Martial Peak

Chapter 592 – Underground Exploration

The entire Central Capital trembled violently as buildings large and small collapsed, and dust and smoke were thrown into the air. It was as if the apocalypse was happening right before everyone’s eyes.

Even those who didn’t understand what was happening realized that this place was no longer safe.

The masters from the Eight Great Families and Yang Kai’s mansion all increased the ferocity of their attacks towards Yang Bai again, attempting to interfere with his actions, but the six Great Evil Kings were closely guarding him, as long as they couldn’t break through the defence of these Evil Kings, the Central Capital’s forces were powerless to stop Yang Bai.

With the exception of Shan Qing Luo, the remaining five Great Evil Kings were all Second Order Transcendents and the Shadow King and Force King had even reached the peak of the Second Order, with them desperately guarding Yang Bai, disregarding their own safety, their defence was incredibly solid.

Shan Qing Luo also couldn’t be underestimated. Unceasingly pouring her True Qi into her fan shaped Mysterious Grade artifact, she waved it back and forth in a complex pattern, sending out bursts of fluorescent light.

Atop her fan were lifelike portraits of various beautiful women, and as she wielded her weapon, these paintings seemingly leapt from her artifact, each of them barely half-clothed, constantly sending out a rich, amorous appeal, creating a beguiling scenery.

Enticing whispers drifted through the air into people’s ears, stimulated their deepest hidden desires, driving them to distraction as it brought forth their animalistic instincts.

This Mysterious Grade artifact was an heirloom of the Beguiling Demon Queen lineage, coupled with the profound Seduction Technique of the Beguiling Demon Queen, few people were capable of maintaining their sanity when targeted by it.

Even the strongest Transcendent masters would instantly become absent-minded if they lost focus for a moment, falling into an illusory world filled with temptation from which they would be unable to extricate themselves.

And at this moment, Shan Qing Luo targets were actually the other five Great Evil Kings and Yang Bai.

The Force King, who was without a doubt the most simple minded of the batch, suddenly had bloodshot eyes as he breathed hot air from his nose, his lower half clearly pitching a giant tent.

The other four Great Evil Kings’ brows were all deeply furrowed as well, obviously affected by this sudden attack.

“Cheap slut!” The Force King suddenly woke up. The combination of his great strength and simple thoughts had allowed him to escape from Shan Qing Luo’s Seduction Technique relatively quickly, roaring angrily as he sent out a devastating punch towards Shan Qing Luo.

The Beguiling Demon Queen’s beautiful face instantly went pale, and knowing she was incapable of resisting this strike head on, she hurriedly dodged as she withdrew, but half of her body was still struck by the force of the Force King’s punch, sending her screaming through the air as she plummeted towards the ground.

Yang Bai glanced over at the fallen Shan Qing Luo indifferently and shook his head, “Qing Luo, is this your choice? You disappoint me.”

Shan Qing Luo also glared back indifferently, shouting as she allowed herself to fall, “I told you, I am already his woman! Naturally it’s impossible for me to help you deal with him!”

“You’ll regret it.” Yang Bai sighed slightly, “It seems like the peak of the Martial Dao is really a cold and lonely place.”

As he spoke these words, the movement on his hands never once stopped.

The masters of the Eight Great Families moved to take Shan Qing Luo’s life directly, but they were quickly overtaken by Tang Yu Xian.

The Blood Warriors knew about the relationship between Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo so naturally they wouldn’t embarrass her; Tang Yu Xian charging towards Shan Qing Luo was purely to protect her.

Seeing Tang Yu Xian catch Shan Qing Luo and escort her from the battlefield, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

A huge and unparalleled energy suddenly erupted from the ground. This pulse of World Energy was far greater than anything anyone present had ever felt before. It was so potent that it was actually visible to the naked eye, akin to a great geyser of light that burst from beneath the earth, quickly covering the entire Central Capital.

If one were to stand back and observe, the chaotic and fragmented Central Capital City would actually appear to be engulfed in a beam of light, radiating a Heaven shaking amount of World Energy that shot straight up into the sky.

Yang Bai laughed joyously before his image flickered as he shot off towards the source of this eruption, quickly disappearing into the ground below, leaving behind the five Great Evil Kings to protect this place with their lives.

“There really is an Earth Vein here!” Yang Ying Hao called out in shock.

Seeing this scene, the old Patriarchs of the Eight Great Families suddenly knew that the speculations in their ancient records were not unfounded. Under the Central Capital there was indeed a huge Earth Vein.

Today, this Earth Vein has been found and exposed by Yang Bai.

“No matter what he wants to do with the Earth Vein, we can’t let him succeed!” Yang Ying Hao said with a dignified expression, shooting off after Yang Bai with the other seven old men, diving underground at the source of the light beam.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, “We’re going as well.”

Old Demon hurriedly kept up.

Inside Yang Kai’s mansion.

Since arriving in the Central Capital, Meng Wu Ya had remained inside Yang Kai’s house in order to maintain the Heavenly Palace. When the eruption of light occurred though, he suddenly wore a surprised and excited look on his face. Leaping into the air, he swept his eyes over the Central Capital, his smile growing broader with every passing breath, finally exclaiming, “An Earth Vein!”

Soon after, he let out a great burst of laughter, “It’s really wearing out iron shoes while seeking one’s feet, such great fortune suddenly landing in my lap! Ning Chang, come with me. It’s finally time your teacher unlocked the first layer of his seal!”

Xia Ning Chang was shocked upon hearing these words and quickly nodded.

Since the day she became Meng Wu Ya’s apprentice, she had been vigorously cultivating in order to help her Master break through the shackles that were sealing his true strength.

Xia Ning Chang also knew that in order to break the first layer of the seal on Meng Wu Ya, a massive supply of energy was required. It wasn’t important what the source of this energy was. As long as the amount was great enough, she could use her Special Constitution to guide it into Meng Wu Ya’s body and refine the seal inside his body like it was a spirit herb inside a human furnace, thus breaking it down and shattering it.

Treating a person as a furnace, and the myriad energies within them as medicinal ingredients, this was something only the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body was capable of.

The Master and Apprentice duo quickly sought out a crack from which the underground light was erupting and under the guardianship of Meng Wu Ya, broke into the ground.

Above the Central Capital, the masters from the Eight Great Families and Yang Kai’s mansion were still encircling the remaining cultivators from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. From their originally uncountable number, the overwhelming majority had suffered severe injuries or been killed directly until now, only a hundred or so Evil Land cultivators remained along with some scattered Monster Beasts.

The five Great Evil Kings, although still putting up a fierce struggle, were now completely surrounded by dozens of Transcendent Realm masters, with not path to the sky or gate into the ground; their deaths were all but inevitable.

The situation was gradually becoming clear.

Below the Central Capital, Yang Kai and Old Demon both continually descended towards the source of the light column. It seemed as if there was no end to the underground tunnels and although they were now essentially bathing in World Energy, giving them a pleasant sensation, diving into the an unexplored abyss inevitably caused their nerves to tighten somewhat.

After a stick of incense worth of time, the pair landed on solid ground once more.

Neither of them knew exactly how far underground they were, but without a doubt they have delved a great distance as the sounds of battle were no longer audible and the fluctuations of energy from Martial Skills and artifact attacks were indescribable. As they scanned the area around themselves, Yang Kai and Old Demon could only see a pure, rich, flow of energy, as if they were swimming in a river of World Energy.

This river of World Energy was visible, tangible, and gave off a faint glow, so even though they were deep underground, there was no lack of illumination.

“Where did those eight go?” Old Demon glanced back and force but was unable to spot Yang Ying Hao or any of the other seven former Patriarchs.

“That way.” Yang Kai noticed a cluster of footprints on the ground and pointed towards a certain direction.

Quickly spreading out his Divine Sense, Yang Kai was surprised to discover that he was only able to senses things in the surrounding three hundred meters or so.

The rich World Energy here was obviously limiting the scope of his Divine Sense.

Walking forward for a short time, Yang Kai suddenly came to a fork in the road, causing him to frown.

The Earth Vein under the Central Capital extended in all directions and these underground passages twisted and turned randomly, essentially forming a giant labyrinth. With his Divine Sense severally restricted down here, Yang Kai knew it would be difficult to seek the trail of the old Patriarchs and Yang Bai.

The only thing he could do right now was rely on the shallow footprints on the ground in front of him.

After passing through several more tunnels and taking a few different forks, even the footprints of the eight former Patriarchs they were tracing disappeared.

Yang Kai and Old Demon had now completely lost track of everyone they were seeking, so Yang Kai could only walk forward randomly.

Suddenly, Yang Kai came to a stop and turned his eyes back the way they came.

“Young Master, what happened?”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, just remaining in place until after a short time. A slender figure dashed out from behind them. Old Demon was shocked and wanted to block this newcomer, but was quickly stopped by Yang Kai.

When the figure approached closer, Old Demon discovered that this person was actually his Young Master’s Senior Sister, Su Yan.

“How come you came down here as well?” Yang Kai hurriedly pulled Su Yan over.

Su Yan and all of the other members of High Heaven Pavilion had been staying inside the Heavenly Palace and had not participated in this final battle against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, so when Yang Kai saw her appear at this moment, naturally he was a bit surprised.

“I came down here chasing after Treasurer Meng and Junior Sister Xia,” Su Yan explained, “Once I reached this place, I suddenly felt your aura and decided to meet up with you.”

“Are Treasurer Meng and Little Senior Sister down here too?” Yang Kai was stunned, “What about the house?”

“The house is fine, the Heavenly Palace’s barrier is still protecting it.”

Yang Kai nodded gently, unavoidably feeling some confusion, “Why would Treasurer Meng suddenly decide to come down here? He actually even brought Little Senior Sister with him.”

This set of actions puzzled Yang Kai greatly. Although Meng Wu Ya was capable of temporarily relieving the seal place on him and regaining the strength of a Transcendent, doing so would also result in a sever backlash afterwards; therefore, Yang Kai had not wanted to let Meng Wu Ya participate in this battle.

Ideally, Meng Wu Ya would remain inside the mansion and keep the Heavenly Palace running.

Never had Yang Kai thought Treasure Meng would take the initiative to run out and come to this underground labyrinth.

“Since you’re here, we’ll go together.” Yang Kai smiled.

Su Yan nodded lightly.

The group of three people continued their underground exploration, carefully scanning and examining their surroundings, but despite their efforts, they were completely unable to detect the auras of anyone else. Su Yan was able to sense Yang Kai’s location down here because of their Union of Heart and Soul, but this method was obviously only applicable between Yang Kai and Su Yan.

While Yang Kai was walking about randomly, he suddenly felt that the flow of World Energy inside the Earth Vein suddenly undergo a mutation.

The energy that was seemingly freely drifting randomly was now all rapidly surging towards a specific point.

It was as if a great vortex had appeared and was madly swallowing the World Energy in the Earth Vein.

“Let’s go take a look.” Yang Kai stared in the direction the World Energy was gathering and quickly stepped forward.

After roughly half an hour, Yang Kai suddenly sensed two familiar auras.

Startled by this discovery, he once again increased his pace.

In a nearby cavern with multiple tunnels connected to it, Yang Kai came across Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang.

Meng Wu Ya was sitting cross legged on the floor, his eyes closed and a joyful grin plastered on his face while Xia Ning Chang was standing in front of him, her hands uninterruptedly forming a series of mysterious seals. With each new seal she formed, the World Energy in the Earth Vein would surge towards Meng Wu Ya and enter his body.

As if noticing someone approaching, Meng Wu Ya glanced over nervously and even Xia Ning Chang’s movements became somewhat rough, no longer fluidly flowing from one hand seal to the next.

After seeing Yang Kai’s face though, the pair let out a sigh of relief.

“Treasurer Meng, what are you doing down here?” Yang Kai looked at him in surprise, asking curiously.

“Unlocking my seal!” Meng Wu Ya replied lightly.

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