Martial Peak

Chapter 594 – Clean Up The Sec

A trace of surprise flashed across Yang Bai’s eyes as he stared at Yang Kai, his expression slowly becoming dignified, “Martial Nephew, you having such strength is impressive, even if you are borrowing it from some outside source, but with only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage cultivation, you can’t change anything here.”

“Really?” Old Demon took a step forward and guarded Yang Kai, a powerful Demonic Qi that had the exact same aura as Yang Bai’s emerging from his body.

At the same time, the eight old men also pushed their True Qi to their maximum, their expression cold and menacing, preparing to go all out against Yang Bai.

However, Yang Bai simply laughed, “You think you can defeat me simply because you have more people? You’re all too naive; before I leave I’ll let you all experience the might of a Third Order Transcendent. My dear friend, I have given you a chance, but it seems you intend to stubbornly refuse; the Demonic Qi in your body, I will gladly accept today.”

These last words were directed towards Old Demon.

When Yang Bai escaped from the Coiling Dragon Stream previously, he had not absorbed all of the Demonic Qi inside the deceased Devil Lord’s body. He had originally planned to consolidate his foundation and then return to absorb what remained at a later date, but this had inadvertently allowed Old Demon to take it for himself instead.

Now that another opportunity to refine this Demonic Qi had presented itself, Yang Bai naturally wanted to take it.

Finished speaking, Yang Bai waved gently and a thin membrane of multicoloured light appeared around his body, covering his form like armour.

The Martial Skills and artifact strikes of the Eight Great Families former Patriarchs simultaneously appeared and flew towards Yang Bai. Unfortunately, this heavy bombardment was only able to cause Yang Bai’s barrier to tremble slightly. Even attacking all together, they were unable to break his defence.

Although all of them knew Yang Bai was incredibly powerful, after witnessing this scene, the eight old Patriarchs still couldn’t help feeling surprised, each of them wearing a clear look of shock.

Old Demon also quickly attacked, a bloody light shooting out from his body, transforming into a blood fog that engulfed Yang Bai in the next breath. This blood fog contained all of Old Demon’s many years of insights into the Martial Dao, a technique that was difficult to defend against, capable of eroding anything in this world.

However, Yang Bai only flexed his muscles once and broke through this blood fog.

Old Demon coldly snorted and took three steps backwards, staring at the man with a solemn expression.

The absolute gap in realm was not something that mere experience could make up for. If there was a lot of fresh blood here, perhaps Old Demon could also use his Demon Specter Saint Technique to enhance his strength, but all the blood from the dead and wounded had already been used by Yang Bai. One couldn’t make bricks without straw.

A fierce dragon’s roar suddenly resounded as a huge black dragon appeared behind Yang Kai, shaking its head and swinging its tail as it opened its great maw and bit towards Yang Bai.

“A Flood Dragon?” Yang Bai didn’t spare this apparition a second glance, casually waving his left hand, summoning a huge seven coloured poisonous python out of thin air. This poisonous snake bared its fangs and rushed towards the black dragon, opening its mouth and spraying out a seven coloured light that contained a terrifying evil energy that instantly smashed the approaching dragon phantom.

“Mediocre!” Yang Bai sneered dismissively, calmly taunting, “Go on, release all the strength you can, I must see if any of you are capable of stopping me. I, Yang Bai, only seek the pinnacle of the Martial Dao! Good? Evil? As long as it can improve my strength, why would I not take advantage of it? Anyone who dares block my path, I will show no mercy!”

“Even if it is the Honored Master who raised you?” Yang Kai stared at him with ice cold eyes. Although the situation was extremely dangerous, there was not the slightest panic present in his eyes, only an infinite indifference.

Old Demon also calmly observed the situation. Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai had to rely on, after following him for so long, Old Demon understood that Yang Kai would never act unless he was confident of his success. Quickly pressing down his impulse to escape, he quietly guarded Yang Kai in case any accident occurred.

“Honoured Master?” Yang Bai sneered, “I don’t have an Honored Master.”

Even as he was speaking, Yang Bai never stopped pushing the evil energy within his body, causing the old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families to pale and fall to their knees, each of their faces quickly changing colours, their True Qi and vitality quickly leaking out and converging toward Yang Bai’s body.

This absolute repression of the realm gave them a deep understanding of the terrifying strength Yang Bai possessed and made them realize that simply relying on the people gathered here, they had no way to defeat him.

“Yang Kai, quickly leave this place, I’m afraid that the eight of us can no longer escape…” Yang Ying Hao suddenly said, his voice becoming faint and slowly trailing off.

If they had known Yang Bai’s strength was so horrible, they would never have only come by themselves.

Originally they had thought that with their eight people, even if they had to sacrifice themselves in battle, they would at least be able to bury Yang Bai to along with them, but now they realized that their previous idea was nothing but a ridiculous fantasy.

Now all they could do was put their lives on the line to save Yang Kai.

“No one will escape here today!” Yang Bai declared calmly as he faintly shook his head, lifting his finger, a burst of Demonic Qi shot out and pierced Yang Ying Hao’s shoulder, causing a burst of blood to spray out.

“Yang Bai, you attacked and killed your Elders and brought shame to the High Heaven Pavilion; today, on behalf of Grand Master, I will clean up the Sect!” Yang Kai suddenly roared angrily, his cold indifference rapidly transforming into righteous fury.

Yang Bai was temporarily stunned and couldn’t help glancing over at him, soon wearing a sneering expression, “A trivial Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage ant dares to speak to me like this, the young really don’t understand how high the Heavens are or how deep the Earth is! Martial Nephew, you’ll soon be dead, are you planning to clean up the Sect for that old fart as a ghost?”

Although they came from the same Sect, Yang Bai looked down on Yang Kai quite a bit. He thought that this Martial Nephew of his only had his current strength because he was borrowing it from some external source.

“Haha…” Yang Kai laughed loudly before his grinning face became solemn, shouting loudly, “Old Demon!”

Old Demon responded immediately and without any hesitation rushed towards Yang Bai.

Yang Bai looked on disdainful, simply waving his hand towards Old Demon, sending out a violent burst of Demonic Qi. Old Demon’s defence was instantly broken through and was sent tumbling through the air before crashing into the ground, but in the next instant, he climbed up indifferently.

He was unharmed!

This scene not only stunned the old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families, even Yang Bai was shocked; however, he quickly collected himself and nodded, “That body is truly quite good.”

Old Demon laughed wickedly, “Although this old master can’t beat you now, you also can’t beat this old master; this body is not something you can destroy.”

Old Demon’s current body had not only not degraded after lying at the bottom of the Coiling Dragon Stream for hundreds of years, but instead had become even more tempered with age.

With Yang Bai’s current cultivation alone, he really wasn’t capable of destroying it.

“I was wondering what it was you had to take advantage of, it turns out to only be this.” Yang Bai sneered, “If that’s all you have to show me, then I’ll stop playing around with you now.”

Old Demon snorted and charged toward Yang Bai again.

Yang Bai curled his lips cruelly and spat disdainfully, “Nothing but a brute, even if your body is tough, you still can’t defeat me, you might as well just return that which belongs to me.”

As he spoke, Yang Bai released an even more ominous aura that before and stretched out his hand to grasp Old Demon’s head.

But to his surprise, Old Demon didn’t even try to evade, simply allowing himself to be grabbed.

“Hmph, seeking your own death!” Yang Bai was overjoyed, instantly circulating his Demonic Secret Art and madly absorbing the Demonic Qi inside Old Demon. Because their Demonic Qis had the same source, Yang Bai could freely assimilate Old Demon’s strength into his own and once he was finished, his own cultivation would definitely improve again.

He could even use some forbidden methods to refine Old Demon’s current body into a puppet.

“Young Master!” Old Demon cried out. He was desperately resisting but was unable to stop the outflow of strength from his body.

Regardless of what Yang Kai was planning, now was the best opportunity for him to act; it was only because of his unconditional trust in Yang Kai that Old Demon dared to act so recklessly.

Suddenly, a golden chain appeared, and with it a blazing aura akin to the shining sun burst forth. Whether it was Old Demon or Yang Bai, when this aura swept over them, the Demonic Qi in their bodies trembled fiercely.

This chain was not long, nor was it particularly eye catching, but it radiated a power that could not be ignored as it shot forth towards Yang Bai.

“Devil Sealing Chain!?” Yang Bai’s face instantly went pale as he shouted in surprise, quickly releasing Old Demon as he hurriedly tried to escape.

Yang Kai sneered and used his Divine Sense to guide golden Devil Sealing Chain forward like a snake, instantly entangling Yang Bai.

*Ci la la…*

A burst of sound like salt hitting hot oil came out as Yang Bai pushed his Demonic Qi furiously, trying to free himself, but ultimately he was unable to break free of from Devil Sealing Chain and a constant stream of black smoke leaked from his body.

On the other hand, the golden Devil Sealing Chain, as if it was without physical form, gradually disappeared into Yang Bai’s body, leaving behind only a faint brilliance.

“Martial Uncle, you’re far too negligent.” Yang Kai sneered sarcastically, “Since we acquired the body of the Devil Lord, obviously the Devil Sealing Chain that was used to bind it fell into my hands as well. This thing should be your nemesis.”

Yang Bai’s face twisted with rage and anger as he glared hatefully towards Yang Kai.

Devil Sealing Chain, an artifact designed specifically to suppress Demonic Qi.

It was capable of sealing the original Devil Lord so the current Yang Bai was obviously not its match. On top of that, regardless of whether it was Yang Bai or Old Demon, their current strength was almost entirely inherited from original Devil Lord’s body.

As if it too was being suppressed by the Devil Sealing Chain, Yang Bai’s arrogant aura quickly converged and the vast majority of his strength was locked inside his body.

The situation had taken a dramatic turn and everyone, aside from Yang Bai, was pleasantly surprised, none of them having anticipated such an outcome.

Old Demon gazed towards Yang Kai both happily and slightly panic-stricken, musing to himself that trusting this Young Master of his was the right decision.

Even he had forgotten about the existence of the Devil Sealing Chain, so when Yang Kai suddenly brought it out this time he was also caught off guard.

“Martial Uncle, how much of your strength can you use now?” Yang Kai took a step forward imposingly, “Because of you, High Heaven Pavilion is now in a very miserable state, Grand Master was nearly killed by you, and my father was forced to endure years of suffering because of your treachery. Putting aside your wanton destruction of the Central Capital, for the damage you did to High Heaven Pavilion alone you must pay a heavy price and the time has come to settle your debts.”

“In your dreams!” Yang Bai roared hysterically, “Do you think this trivial Devil Sealing Chain can hold me? Perhaps if you were a bit stronger you might be able to threaten me, but with your current cultivation, you have no chance! The prestige any artifact can display is directly related to the strength of its wielder, didn’t you ever learn something so basic?”

Saying so, Yang Bai’s hands both stretched out and a seven coloured radiance bloomed once more, wreaking havoc like a great storm. At the same time, a figure shot out and jumped towards the Void Corridor.

Obviously Yang Bai was planning to leave here first and worry about seeking revenge later.

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