Martial Peak

Chapter 565 – I am No

The Poison King coldly snorted and reached out with his hand, a dim green light that pulsed from his fingernails gently illuminating Ye Xin Rou’s face.

A fresh cut was carved onto her delicate white face and a drop of warm, red blood slowly slid down to Ye Xin Rou’s tender chin before dripping to the ground below.

Ye Xin Rou’s teeth chattered so violently that the noise became easily audible to those around her, while she cried a stream of tears down her beautiful face.

The touch of death brushing past her cheek right now was something she had never before felt.

Facing this nightmarish aura, she came under the illusion that she had already died.

“Answer this old master’s question, or you can become one of Ghost King’s pet phantoms. His favourite meal is little girls with soft skin and tender meat.”

Ye Xin Rou involuntarily glanced over at the Profound Yin Ghost King with a horrified expression, suddenly recalling a rumor that this Great Evil King really feasted upon raw human flesh.

Under extreme duress, Ye Xin Rou didn’t know where she summoned the courage from but she quickly shouted, “No!”

At this critical moment, even she was surprised to find herself still capable of rational thought. The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land and the Eight Great Families were as incompatible as fire and water, if these two Great Evil Kings learned their true identities; it was uncertain just what kind of horrifying torture they would receive.

Thinking so, Ye Xin Rou firmly denied it.

“No?” The Poison King grinned maliciously before nodding once, “If you’re not, then there’s no need to keep you.”

Gao Rang Feng and Kang Zhan heard these words and immediately paled.

In the next moment, Gao Rang Feng’s suddenly inflated, swelling up to more than twice its original size. He didn’t even have a chance to scream before bursting into a bloody mist.

Close by, Kang Zhan and Ye Xin Rou were soaked in Gao Rang Feng’s blood, some of it even soaking into their eyes and mouths.

Staring around blankly, the world seemed to have been dyed crimson…

“We are!” Kang Zhan shouted hurriedly, “We are direct descendants of the Eight Great Families, I am the Kang Family’s Young Master, its heir!”

“You are?” The Poison King said with an impatient look on his face as he glared towards Ye Xin Rou coldly.

Ye Xin Rou nodded subconsciously in response, still staring at a pool of blood that used to be Gao Rang Feng.

This person no longer existed in this world.

A Young Lord from one of the Eight Great Families, the heir to the Gao Family, had just died right before her eyes.

“Poison King, since they are direct descendants of the Eight Great Families, we should keep them for now. They may have some use later when we attack the Central Capital,” The Profound Yin Ghost King suddenly said.

The Poison King nodded lightly and did not refute him, instead just sneering towards Ye Xin Rou, “Little girl, your wrong answer just killed your friend.”

Ye Xin Rou’s eyes showed no response, as if they were covered by dark clouds and had no light within them.

“There’s two more.” The Poison King glanced over at Yang Wei and Yang Zhao who were still being guarded by their four Blood Warriors. “Those four should be from the Yang Family Blood Warrior Hall, so those two brats are definitely related to the Yang Family!”

As he said so, his expression became cold.

Although there was hatred between all of the Eight Great Families and the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, if the Six Great Evil Kings had to pick the one they hated the most, it would definitely be the Yang Family.

Being head of the Eight Great Families was part of the reason, but the main reason was that the Blood Warriors from the Yang Family Blood Warrior Hall had killed many of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s masters in the last war. This had caused their fame to soar while many Devil Path cultivators would tremble in fear at the very mention of their name.

Now, with four warriors from the Blood Warrior Hall and two Yang Family Young Lords in front of them, obviously the Poison King wasn’t going to let them get away.

“Those two are mine,” The Profound Yin Ghost King said, his figure transforming into a black streak as he darted forward.

His goal was the four Blood Warriors, Yang Wei, and Yang Zhao.

“Two Young Lords, escape quickly!” The four Blood Warriors also noticed the approach of the Profound Yin Ghost King and quickly threw Yang Wei and Yang Zhao out of the crowd before turning to face the enemy.

Even if they knew they had no chance of victory, they didn’t hesitate to act. They only hope that by making the ultimate sacrifice, they could create a chance for Yang Wei and Yang Zhao to survive.

“Pitiful weaklings!” The Profound Yin Ghost King snickered as the he released even more Yin Qi from his body, creating an almost solid cloud of darkness, not putting the four Blood Warriors who had all activated their Mad Tyrant Blood Skills in his eyes, pressing his palm forward towards them casually.

A frigid wind blew and a series of wails and howls rang out as a giant monster with a warped and twisted face suddenly appeared before the four Blood Warriors.

This giant monster was entirely composed of the Profound Yin Ghost King’s soul phantoms, so although it had no true physical form, it’s combat power was still overwhelming

The four Blood Warriors all joined forces to resist this monster.

But before they could even force giant phantom to stop, the Profound Yin Ghost King had already crossed over their heads and reached out to grab Yang Wei and Yang Zhao.

Yang Wei and Yang Zhao’s faces were ashen, although the two of them had incredible aptitude amongst the younger generation and possessed outstanding combat strength having already broken through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, in front of the Profound Yin Ghost King, they were still nothing more than ants.

Neither of them could even think of resisting, simply standing there helplessly as the great ghost-like claw stretched towards them.

At that moment, a ray of light suddenly shot through the air and intercepted the Profound Yin Ghost King just as he was about to seize Yang Wei and Yang Zhao.

“Hm?” The Ghost King saw this and couldn’t help frowning, he could sense the power behind this attack and knew it wasn’t something he could simply ignore, hastily pulling back his hand and defending himself.


A brilliant burst of light erupted and something brushed past the Profound Yin Ghost King’s body, landing between him and the two youths he was trying to capture.

A figure flashed through the explosion and Yang Kai arrived in front of Yang Wei and Yang Zhao. Grabbing his two brothers by their shoulders, Yang Kai quickly tossed both of them towards Tu Feng and the other Blood Warriors who were close behind him.

Although Yang Wei and Yang Zhao were uninjured as they had been well protected by their four Blood Warriors and hadn’t fought directly with the Ghost King or Poison King, they were still inevitably affected by the poison gas and Yin Qi. At this moment, seeing that their expressions were somewhat green and pale, Tu Feng did not hesitate to carry them, break formation, and rush towards the direction of the mansion.

“Another master?” The Poison King grinned, waving his hand and sending his poison cloud towards Yang Kai and his group.

Ling Tai Xu’s face was dignified and together with Li Yuan Chun simultaneously pushed their palms, sending out a wave of pressure that blocked the approaching poisonous fog.

“Hm? Not bad.” The Poison King swept his eyes over Ling Tai Xu and Li Yuan Chun curiously, apparently not having expected anyone here could offer any resistance to him.

The Profound Yin Ghost King’s eyes flickered an eerie green light as he stared towards Tu Feng’s direction of escape; however, in the end, he just snorted disdainfully and didn’t pursue him, instead joining up with the Poison King to confront Ling Tai Xu and Li Yuan Chun.

Ling Tai Xu’s expression was calm. Although he was not willing to fight against such fierce enemies, he knew that now was not the time to hesitate, using all his strength to parry his opponent.

On the other hand, Li Yuan Chun was quite depressed.

He was basically an Ancestor level character in the Endless Sea Islands. The Supreme Solitary Sect was the only super force in the Endless Sea Islands and it only had three masters who had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Li Yuan Chun’s status was obvious from this fact alone; in the Endless Sea Islands, no matter whom it was or what Sect they came from, they would greet him respectfully.

This time, he had come personally to War City to ask Yang Kai about the Hallowed Treasures which were stolen from their sects three hundred years ago, so it was obvious how much importance the Endless Sea Islands’ great forces placed on this issue.

However, having just arrived in War City, he had suddenly become involved in a life or death struggle.

Li Yuan Chun really didn’t care if he offended the Eight Great Families or the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, but before completing his objective, he had been roped into fighting for a brat he had just met. This was not an outcome he had wanted to see.

In particular, fighting against masters like the Annihilating Poison King and Profound Yin Ghost King was really a thankless task.

[Just wait until we get back, I’ll force this Yang Family brat to cough up our Hallowed Treasures no matter what and then tan his ass red!] Li Yuan Chun secretly made up his mind while fighting.

With the Poison King and Ghost King blocked by Ling Tai Xu and Li Yuan Chun, Yang Kai took a moment to size up the surrounding situation; what he saw caused his blood to run cold.

Although these eight hundred or so people were all previously his enemies, seeing them now, no matter what kind of grievances or hostility he once had towards them, it no longer mattered.

Because almost all these eight hundred people had basically died.

On the ground, pools of blood, broken limbs, and chunks of flesh were scattered about randomly.

In less than the time it would take to drink a cup of tea, the masters from the seven family coalition forces had been all but wiped out by the two Great Evil Kings.

Yang Kai’s couldn’t help feeling like he was having bad dream.

Even if these two Great Evil Kings had exceedingly tyrannical strength and their techniques were specialized towards mass murder, could this group of masters really have been so easily crushed?

Sweeping his eyes around, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became cold.

Nearby, he found that a number of people were actually scattering like birds and beast, fleeing towards the Central Capital.

These people were actually the peak level presences among this eight hundred person group.

The Ghost King and Poison King’s methods were indeed astonishing, but among this large group of people there were also many masters.

However, when they came under attack from the Ghost King and Poison King, these masters didn’t band together to fight back. Instead, many of them relied on their high strength to escape, while those who couldn’t escape suffered tragic deaths.

This was especially true of the masters from the Qiu Family, Huo Family, and Liu Family, because Qiu Yi Meng, Huo Xing Chen, and Liu Qing Yao weren’t here, so they didn’t have anyone that they needed to protect.

On the contrary, the Ye, Kang, and Gao Family’s cultivators had been devastated. Because their Young Lady and Young Lords were on the battlefield, they couldn’t easily retreat.

After Gao Rang Feng’s death, the remaining Gao Family masters didn’t continue resisting and instead turned to flee.

Of the original eight hundred or so cultivators in this group, it appeared that less than one hundred managed to escape while everyone else died at the hands of the Ghost King and Poison King without even being able to ruffle their enemies’ clothes.

“Eight Great Families indeed!” Yang Kai coldly snorted with a sardonic grin on his lips as he quickly waved, “Withdraw!”

The biggest purpose of him coming out this time was to rescue Yang Wei and Yang Zhao.

Eldest Brother Yang Wei had no real confrontation or conflict with Yang Kai and since the beginning of the Inheritance War, they had even cooperated together a couple times. Therefore, Yang Kai still had a respectful opinion of him.

As for his Second Brother, Yang Zhao, he refused to accept the position of commander of the seven family coalition. Instead, he handed over control to Ye Xin Rou. Obviously, he disdained to defeat Yang Kai with the strength of the seven families’ masters.

This gesture also made Yang Kai feel slightly heartened.

In the end, they still treated him as family, and although Second Brother Yang Zhao hadn’t hesitated to use insidious methods against him, Yang Kai couldn’t just stand idly by and watch him die when he had the power to save him.

Now that he had achieved his objective, there was no reason for Yang Kai to remain any longer so he naturally ordered a retreat.

Upon hearing his orders, the Blood Warriors who had followed him surrounded Yang Kai and protected his safety while preparing to leave.

“Yang Kai, save us!” Ye Xin Rou’s heartbreaking voice called out. Suddenly, her beautiful pupils filled with a frantic light, as if she had suddenly found a sliver of hope in this desperate situation, eagerly entreating Yang Kai.

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