Martial Peak

Chapter 610 – Outside Sen Luo Temple

Facing the inquiry of these young girls, Yang Kai chose to remain completely silent, trying to show the demeanour of a powerful master.

Shui Ling, who on the other hand was still in a good mood, immediately began mingling with these two fellow females and was soon chattering non-stop, but whenever they asked anything about Yang Kai, Shui Ling cleverly changed the subject.

Along the way, the pair of girls from Sen Luo Temple didn’t manage to obtain any useful information.

They still didn’t know what purpose this young male and female had for coming to Sen Luo Temple, or what their relationship with their Big Senior Sister Zi Mo was.

Half a day later, Yang Kai suddenly came to a halt and turned his head towards a certain direction, a smile slowly forming on his lips.

He had suddenly a sense of resonance, a fluctuation that belonged to his Soul.

Zi Mo should be close by.

The leading girls also stopped walking when they noticed Yang Kai stop, not knowing what to do; however, Yang Kai was too lazy to explain anything to them and instead just shot off in the direction he sensed the familiar aura.

“Hey…” The pair from Sen Luo Temple cried out in shock and tried to ask what was happening, but by the time they came to their senses Yang Kai had already disappeared.

A short moment later, in the sky over a lush jungle, Yang Kai stood mid-air, staring down at the land below him, his brow furrowed slightly.

In front of him was a range of low undulating mountains covered in a thick jungle, with not the slightest traces of any buildings much less the grand constructions of a Super Force. Instead, some fifty kilometers away Yang Kai discovered a large number of magnificent structures and could sense the auras of many powerful masters.

That place should be the real base of Tian Lang Dynasty’s Sen Luo Temple.

But if that was so, what was Zi Mo doing here?

As far as he could see, there were no unusual fluctuations here, nor even the shadow of people. There also didn’t seem to be some kind of Heaven’s Cave in the depths of these mountains, so Yang Kai was quite confused.

Slightly releasing his own aura, soon after, an angry voice echoed from the depths of the mountain below, “What do you want? We’ve already left Sen Luo Temple like you wanted. Are you people really so ruthless you want to ignore all our former ties and friendships and slaughter us to the last?”

Yang Kai was stunned but quickly smirked and called out teasingly, “Silly girl, is your temper still so hot? Before asking who it is you suddenly begin interrogating and accusing me?”

“You are…” The voice of the woman down below trembled slightly, seemingly trying to recall the identity of this familiar voice, a moment later exclaiming, “That bastard Yang Kai?”

“You can leave out the ‘bastard’ part out, can’t you?” Yang Kai’s face went black.

“Hehe…” A pleasant bell-like laughter resounded from the mountain below and after a few breaths a large stone suddenly moved to the side exposing a deep cave from which a beautiful young woman stepped out.

It was Zi Mo, dressed in her usual high exposure clothes, stimulating the fantasies of any man who saw her. Looking up, she saw the familiar face of Yang Kai standing in the sky and wore a delighted expression, seemingly not having thought that after these few years she could actually see him again, immediately flying up towards him.

Gently curling her lips, she said, “You bastard, aren’t you some kind of big shot in the Great Han Dynasty? Why come all the way over to Tian Lang Dynasty to make trouble?”

“I missed you, so I came to see you,” Yang Kai smiled happily.

Zi Mo rolled her eyes, “You think I’m some naive little girl you can easily lie to?” Turning her eyes next to Shui Ling who was standing next to Yang Kai, she sneered and quipped, “You ‘miss me’ yet you bring along another woman when you come to see me? Hmph, that’s just like you, unable to go without a beauty on your arm.”

“Hey, don’t say that, I have nothing to do with him.” Shui Ling grumbled unhappily.

“That doesn’t matter. As long as you stick around him long enough, sooner or later you’ll become his woman. If you want to keep your innocence, the farther away from him you stay, the safer you’ll be,” Zi Mo said in a completely serious tone.

“We haven’t seen each other for a few years and the first thing you do is slander me? When did I ever do wrong you?” Yang Kai suddenly felt a big headache coming on.

Zi Mo bit her luscious lips and blushed faintly, “When did you ever wrong me? All those years ago when you touched and kissed me so forcefully, that wasn’t wronging me? If it wasn’t for that small accident I would have already lost everything to you…”

As she spoke, she wore a pitiful expression, as if she had experienced the greatest shame under the Heavens at Yang Kai’s hands.

Shui Ling quickly turned to stare at Yang Kai badly, gnashing her teeth in indignation as she shouted, “I always knew you were such a bastard!”

“Lies! All lies! She’s slandering me! Don’t you believe me?” Yang Kai shouted furiously.

“Big Senior Sister, Big Senior Sister!” At this moment, the two young girls who had lead Yang Kai here finally caught up and flew over to Zi Mo before pointing towards Yang Kai, “This person said that he came here looking for you.”

“En, I know. There’s no need to be nervous, he’s not an enemy,” Zi Mo’s aggrieved expression instantly changed to a kind smile as she casually explained, “Although he’s the biggest bastard under the heavens, he also my savior.”

“Oh,” The two girls nodded and finally relaxed completely.

“An old friend from far away has come to see you yet this is how you treat me?” Yang Kai sighed helplessly, “Haa… Women really are the most ruthless creatures.”

“Stop putting on airs,” Zi Mo rolled her eyes again before waving her hand, “Come inside first, we can talk there.”

“Big Senior Sister…” The two other girls were shocked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to master later,” Zi Mo said calmly.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, although there were a lot of doubts in his heart, he also knew that he shouldn’t ask too many questions, the more he did the more trouble he’d bring to himself.

Flying down together with Shui Ling, the group of five walked into the cave leading to the base of the mountain.

A few steps into the cave, Zi Mo tapped the wall in a few spots and the big rock at the entrance rolled back and sealed the exit again.

Inside this mountain cave, every dozen steps or so there was a bright shining stone so it was not in any way dark or difficult to see.

Zi Mo led the way, a light smile adorning her face and a certain bounce in her step the whole way forward, seemingly not having felt so relaxed in a long time.

Bringing Yang Kai to a spacious stone room in the depths of the mountain, Zi Mo settled him and Shui Ling in and had her two Junior Sister bring over some fresh fruit.

“We don’t have much in the way of refreshments here so you’ll have to make do with this,” Zi Mo laughed.

Yang Kai nodded, indicating he didn’t mind, quickly picking up a plump red fruit, polishing it slightly on his robes before tossing it over to Shui Ling.

Shui Ling caught it, but having seen the whole process, was quite unwilling to take a bite.

“You wait here for a moment, I need to inform my Master about you first; after all, outsiders normally aren’t allowed into this place,” Zi Mo smiled and said, “But considering who you are, I decided to act first and explain later.”

“It seems like my face isn’t small.” Yang Kai smiled smugly.

Giggling slightly, Zi Mo left, leaving behind her Junior Sister who were now all staring at Yang Kai, their beautiful eyes filled with curious light.

Yang Kai didn’t know what they were expecting and didn’t bother to ask, instead choosing to wait quietly.

Spreading out his Divine Sense quietly, after quickly investigating his surroundings, Yang Kai’s expression became slightly weird.

He discovered that there were about a hundred people living in this mountain and that there was a Transcendent Realm master assuming command, probably the Master Zi Mo spoke of. Other than this powerhouse, there were only a few Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators, a dozen or so at most, while the rest were mainly at the True Element Boundary or Separation and Reunion Boundary. Also, from their auras, Yang Kai could infer that over eight percent of these cultivators were from the younger generation.

[It seemed like Zi Mo’s current situation isn’t good!] Yang Kai thought secretly.

Fifty kilometers away from this place was Tian Lang Dynasty’s only Super Force, Sen Luo Temple, of which Zi Mo was supposedly a disciple. By all rights, she and the other cultivators here should be living within the boundaries of the Sect, yet they were instead here in this underground cave.

On top of that, when Yang Kai arrived here, Zi Mo had said some intriguing words.

The whole situation seemed like some kind of internal Sect dispute, Yang Kai secretly shook his head.

About half an hour later, Zi Mo returned, a slightly annoyed look upon her face, “Master has allowed you to stay here for a while but you must depart as soon as possible. With the current state of affairs, it’s not convenient for us to be to receiving outsiders.”

“Good, I wasn’t planning to stay here for long anyways.” Yang Kai nodded.

“What are you here for?” Zi Mo sat down and asked curiously.

“To set you free,” Yang Kai .

Zi Mo was shocked, not immediately comprehending what he meant, but soon shaking her head lightly, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t care.”

“But I care,” Yang Kai laughed, not bothering to explain any further, quickly arriving beside Zi Mo and saying, “Just relax, this won’t take long.”

Zi Mo looked at him timidly for a moment before closing her eyes and relaxing her Knowledge Sea’s defence.

The next moment, she felt a huge and devastating Divine Sense pour into her Knowledge Sea.

The power of this Divine Sense absolutely terrified Zi Mo causing her beautiful face to go completely pale.

Moreover, this Divine Sense was actually seemed to be composed of violent and ruinous burning flames so hot that they could reduce her Knowledge Sea to ash in the blink of an eye.

As such terrifying thoughts filled her heart, this overwhelming Divine Sense suddenly withdrew from her Knowledge Sea.

“Done,” Yang Kai smiled.

Zi Mo opened her eyes slowly and suddenly felt as if some kind of invisible shackle that had been binding her had disappeared, simultaneously delighting her while giving her an odd sense of loss.

Suspiciously glancing towards Yang Kai, Zi Mo frowned and asked, “What realm are you now?”

“Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage!”

Gasps rang out as the two girls from Sen Luo Temple were shocked as they stared at Yang Kai incredulously.

Neither of them had expected that this youth who they had been dealing with had such incredible strength.

Their Big Senior Sister already had the best aptitude in their entire faction’s younger generation but was still only and Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage cultivator; compared with this man, they were as far apart as the Heavens and Earth.

“It seems like after we parted you had many more adventures.” Zi Mo gazed at Yang Kai somewhat enviously.

“I was just lucky,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders, “Enough about that, other than retrieving my property, I also wanted to ask you for your help.”

“My help? With what?”

“I need to go to your Sen Luo Temple’s Forbidden Zone, the Abandoned Earth!”

Zi Mo’s face changed slightly.

The Abandoned Earth was a desolate region where not even grass survived. Everywhere one went there faced life threatening crisis, and a mysterious energy capable of slicing apart anything or anyone randomly swirled about. No one knew how this place was formed or what secrets it hid, only that everyone who had dared enter its depths had died.

There had even been several Transcendents who had attempted to investigate the mysteries hidden in the deepest parts of the Abandoned Earth, but even they had failed to return.

The Abandoned Earth’s fearsome name commanded the same fear in Tian Lang Dynasty as Nether Mountain did in the hearts of the Great Han Dynasty’s cultivators.

Both of these places were the most forbidden of Forbidden Zones where no idle traveller dared to go.

The last time Yang Kai and Zi Mo went for life experience in that Isolated World, they had only traveled around the outermost region of Nether Mountain and had never saw true horrors hidden deep within.

So when she heard Yang Kai wanted to go to the Abandoned Earth, Zi Mo couldn’t help feeling some fear, “What are you planning to do there?”

“Since I want to go there, I naturally have my reasons, but I don’t know where it is, so I can only ask you to show me the way. Rest assured, I just want you to bring me there and don’t need you to accompany me into its depths, so you won’t be in any danger.”

“You really must hate living a calm and steady life.” Zi Mo looked towards Yang Kai like he was some kind of madman.

Shui Ling, on the other hand, wore an excited expression, faintly understanding that the way home must be hidden in this so called ‘Abandoned Earth’.

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