Martial Peak

Chapter 607 – Refining The Jade True Spiri

“The density of World Energy in the Central Capital right now is barely equivalent to that world’s average World Energy concentration while the places where large forces are entrenched, the World Energy auras there are more than ten times greater than this place. As for the Holy Land, where the super forces occupy, the density of World Energy is many times greater than even that.”

Shui Ling’s words were somewhat vague but this small bit of information was already enough to make everyone in the hall aware of that higher world’s heritage and strength, causing many people’s eyes to go red with envy.

The current Central Capital’s rich World Energy had already made it this world’s greatest cultivation paradise.

But if what Shui Ling said was true, then over there, any abandoned backwater countryside would have a comparable World Energy density while there were also many places that were vastly superior. Who among them wouldn’t yearn to experience such a world?

If a cultivator were to cultivate in a place with such rich World Energy, they would be able to achieve double the results with half the effort, enabling them to improve their strength many times faster than here.

Obtaining such a paradise was the goal of many cultivators and great forces.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, finally understanding why although Shui Ling was not much older than him, she was already a Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage. Of course, that was six months ago. Now, she had reached the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary and was only a step away from breaking through to the Transcendent Realm.

Having such cultivation at such a young age, it was nothing less than astonishing.

“You all now know that what you know as the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary is called the Transcendent Realm correct, but as to what lies beyond the Transcendent Realm, do you have any idea?” Shui Ling smiled slightly.

“Please enlighten us!” Yang Zhao’s eyes shining brightly as he humbling asked.

“Those who ascend beyond the Transcendent are known as Saints! Above the Transcendent Realm is the Saint Realm!” Shui Ling did not hold everyone in suspense and directly dispelled their doubts, “On the other side, only forces with Saint Realm masters can be considered top forces. My Water Spirit Temple only has one such powerhouse, so we can barely be counted as a first-class Sect. On top of that, artifacts, Precious Treasures, and pills that are capped here at the Mysterious Grade here have two additional levels over there that correspond to the Transcendent and Saint realm, respectively known as Spirit Grade, and Saint Grade.”

“Spirit Grade and Saint Grade?” Everyone murmured in amazement.

Shui Ling suddenly knit her brow, “I don’t know why but there seems to be some kind of shackle related to this world’s Heavenly Law that hampers the development of your cultivators and simultaneously limits the grade of artifacts and pills that can be refined.”

Shui Ling held nothing back in her explanations, directly illuminating the issues and limitations this world apparently had.

Inside the main hall, everyone inquired curiously about the other world, and the more they learned, they were filled with wonder and amazement because everything there was so far beyond the scope of their understanding.

The question and answer session continued on and time passed by inadvertently, yet no one felt the slightest bit bored. It seemed like all of them had suddenly become eager young scholars with strong desires for knowledge. The things they learned from Shui Ling broadened their horizons, which greatly pleased them.

After a whole day, with evening approaching, everyone had dry mouths from all the questions they had asked and even Shui Ling was beginning to get irritated. Answering one or two people about a few issues was no problem, but dealing with over a hundred had severely taxed her patience.

“Good,” Yang Kai saw her appearance and stepped in and ended the conversation, “Don’t ask anymore, the more you ask, the more anxious you’ll feel.”

“After hearing all this, do you still want to go there?” Ling Tai Xu’s eyes flashed brilliantly as he stared towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded firmly, “I have to go.”

Su Yan was there, Xia Ning Chang was also there, and at the very least he had to find both of them.

“I’ll support your decision!” Ling Tai Xu smiled, “Men should be like this, you should not restrict yourself to this small place.”

“Many thanks, Grand Master!”

Since Ling Tai Xu had said so, Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu naturally would not raise any objections, and although they were somewhat reluctant to part, this was the path Yang Kai wanted to pursue. How could they stand in his way?

“I’ll scout the path ahead, and after establishing a footing there, I’ll return and open the way for everyone else.” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “The reason I wanted Shui Ling to tell all of you about that world was to let you know the difference between there and here. After I leave, you can’t relax, otherwise when I one day return, if your strength is too low, you may not be able to cross over to the other side.”

“Naturally,” Huo Xing Chen’s eyes burned with fighting spirit, “If we never knew this than so be it, but now that we do, of course we can’t slack off. Whether it’s here or there, everyone has a head, two arms, and two legs. Why should we just lie down and accept people from there being stronger than us?”

Everyone nodded in agreement, their enthusiasm and spirits all lifted to new heights.

As night fell, everyone began dispersing and soon there were only two people left in the hall, Yang Kai and Shui Ling.

Looking at her doubtfully, Yang Kai wanted to know why this woman had specially stayed behind waiting for him.

“When are you planning on leaving?” Shui Ling asked eagerly.

“Why does that matter to you?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“Of course it matters to me. Your servant, Old Demon, said that one day you’d be able to lead me back there, why else do you think I’ve stuck around here and even offered you my help?”

Yang Kai was startled for a moment before grinning lightly, “You don’t know how to get back?”

Shui Ling blushed faintly and nodded.

Yang Kai laughed, “So that’s it, I always wondered why you suddenly became so polite and friendly, it turns out it was for this.”

“Do you know the way there?”

Yang Kai neither confirmed nor denied her suspicions.

“In any case, no matter where you go, I’ll follow you.”

“Good, it just so happens I’m lacking a guide,” Yang Kai did not refuse.

“When are we going to start?” Shui Ling asked excitedly. Although Yang Kai hadn’t said so, she was confident that he knew a way to get there.

“It’ll be a little while longer, I still have some things here to deal with,” Yang Kai thought for a moment and said, “At most it’ll be another month.”

“Good,” Shui Ling nodded happily.

Leaving the Yang Family grounds, Yang Kai flew over to his mansion.

Ling Tai Xu had told him just before he left that after Meng Wu Ya disappeared, the Heavenly Palace that was guarding the mansion could no longer be actuated. It was still in an active condition so the barrier protecting the mansion was still intact, but aside from Ling Tai Xu, no one else could enter it, they could only exit.

So now the entire house was completely empty.

The Heavenly Palace was a very powerful artifact, so when Yang Kai decided to leave this place to search for Su Yan, naturally he planned to take this artifact away with him and return it to Meng Wu Ya.

Landing outside the house, Yang Kai walked towards the barrier and just as he expected, the Heavenly Palace opened a path for him to pass though.

This was obviously something Meng Wu Ya had set up before he left, leaving behind instructions allowing only Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu to freely enter and exit the Heavenly Palace. If anyone else wanted to enter from the outside, they’d first require Meng Wu Ya’s permission.

Inside the quiet mansion, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense to every corner of the house, carefully examining the mysteries of the Heavenly Palace.

The body of the Heavenly Palace was just a small item that could fit on top of one’s palm, but after filling it with True Qi, it could open an impenetrable barrier, so now, if Yang Kai wanted to find it, it was actually not an easy task.

After a long period of searching, Yang Kai still had no clues.

But Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry; although he wanted to bring the Heavenly Palace back to Meng Wu Ya, if it wasn’t possible, he wouldn’t be too reluctant.

At worst, it could only be said that Treasurer Meng was too careless and accidentally lost this artifact.

Returning to his previous room and sitting down cross-legged, Yang Kai took out a small piece of flaming jade from the Black Book space and stared at it hesitantly.

This piece of jade wasn’t very large, only about the size of a fist, and its shape was somewhat odd, almost like a small doll that had indistinct facial features as well as stubby limbs.

This was the jade core from the Yang Crystal Jade Bed he had obtained from Lu Si.

When Yang Kai was a guest at the Lu Family home, he had traded a letter to Xiao Fu Sheng for this Yang Crystal Jade Bed from Lu Si.

After absorbing the Yang Yuan Qi contained inside the Yang Crystal Jade Bed, what remained was this jade core.

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian had determined that this piece of jade had already produced a True Spirit, and if given a hundred more years or so, it may be able to evolve to the point where it could break free of this jade core and become a true independent, sentient being.

A Jade True Spirit was a legendary existence, every True Spirit that had managed to emerge would possess unrivaled strength and power when fully matured.

Each True Spirit could become an existence that even Transcendents would yield the way to!

Tang Yu Xian had sternly warned Yang Kai not to get any ideas about absorbing the Jade True Spirit, because doing so would be extremely dangerous.

But now, after Yang Kai learned from Shui Ling about the immense disparity between this world and the other world, he felt like he had no choice but to take some risks such as refining this Jade True Spirit.

An Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage wasn’t weak, but it was also by no means strong! Over there, there were many Transcendents and even numerous masters who had reached the Saint Realm. If he wanted to survive in such a dangerous and unfamiliar world with no backing, Yang Kai needed to have the strength to protect himself.

Yang Kai didn’t want to all of a sudden break through to the Transcendent Realm by refining this Jade True Spirit, that was too unrealistic, but he figured that absorbing this concentrated Yang Yuan Qi energy would at least increase his strength somewhat before setting out, allowing him a little more leeway if he encountered any unexpected danger.

After hesitating for a long time, Yang Kai’s look suddenly became firm.

He needed to become as strong as possible as quickly as possible in order to embark on the road to that higher world.

Staring hard at the jade core in his hand, he decided to take the risk.

Wealth and danger always coexisted, and with the Heavenly Palace still operating, even if he failed in his attempt to refine the Jade True Spirit, he could easily escape.

Gripping the jade core with both hands, Yang Kai began circulating his True Yang Secret Art, immediately exerting a huge suction force and beginning to peel away the concentrated Yang Yuan Qi stored within.

A constant stream of energy began flowing into Yang Kai’s body; even if this jade core was many times smaller than the original Yang Crystal Jade Bed, the energy contained within it was many times richer.

Yang Kai was slightly shocked as he sensed just how much Yang Yuan Qi was pouring into his meridians and how quickly they became saturated.


A drop of Yang Liquid condensed and sank into his dantian for storage.

*Dida, dida…*

The sound of Yang Liquid drops condensing sounded again and again in rapid succession.

As Yang Kai gladly endured this strenuous process, he couldn’t help paling slightly as well.

The amount of energy contained within the jade core was somewhat beyond his expectations.

After half a day of constant absorption, there were no more than two hundred more drops of Yang Liquid inside his Dantian while only the surface of the small jade core had been peeled off.

Suddenly, Yang Kai felt a burning sensation in his hands and at the same time, a terrifying destructive aura suddenly descended upon him. Yang Kai expression changed greatly as his eyes shot open and stared towards the jade core. What he saw was the jade core suddenly melt into a liquid that began slipping through his fingers.


Yang Kai’s hands were instantly burned and oozed blood, the violent heat given off by the jade liquid was something even he couldn’t withstand.

Not daring to hesitate, he quickly leapt up and retreated.


As the liquid hen the liquid hit the ground, a large burst of flames erupted and began rapidly spreading out, temporarily blinding Yang Kai’s line of sight.

After falling back even further and composing himself, Yang Kai’s expression became dignified.

In the position where he had been meditating, a human-shaped figure completely composed of bright orange flame had emerged.

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