Martial Peak

Chapter 608 – Causing a Big Disturbance as Soon as He Returned

This eerie figure had fuzzy facial features and strange misshapen limbs, all of which was purely composed of flame.

A violent heat swept out in all directions, lighting Yang Kai’s mansion on fire and even reducing some buildings to ash instantaneously.

Even the air began distorting under this intense blaze, but what caused Yang Kai’s expression to be particularly dignified was the ruinous and brutal aura which radiated from this flame figure.

The Jade True Spirit already had some self-awareness, but before it could truly become sentient it had been stripped away from its jade core by Yang Kai, so at this moment it only had the most primal and primitive of instincts.

All the Jade True Spirit knew to do now was burn, burn everything, reduce anything within its sight to ashes!

*Hu…* With a roar akin to one from a giant fire dragon, the Jade True Spirit launched itself towards Yang Kai, the only other living thing nearby, at a terrifying speed, bringing with it an overwhelming heat and energy.

Yang Kai’s eyes shrank as he hurriedly evaded, but the flame-creature still managed to nick his arm as it passed by.

The skin on Yang Kai’s arm instantly shrivelled up like it had been baked in flames for day, immediately peeling off and disintegrating into dust, causing a pain so sharp that Yang Kai couldn’t help but scream.

Locking his eyes onto the Jade True Spirit again, Yang Kai became even more aghast.

What he cultivated was the True Yang Secret Art, and the True Yang Yuan Qi inside his body was akin to the blazing sun. Ordinary high temperatures had no way of affecting him at all, but the heat given off by this Jade True Spirit was simply too intense.

This kind of heat and temperature had gone far beyond his ability to withstand; it was on an entirely different level.

Not allowing Yang Kai a moment to relax, the Jade True Spirit immediately launched another attack.

Inside Yang Kai’s mansion, the only living thing being other than itself was Yang Kai, so the Jade True Spirit, whose instincts drove it to incinerate everything in its path, was completely fixated on Yang Kai.

The flame creature transformed into a great wave that instantly swept forward and surrounded Yang Kai before launching an attack from all directions towards him.

Yang Kai’s pupils suddenly enlarged because at this moment he was completely engulfed by the flames and had absolutely no path of escape.

The Flaming Yang Wings, which he had not used for a long time, instantly opened on his back like a giant blazing bird spreading its wings, wrapping up Yang Kai in a kind of fire barrier and allowing him to rapidly dive through the surrounding flames.

*Hong…* A violent explosion sounded and what was left of Yang Kai’s house was reduced to ash in an instant. The house was gone and the ground was transformed into scorched earth while countless pillars of flame leapt towards the sky chasing after Yang Kai’s flickering figure.

Perceiving this great disturbance, many cultivators in and around the Central Capital quickly arrived.

After seeing the situation inside the Heavenly Palace, Huo Xing Chen was stunned, “What’s going on? Young Lord Kai disappeared for over half a year but the instant he comes back he suddenly gets involved in such an intense fight?”

Although the Heavenly Palace had an isolation function that blocked all outside Divine Sense probing so they were unable to feel the intense temperature inside, the terrifying pressure given off by the Jade True Spirit was enough to make them shudder.

“What is he doing?” Qiu Yi Meng was incredibly anxious, her beautiful eyes staring at the scene playing out before her, only somewhat able to make out Yang Kai’s fluttering figure inside the Heavenly Palace.

The flaming world inside was completely isolated from any attempt at outside investigation.

After a while, the chaotic scene gradually became clearer.

Yang Kai was now quietly floating midair, staring down below with a solemn expression as the distorted flame creature twisted and burned while roaring angrily towards him.

“What the…” Huo Xing Chen was dumbfounded as he stared at the pair of wings protruding from Yang Kai’s back.

Everyone else was also stunned silent.

No one knew that Yang Kai actually possessed such a fantastical technique as he had never once used his Flaming Yang Wings during the Inheritance War.

“So pretty…” Luo Xiao Man murmured, somewhat fascinated by the brilliance and beauty of Yang Kai’s flaming wings.

“Is that… the Jade True Spirit?” Tang Yu Xian’s beautiful face discoloured as she exclaimed.

Tu Feng’s face was also ugly as he stared at this living flame.

The two Blood Warriors immediately realized just what Yang Kai was fighting with.

“What Jade True Spirit?” Qiu Yi Meng asked anxiously.

Tang Yu Xian quickly explained to Qiu Yi Meng what actually happened in the Lu Family and after listening to her, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady also began recalling such an incident.

When Yang Kai came back from Lu Si’s Yang Crystal Jade Bed, Qiu Yi Meng also saw it with her own eyes, but what she didn’t know was that Yang Kai got such a dangerous treasure from the Yang Crystal Jade Bed.

“That’s not something that can be dealt with easily!” Tu Feng frowned. Although he had now become a Transcendent, and even though the Heavenly Palace was still active, the Jade True Spirit still brought him a lot of pressure.

If was him inside, Tu Feng estimated that he would very quickly be burnt to death by those flames.

“Little Lord seems to want to absorb the power of the Jade True Spirit in order to strength himself,” Tang Yu Xian bite her red lips, “But it seems he was a bit too hasty.”

She was silently blaming herself for not making it clear enough to Yang Kai, causing him to mistakenly feel that with his current strength he had a chance to successfully absorb the power of the Jade True Spirit.

“Is there any way you can help?” Qiu Yi Meng asked nervously.

Unfortunately, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian shook their heads, “The heat inside there is not something we can bear, the reason Little Lord is still capable of resisting is because of the Secret Art he cultivates.”

Moreover, they couldn’t enter the Heavenly Palace in the first place.

Qiu Yi Meng, whose thoughts were currently a bit chaotic, had completely forgotten this point.

“Hah…” Huo Xing Chen suddenly grinned and shook his head, a profound glint flashing past the depths of his eyes as he said meaningfully, “After being together with Young Lord Kai for so long, do you still not understand his personality? Since he dared to do this, he definitely has enough confidence in his ability to succeed. Let’s just sit back and watch.”

Listening to these words, everyone expression suddenly brightened.

Yes, Yang Kai had never been one to act recklessly, and every action he took was always well thought out and considered. In fact, time had proven over and over again that the decisions he made were the correct ones.

What’s more, it was useless to worry about him now as there was nothing they could do to help, what they should do now is believe in him.

“But what if…” Qiu Yi Meng was still a little uneasy.

“If he really can’t succeed, Young Lord Kai will simply escape. Didn’t you notice that he deliberately choose to refine that Jade True Spirit inside the Heavenly Palace? He obviously did that to protect against any unexpected events like this.” Huo Xing Chen replied confidently.

His analysis of the situation was quite sharp and he explained it clearly and eloquently enough that no one could rebut.

Inside the Heavenly Palace, Yang Kai stared at the raging flames down below while continuously using his Divine Sense to try to subdue the Jade True Spirit.

If he wanted to finish absorbing the power of the Jade True Spirit, he would first have to force it to surrender.

However, the extreme power of the Jade True Spirit coupled with its thirst for destruction had made it instinctually arrogant so it was consciously refuse to submit to Yang Kai.

A flash of hot flames burst forth one more and spread throughout the entire Heavenly Palace.

Yang Kai coldly snorted as his Flaming Yang Wings waved, dodging in and around these erupting flames to quickly arrive at a particular spot in the mansion.

This was the location of the Su Yan’s room.

Of course, since the entire building had been destroyed by the Jade True Spirit, it was now just a flat open space.

When he arrived here, Yang Kai stopped dodging and dove towards the ground, breaking through the surrounding rubble he quickly flew down into the wreckage, only to return a moment later carrying a giant block of ice in his hands that was even now emitting strong waves of cold Qi.

Su Yan’s Ice Crystal Jade Bed!

Previously she had been using this ice crystal bed to cultivate, but after she was brought to the higher world by Treasurer Meng, this ice bed had been left behind here.

Ice and fire had always been each other’s greatest nemeses.

Yang Kai had long ago planned on using this ice crystal bed to counter the flames of the Jade True Spirit.

After sensing the presence of its nemesis, the always aloof Jade True Spirit suddenly stared towards the ice crystal bed as a violent light flashed across its misshapen eyes.

It immediately sent a blast of heat towards the ice crystal bed.

When the cold and hot Qi met, they instantly began neutralizing each other, sending out a cloud of white mist.

Yang Kai was unscathed.

In this collision between fire and ice, he had become just another spectator.

An angry roar rang out and the all of the dispersed flames inside the Heavenly Palace were quickly taken back by the Jade True Spirit. In the next moment, these flames condensed into a strange beast that snarling and rushing towards Yang Kai, its facial features warping constantly.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and stared at the rushing Jade True Spirit beast, but this time, instead of trying to avoid it, he simply picked up the ice crystal bed.

“Devil Transformation!” Shouting eerily, an earth shaking pressure began radiating from Yang Kai’s body as a pure and rich Demonic Qi burst forth from his Golden Skeleton quickly filling the Heavenly Palace. Simultaneously, he lifted the ice crystal bed up high and then slammed it towards the oncoming beast.

Outside the Heavenly Palace, all anyone could see at this moment was a burst of light followed by a billowing cloud of swirling energy.

This cloud had three distinct colours.

The red raging flames, the pure white icy chill, and the pitch black Demonic Qi.

These three colours swirled about the Heavenly Palace creating a terrifying yet beautiful scene.

It could be seen clearly that the red cloud currently occupied the absolute upper hand while the white and black segments were quickly being dispersed.

Seeing these, everyone involuntarily clenched their fists and silently prayed for Yang Kai’s safety.

At the same time, all of them admired Yang Kai’s courage and wit, thinking to themselves that if it were them in his place they would have immediately run away without making any effort.

However, Yang Kai was persisting, and his black Demonic Qi, although greatly suppressed, still had yet to fully dissipate.

Gradually, the red flames were no longer as strong as they once were, apparently having been weakened significantly as the white ice and black Demonic Qi gradually began to re-emerge.

A burst of wild cheers broke out as the surrounding crowd celebrated joyfully.

As the white and dark lights within the cloud became stronger, the two together began to push back against the red flames.

At this moment, the situation had become a stalemate with neither side able to gain the upper hand.

Time passed, the moon rose and fell, and an entire day had come and gone.

The situation inside the Heavenly Palace was still ongoing and the destructive aura pulsing from it had now spread across the entire Central Capital, causing the previous night to be quite restless, resulting in many being unable to sleep or eat in peace.

However, those who had come to Yang Kai’s house to observe the situation had not left or rested, all of them waiting patiently for the moment when Yang Kai would safely emerge.

Suddenly, the white ice light suddenly weakened significantly. No one knew what was going on, but a moment later the red flame light also began to dim while the black Demonic Qi suddenly became dominant.

Seeing this scene, everyone once again cheered happily as they knew that Yang Kai had fully grasped the initiative. They were now no longer worried, but instead looking forward to what kind of changes Yang Kai would have after this event and to what extent his strength would grow as a result of absorbing the Jade True Spirit.

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