Martial Peak

Chapter 599 – Returning The Endless Sea Islands’ Hallowed Treasures

Drinks were poured, toasts were made, and festivities ensued.

Even Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo joined in on the fun and after drinking a few glasses of wine, the Beguiling Demon Queen’s face took on a slight intoxicated blush, making her even radiant and enchanting that caused everyone present to be unable to look directly into her eyes.

After three rounds of wine, envoys from all of the Endless Sea Islands’ great Sects finally arrived.

Asura Sect’s Ye Fang, Falling Blossom Temple’s Hua Duan Hun, Scarlet Tradition Sect’s Xu Qian Xi, Cloud Dragon Island, Gemini Island…

One by one they gathered on Ancient Cloud Island, all of them renowned elites of the Endless Sea Islands, most of whom had been part of the original excursion to the Central Capital

Gu Feng quickly noticed that all of these famous figures, each of whom shook the Endless Sea Islands when they stomped, showed incredibly respectful faces towards Yang Kai.

Witnessing this, he felt both fear and relief as the last remnants of dissatisfaction in his heart vanishing into thin air.

In the Endless Sea Islands, every one of these individuals had comparable status to Gu Feng, some of them were even more powerful and respected, yet all of them acted politely in front of this Young Master Yang, so naturally Gu Feng had no reason to feel ashamed.

After conversing for a while, Gu Feng learned that Ancient Cloud Island being able to find the Broken Moon Transformation Art was also thanks to Yang Kai, greatly improving Gu Feng’s impression towards the latter.

The Sect’s Hallowed Treasure, it’s most precious Secret Art, lost over three hundred years ago, was returned to them by Yang Kai, this was nothing less than a giant favour being gifted to Ancient Cloud Island.

Yang Kai proceeded to take out one Hallowed Treasure after another, Supreme Solitary Sect’s Supreme Solitary Seal, Falling Blossom Temple’s Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia, Asura Sect’s Asura Sword, Tradition Sect’s Sect Master’s Token, Cloud Dragon Island’s Cloud Dragon Pendant, Gemini Island’s Reincarnation Chart.

As these Hallowed Treasures appeared, the audience’s breathing suddenly sped up and as they stared in excitement.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and simply returned these things to their respective owners.

“The Asura Sword and Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia were refined once by me while everything else I have left untouched since obtaining them, if any of you do not feel at ease, feel free to examine them.” Yang Kai smiled and glanced around the crowd.

“No need! With Young Master Yang’s word why would we not feel at ease?” Li Yuan Chun laughed. Although these things were precious to them, their grades weren’t too high so they likely couldn’t even enter Yang Kai’s eyes, about this point, Li Yuan Chun was quite confident.

Everyone else also said that they did not need to inspect their Hallowed Treasure, completely assured of Yang Kai’s trustworthiness.

After receiving their respective Hallowed Treasures which had been lost for more than three hundred years, everyone bowed politely and offered their sincere thanks to Yang Kai.

“Young Master Yang, all of our Endless Sea Islands’ great Sects are indebted to your generosity. If you have any need of us in the future, do not hesitate to inform us and we will do anything within our power to render you aid,” Li Yuan Chun said sincerely. Not only was he truly thanking Yang Kai for returning the Endless Sea Islands’ Hallowed Treasures, he was also making such a declaration because of Yang Kai’s immense potential.

Although the Endless Sea Islands had little contact with the Inland Families and Sects, being able to form a friendship with Yang Kai would only have benefits.

“If such a time really comes, I won’t be polite.” Yang Kai laughed.

“Very good.”

“Since our business is complete, I will take my leave,” Yang Kai said succinctly and stood up, preparing to leave.

Li Yuan Chun was surprised and hurriedly said, “Young Master Yang, must you leave so soon? This old master also wanted to invite Young Master Yang to go to Supreme Solitary Sect for a few days.”

“I appreciate Senior Li’s kind invitation, but since the end of the war, I have not yet returned to the Central Capital, so I should not delay any further.”

“Is that so…” Li Yuan Chun showed a look of regret, “Then this old master will not insist. I will see you off today. If Young Master Yang has a chance in the future to visit the Endless Sea Islands, please make sure to visit my Supreme Solitary Sect.”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded casually.

As a large group of people, headed by Yang Kai, exited the temple, the surrounding disciples of Ancient Cloud Island all glanced around at each other and whispered, wondering just what had transpired to actually attract so many powerhouses.

When these disciples noticed Yang Kai standing at the front of the crowd, like a bright moon surrounded by stars, all of them couldn’t help wearing strange expressions.

No small number of them had met Yang Kai before as the latter was often taking care of Elder Han Chao’s precious peacocks, so they were deeply confused about how this trial disciple had suddenly become an honoured guest of all the Endless Sea Islands’ great forces.

Moreover, from the looks on these great people’s faces, they were actually quite polite and respectful towards Yang Kai, smiling and laughing as they accompanied him.

Not far away, a young girl with a slightly freckled face stared at this scene in utter confusion. After she noticed the commotion here, she ran over to see what all the excitement was about but upon arriving, she immediately became dumbstruck.

Right before her eyes, she watched the Junior Brother who had been together with her for the past half a year now calmly talking and laughing with a crowd of famous masters from the Endless Sea Islands. On top of that, he seemed perfectly at ease in this situation, chatting casually with these powerhouses as he calmly strolled forward.

The young girl shook her head and rubbed her eyes a few times but the scene in front of her did not change.

When this group of people approached the place she was standing, the young girl rushed out of the crowd, blocked their path, and stared at Yang Kai.

Li Yuan Chun’s brow furrowed slightly, not know what this young female disciple of Ancient Cloud Island had rushed out to do, glancing over at Gu Feng somewhat accusingly.

Gu Feng reacted quickly, loudly shouting, “Do not block the path! Make way!”

Zhong Miao however was in a daze, unable to understand the current situation, and with the Island Lord suddenly reprimanding her, she only become more confused, tuning to look at Yang Kai, her tender body shivering as she muttered, “Junior Brother… This is… What happened? How… Why are you…”

For quite a while, she fumbled for the right words but could never quite figure out what to say.

Shan Qing Luo smiled charmingly as she glanced over at Yang Kai calmly, secretly wondering how he would handle the situation.

“Impudence!” Gu Feng angrily roared. Before, when they were unaware of Yang Kai’s true identity, they had regarded this Central Capital’s Yang Family Patriarch as an ordinary mortal and had reluctantly registered him as a trial disciple in charge of tending to Han Chao’s peacocks. This was a grave error on the part of Ancient Cloud Island. Now that they knew Yang Kai’s true identity and status, Gu Feng was anxiously waiting for the moment he left in order to eliminate all information regarding his time on Ancient Cloud Island, so as not to avoid becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the other Endless Sea Island Sects, but at this critical moment, Zhong Miao had actually dared to block their path and call Yang Kai ‘Junior Brother’!

How could this be covered up now?

“Someone, quickly capture this girl and feed her into the Blue Flame Cave!” Gu Feng shouted ruthlessly.

Hearing these words, Zhong Miao’s knees became soft and nearly fell to the ground.

Blue Flame Cave was a volcanic pit which burned all year round; even Immortal Ascension Boundary masters found it difficult to survive there, so once a disciple like her was tossed inside it, she would likely be burned to death within three days.

Never had she imagined that this unintentional move of hers would so greatly infuriate the Island Lord, even causing him to severely punish her.

The young girls’ heart was suddenly consumed with fear and sorrow.

Two disciplinary hall disciples from Ancient Cloud Island quickly walked over and grabbed Zhong Maio.

Some of the disciples in the crowd who used to look down on Zhong Miao and bully her wore expressions of taking pleasure in other’s misfortune at this moment.

If not for that random opportunity several years ago, Zhong Miao would still be nothing but a low level Common Disciple, but because of the letter that Yang Kai gave her, she had made a great contribution to the Sect and was instantly promoted to the rank of Elite Disciple.

This had aroused a great deal of jealousy and many people felt that with her aptitude and talent, she was not worthy of being an Elite Disciple.

Now that she had encountered such a disaster, there were naturally some who were happy in their hearts.

Yang Kai of course observed all of this and felt quite disgruntled. Over the past six months, Zhong Miao had given him a very good impression. This young miss was kind-hearted and didn’t like stirring up trouble. Aside from diligently cultivating, she preferred to spend her time tending peacocks in a remote corner of Ancient Cloud Island.

Although it was true her aptitude and talent weren’t anything special, she was far more diligent and hardworking than others her age.

Even though Yang Kai felt some anger in his heart, in another’s domain, it wasn’t a good idea for him to suddenly lash out, so instead he pushed down his more impulsive thoughts and quickly said, “Island Lord Gu, please wait a moment. She and I truly knew each other as Junior Brother and Senior Sister, so her calling me so is not wrong, there’s no need to punish her.”

Gu Feng suddenly looked slightly awkward and hurriedly cupped his fists, “Young Master Yang surely jests. Before, my Ancient Cloud Island had eyes but failed to see, but now that we are aware of Young Master Yang’s true identity, how could we dare think of you as an Ancient Cloud Island disciple? But since Young Master Yang has spoken so, we will let this matter drop.”

Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Gu Feng was not an idiot so although Yang Kai had only spoken a single sentence, he could easily see that the latter’s intended to shelter Zhong Miao.

“Senior Sister, come over here,” Yang Kai said with a warm, friendly smile on his face, beckoning to Zhong Miao lightly.

Zhong Miao’s pair of limpid eyes teared up slightly, a tinge of fear still apparent on her pretty face as she was summoned by Yang Kai, but after hesitating for a moment she obediently walked over. Looking around at all the famous masters surround them, she couldn’t help shrinking her neck and shuffling closer to Yang Kai in attempt to find shelter, whispering quietly, “What’s happening?”

“There’s no need to be afraid, Senior Sister.” Yang Kai said comfortingly before turning to Li Yuan Chun. “Senior Li, this is the Senior Sister who I lived with for the past six months.”

“Oh?” Li Yuan Chun’s brow rose slightly, a slightly ambiguous look flashing across his face.

Yang Kai quickly continued, “It’s not what you think. Half a year ago, during the war, I was heavily injured and cast adrift in the nearby sea and was rescued by Senior Sister. As such, I owe Senior Sister a life-saving grace.”

Li Yuan Chun was stunned, not having expected that this seemingly ordinary girl was actually Yang Kai’s saviour. Turning to look at Zhong Miao again, this time with an expression filled with gratefulness, he nodded and said, “Not only is she Young Master Yang’s saviour, she is also the benefactor of all my Endless Sea Islands’ great Sects!”

“Good!” Ye Fang nodded as well. If not for Zhong Miao rescuing Yang Kai, they would likely never have seen their Sect’s long lost Hallowed Treasures again.

“This little girl has done all of us a great favour,” Hua Duan Hun giggled happily, her tender body swaying gently as she walked over to her and asked, “Young miss, what is your name?”

“Zhong Miao…”

“En, a good name,” Hua Duan Hun praised liberally, not having thought that this seemingly ordinary girl would have such a pleasant sounding name, “Are you willing to come to my Falling Blossom Temple? As long as you nod, I can confer you the title of Falling Blossom Saint.”

“Ah?” Zhong Miao was stunned and stared at Hua Duan Hun in shock.

Falling Blossom Temple had four Falling Blossom Saints, each of whom had an incredibly lofty identity, second only to the Religion Master in status. Several years ago, one of the Falling Blossom Saints accidentally fell and the position had remained unfilled until now. Countless Falling Blossom Temple disciples had done everything within their power to snatch this position for themselves, but no one had managed to succeed.

Yet today, Hua Duan Hun had actually offered up such a rich condition to Zhong Maio simply to attract her to join Falling Blossom Temple.

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