Martial Peak

Chapter 590 – Figh

No one knew how he appeared here, or even if he had always been here and only when he decided to show himself had everyone noticed him.

“You two old Patriarchs are too uptight. I’ve not come here today to fight.” Yang Bai swept his eyes over the crowd faintly.

“You’re not here to fight?” Yang Ying Hao coldly snorted, “Then what purpose does the Demon Lord and his Six Great Evils Kings have for coming here?”

Yang Bai said, “To talk.”

“Talk?” Everyone’s expression became weird. All of them never dreamed they would hear such words ever come from Yang Bai’s mouth.

However, Yang Bai didn’t pay any attention to these awkward faces and instead focused his gaze on Yang Kai, carefully examining him as a dignified light flashed across the depths of his eyes, quickly calling out, “Martial Nephew, it’s been some time since we last met.”

“Martial Uncle, I trust you’ve been well since we last met!” Yang Kai grinned.

Yang Bai nodded lightly, “Your Martial Uncle underestimated you. I had not anticipated that you would become my greatest enemy. Accomplishing such a feat, Martial Nephew must have worked hard.”

“Martial Uncle thinks too highly of me, heroes always arise in times of crisis; rather, Martial Nephew should be thanking Martial Uncle for giving me an opportunity to fully display my abilities.”

“We’re all one family, there’s no need for thanks.” Despite his polite speech, it was obvious that Yang Bai’s face was gloomy and was actually quite unhappy. Although he felt his own methods and judgement were quite good, he had really miscalculated this time. He hadn’t thought that a youth like Yang Kai could stir up such a great storm, forcing him to personally appear here today.

“Martial Nephew, today, Martial Uncle really just wants to talk to you.” Yang Bai’s expression became serious, “Although the strength you’ve gathered together now probably surpasses that of my Holy Land, if we were to really fight, how many people do you think will fall? How about we settle things peacefully here today?”

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Since Martial Uncle is willing to make peace, how could Martial Nephew not agree? I don’t want to be enemies with a master like you.”

“Martial Nephew is really sensible.” Yang Bai chuckled.

In the next breath though, Yang Kai’s expression became cold as he continued, “But before we talk, can Martial Uncle offer up his head? My Father and Grand Master are really quite interested in it!”

“Impudence!” The Tyrannical Force King roared, “You fucking brat…”

But before he could finish his words, Yang Bai raised his hand and interrupted him.

Slowly shaking his head, Yang Bai sighed and said, “It seems like Martial Nephew is determined to be enemies with me.”

His expression seemed to be quite aggrieved, as if he was truly saddened by Yang Kai’s decision.

“Martial Nephew, your decisions here will affect the lives of countless people and families, I hope you can think things over carefully.” Yang Bai made one last attempt at persuasion.

“You should ask the members of the Eight Great Families, ask the people of the Central Capital, if they are willing to sit and discuss peace with you!” Yang Kai shouted coldly.

Yang Bai let out a long sigh, “If that’s the case, then there’s nothing more to say.”

As Yang Bai spoke these words, the air suddenly became tense.

Yang Kai stared deeply towards Yang Bai as he roared, “Fight!”

The masters of the Eight Great Families all rushed up while the cultivators from Yang Kai’s house who were hidden amongst the crowd also took action. The thirteen Blood Warriors, Lu Si, Li Yuan Chun, Ling Tai Xu, and the ten Transcendent Realm masters who had joined Yang Kai this past month all pushed their True Qi and encircled the Six Great Evil Kings.

With a wicked cackle, the Poison King sent out a cloud of green poisonous gas the quickly enshrouded the area.

At the same time, hundreds of resentful spirits emerged from the Ghost King’s body, shrieking and howling as they flew towards the Central Capital’s forces.

The Lightning Flash Shadow King transformed into a bolt of lightning and flickered about the battlefield. Almost no one could even detect his movement, only one shadowy figure followed after him like a maggot on rotting bones.

Naturally it was Ying Jiu !

Ying Jiu, who had broken through to the Transcendent Realm, was still not as fast as the Lightning Flash Shadow King, but restricting his movement somewhat was not a problem.

The Tyrannical Force King let out an earth shaking roar as he repeated sent out fierce punches. There was nothing fancy about his style, only boxing with pure force, but it still only took him mere moments to pound the Yang Family Offering Sacrifices To The Heavens Stage directly into the dust and sink the surrounding land.

The Thunderbolt Beast King also let out a strange roar, summoning the nearby Fifth and Sixth-Order Monster Beasts with the Seventh-Order Monster Beast Spider Mother in the lead.

At the same time, all the masters from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, whether they flew under their own power or rode ferocious Monster Beasts, rushed over as well.

Five of the Six Great Evil Kings immediately began fiercely attacking.

Only Shan Qing Luo hesitated, a complicated expression appearing on her face, quietly retreating some distance and only casually sending out waves of True Qi to stir up the nearby cultivators.

She didn’t want to fight this battle, but with Yang Bai here, she had no choice but to act.

“Unworthy Disciple, today is the day you die!” Ling Tai Xu flew straight towards the Demon Lord and teamed up with a number of the Eight Great Families’ Transcendents to attack Yang Bai.

“Honoured Master…” Yang Bai glanced at him pityingly but actually didn’t engage in a head on confrontation, instead turning around and flying off, disappearing in a flash of light.

No one knew what he was up to.

An unprecedented war had erupted in an instant.

The Central Capital Eight Great Families, Yang Kai’s mansion, and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had all committed almost all of their power to this battle.

Centered around the Yang Family’s forces, various Martial Skills and artifacts sent out wave after wave of attacks, causing the World Energy in the local area to become turbulent.

Although the new Patriarchs of the seven families also wanted to participate in this battle, they had no choice but to remain behind, guarded by the strongest masters from their respective families. Before the situation became clear, the seven families did not feel assured letting them enter the fray.

Only Yang Kai, accompanied by Old Demon, shuttled back and forth across the battlefield.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, the Solitary Golden Eye continued to send out a great suction force. Every time an Immortal Ascension Boundary master died, Yang Kai would absorb the Spiritual Energy which leaked from their destroyed Knowledge Sea as long as he was less than a hundred meters away.

Yang Kai did not seek trouble with any of the Transcendent present, his goal was only the various Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

Even without Old Demon taking action, Yang Kai was unstoppable; no one in the Immortal Ascension Boundary was worthy to be his opponent.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land only had around a dozen Transcendents, less than a fifth the number the Eight Great Families and Yang Kai’s mansion had.

Yang Ying Hao’s initial analysis was right, as long as Yang Kai and the Eight Great Families joined forces, it was not actually that difficult to defeat the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

The battle began at noon and continued until the early morning hours of the next day. There were countless deaths and injuries on both sides but although the Eight Great Families and Yang Kai’s forces suffered great losses, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces on the other hand were all but decimated.

After this battle, it would probably be impossible for the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land to recover. Seeing hope, the Eight Great Families and Yang Kai’s cultivators fought even more valiantly while the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s cultivators and Monster Beasts constantly lost ground.

Shan Qing Luo, who was engaged in a frigid battle with a group of masters from the Eight Great Families, suddenly felt a mysterious aura approach her, causing her heart to clench. Yang Bai suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Qing Luo, come with me!” Yang Bai calmly ordered, sending out two casual palm strikes towards the attackers around Shan Qing Luo.

Against Yang Bai’s Third Order Transcendent strength, the powerhouses from the Eight Great Families were incapable of resisting, all of them spitting blood as they were blown away as easily as paper kites.

Shan Qing Luo was dumbstruck but quickly nodded, following behind Yang Bai as the latter flew away.

Yang Bai waved his hand and isolated his and Shan Qing Luo’s auras. Sweeping his eyes over the battle down below, his expression remained indifferent, seemingly having no intention of intervening.

“My Lord, what exactly is your objective?” Shan Qing Luo stared at Yang Bai silently for a while, but seeing him not speak, she boldly took the initiative to ask.

“My objective?” Yang Bai glanced back at her.

“Our Holy Land’s disciples have suffered massive casualties while my fellow Evil Kings are also in dire straits, do you not intend on rescuing them?”

“Why would I rescue them?” Yang Bai smiled lightly, “What does it matter to me if they live or die?”

“Sure enough, Sir Demon Lord only sees the Holy Land’s people as pawns!” Shan Qing Luo’s beautiful eyes flashed a complicated light, “You never cared about the survival of the Holy Land. It’s laughable that Ghost King and the others thought that under your leadership, the Holy Land would eventually destroy the Eight Great Families and become the unchallenged ruler of this world.”

“Naturally, that was only their wishful thinking; I never spoke such words to them.” Yang Bai nodded without hesitation.

“In that case, why did Sir Demon Lord order me to follow you?” Shan Qing Luo’s proud chest heaved up and down with dissatisfaction.

“Because I need a woman to stand behind me.” Yang Bai glanced at her with great interest, but his eyes were completely limpid and devoid of lust.

Shan Qing Luo smiled and quipped back, “I didn’t think Sir Demon Lord cared about women.”

“I’m still a man, a man needs a woman,” Yang Bai said flatly, “But under the Heavens, only you are worth to be my woman. You can rest assured, I will not do anything to you, I only need you to accompany me and witness what is to come. One person always acting alone is somewhat lonesome after all.”

“Witness? What do you want me to witness?” Shan Qing Luo asked, quite confused.

“You’ll understand soon, it won’t be long now.” Yang Bai smiled mysteriously. Shan Qing Luo clearly saw that in the depths of his eyes there was a look of excitement she had never once before seen. Apparently, whatever was about to occur was of great significance to him.

“Qing Luo, your relationship with my Martial Nephew doesn’t seem to be simple.” Yang Bai seemingly unintentionally said.

Shan Qing Luo’s heart jumped but she soon calm down and calmly replied, “Because of some special circumstances, I am already his woman.”

Yang Bai was slightly surprised, but didn’t seem to care too much, nodding calmly, “That’s all in the past; from now on, forget about him. Although he is quite good, but by following me, you will realize that this world is not as simple as you think and you will get to see many things and scenes you never imagined before.”

Shan Qing Luo stared towards Yang Bai curiously, not quite understanding what he meant.

“Where is Sir Demon Lord?” The great roar escaped from the Tyrannical Force King’s lips as he was being besieged by the Transcendents from Yang Kai’s house. Although he had astonishing personal strength, two fists couldn’t block four fists. Under the fierce assault from the many masters from Yang Kai’s forces, he was slowly being suppressed. Watching as the people from the Holy Land died one by one yet still not seeing Yang Bai take action, the Tyrannical Force King was quite aggrieved.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land daring to openly attack the Central Capital was almost entirely because of Yang Bai’s overwhelming strength. If not for the Demon Lord, how could these Evil Kings had stupidly run over here to seek death?

“I’m afraid Sir Demon Lord has abandoned us!” The Ghost King roared fiercely, a huge black cloud that assumed the shape of a giant twisted face surrounding him. Everywhere he went, this giant face would swallow enemy cultivators whole, spewing out fresh blood after it chewed them up.

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