Martial Peak

Chapter 593 – Void Corridor Again

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed brilliantly. Although Treasurer Meng hadn’t said much, it hadn’t stopped the former from understanding.

There was a profound seal placed on Meng Wu Ya that limited the cultivation he could display to the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary. If he can unlock this seal, he could instead maintain a Second Order Transcendent cultivation.

“Congratulations Treasurer Meng,” Yang Kai was also quite happy that Meng Wu Ya was able to find an opportunity to unlock this seal. Evidently Demon Lord Yang Bai’s schemes had brought about some unexpected benefits.

“Has Treasurer Meng seen Yang Bai or the Eight Great Families’ former Patriarchs?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked.

Meng Wu Ya shook his head and said, “I haven’t, but if you want to find them, Ning Chang can help you.”

Yang Kai quickly turned his attention to his Little Senior Sister.

Xia Ning Chang didn’t speak, simply nodding lightly and waving her hand gently, releasing a wisp of every that shot off like lightning into a section of underground tunnel Yang Kai had yet to explore.

After waiting for a short while, this wisp of energy returned.

Receiving this wisp of energy, Xia Ning Chang closed her eyes for a moment before opening them and pointing towards a certain direction. Smiling gratefully, Yang Kai turned and walked towards the direction she pointed without the slightest hesitation.

“Yang Kai, I’ll stay behind here to protect Treasurer Meng and Junior Sister Xia,” Su Yan hesitated before saying.

She really wanted to travel together with Yang Kai, because so far, she had sat out almost every major battle undertaken by Yang Kai, but with Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang currently in such a delicate situation, without someone here to stand guard for them, she couldn’t feel at ease.

If Su Yan stayed, at the very least she could ensure the safety of these two people if any ordinary danger appeared.

Yang Kai nodded, “Be careful!”

“You as well.” Su Yan smiled warmly.

Bidding farewell to Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai and Old Demon rushed off in the direction Little Senior Sister had pointed while constantly sweeping the surroundings with their powerful Divine Senses.

Soon, a cluster of auras appeared inside Yang Kai’s perception range. Homing in on to these auras, Yang Kai quickly led Old Demon towards them.

Soon, in front of the pair, nine figures appeared.

Eight of them were the old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families who had been tracking the Demon Lord while the other one was none other than Yang Bai.

When Yang Kai and Old Demon arrived, the two sides were facing off against each other.

Although the eight old Patriarchs were also Transcendents and had a large numerical advantage, against a master like the Demon Lord they still didn’t dare act rashly. Yang Bai’s aura at the moment still gave them great pressure.

Yang Bai on the other hand was quite calm, though a light of excitement could be seen in the depths of his eyes. Although his methods were exceptionally powerful and he had absolute confidence in his own strength, he wasn’t eager to take action and was instead just staring at the eight people surrounding him with a slightly teasing gaze.

Seeing Yang Kai and Old Demon suddenly appeared here, Yang Bai smiled even brighter and called out warmly, “Martial Nephew is also here! Good, good, Martial Uncle was worried no one would be here to witness this moment, but it seems that my concerns were unwarranted, the more that comes the better.”

Yang Kai coldly snorted as he stepped forward, staring at Yang Bai with a dignified expression, “Martial Uncle, you spent all this time and effort and even sacrificed the lives of all the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s masters just to find this Earth Vein under the Central Capital? “


“Why?” Yang Kai couldn’t help asking, “This Earth Vein is fixed below the Central Capital, even if you’ve found it, there’s no way you’ll be able to absorb the energy contained here in short order, so in the end, most of it will be taken away by the Eight Great Families. Martial Uncle couldn’t possibly be so short sighted as to do something so unprofitable, could he?”

Yang Bai however just stared back at Yang Kai with a temperate expression and nodded gently, “It looks like Martial Nephew is smarter than these eight old fogies. They all think that my purpose here is to absorb the World Energy from this Earth Vein when in fact, they couldn’t be more wrong. Even I don’t have the ability to absorb this Earth Vein under the eyes of the entire Central Capital, nor did I ever have any intention of doing so.”

Yang Ying Hao and the other Patriarchs all wore puzzled expressions when they heard this.

All of them had thought that Yang Bai was eyeing the World Energy contained in this Earth Vein so they hadn’t expected him to openly admit he wasn’t interested in it.

But if he wasn’t after this World Energy, why had he done all of this?

“No matter what your purpose is, today, this will be your burial ground!” Yang Ying Hao coldly shouted, interrupting Yang Bai’s monologue.

Yang Bai simply chuckled, “With just you people, you don’t have the ability to bury me. If I wanted to, I could take your lives at any time.”

“If Martial Uncle is so confident, why are you just standing there spouting nonsense?” Yang Kai sneered sarcastically.

“Like I said when Martial Nephew arrived, I need someone to witness this event. Originally Shan Qing Luo was my preferred candidate, I was also prepared to share this moment with her, but she didn’t appreciate my kindness and has instead missed such a good opportunity.” Yang Bai slowly shook his head, a look of disappointment spreading across his face

“Martial Uncle’s interests are really quite distasteful.”

“It matters not,” Yang Bai shrugged his shoulders and continued casually, “Because I must leave this place soon and travel to a higher world.”

“A higher world?” The eight old Patriarchs were all stunned, not able to comprehend what Yang Bai was talking about.

Old Demon and Yang Kai on the other hand suddenly looked pensive.

“Ignorant fools,” Yang Bai muttered, a trace of pity appearing on his face, “Do you think that the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary is the pinnacle of the Martial Dao? Wrong. The Above Immortal Ascension Boundary is nothing. This realm isn’t even called the ‘Above Immortal. Ascension Boundary’, it’s just the name you all haphazardly call those of us who had reached this realm.”

The eight old Patriarch wore shocked expressions. This was something they had never once heard of before, all of them suddenly somewhat looking forward to Yang Bai continuing to speak, hoping to gain a greater understanding of what kind of realm the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary truly was.

“This boundary is known as the Transcendent Realm, the point at which one transcends the realm of mortals.” Yang Kai said in a snide tone, interrupting Yang Bai’s boasting, shaking his head as he continued, “Martial Uncle, I thought you were a man of great power and ambition, but listening to you now, it seems like you’re just a pitiful fool as well.”

Yang Bai’s eyes suddenly became cold, seemingly not having anticipated that Yang Kai had some understanding of this realm, but quickly recovering and nodding, “Did the man standing behind Martial Nephew tell you all this?”

Old Demon just grinned evilly, neither confirming nor denying this conjecture, simply staring towards Yang Bai sarcastically.

Yang Bai flaunting his understanding of the Transcendent Realm in front of Old Demon was akin to showing off meager skills before an expert.

Seeing Old Demon’s reaction, Yang Bai said sincerely, “My dear brother, when all things are said and done, the two of us share common roots. My achievements all stem from your current body so the two of us should be able to understand one another. If you are willing, why do we not join hands?”

“No thanks,” Old Demon grinned meaningfully, “This old master thinks sticking with Young Master sounds more promising.”

“Do you really think so?” Yang Bai asked somewhat disappointedly yet not giving up, “Although my Martial Nephew’s aptitude is extraordinary, I’m afraid that is only limited to this place, if you come with me, I can show you a broader world.”

Saying so, Yang Bai suddenly reached out, touched the cave wall behind him, and fiercely poured his True Qi into it. At the same time, the energy of the entire Earth Vein instantly rushed towards this place as well.

A moment later, in the position Yang Bai’s hand was placed, a small black spot suddenly appeared and began to expand rapidly. Within three breaths of time, this small black spot had grown into a black hole a few meters in diameter.

A profound and terrifying pressure radiated from this black hole that seemed like it was capable of swallowing everything in this world whole.

The old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families’ expressions all filled with shock as they hurriedly retreated, staring at this unknown black hole, wondering just what it was they were witnessing.

On the other hand, both Yang Kai and Old Demon’s eyes bulged as they involuntarily shouted, “A Void Corridor?”

This time, it was Yang Bai’s turn to be surprised. He hadn’t expected anyone here to be able to recognize this thing, slowly nodding, “Correct, a Void Corridor, one that leads to a higher world, one far grander than our own. Compared to there, this place is nothing more than a backwater land inhabited by barbarians. Here, the World Energy is thin and scare, but on the other side everything is different. On the other side, World Energy is much more abundant, it’s far more suitable for cultivators to sense the Heavenly Way and study the Martial Dao, allowing one to grow to much greater heights than in this place. My dear friend, as long as you nod, I am willing to let you enter with me and share in the resources of that land.”

“So that’s it!” Old Demon suddenly understood, “It seems like you not only inherited this body’s cultivation, but its memory as well.”

“Yes!” Yang Bai did readily acknowledge.

The body of the Devil Lord under High Heaven Pavilion’s Coiling Dragon Stream was currently being used by Old Demon, but earlier on, Yang Bai had obtained the original owner’s inheritance and memories which allowed him to understand the mysteries of the Transcendent Realm and promote his strength so quickly.

It was also likely that the memories of this Devil Lord’s body were what guided Yang Bai to the Earth Vein under the Central Capital and allowed him to pinpoint the location of this Void Corridor.

His purpose wasn’t to destroy the Central Capital, nor obtain this Earth Vein. Everything Yang Bai had done was to reach this Void Corridor.

He wanted to leave this place and enter a higher world, allowing him to pursue greater heights of the Martial Dao.

“However… it seems the memories you obtained aren’t very complete,” Old Demon suddenly smirked.

“Why do you say that, my dear friend?” Yang Bai frowned slightly.

“Jie jie jie… Do you really think that the resources over there can be obtained so easily? Do you think that the masters over there are easily bullied? Hah, laughable! Although this is place is truly a barbaric land compared to that place, the dangers over there are also far greater than here. Your cultivation isn’t bad. In this place you can reign as a king, but over there, at the very most you’ll be some unimportant deacon of a major Sect or possibly an Elder of a minor one. If I were you, I’d choose to stay here and live well rather than go there and slave away for some small profits.” Old Demon replied calmly.

“How do you know so much?” Yang Bai finally realized that something was wrong, “Impossible. The memories that remained in that body were all inherited by me, there’s no way you could obtain them again.”

“This old master indeed didn’t obtain any memories from this body, nor do I need them, because this old master… came from the world over there in the first place!” Old Demon smirked and pointed to himself arrogantly, “The original owner of this body, if you really want to nitpick, is at least 2 generations younger than me!”

Yang Bai suddenly became pale as the stared towards Old Demon like he was looking at a terrifying ancient monster, the depths of his eyes filling with a profound fear and yearning.

All of his current strength and achievements were related to the inheritance he had obtained from this corpse, but now Old Demon had proclaimed disdainfully that this Devil Lord was nothing more than one of his far flung younger generation, throwing Yang Bai into confusion, completely overturning his understanding of what was happening.

“You dare deceive me?” Yang Bai coldly declared, “I won’t be fooled by such obvious lies! Regardless of who you are, now that things have reached this point, I’ll just have to see what the world over there is like with my own eyes.”

Old Demon slowly shook his head, “Truly nothing but another ignorant fool.”

“That’s not something you can decide!” Yang Bai roared, his aura suddenly becoming dangerous, a rich Demonic Qi erupted from his body and his usual temperate expression warping into an ugly visage, as if he had suddenly become a completely different person, a true demon.

“Devil Transformation!” Yang Kai brushed his finger across his forehead and immediately summoned forth the massive energy stored within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton. As a complex series of black tattoos covered him, the intensity of the Demonic Qi he released was actually no less potent than that of Yang Bai, in fact, it was even more dense and pure.

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