Martial Peak

Chapter 600 – Zhong Miao’s Chance

The Elders from Cloud Dragon Island and Gemini Island also made similar invitations.

In an instant, Elders from more than five major Sects all extended olive branches to Zhong Miao, their eyes flashing with hope and anxiety, as if this ordinary young girl in front of them had suddenly transformed into a peerless talent. All of these Sects flung open their doors to her at this moment.

Zhong Miao was dumbfounded, while the disciples of Ancient Cloud Island who had just been sneering at her misfortune had their moods flipped and became filled with envy and jealousy.

Why, why was this unremarkable disciple being so vigorously courted by all of these Sects?

“Island Lord…” Han Chao quietly whispered to Gu Feng, silently hinting with his eyes.

Gu Feng immediately understand and quickly composed himself, wearing a cold expression as he shouted, “Several friends, do you not think this is somewhat inappropriate? Zhong Miao is my Ancient Cloud Island’s discipline, trying to snatch my Sect’s disciple right in front of me; do you think that you can just ignore this Gu Feng?”

“Hehe…” Hua Duan Hun tittered charmingly as she quipped back in a teasing tone, “Does Island Lord Gu really mean that? Weren’t you just about to toss this little girl into the Blue Flame Cave? Since you don’t seem to care whether she lives or dies, then you might as well be accommodating and her to follow me back to Falling Blossom Temple. I’ll make sure she is cultivated properly so as not to ruin her bright future.”

“En, Island Lord Gu should be generous in this regard.” Xu Qian Hao said with a big bring.

“No no, as long as she lives, Zhong Miao will be a disciple of my Ancient Cloud Island, and when she dies, even when she dies, her ghost will belong to Ancient Cloud Island, no one may take her away!” Gu Feng swung his head like a rattle and refused to compromise.

At this moment, he could also see that Zhong Miao had a fair amount of weight in Yang Kai’s mind, grasping Zhong Miao would almost be equivalent to grasping Yang Kai’s friendship.

“We should allow this little girl to express her own thoughts, Island Lord Gu. Just because she is a disciple of your Ancient Cloud Island, that does not give you the right to decide her future for her,” Hua Duan Hun objected with a light snort, turning a gentle look towards Zhong Miao and softly saying, “Little girl, don’t be afraid, tell us which Sect you’d like to enter. You can rest assured that whichever one you choose, no one here will embarrass you.”

“Good, we will all respect your decision!” Ye Fang nodded firmly while the others all expressed their agreement.

By now, Zhong Miao was completely flustered, lowering her head awkwardly as she shivered timidly, not daring to answer, all she could do was lean closer to Yang Kai seemingly seeking for some sense of safety.

She had spent most of her life taking care of peacocks in a remote corner of Ancient Cloud Island while quietly cultivating on her own. Where would she have ever encountered such a major event? Obviously it was taking her some time to adapt.

Especially in the face of all these Sects extending her invitations, Zhong Miao really didn’t know what she should do or who she should choose.

“There’s no need to struggle!” Li Yuan Chun said suddenly in a dignified voice, “This old master has been looking for a Direct Disciple these past few years but unfortunately there has never been a suitable candidate. Today though I have finally met one so none of you should think of robbing her from this old master.”

“Senior…” Gu Feng and the others were dumbfounded, all of them turning to stare at Li Yuan Chun in shock.

Listening to Li Yuan Chun’s words, it was as if he was intending to make Zhong Miao his personal disciple.

This was a big deal, a massive deal!

Supreme Solitary Sect’s three Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were essentially Ancestor level characters to all the Endless Sea Islands and two of them already had their own Direct Disciples, only Li Yuan Chun did not. It was well know that these years he had indeed been seeking for such a disciple, but unfortunately a candidate able to enter his eyes had not yet appeared in the Endless Sea Islands.

But today, unexpectedly, Zhong Miao was suddenly given this chance.

“En, this old master wants to accept her as his Direct Disciple!” Li Yuan Chun gently nodded.

When this sentence came out, not only were the eyes of the other disciples of Ancient Cloud Island red with envy, even Gu Feng and the other Elders present couldn’t help staring at Zhong Miao jealously.

With an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary as her master, all of them could see just how bright and broad Zhong Miao’s future would be.

“Little girl, are you willing to become this old master’s disciple?” Li Yuan Chun kindly asked Zhong Miao.

Zhong Miao face flushed bright red and was clearly extremely excited, but suddenly remembering something she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself, replying haltingly, “But this Junior is already a disciple of Ancient Cloud Island…”

“Gu Feng!” Li Yuan Chun turned to look at Gu Feng and said with a cold grin, “This old master wants to accept her as a disciple, do you have any opinion?”

Gu Feng quickly waved his hands, “Junior doesn’t dare! Senior Li wanting to accept her as a disciple is her blessing, how could this Gu Feng have any objections?” Saying so, he turned to Zhong Miao and hurriedly said, “As of this moment, you are no longer a disciple of Ancient Cloud Island. From now on you must follow Senior Li faithfully and not bring shame upon your master, do you understand?”

“Disciple will take Island Lord’s words to heart!” Zhong Miao nodded her head seriously.

Li Yuan Chun laughed heartily.

When these people rushed to recruit Zhong Miao, Yang Kai had stood back and quietly watched. When the dust settled, he finally stepped forward and said, “Senior Sister, congratulations for meeting your Master! Junior Brother will give you a little gift to mark the occasion.”

“There’s no need.” Zhong Miao quickly waved her hands.

“Since Young Master Yang wishes to give you a gift, you must accept it or Young Master Yang will lose face!” Li Yuan Chun quickly interjects, afraid that Zhong Miao would really refuse.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, took out a small jade pot and handed it to Zhong Miao, gently saying, “Take one drop of this every day from now on until it is finished and make sure to have Senior Li hold on to it when you are not using it, consider this my thank you for rescuing my life.”

“En,” Zhong Miao held the small jade pot in her hand and stared at it somewhat curiously, wondering what exactly it was and why when Yang Kai gave it to her he had spoken so seriously.

However, when she looked up, Zhong Miao was once again shocked as she saw a great many of the Elder level characters around her staring greedily at the small pot in her hands, as if they were seeing some kind of other-worldly treasure.

“Young Master Yang can rest assured, since you’ve delivered this gift to my disciple, this old master can guarantee that no one besides her will have a chance to use it.” Li Yuan Chun declared solemnly.

“En, very good.” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, Li Yuan Chun’s behaviour at this moment made him feel quite relieved. Declaring so in front of so many people had clearly indicated his position.

“En, you all remain here, this Junior will take his leave!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and then nodded to Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo gently, the three of them lifting off into the air and shooting away like lightning.

Staring at his fading back, and remembering everything that had transpired in the Central Capital, many of the Endless Sea Islands powerhouses sighed lightly.

“Senior, who exactly is my Junior Brother?” Zhong Miao’s eyes were still slightly blurred. Until now she hadn’t understood why the Junior Brother who she had lived with for half a year had suddenly become a character who needed to be respectfully greeted by all the Endless Sea Islands’ masters.

“Still calling me Senior?” Li Yuan Chun stroked his beard gently and grinned.

“Master…” Zhong Miao replied, slightly embarrassed.

“Good, you’re Junior Brother is actually the head of the Central Capital Eight Great Families, the Yang Family’s current Patriarch. Half a year ago, under his leadership, the Central Capital successfully resisted the invasion of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and wiped out their vile forces.”

“Is he so fierce?” Zhong Miao wasn’t very experienced so upon listening to Li Yuan Chun’s story, she only made a small exclamation.

“Right,” Gu Feng suddenly inserted a sentence, “You and him seem to share a great deal of fate. A few years ago, it was he who inserted the dagger and letter into your door that told us of the Broken Moon Transformation Art’s location. Then, six months ago you actually saved him from the sea, perhaps this is a cycle of karma?”

“Ah?” Zhong Miao’s elegant face changed dramatically as she called out in shock, “It was him?”

“Indeed. Didn’t he tell you?” Gu Feng asked strangely.

Zhong Miao nearly broke out into tears, her shoulders trembling lightly as she stared towards the direction Yang Kai had disappeared, her heart filling with a huge sense of loss.


Flying forward swiftly, the surrounding scenery quickly whizzed past.

Yang Kai, Shan Qing Luo, and Bi Luo, a group of three people, rapidly flew towards the Central Capital.

Behind Yang Kai, looking at his broad back, Shan Qing Luo’s eyes became slightly blurred and her breath gradually became hot.

Noticing this abnormality, Bi Luo quickly stepped forward and gripped her hand.

Shan Qing Luo slowly shook her head and signaled that she was fine, averting her eyes and not daring to focus on Yang Kai any more.

However, in her heart she was slightly surprised. This little man was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator yet his speed was actually faster than hers. The purity and density of his True Qi also seemed to be superior to her own.

Shan Qing Luo didn’t feel upset though, instead just somewhat proud.

And so the trio flew forward for three days in relative silence.

Suddenly, Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo, who were following behind Yang Kai, stopped.

Perceiving this, Yang Kai also paused and turned around to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Shan Qing Luo breathing a long sigh and said, “We’ll separate here. You are going back to the Central Capital, but I am the Beguiling Demon Queen, one of the last remaining remnants of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. Naturally, I should head back to Fragrance City instead.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly and said, “The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land is no more, why bother yourself over such minor issues? No one there will embarrass you.”

But Shan Qing Luo shook her head firmly.

Yang Kai hesitated for a while before finally relenting, “In that case, I won’t insist. Good, when I finish arranging things in the Central Capital, I will come to see you so we can resolve the issues between us once and for all.”

“I’ll be waiting for you!” Shan Qing Luo smiled and nodded.

Yang Kai returned the gesture before quickly turning around a leaving.

Shortly after Yang Kai disappeared across the horizon, Bi Luo sighed faintly, “Mistress, is this really alright?”

“Of course this is alright, as long as he’s fine it’s alright.”

“But the sentiment planted in your heart…” Bi Luo’s eyes instantly turned red, “Can you still suppress it now? Once you can’t suppress it, you’ll be seeking death! He clearly doesn’t care one bit about you so why are you still so concerned with him? You should just release your inhibitions and take his life and ends all this trouble!”

“Bi Luo!” Shan Qing Luo shouted, panting for breath as her face flushed red, “Don’t say that, the fate of my Poison Widow Body’s lineage should end with me instead of being passed down from generation to generation. Otherwise, I will be forcing my daughter to suffer from this kind of pain as well, this tragic curse!”

Bi Luo’s tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at Shang Qing Luo in grief, her heart filled with extreme hatred towards Yang Kai.

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