Martial Peak

Chapter 598 – You Group Of Bastards With Blind Dog Eyes

Yang Kai sat at the head of the table with Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo standing behind him next to each other, like a pair of maidservants, adding a rich colourful scenery to the refreshments plated before them.

The Elders of Ancient Cloud Island all sat nervously as they did their best to show respect for this mysterious young man.

The real maids offered fragrant tea and various delicacies while the Elders sent out various greetings and regards; unfortunately, Yang Kai only replied briefly to their overtures before once again becoming silent, causing the entire hall to be filled with a strange atmosphere.

The awkward silence cause all of the Elders here to feel a great sense of pressure, each of them unconsciously glancing towards the door or spreading out their Divine Sense as they prayed Han Chao would return quickly.

After waiting for two hours thought, Han Chao had still not appeared.

The several Elders in the hall felt like they were sitting on pins and needles, the palms of their hands wet with sweat, yet they continued to steel themselves and wait.

Outside the temple hall, Gu Feng glanced around nervously, a complex expression adorning his face, one that contained fear, hesitance, and regret.

Earlier, he had made an impertinent move towards Shan Qing Luo only to end up being knocked away like an annoying fly, almost falling into a stupor on the spot and drowning in the Endless Sea. After struggling back to Ancient Cloud Island, Gu Feng quickly learned that the young woman who had sent him flying was now a guest in his own Sect’s main hall.

Unable to guess her true identity or background, Gu Feng didn’t dare to go in, causing him to feel a great deal of anxiety, secretly cursing himself for having eyes that failed to see, actually daring to make a move against such a woman.

A short time later, Gu Feng suddenly felt two auras rapidly approaching.

Raising his head, he quickly spotted Han Chao and Li Yuan Chun of Supreme Solitary Sect.

Gu Feng was immediately overjoyed, a look of worship and respect flashing across his face, but before he could even offer greetings to Li Yuan Chun, the latter roared angrily towards him, “Gu Feng, you have some guts!”

“Ah?” Gu Feng was dumbfounded, he didn’t understand why the respected Senior Li, a Grand Elder of Supreme Solitary Sect, would suddenly scold him.

In the blink of an eye, Li Yuan Chun landed in front of him, lifted his hand and slapped Gu Feng across his face, stunning the latter as his face began to swell up.

“Hmph! This is just a small lesson,” Li Yuan Chun said coldly, “As for how you’ll be dealt with, that will all depend on the Young Lord’s mood. You better pray that you can live to see the sunrise tomorrow!”

“Senior Li…” Gu Feng touched his swollen cheek and looked at Li Yuan Chun in shock. In his mind, since Li Yuan Chun had come to Ancient Cloud Island, naturally he would stand on his side; after all, everyone was a resident of the Endless Sea Islands.

With Li Yuan Chun here to manage the situation, that enchantress shouldn’t be able to make any waves.

However, the first thing Li Yuan Chun did upon arrival was curse and beat him, this was all too much for Gu Feng to take in at once.

Even if treated like this though, Gu Feng didn’t dare show any grief, because in the Endless Sea Islands, Supreme Solitary Sect was the one true overlord, their three Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were all legendary characters who dominated over all other cultivators. It was difficult for ordinary people to even catch a glimpse of these supreme characters so Li Yuan Chun now taking the initiative to set foot on Ancient Cloud Island was already giving Gu Feng a great deal of face.

Han Chao silently watched this seemingly funny scene, but he couldn’t bring himself to smile, his heart still pounding furiously.

Just now when he had gone to Supreme Solitary Sect to seek out Li Yuan Chun, as he had expected, he was stopped outside the main entrance and told by the disciples on guard duty he could not go in.

Out of desperation, Han Chao could only force his way in and as a result was captured by Supreme Solitary Sect’s elite protectors.

However, the noise he stirred up caught the attention of the Elders of Supreme Solitary Sect and when Han Chao explained why he was there and who had sent him, he was immediately released and several of the Elders hurriedly left to inform Li Yuan Chun.

Among the group from the Endless Sea Islands who traveled to the Central Capital, there was no one from Ancient Cloud Island, because their Hallowed Treasure, the Broken Moon Transformation Art, had already been found, so there was naturally no reason for them to send out an envoy. But that was not the case for Supreme Solitary Sect.

The people of Ancient Cloud Island were unclear about the identity of Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo, but those from Supreme Solitary Sect knew them well.

After Li Yuan Chun heard that Yang Kai had come, he immediately set out for Ancient Cloud Island, unceasingly reprimanding Han Chao along the way to the point of near incoherence, cursing him for not making things clear the moment he arrived and delaying this important matter.

Seeing Li Yuan Chun’s incredibly intense reaction, Han Chao realized just how unusual the identities of Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo were.

At this moment, Li Yuan Chen had even slapped Ancient Cloud Island’s Island Lord, showing just how much importance the former placed on this young man and woman.

Just how profound was their background that even Senior Li had to treat them so seriously?

“Follow this old master inside you useless thing!” Li Yuan Chun shouted angrily as he walked towards the temple.

Gu Feng rubbed his cheek but didn’t say a word, simply following behind Li Yuan Chun while choking down the distress in his heart.

Han Chao also took a deep breath and followed.

Inside the hall, everyone had heard the commotion outside and although some of Ancient Cloud Island Elders had ugly expressions, the one who had hit their Island Lord was none other than Li Yuan Chun, so they naturally held their tongues.

Glancing over at Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo again, their expression inadvertently became more dignified and respectful.

On the other hand, Yang Kai grinned helplessly. Li Yuan Chun scolding Gu Feng so furiously was obviously his way of venting grievances for Yang Kai, but also his way of protecting Gu Feng. Because Li Yuan Chun understood Yang Kai’s personality well, he knew that if he didn’t handle things well here, Ancient Cloud Island might very well be destroyed.

Although being slapped would make one lose face, it was far better than being killed.

Yang Kai shook his head and felt that Li Yuan Chun was being too sensitive, he didn’t really care about such trivial matters.

A hearty laughter came from entranceway as Li Yuan Chun walked into the hall, and after seeing Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo, he couldn’t help smiling happily, “It really is Young Master Yang! This old master knew that with Young Master Yang’s Heaven defying methods it was impossible that you’d die young. Now seeing Young Master Yang alive and well, this old master can feel at ease.”

“Many thanks for Senior Li’s concern, I was fortunate enough to escape with my life.” Yang Kai stood up and greeted.

“Ms. Shan!” Li Yuan Chun turned to Shan Qing Luo and cupped his fists.

“Senior Li is too polite.” Shan Qing Luo elegantly returned the gesture.

Seeing Yang Kai and Li Yuan Chun interact as if they were two old friends, the Elders of Ancient Cloud Island all wore strange expressions. Li Yuan Chun’s identity in the Endless Sea Islands was highly respected; even if it was a character like Gu Feng who was meeting him, he would have to do so with the utmost respect, but this young man was actually speaking to him on equal terms.

Just who was this youth and what was his background? Everyone desperately wanted to know.

“You group of bastards with blind dog eyes!” Li Yuan Chun suddenly wore an angry expression as he yelled at everyone else in the hall, “Do you know who this Young Lord is?”

“Please enlighten us, Senior Li!” Everyone respectfully asked.

“This is the Young Lord of the Central Capital’s Yang Family, the current Yang Family Patriarch!”

“Central Capital Yang Family?” An exclamation sounded as everyone turned shocked gazes towards Yang Kai.

“Your Ancient Cloud Island’s people did not participate in the recent excursion to the Inland region so you don’t understand the details of the Great Han Dynasty, so this old master won’t blame you for being slightly ignorant, but you should have at least heard about the phenomenal genius of the Central Capital’s Yang Family, and that person, is the Young Lord in front of you now!” Li Yuan Chun smiled strangely, “The leader of a super force that commands more than twenty Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters was actually made into a janitor disciple responsible for taking care of peacocks… Just how noble are these peacocks that they can actually be tended to by Young Master Yang? Han Chao, do you understand the weight of your crime!?”

Han Chao leaked cold sweat from every pore on his body and quickly stepped forward, shivering as he tried to explain, “Senior Li, I did not know that Young Master Yang had such an exalted status. I thought he was just an ordinary fisherman!”

“You thought?” Li Yuan Chun sneered, “Such short-sightedness!”

“Senior Li, please calm your anger,” Han Chao said as a look of pain flashed across his face, slumping his shoulders as he said, “This Han will immediately go and kill those peacocks.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Yang Kai shook his head faintly, “I intentionally hid my name and status in order to live in peace these past six months, Elder Han has not committed any mistake.”

“Many thanks, Young Master Yang, many thanks!” Han Chao shouted gratefully. Although these peacocks were indeed not precious, they were as important to Han Chao as his own life, so he really could not bear to kill them. Hearing Yang Kai speak to maintain them naturally earned his gratitude.

“Since Young Master Yang has said so, then I will not investigate the matter any further. Gu Feng, get over here.” Li Yuan Chun turned his head and glared at the Island Lord of Ancient Cloud Island.

“Junior Gu Feng knows his crime.” Gu Feng did not wait for Li Yuan Chun to berate him and took the initiative to admit his mistake, “Whatever punishment Senior Li deems necessary, this Junior will utter no complaints.”

As he spoke, he shot a glance over at Shan Qing Luo, trembling lightly before quickly averting his eyes.

“Damn bastard!” Li Yuan Chun shouted, “Do you think a few insincere words can put an end to this? Nonsense! A solemn Island Lord daring to spout such a line. Good! If that’s how you really feel, then as long as Young Master Yang gives the word this old master will personally send you on your way to the next life.”

Gu Feng trembled violently at this threat but didn’t dare utter any more words.

“Senior Li, such minor matters don’t need to be pursued.” Yang Kai waved his hand, not wanting to make things too embarrassing. In the end, it was he who had hidden himself and idled around Ancient Cloud Island for half a year, and although Gu Feng had eyes but failed to see, it hadn’t reached the level where Yang Kai thought any further punishment was warranted.

Li Yuan Chun wore a hesitant look for a moment before nodding gently, “Since Young Master Yang says so, then let big things become small and small things become nothing.”

Gu Feng also hurriedly said, “Many thanks, Young Master Yang, for showing mercy.”

Yang Kai nodded casually, no longer dwelling on the subject, instead looking at Li Yuan Chun and saying, “Senior Li should understand why I summoned you today, correct?”

Li Yuan Chun smiled happily and nodded quickly, “Indeed! When this old master heard that Young Master Yang had come to my Endless Sea Islands, I already guessed what your intentions were. Young Master Yang has a truly just and upright character, on behalf of all the Endless Sea Islands great Sects, this old master deeply thanks Young Master Yang!

“Senior Li is too polite, since I said before that after we weathered the difficulties, I would return everything, I will naturally keep my word.”

Li Yuan Chun’s face filled with joy as he laughed heartily, “Then the old master must ask Young Master Yang to wait here a moment. Before coming here, this old master sent out his disciples to contact the other Endless Sea Islands’ great forces. Within less than half a day I assure Young Master Yang they will arrive here.”

“No hurry!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

After resolving the previous little grievances, the atmosphere in the hall became far more relaxed. The Elders of Ancient Cloud Island also realized the terrifying power Yang Kai wielded and no longer dared to belittle him in any way, throwing a great banquet for him where they repeatedly toasted him.

Yang Kai did not refuse and let loose, filling himself with good food and drink.

Soon, everyone found that this Yang Family Young Lord didn’t have the arrogance a youth of his age and status normally possessed and as long as you treated him respectfully he would reciprocate in kind.

This discovery greatly pleased everyone present as all of them hoped to build a good relationship with Yang Kai.

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