back against Yang Kai if he made any aggressive moves.

Yang Kai simply snorted and released a huge pressure from his body, causing the girls in front of him to suddenly feel like they were carrying mountains on their shoulders, their pretty faces to cringe as they began panting for breath.

The older girl’s face went pale as she realized just how horrifying Yang Kai’s strength was, stealthily flicking her delicate hand, seemingly sprinkling something on the ground.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he quickly stretched out his hand and created a strong suction force.

*Xiu xiu xiu…* A few small objects that had just burrowed into the ground quickly flew into Yang Kai’s palm.

“Soul Controlling Insects?” Yang Kai’s muttered curiously as he stared at the small bugs on top of his palm, a touch of nostalgia flashing across his eyes.

Many years ago, in that isolated world, several cultivators from Tian Lang Dynasty had used these same Soul Controlling Insects to enslave hundreds of Monster Beasts and cause great damage to the Great Han Dynasty cultivators.

Zi Mo had also wanted to use this trick to deal with Yang Kai, but he had easily resolved it.

Just now, this girl sprinkling these few Soul Controlling Insects towards the ground was obviously trying to do the same thing as Zi Mo had once done and control Yang Kai.

But having experienced this situation once before, how could Yang Kai allow her to succeed?

When he so easily dealt with their Soul Controlling Insects, the two girls expression became panicked as the older of the pair shouted in fright, “How did you know?”

“Of course I would know.” Yang Kai smiled smugly.

“Impossible, from the way you dress you’re clearly cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty. The Soul Controlling Insects are one of our faction’s core inheritances, how could you possibly understand them!”

“Your faction’s core technique?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, his sinister grin becoming slightly more menacing, “What is your relationship with Zi Mo?”

The beautiful girls showed a dumbstruck expression as she exclaimed, “Do you know our Senior Sister?”

“Senior Sister?” This time Yang Kai was the stunned one. He had just asked casually but never expected this pair of girls to really have such a relationship with Zi Mo.

When he first encountered her, Zi Mo had told Yang Kai she belonged to one of Sen Luo Temple’s factions that focused on the study and control of special types of insects, so when he saw this girl also used Soul Controlling Insects, Yang Kai naturally thought she might be connected to Zi Mo somehow.

Suddenly meeting her Junior Sisters… Yang Kai’s expression became a bit awkward. Apparently, such coincidences did happen.

(Pewpew: Pft, coincidence? More like inevitability! Why invent a stranger no one will remember when you can just let your characters meet and get it over with…)

“En, Zi Mo is our faction’s Big Senior Sister! How do you know her?” The girl asked.

“We’re old… acquaintances.” Yang Kai furrowed his brow, “Since you are Zi Mo’s Junior Sister, I’ll return these Soul Controlling Insects to you.”

Saying so, he tossed the small insects back to the girl.

The girl reached out and looked Yang Kai up and down, her expression now containing some slight confusion and embarrassment, but also a deep sense of dread.

“Take me to see your Senior Sister, I have something I need to discuss with her.” Yang Kai faintly said.

The two young girls stared at him, but after hesitating for a while, the older girl nodded gently.

People below have to bow to those with power. Such is the way of the world.

As the pair lead the way, Yang Kai and Shui Ling casually following behind, from time to time the two young girls would glance back and whisper amongst themselves, apparently not understanding how their Big Senior Sister knew this Great Han Dynasty cultivator, and from his demeanor it seemed like he and their Big Senior Sister seemed to have some history.

He wouldn’t be here to seek revenge, would he? The pair secretly guessed, suddenly becoming somewhat worried.

This youth seemed to be about the same age as them, but they were unable to see through his cultivation, which obviously made them feel anxious.

If he was really here to settle a grudge, these girls weren’t too worried; after all, their faction also had a powerful master protecting them. If he arrogantly tried to barge in, he would no doubt only be seeking his own death.

Considering all this, the pair settled down and walked forward while trying to strike up a conversation with Yang Kai, hoping to glean some information from him about his origins.

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