Martial Peak

Chapter 588 – Purify All

The Yang Family’s forty-five ancestors’ Soul Spirits all looked at Yang Kai with horror.

After a time, a loud laugh rang out, “Big words!”

Yang Yi had a weird smile, “You’re saying that you will devour us all?”

Yang Kai nodded.

“Hahahahaha!” Large amounts of laughter rang out, it seemed that they weren’t taking Yang Kai seriously, as it seemed as that they thought of Yang Kai as a joke.

Yang Yi gently nodded, “If you really had the ability, I would be willing to be devoured by you. After all, it is our biggest wish for us to leave this place, but for you it is impossible.”

“Please wait and see, Seniors!” Yang Kai grinned and stopped, releasing his suppressed Divine Senses

Since coming here, his Soul Spirit had involuntarily produced a strong desire, naturally, this force came from the Solitary Golden Eye that resides in his Knowledge Sea.

However, before Yang Kai understood the use of the Solitary Golden Eye, he suppressed this desire.

Now that he had loosened the restrictions on this desire. A huge force suddenly swept through the entire space. The Soul Spirits of the forty-five Yang Family ancestors all moved, but they had no reaction to what was transpiring. They were all sucked into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.

A clear sky, tranquil water underneath, a five-coloured island, sitting quietly on the sea.

The sudden change of scenery gave the forty-five Soul Spirit a shock, all of them looked around but no one reacted.

“Welcome, everyone!” Yang Kai’s Soul Spirit gradually revealed itself, holding his hands to his back, he greeted everyone.

“This is your Knowledge Sea?” Yang Yi exclaimed.

“Yes, this is this disciple’s Knowledge Sea.”

“How did you move us?” Yang Yi looked at Yang Kai with disbelief. She couldn’t figure out what method he used. He actually sucked all the Soul Spirits into his Knowledge Sea.

“I didn’t do anything, it was that.” Yang Kai pointed his finger to the Solitary Golden Eye suspended over the Five Coloured Treasure Island.

Yang Yi and the others turn their heads in the direction he indicated. Everyone’s heart had an inexplicable feeling of fear and uneasiness. It seemed as though the unknown object was their nemesis.

“What is that?” Yang Yi panicked. After endless years passed, she couldn’t clearly remember the feeling she had had, but now, she once again clearly understood what fear was.

Not only her, but the other forty-five Soul Spirits were all the same. One by one all of them trembled involuntarily, shivering, stunned, staring at the Solitary Golden Eye, like it was a beast lying in wait for its prey.

“I don’t know what it is, but it can break the shackles that have bound you for countless years.” Yang Kai took a breath and looked at Yang Yi and others, “I don’t know what your feelings were before putting your Soul Spirits into the Four Sacred Beast Carvings before dying, but since the endless years have distorted your will, then today, let’s end your torment here.”

During the conversation, the Solitary Golden Eye slowly opened.

Yang Kai was not talking nonsense, so he was ready to do it.

At the sight of the majestic golden pupil, it was impossible for everyone not to give birth to a feeling of sorrow or worship.


A golden light burst out from the eye, and a Soul Spirit standing in the place it was looking did not have time to react, as it was illuminated in a golden light.

The sound of piercing rang out as the consciousness and thoughts contained in this Soul Spirit was instantly purified, leaving only a large mass of pure energy.

*Xiu Xiu xiu…*……

After a series of golden light shot out, one after another, Soul Spirits were purified. In the face of the majestic golden light, these Soul Spirits could not muster any resistance.

Yang Yi’s eyes were full of fear, then she finally understood why Yang Kai had such confidence and said that he would devour them all.

This strange golden light can purify their consciousness, and turn it into pure energy that can be absorbed by anyone.

“I don’t want to die!” Suddenly, there was a roar of anger. It was unknown which generation of Yang Family Elder shouted this. When this Elder saw so many Soul Spirits being destroyed, their suppressed desires and instincts finally broke out, and the Soul Spirits roared like ghosts. They rushed towards Yang Kai, mouths open wanting to get a hold of Yang Kai to get a chance of survival.

Yang Kai looked at him with indifference. He had a slightly complicated look in his eyes, both pity, and regret.

The pity was for their Soul Spirits having been imprisoned for so many years, suffering for countless years. It was a pity that their wishes and original intentions were beautiful, but as the years passed, their nature was warped.

“Stop!” Yang Yi shouted angrily.

Hearing her shout, the soul of the Elder, who wanted to kill Yang Kai, suddenly stopped, as their eyes were struggling with emotions. He stared at Yang Kai, and although he was close at hand, he could not make a move.

“Do you want to ruin Yang Family’s ancestors’ pride that they have maintained for so many years?” Yang Yi said faintly.

This sentence was like a bolt of lightning. As it was said, the person’s eyes were restored to a state of clarity.

A long shout rang out. As he dropped Yang Kai, he turned and rushed toward the open Solitary Golden Eye.

Golden light poured down and purified him.

The next moment, the remaining Soul Spirits rushed up, one by one with complex feelings, both happy and frightened.

*Xiu Xiu xiu…*……

Yang Kai stood by and watched, he did not stop them. He let them rush to the Solitary Golden Eye like a moth to a flame.

Soon, only Yang Yi was left in the entire Knowledge Sea, all other Soul Spirits were completely purified.

Yang Yi gently breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Yang Kai and quickly said, “I want to say thank you to you in their place!”

Yang Kai looked at her then whispered, “You’re welcome.”

“If this generation of Yang Family has a Patriarch like you, it’s definitely in good hands.” Yang Yi showed a smile, the old face slowly changing into a beautiful woman like a flower.

Strands of beautiful black hair fluttered softly, her large pair of almond eyes displayed a soft charm, and her the pretty nose, the fragrant red lips, cheeks white as snow added to her beautiful. The jade-like skin as pure as snow and the shape of this face was beautiful.

Yang Kai was caught speechless.

“This is what this old woman looked like in her prime. At my last moment, I hope to look this way.” Yang Yi smiled, suddenly and sternly, “Little brat, if you dare to disclose this, this old ghost will not let you go.”

“Junior wouldn’t dare…” Yang Kai’s expression is weird.

Yang Yi gently nodded. Her body swayed, turning into a stream of light that rushed towards the Solitary Golden Eye.

Solitary Golden Eye spurred open once again with a golden light and hit her.

The shrill sound of piercing rang out, and Yang Yi’s consciousness quickly disappeared.

At the last moment, Yang Kai seemed to have seen a serene look on her face.

The Solitary Golden Eye slowly slammed on, and the sea breeze came, and above the entire Knowledge Sea, there were forty or fifty pieces of pure energy floating.

Yang Kai waved his hand and gathered all the energy into one place.

The Yang Family ancestors took great pains to remove their Soul Spirits and place them into the Four Sacred Beasts Carvings before dying, hoping to provide some help to the children of the next generation, but the well wishes and careful arrangements will not stand to the erosion of time.

Yang Yi said that in this endless years, there were already many Soul Spirits who couldn’t stand the torture of time and lost their minds. They left behind berserk energy and had to be destroyed by them.

In this case, this would be the final outcome of all of them.

The Yang family was willing to help the patriarch by desecrating the dead. Yang Kai did not know whether this was right or wrong but he chooses not to judge the choices of the Yang Family and the ancestors.

After a while, Yang Kai arrived next to the group of pure energy and sat down then began to absorb it.

After a while, he found a problem.

The power that these energies could benefit oneself is too little, so much that it was almost negligible.

The ruthless and endless years have made the Divine Sense energy of the Yang Family’s ancestors weak and frail. How much energy was left in their Soul Spirits?

I am afraid that not even one-thousandth of their heyday was in this mass of energy.

This amount of energy naturally could not give Yang Kai much of a power boost.

However, the perceptions of the Martial Dao from the Yang Family Elders that was hidden away in the energy was perfectly intact.

With these insights alone, Yang Kai had benefited a lot.

Indeed, as Yang Yi said, if someone were to absorb this energy, no one would have a bottleneck before the Transcendent Realm.

As Yang Kai reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, Yang Kai found it difficult to improve from the First Stage, not because of his own power, but because his understanding of Immortal Ascension Boundary was too low.

Now, with Yang Kai absorbing the insights of the Yang Family ancestors, his understanding was no longer a problem.

Coupled with the energy of the Transcendent Realm and their sentiments, Yang Kai estimated that there would be no bottlenecks for a long time in the future.

Perhaps, until the Transcendent Third Order!

Yang Kai was ecstatic! This surprise dispersed the faint sorrow lingering in his heart and naturally spared no effort to absorb it.

Two days later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. There was not much change in his realm, but his own understanding of the Immortal Ascension Boundary had reached a level that was unmatched. These were the treasures left by the ancestors of the Yang Family.

Not only was there an understanding of The Immortal Ascension Boundary, but also the Transcendent Realm that Yang Kai had a strong understanding.

A figure stood still in the centre of the Soul Foundation Temple, and there was a sign of life behind him, naturally, this belonged to Yang Ying Hao.

But at the moment, Yang Kai felt that the atmosphere around his Grand Uncle was a bit weird, it seemed that he was unsettled.

Yang Kai turned and shouted, “Grand Uncle.”

“You were successful?” Yang Ying Hao asked nervously.

Entering the Soul Foundation Temple is also a test for the Patriarch by Yang Family. If the patriarch did not benefit from the Soul Foundation Temple, then this Patriarch was not suitable for the patriarchal position. Seeing Yang Kai finally returned to his body, Yang Ying Hao naturally asked.

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