Martial Peak

Chapter 595 – Power Of The Void

“Where are you trying to run to?” Yang Kai’s shouted, his body flickering as he increased his speed to the limit. Arriving at the entrance of the Void Corridor, he glared coldly towards Yang Bai as he pushed his True Qi fiercely.

“Get out of my way!” Yang Bai roared, raising his hand to strike Yang Kai’s chest. The hand was moved like a serpent, striking with blinding speed and power.

*Hong…* With a bang, Yang Kai’s body was forced back and a trace of blood leaked from his mouth, but Yang Bai was also forced to retreat several steps.

“Ha ha ha!” Yang Kai laughed loudly, “Martial Uncle, you can only display the strength of a First Order Transcendent now, let’s see how you try to escape!”

As he shouted, a huge pulse of Divine Sense welled up and the small sword inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and, under the urging of his vast Spiritual Energy, exuded a cold chill as it rushed towards Yang Bai.

Yang Bai was shocked by this sudden attack and didn’t dare to face it head on, hurriedly retreating.

Old Demon laughed wickedly and transformed into a bloody light, launching his own attack towards Yang Bai.

Having recovered slightly, the Eight Great Families; old Patriarchs also contributed what strength they had to this battle.

In an instant, Yang Bai was surrounded and became badly battered from all sides.

With the Devil Sealing Chain suppressing him, Yang Bai was only able to display strength equivalent to a First Order Transcendent. Obviously, he was no longer the opponent of Yang Kai’s group.

Every time he tried to escape into the Void Corridor, he would be swiftly intercepted.

Yang Bai’s face became sullen. He had been anxiously awaiting the moment he would step into the higher world since the moment he obtained the Devil Lord’s inheritance and memory below the Coiling Dragon Stream. He had conquered the entire Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and invaded Medicine King’s Valley all in preparation to battle the Eight Great Families.

He had been planning and plotting for so long and now that he was mere steps from achieving his goal, he was suddenly tied down by the Devil Sealing Chain and repeatedly beaten back. The madness and unwillingness that filled his heart could easily be imagined.

But in the end, he still had the foundation of a Third Order Transcendent, so although he was in the midst of a crisis, Yang Bai would not easily be defeated, continuously using a variety of profound and mystical means to repel his attackers.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as the battle dragged on, eventually not colliding with Yang Bai head on anymore, instead focusing all his attention on controlling his Soul type artifact as he carefully observed the trapped and enraged Yang Bai.

Suddenly, a tyrannical aura from far away quickly approached. Perceiving the particular fluctuations of this aura, Yang Kai immediately smiled and turned his eyes towards this newcomer.

Sure enough, Meng Wu Ya’s figure appeared a moment later, a look of joy and excitement filling his face, the imposing aura radiating from his body incomparably stronger than in the past, even more so than when he had released his seal several months ago.

Behind him, Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang also quickly appeared.

Obviously Meng Wu Ya had broken through the shackles that were sealing his strength and had restored his Transcendent Realm cultivation. Yang Kai estimated that Treasure Meng was now a peak Third Order Transcendent.

Although he could only vaguely sense this, Yang Kai was still convinced his judgement was correct.

When Meng Wu Ya arrived, he didn’t speak any nonsense and immediately held out his hand, causing an invisible pressure to press down on Yang Bai’s body like a great mountain, making it difficult for the latter to even lift his arms.

Seizing this opportunity, the old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families and Old Demon launched an all out attack, quickly riddling Yang Bai’s body with bloody wounds.

“How can this be?” Yang Bai stared towards Meng Wu Ya who had just appeared in complete disbelief. He couldn’t believe that this person who he had never even heard of several months ago could have the same cultivation and strength as him at his peak.

“Martial Uncle, your time of death has arrived.” Yang Kai coldly declared.

Yang Bai face was ashen as madness filled the depths of his eyes. Having reached a dead end, he suddenly let out a crazed laughter and roared, “Ignorant fools! If I am destined to die here today, all of you will be accompanying me to hell!”

Shouting so, Yang Bai’s Demonic Qi and aura suddenly fluctuated wildly and his body rapidly bloated, his complexion turning bright red as blood gushed out from his seven orifices.

The ominous pressure pulsing through the air instantly sent chills down everyone’s back.

Meng Wu Ya expression immediately became solemn as he hurriedly shouted, “Stop him! He’s trying to detonate all the True Qi in his body.”

Yang Kai’s face also changed greatly, injecting all of his Spiritual Energy into his small sword Soul type artifact and striking towards Yang Bai’s head. Unfortunately, Yang Bai’s Spiritual Energy was too powerful and Yang Kai failed to break the former’s Knowledge Sea’s defense.

Meng Wu Ya twisted his hand and manipulated the pressure he was exerting on Yang Bai to snap the latter’s neck.

Yang Bai’s insane laughter abruptly halted and the light in his eyes quickly dissipated, but the violent Demonic Qi still exploded fiercely.


The Eight Great Families’ old Patriarchs who were all in close proximity to Yang Bai coughed up blood as they were flung out while Old Demon cried out in pain and was actually thrown into the Void Corridor.

In the next moment, the huge amount of World Energy contained in the Central Capital’s Earth Vein began fluctuating violently, as if reacting to the violent explosion of Yang Bai’s Demonic Qi.

At the same time, a strange force swept over.

Feeling this odd sensation, Meng Wu Ya was stunned and glanced around, quickly fixing his eyes on the open Void Corridor and exclaiming, “How can there be a Void Corridor here!?”

Seeing this, even the incredibly powerful Meng Wu Ya suddenly went pale with fright.

Recovering from his initial shock, Meng Wu Ya quickly shot towards Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, pushing his True Qi furiously to protect them while shouting, “Yang Kai, follow me, quickly!”

As he spoke though, his figure shot into the Void Corridor.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know why Treasurer Meng was so panicked, it didn’t stop him from understanding that the situation was bad.

Yang Bai exploding his Demonic Qi had caused a change in the Central Capital’s Earth Vein that would ultimately lead to a devastating disaster, one that even Meng Wu Ya had no confidence in withstanding.

If he wanted to survive now, the only option was to enter the Void Corridor and travel to the world on the other side.

Hearing the urgency in Meng Wu Ya’s shout, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and flew over towards the Void Corridor as he called out, “Eight Seniors, you come too.”

As he shouted, Yang Kai dove into the Void Corridor.

At this moment, the pitch black Void Corridor seemed to become unstable and numerous cracks began to appear in it.

A strange power soon began flooding out from the Void Corridor.

Yang Kai had once before witness the horrifying power of a collapsing Void Corridor. When the Void Corridor below the Coiling Dragon Stream became unstable and shattered, many Qiu Family and Purple Fern Valley Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were literally vaporized by the power of the void while one was even less fortunate and survived long enough to watch himself be sliced in half.

Half of his body was sent to the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, while the other half was swallowed by the void; the scene was extremely horrific and terrifying.

The power of the void was not something people could resist.

And right now, the Void Corridor in front of him was collapsing under the impact of Earth Vein’s unstable World Energy.

Yang Kai’s expression went blank as he quickly summoned his bone shield and poured in every last bit of True Qi he could to protect himself.

An anxious voice called out to him from in front of him front. Naturally it came from Meng Wu Ya, but Yang Kai was unable to see him.

A strong burst of energy suddenly swept over Yang Kai like a great wave, blinding his sight. In the darkness, all he was able to feel was a huge impact followed by many sharp blades smashing against his bone shield that forced him back repeatedly.

Overwhelmed by the severe pain, Yang Kai’s consciousness rapidly blurred and he quickly passed out.


Since the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s defeat where four Great Evil Kings died and Demon Lord Yang Bai disappeared without a trace, six months had passed.

Over these past six months, the entire Central Capital had lain in ruins.

At the end of that great battle, some kind of shocking explosion occurred deep underground and the entire Central Capital collapsed down several dozen to several hundred meters. Now looking at it, the once grand Central Capital city had seemingly been transformed into a deep valley.

Nearly every building in the city collapsed and the number of people injured or killed was simply uncountable.

Only Yang Kai’s mansion, still protected by the Heavenly Palace, remained completely intact.

In that battle, the old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families had also disappeared and to this day, no one knew where they had gone, but everyone knew that they had likely met an untimely end.

What made the Eight Great Families even more aggrieved though was that Yang Kai had also disappeared.

This rising star of the Central Capital had surged to prominence during the Inheritance War, repeatedly creating miracles leading his allies to fight against the other Yang Family Young Lords, force back the Eight Great Families, and finally even destroying the invading Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land forces.

Although he was only twenty years old, he was already a legendary figure.

With both the previous and current Yang Family Patriarchs disappearing, Yang Zhao, the Yang Family’s Second Young Lord, assumed the role of leader and together with the other seven young Patriarchs and set about restoring the Central Capital.

But given the immense scale of the Central Capital, if they wanted to completely rebuild it, more than a decade would be required.

The only upside in all of this was that after the war, the entire Central Capital became a cultivation paradise where the World Energy was several times denser than average. For this reason, disciples of countless Sects and Families also flocked to the Central Capital to help with the reconstruction work and cultivate.

Standing silently amongst the ruins, Qiu Yi Meng swept her gaze around slowly, a deep sadness apparent in the depths of her eyes as.

Behind her was the famous Central Capital Wolf.

Huo Xing Chen seemed to have matured a lot these past few months and stood quietly by Qiu Yi Meng, only speaking after a long while, “Good people don’t live long while a scourge lasts a thousand years. Don’t worry too much, Young Lord Kai must be hiding somewhere while quietly watching us scurry about.”

Qiu Yi Meng muttered, “Really? Then why hasn’t he appeared yet? It’s been half a year already.”

Huo Xing Chen remained silent.

If Yang Kai was really okay, he should have shown himself long ago, but now half a year had passed and no one had so much as caught of glimpse of him.

Not only was Yang Kai’s whereabouts unknown, but the mysterious powerhouse Meng Wu Ya, Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang of the High Heaven Pavilion, and even Old Demon had also yet to surface.

It was almost as if during that great upheaval they had all just vanished into thin air.

Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t even find someone to ask about what had happened.

“Xing Chen, do you think he already died?” Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes began filling with tears as she bit her lower lip and ask.

“Yang Kai, die?” Huo Xing Chen laughed, “If Young Lord Kai really died, everyone in this place would probably had already died as well. Don’t worry about him, just protect yourself well and wait for him to come back one day, then you can give yourself to him as a welcome home present.”

“Shameless!” Qiu Yi Meng glared angrily at him.

Huo Xing Chen grinned meaningfully and stared out across the ruins in front of him, his eyes also flashing a trace of loss and confusion.

[Young Lord Kai, Young Lord Kai, where are you? If you really died, then so be it, everyone will certainly mourn your passing greatly, but if you haven’t died, hurry up and show yourself! Many people here are worried about you.]

Even the eyes of the Huo Family Young Lord became slightly damp as his mood became somewhat gloomy.

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