Martial Peak

Chapter 589 – Succession Ceremony

Yang Ying Hao also felt that Yang Kai would be able to succeed, but he could not understand what had happened in the past two days.

Sure enough, Yang Kai nodded gently.

Yang Ying Hao looked hesitant and pondered for a while before asking, “How many did you absorb?”

“All of them.”

“All of them?” Yang Ying Hao’s eyes widened and looked at Yang Kai with an incredulous look.

“How did you bear with the strain?” Yang Ying Hao was shocked silly.

He himself had also entered the space, knowing what opportunities there would be inside, but also knowing what dangers lie inside. When he entered, he was Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage and he worked hard but only managed to absorb the Soul Spirits of two Yang Family ancestors.

Even so, it took a full two or three years to get rid of the residual consciousness of the two Souls he absorbed.

After all, while they absorb the insights of the Martial Dao, they also inherit the endless years of torture, such as personal experiences, the pain, and such things must be dispelled, otherwise, it would affect life in general.

Yang Ying Hao estimated that if he absorbed even one more, he wouldn’t be able to bear it, and by then he would become a waste.

But Yang Kai now tells him that he had absorbed all the Soul Spirits of the Yang Family ancestors.

Yang Ying Hao couldn’t believe it, but he had to believe it.

Because the carvings of the Four Sacred Beasts were all covered in numerous cracks and gaps, showing that the pocket space opening no longer exists. When that happened, it meant that the pocket space had disappeared, and it also represented that all the Soul Spirits had been absorbed.

Yang Ying Hao was afraid that from now on, the Soul Foundation Temple would no longer be able to play its role unless something could repair the carvings of the Four Sacred Beasts, and then Yang Kai’s soul enters the pocket space before he died.

Yang Ying Hao had a complex look. As he looked at Yang Kai, he could not help but change to a respectful look.

This kind of demeanor is not that of an elder looking at a member of the younger generation, but Yang Ying Hao couldn’t help but show it.

He knew that perhaps at this moment, the strength of his cultivation was a little higher than that of Yang Kai’s, but as time goes by, Yang Kai would be able to climb to a height he couldn’t attempt. At that time, Yang Kai would stand above the clouds, overlooking all mortals.

“I am sorry that I ruined the foundation of Yang Family. I will give you compensation for it in the future.” Yang Kai frowned as he noticed that the carvings of the Four Sacred Beasts were destroyed.

“No, this is for the Patriarch of Yang Family.” Yang Ying Hao shook his head and said, “Patriarch, the succession ceremony is ready at the Yang Family Offering To The Heavens Stage. We are waiting for you to start.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and thought that his current status and identity were somewhat different in those people’s eyes. It seems like the times have really changed as he used to wait for his environment to force changes on him, but now, he was the one everyone else was waiting for, “Then let’s hurry. I can’t keep them waiting for long.”

Yang Ying Hao nodded slightly and took the lead.

Outside the Soul Foundation Temple, the Elders and the Yang Family Fourth Master that waited there were no longer here; only Old Demon was left, waiting.

See Yang Kai safely emerged, Old Demon grinned meaningfully.

The Yang Family was offering sacrifices to the Heavens.

Nearly two years ago, The Yang Family Inheritance War began. Yang Family’s eight young masters gathered together to listen to Patriarch Yang Ying Hao’s generous speech and ride Cloud Treading Colts to War City.

After two years, the succession ceremony for all the seven families was going to be held here.

When Yang Kai arrived, everything was already taken care of. With a shout “The Yang Family Patriarch has arrived”, everyone stood up and greeted respectfully.

Yang Kai walked quickly to the Altar. He looked around and said, “Although this junior is the Patriarch of the Yang Family, he does not understand the etiquette or the procedure for this matter. Today, it will be done by Grand Uncle.”

It was naturally impossible for Yang Kai to preside over the succession ceremony, after all, this is a major event for all seven people. If you were to mess it up, you would make a fool of yourself.

Yang Ying Hao nodded lightly, with a flash he appeared on the Altar.

When Yang Ying Hao started his speech, Yang Kai quietly stepped back and contacted Qiu Yi Meng and others.

“How are you feeling?” Yang Kai glanced at his followers with a smile.

“Awful.” Huo Xing Chen spat disdainfully, “The thought of someone other than this young master being the patriarch of Huo Family, it makes my heart ache.”

“You really don’t fit that role.” Yang Kai laughed.

“Yang Kai, thank you.” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly said.

“Thank me for what?” Yang Kai looked at her while he tilted his head.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid. Both you and I know you are so generous to accept the great forces that took refuge with you on the same day, just to create pressure on the Eight Great Families and force them to abdicate.” Qiu Yi Meng’s face had a wise smile, “Others think that you were gathering strength, but I know that your purpose was to make this situation.”

Yang Kai stunned, but he did not deny, “There is a reason for this.”

“I always wanted to inherit Qiu Family. Now I have achieved it. Naturally, I wanted to thank you.” Qiu Yi Meng had a touch of emotion showing on her face. “Say, what do you want as a thank you? You can have me if you’d like.”

Huo Xing Chen and others were shocked and looked at Qiu Yi Meng strangely.

Meng Shan Yi coughed fiercely. His face was pale and breathless. “Qi Yi Meng, you are now the Matriarch of Qiu Family. It is not very good to say such things in view of the general public. It affects Qiu Family’s reputation.”

“Meng Xiong, is the injury still not healed?” Yang Kai glanced at him gratefully for changing the topic.

Meng Shan Yi smiled bitterly, “I am afraid that I will not be able to heal from this injury in this lifetime.”

Meng Shan Yi was eroded the ghost gas of Ghost King and Poison King. Although he escaped with his life, after half a year confined to a bed, and if not for the ceremony today he would not be here right now.

Yang Kai frowned and thought about it, and whispered, “Open your mouth!”

“Ah?” Meng Shan Yi was suspicious.

The next moment, he felt something was thrown into his mouth by Yang Kai, and he swallowed involuntarily. A warm current spread through his chest, and it gave him a hint of strength, even his pale face changed, becoming a bit rosy.

Meng Shan Yi quickly made some guesses in his mind, and his face was overjoyed, cupped his fists said, “Thank you, Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai smiles and shakes his head, and said nothing.

At this moment, Yang Ying Hao had finished speaking and screamed, “I will take over the ceremony and begin now!”

The gongs and drums sounded, the music was ringing, and the lively atmosphere was extraordinary.

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth turned into a weird smile and turned to look at the northern sky.

In the sound of the drums, the north swiftly spurred a few figures, panic and unease spread suddenly through everyone’s hearts.

“Sure enough.” Qiu Yi Meng stood side by side with Yang Kai, staring into the distance.

“They have come.” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

The sound of drums continued, but the elites of the Eight Great Families were secretly concentrating and rallying their strength, acting quickly, and looking excited and eager to fight.

Although they noticed some anomalies here, the figures from the north were not afraid, and they are still closing in fast as lightning.

Yang Kai had stayed in the Soul Foundation Temple for two days, but this situation was already expected.

The succession ceremony was nothing but a cover. The true ceremony of inheritance of the Patriarch position was held secretly by the Great Families last night.

In other words, Qiu Yi Meng and others are now the Family Heads of the Great Families already.

The younger generation became the heads of the Great Families, which represented the official establishment of the alliance with Yang Kai. If the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land didn’t act at this time, after the completion of the ceremony today, Yang Kai will lead the elites of Central Capital.

The first to act will always have the advantage. This is something everyone knows.

Therefore, even though Yang Bai could foresee that this was a trap, he still had not choice but to act.

In a short time, the figure of the six Great Evil Kings was clear to see in the eyes of everyone. They stood in a hexagon formation quietly suspended in midair. They all had a look of ridicule, and a burst of laughter came from the mouth of Ghost King and Poison King. It felt unbearable, making blood and Qi tumble uncontrollably.

“The Six Great Evil Kings!” Yang Ying Hao and others stared at the six people with hatred, and everyone’s eyes Central Capital showed the feeling of incomparable hatred.

Among them, Ye Kuang Ren and Kang Rui looked at the two people who were being held in the hands of The Profound Yin Ghost King.

Naturally, they were Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan who were arrested half a year ago.

At this moment, the two looked dull, with tattered clothes, and their True Qi seemed to have disappeared completely, to the point where they seemed to be ordinary people.

It can be seen that in the last half a year, while they were in the hands of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, they had been subjected to inhuman torture.

Aware of the gazes directed to the people in his grasp, The Profound Yin Ghost King laughed, “The Great Families succession ceremony, this is such a great event in the world. The Lord has ordered us to come to send our congratulations, and to offer a trivial gift, please smile!”

With that, he reached out and threw Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan down.

Ye Kuang Ren and Kang Rui shouted and flew up, ready to catch Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan.

“Don’t!” Yang Ying Hao shouted.

The ghost king was a schemer, he could not return Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan so plainly. It was obvious that both their bodies had been tampered with.

But to everyone’s surprise, after Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan were caught by Ye Kuang Ren and Kang Rui respectively, nothing happened. The two looked dull and like they lost their soul. No yuan qi, although they’re breathing, they were like a dead body.

Ye Kuang Ren and Kang Rui carefully examined their situation and found no abnormalities. They still did not dare to take any chances. They handed them over to their respective families, and commanded them, “Lock them away.”

After arranging that, the two men looked up and stared at the six Great Evil Kings.

“Ye Family’s Patriarch and Kang Family’s Patriarch really are vigilant people.” The ghost king smirked with a condescending look.

“Talk less nonsense! Today, since you dared to show up here, you will die without burial!” Ye Kuang Ren roared.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of the Six Great Evil Kings and interrupted Ye Kuang Ren’s words.

After seeing his appearance, the color drained from everyone’s faces.

Demon Lord Yang Bai!

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