Martial Peak

Chapter 566 – Are You Really So Callus And Cold Hearted

Ye Xin Rou had thought there would be no escape this time, but she had never anticipated that at the last moment, Yang Kai had actually led a large group of masters over and rescued Yang Wei and Yang Zhao.

At this moment, the Profound Yin Ghost King and Annihilating Poison King were tied down dealing with Ling Tai Xu and Li Yuan Chun, so Ye Xin Rou had been left unguarded so this was a perfect opportunity for her to escape.

However, despite this fortuitous turn of events, she remained immobile. Not by choice of course. The Poison King had used some unknown method to seal her True Qi and numb her muscles, leaving her unable to walk much less run, so she could only stand in place and beg Yang Kai for help.

Hearing this plea for rescue, Yang Kai turned his head towards Ye Xin Rou and gave her a cold, callus stare.

Ye Xin Rou couldn’t help shivering under this unfeeling gaze, suddenly remembering that there were deep grievances between her and Yang Kai; in fact, only a short while ago she was using every possible method available to her to slander and ridicule him. To now suddenly try to grasp onto him as her last hope for salvation was truly a bit ridiculous.

The Poison King reacted instantly, waving his hand and sending out a thick poisonous mist to surround Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan, isolating them from the outside world.

“Young Master Yang, we have to go!” Li Yuan Chun anxiously shouted, he was currently under great pressure as he fought against the two Evil Kings. These two masters not only had rich, abundant True Qi and terrifying cultivation, the Secret Arts and Martial Skills they used were also strange and sinister.

Li Yuan Chun estimated that if he and Ling Tai Xu continued fighting like this, within less than a quarter of an hour they would both die.

“Retreat!” Yang Kai ordered as he hastily darted off. Following him were Yang Yu Xian, Qu Gao Yi and the other four blood warriors who were tasked to protect Yang Wei and Yang Zhao.

Ling Tai Xu and Li Yuan Chun continued to engage the enemy until the others had safely escaped before also withdrawing from the battlefield.

Launching a swift attack, Yang Kai managed to successfully save six people and retreat basically unscathed.

This reality caused both the Poison King and Ghost King’s expressions to be quite unsightly. Landing on the ground, the two of them stared quietly at the direction their opponents were fleeing, the Ghost King soon sneering, “Even if they run, where can they go? The Lord will soon arrive.”

The Poison King reached out and scattered the poisonous mist concealing Ye Xin Rou and Kang Zhan, glancing at them for a moment before grinning mockingly, “This little girl seems to be quite despised by that brat from just now. Little girl, do you think that if I hadn’t interfered that kid would have saved you?”

Ye Xin Rou was dumbstruck but after thinking about it, her pretty face couldn’t help cramping.

Remembering how Yang Kai was someone who would seek revenge for the slightest grievances and considering his cruel and selfish personality, it was quite likely he wouldn’t care about whether she lived or died.

Realizing this, her heart suddenly filled with unparalleled anger and hatred.

The Poison King and Ghost King both cackled upon seeing her like this, apparently taking great pleasure in her misfortune.

Inside War City, chaos reigned.

As Yang Kai and his group were returning to his mansion, they found that countless people were competing to escape the city.

Throughout War City, tens of thousands of people had gathered because of the Inheritance War, but now that the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Great Evil Kings had appeared, naturally these people were unable to sit still.

Unfortunately, before many of them could flee, countless Monster Beasts broke through the city walls an instantly transformed the once clean streets into rivers of blood.

This wave of Monster Beasts was being driven by the Thunderbolt Beast King and was comprised of all the high-grade Monster Beasts he could find in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. For this attack on the Central Capital, the Thunderbolt Beast King had exerted considerable effort.

Rampaging across the ground, soaring through the sky, each of these Monster Beasts possessed terrible strength and an unquenchable blood thirst.

Of the tens of thousands of people in War City, only a few of them possessed the necessary strength to escape while most of them were trampled down by these strange-shaped Monster Beasts, unable to fight back.

The entire city was quickly drenched in the smell of blood as walls shattered, buildings burned, and the earth itself cracked under this great stampede.

On the contrary, Yang Kai complex was still safe and sound.

The Monster Beasts all had sharp instincts and seemed to know that the people gathered here weren’t easy to provoke and deliberately avoided attacking Yang Kai’s house, instead choosing to ravage other places in War City.

“Tend to their wounds!” Yang Kai sent Yang Wei, Yang Zhao, and the four Blood Warriors into the house as he issued instructions to Qiu Yi Meng.

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady nodded quickly made arrangements.

Yang Wei and Yang Zhao had no physical injuries but they had received some impact from the poisonous gas and Soul phantoms, so they would probably recover after a couple of days of meditative healing. On the other hand, the four Blood Warriors responsible for guarding them had all taken direct hits from the Ghost and Poison Kings and would require some Myriad Drug Milk to completely dispel their body’s injuries.

It had only been around half a quarter of an hour since Yang Kai set out and returned with Yang Wei and Yang Zhao, but upon releasing his Divine Sense to the exterior of War City, his face couldn’t help sinking.

The battle outside War City had actually ended.

The Seven Grand Elders from the Seal Temple and the three Great Evil Kings had already decided a victor.

Three powerful and malevolent auras still existed, while only one out of the seven Grand Elders was still alive, and this survivor was obviously severely weakened and was rapidly approaching.

Looking up, there was a flash of light in front of him, and a bloody and broken body fell heavily from the sky, landing right in front of Yang Kai’s mansion.

Yang Kai rushed out and brought this ‘person’ back.

Everyone’s eyes fixed on this individual and couldn’t help showing a sad expression

It was none other than the fat old man from the Huo Family. He had lost half of his body, his five viscera and six organs were all broken and leaking out, both his legs were broken, and his blood had almost all drained out.

If he was an average person, with such terrible injuries, he would have died long ago.

But relying on his deep cultivation, this fat old man had actually managed to hang on to his last remaining breath and arrive here.

Huo Xing Chen, the notorious delinquent Young Lord, suddenly fell into a state of panic and despair when he saw his old Ancestor reduced to such a state and was only capable of dumbly standing in place.

“The strength of the Great Evil Kings… really lives up its reputation,” The fat old muttered, his face completely pale as he coughed up a mouthful of blood before reaching out and grabbing Yang Kai, the last trace of light slowly fading from his eyes, “Yang Family brat, if you can escape this calamity, escape as far as you can; when your strength has risen to the peak of this world, be sure to come back and take revenge for this old man!”

Yang Kai, however, just stared at him faintly, and although he felt somewhat regretful in his heart, he still shook his head slowly, “Senior, after what has transpired during this Inheritance War, the Eight Great Families no longer have anything to do with me.”

Listening to these words, the faint light in the eyes of the fat old man suddenly flared up and summoning strength he did not know he still had, actually roared, “Are you really so callus and cold hearted!?”

This roar seemed to have exhausted all his remaining strength and he powerlessly sank to the ground, “No, it is indeed my Eight Great Families who have wronged you… you… run quickly. I don’t know if there is still enough time…”

As his voice becoming smaller and weaker, these became the last words he ever spoke. The fat old man’s eyes lost all light and his body became stiff.

“Grand Elder!” Huo Xing Chen fell to his knees and wailed.

Yang Kai let out a long sigh before gently closed the old man’s vacant eyes.

In such a short time, all seven of the Grand Elders were completely wiped out. The Above Immortal Ascension Boundary which was so coveted and respected by the people of this world were actually so weak and fragile, Yang Kai didn’t know whether he should sneer or sigh.

It seemed like the seven old men from the Seal Temple really were among weakest of those who had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Yang Kai had yet to arrive at this realm and didn’t know anything about its mysteries so he was unable to make any further judgement.

Standing up and looking outside the compound’s walls, Yang Kai saw three people and one beast.

Tyrannical Force King, Lightning Flash Shadow King, Thunderbolt Beast King, and the Seventh-Order Monster Beast, Spider Mother !

*Shua shua…*

Two more figures quickly flew over from the opposite direction and floated mid-air.

The Annihilating Poison King and Profound Yin Ghost King had also caught up.

Five Great Evil Kings all looked down at Yang Kai’s mansion with contempt and ridicule, on their faces apparently quite relaxed but in their hearts a little curious.

They didn’t understand why the people in this house weren’t desperately trying to escape. The entire population of War City was fleeing for their lives right now, but this group of people actually seemed to think that this place was actually a safe haven.

The Tyrannical Force King grinned menacingly as he stared towards Yang Kai, revealing an interested look. He found that this young man didn’t show any signs of fear, but was instead just observing him and his fellow Evil Kings dully.

However, facing five Great Evil Kings, anyone would feel great pressure.

Everyone inside Yang Kai’s mansion right now was actually quite tense, save for a few notable exceptions.

Li Yuan Chun was even more anxious and was secretly readying himself to take Yang Kai away from here should resistance prove impossible.

“Treasurer Meng, now is the time. If you don’t act now, all of us will definitely die.” Yang Kai swept his eyes over the five Evil Kings floating in the sky as he softly called out to Meng Wu Ya.

Even until now, he did not know what card Meng Wu Ya was hiding that could ensure the safety of everyone in the house, but whatever it was, it was time for him to play it.

Meng Wu Ya nodded lightly and did not dally any longer, stretching out his hand and summoning a small, palace-shaped artifact onto his palm.

This artifact shone brilliantly and truly looked like a tiny palace seemingly carved from the most beautiful stone, exquisite in every regard.

When this small palace appeared, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Yang Kai was also quite surprised, because he quickly discovered that this artifact was very different from any he had ever seen before. Even the Mysterious Grade artifacts he possessed paled in comparison to this small palace.

Yang Kai didn’t know what grade this artifact that Meng Wu Ya had summoned was, but he knew for certain it was absolutely astonishing.

Even the five Great Evil Kings had greed expressions when they saw this small palace, each of them wanting to seize it for themselves in order to study its role and function.

Only Meng Wu Ya remained indifferent as he suddenly began madly pouring his True Qi into this artifact.

With this infusion of True Qi, the little palace quickly grew, and after only a single breath of time, the small palace had expanded into a behemoth. Although it seemed to possess no physical substance, even allowing people to clearly see the buildings outside the mansion, it had actually completely covered Yang Kai’s entire house.

Looking out from the outside, Yang Kai’s complex appeared to be surrounded by a great transparent palace. Although they could still clearly see all the movements inside this palace, there seemed to be a mysterious barrier which completely blocked the five Great Evil Kings’ Divine Senses, making it impossible for them to probe beyond this palace’s walls.

The five Great Evil Kings all frowned, not quite understanding what they had just witnessed.

“Wanting to use this thin shield to block I, your father, is just wishful thinking!” The Tyrannical Force King roared, his burly figure suddenly inflating as he flexed his muscles and charged towards the newly formed palace barrier, sending out a devastating punch.


A huge bang rang out, echoing through all War City, seemingly shaking the earth itself.

The Tyrannical Force King possessed the greatest physical strength in the entire world!

When exerted his full force, each of his strikes would contain a terrifying destructive power. In terms of pure strength, even Demon Lord Yang Bai was not his equal.

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